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How to find trending products for shopify dropshipping via Google Trends

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At 10:00 am local time on September 10, Apple held an autumn product launch conference at the US headquarters in California. The new iPhone finally unveiled in the rumors of boiling, causing global apple fans attention. So how do you know which country’s Apple fans is most concerned about the new iPhone? Or, when the new product is released, how does the seller know that his product is in the US? What is the reaction of each area to the new product at each time? Google Trends is a very helpful tool for ecommerce sellers and product developers, as you get timely access to popular content, including seasonal trends. For example, the keyword “Christmas gift for mom” is on the rise in US searches in November and December. So how do you use such a free and professional tool?

How to search product keyword via Google Trends?

Firstly, go to https://trends.google.com and type in the search term you want to view on the Google Trends homepage.

Secondly, identify your search terms. If your company or product has a wide or ambiguous name (such as Apple), be sure to specify “Apple Technology” instead of the “Apple” in the fruit category. Then Google Trends will generate a series of charts based on your search terms.

How to customize the Google Trend product search related data chart?

To customize the data for Google Trends Search, first search for product eywords or topics. Here is an example of “Apple”

If you want to customize the “Interests over time” chart for a search term, use the four drop-down menus to see more specific areas, time periods, categories, and search types (including webpages, images, news, Google Shopping, and YouTube searches).

In this example, suppose you want to see how often Apple has been searched across Google for the past 30 days. Custom charts change every time you choose a different variant.

The above picture shows that the search term peaked on August 18. It can be speculated that this is because Apple CEO Cook and President Trump met during the period to discuss the tariff map.

Below the “Interests of Interest vs. Time” chart is a “Dividing Interest by Sub-Region” chart where you can find out which country (or metropolis, city or subdivision) the search term is most popular.

How to interpret the meaning of each chart in Google Trends?

After you search for a product keyword or topic and customize the relevant chart, you may be confused by the peak of its search (shown as 100 on the graph) and the stagnation period. The explanation given by Google is:

• The total search volume for each data point/the geographical location and time range it represents gives its relative popularity for comparison. Otherwise, the places with the most searches are always ranked highest.

• Based on the proportion of a topic’s search for all topics, the numerical results will be scaled from 0 to 100.

• The search volume is not necessarily the same for different areas where the same search interest index is displayed for a search term.

For Apple’s example above, this means that on August 18th, for American users searching on Google News, “Apple” is one of the most popular search terms compared to other topics.

In addition, a value of “0” does not mean that there is no search volume, but the number of searchers is small compared to the peak value.

How to compare search terms on Google Trends?

To compare search terms, click on “Compare” and enter your keyword or topic.

Following Apple’s example, we compare Apple to Facebook and Samsung and add these search terms one by one by clicking the “+” icon.

This will generate a series of charts, which you can then customize based on time range, category, region, and search type.

After comparing the search volume of Apple, Facebook and Samsung in all categories of Google News in the US in the past 30 days, you can see that Facebook has won the overall search frequency and quantity.

How do I use “related queries” on Google Trends?

At the bottom of the Google Trends search results is a box titled “Related queries,” where you can find popular search terms that often appear with a search term. For example, a person searching for “Apple” is also searching for “Apple card.”

In the Related Queries box, you can click on a related search term, such as “Apple card,” to see how popular the search term is and compare it to other search terms.

It is the same way for Shopify sellers take advantage of Google trends to find the product search volume trend then compare with related niche products to find a hot sale trending product from Shopify dropshipping.


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