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How to apply influencer marketing for Shopify dropshipping in 2019

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As more and more online brands use the influencers to promote products, brands and succeeded, many Shopify sellers have seen the huge potential of online influencer marketing, and plan to start online marketing activities. But we have to admit that influencer marketing is not as simple as we imagined. Through this article, you will be able to effectively launch influcer market campaign for your shopify dropshipping business in 2019. The article includes the following 9 parts:

  1. What is influencer marketing?
  2. Why do we have to do influencer marketing?
  3. How to judge whether your product is suitable for influencer marketing?
  4. How to conduct influencer marketing?
  5. How to make influencer marketing strategy?
  6. How to find product potential audiences?
  7. How to find Influencer online?
  8. How to contact and cooperate with influencer?
  9. How to measure the effectiveness of influencer marketing?
  10. What is influencer marketing?

What is Net Marketing?

Influncer Marketing relies on influential people or opinion leader to deliver products and brand information to attract potential audiences to convert. Influencer marketing is one of many digital marketing tools, and it has a very close relationship with social marketing and content marketing. Influencer marketing campaigns are usually launched in the following ways:


Product display


Celebrity endorsements


In short, influencer marketing refers to find a well-known and influential person in a particular field or community to promote products or brands.

Why do we have to do influencer marketing?

Before the advent of the Internet, television was undoubtedly the only mass media that consumers could reach. But with the development of the Internet and mobile internet, the popularity of social platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, consumers can freely choose what they want to watch. This has brought problems to the brand – it has become increasingly difficult to reach consumers.

The influencer marketing just solves this problem. There is no doubt that influencer marketing has became one of the most popular marketing methods. As a brand or an online store, the sooner you start this activity, the more obvious effect will be obtained.

Influencer marketing – build trust

More and more choices make consumers unable to start, they are increasingly skeptical about the brand and its marketing strategy, so building trust is essential. Through Influencer Marketing, the fluencer will share the brand with people who have established a relationship of trust. Consumers will dispel their skepticism about the brand and believe in the products recommended by the fluencers.

Marketing results can be quickly visible

How long can you persist in a long-term marketing campaign that does not generate sales revenue?

At the end of the day, the ultimate goal of marketing activities is to achieve a high return on investment.

Influencer marketing is a very effective marketing tool that can help you increase sales and conversions in the short term.

Enhance brand awareness

Improving brand awareness is one of the important goals of marketing activities. Influencer marketing is effective in enhancing brand awareness. Effective online marketing campaigns will make the brand look more authentic and popular.

Create new content

As we all know, brand companies hire large marketing teams to generate creative content, and marketing plans are built around content. With the launch and upgrade of marketing campaigns, branded content will have a viral effect. The influencer marketing just makes up for the shortcomings of content marketing – from the user’s point of view to prove the effect of the product, but also become an important part of content marketing.

How to judge whether your product is suitable for influencer marketing?

We all know that influencer marketing is a very effective marketing tool. But unfortunately, Influencer Marketing does not apply to all products, industries, content and scenarios. So, how to judge whether your product is suitable for influencer marketing? We will start from the following aspects:

Does your product attractive and topical?

Before you start influencer marketing, you must first determine if your product can attract the attention of consumers. Each product has a theme, and only if the topic is popular can it be successful. So how do we know if the product is attractive?

Do you often see product-related topics on news or social media?

How many similar products are there in the market? What is the competition?

Does the product have a broad audience base?

Are consumers excited about understanding or using your product?

If your product meets these conditions, then OK, your product has at least 50% chance of success.

However, if your product is a niche product (Niche Product, a product that is very specific and very professional), then influencer marketing is not suitable in large scale. General or extensive products tend to achieve better results in influencer marketing.

Does the brand have a professional design marketing style?

After determining the attractiveness and topicality of your product, the next issue to consider is the positioning of the brand design. Professional brand design and style positioning make it easier for consumers to identify your brand. At the same time, it can also play the following roles:

Deliver clear brand values and information

Build trust with consumers

Establish brand reputation among consumers and enhance brand loyalty

Previously, you may have already had related marketing campaigns with little or no consideration of brand positioning. But it is different now because the competition is too intense. Having a professional brand design and positioning is the key to long-term competitiveness of brands and products.

Whether it has social marketing or not

Social marketing is the lifeblood of the influencer marketing. There are a lot of social platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, Twitter, Snapchat, Vine, etc. Hundreds of social networking sites, you don’t have to go through all of them. Picking out a platform that works well, or using a social platform to manage the tools is a good way to save time and effort.

The social platform will help you with your online marketing campaign. When Influencer forwards and recommends your product, you can use it to interact with consumers more deeply.

Is there an industry influencer that affects consumers

Influencer marketing begins with interaction. And what we need to do with influencer marketing is to interact with potential audiences of the product in order to attract targeted traffic.

Therefore, when looking for related influencer, we are looking for an influencer related to the industry. If our product is a lipstick, then we should choose a beauty blogger, not an application marketing expert. Ensuring that you choose a network based on audience type, content, style, and engagement, this will ensure a smooth marketing campaign.

How to conduct influencer marketing?

Before the advent of the Internet, television was undoubtedly the only mass media that consumers could reach. But with the development of the Internet and the popularity of social platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, consumers can freely choose what they want to watch. This has brought problems to the brand – it has become increasingly difficult to reach consumers.

How to make influencer marketing strategy

Without a practical influencer marketing strategy, you can’t go too far. But unfortunately, most brands and marketers ignore this. They take a step by step, but because there is no clear strategy, everything becomes very complicated, which seriously affects marketing progress and marketing results.

A complete and detailed influencer marketing strategy involves goal setting, audience positioning, platform, network red selection, activity budgeting, activity tracking and performance analysis.

How to find product potential audiences

You must first understand your audience so that you can find the influencers that affects these people. Research on audiences has long been a major issue for marketers. This means that finding a potential audience is not that simple.

How to find Influencer online

The social platform is a big activity platform, which means that the number of influencers are also very large, and the quality of the influencers are even more uneven. So how do we judge the quality of the influencer and choose them that suits our products?

How to judge the influencer quality

a> Relevance

The first step is to make sure that the influencer we find are product-related, so that we can attract potential audiences and traffic. You can access the influencers online social account to find out whether the posts sent before are consistent with the information you want to deliver. Read influencer profile carefully to find out what type of consumer her fans are.

b> Trueness

The number of fans is an important indicator of our social branding effect. No one can accumulate tens of millions of fans in just a few days. Although purchase fans helps to enhance the brand’s social influence, its value in promoting brand value and sales conversion is almost zero. You can use the software such as FollowerCheck to check if influencer account has zombie fans.

c> Fans quantity and coverage

As mentioned above, the number of fans is one of the important indicators to measure the brand effect of the influencers. The actual number of fans can provide an effective reference for us to choose them. The coverage of posts is an important reference for the quality of fans and the quality of content. But it’s important to note that coverage should not be used as the only indicator of measurement. Relative to coverage, we should pay more attention to the traffic that the posts bring to our website, the fans of the homepage, and the increase in sales.

d> Post frequency

In general, there is a direct link between the frequency of postings by Influencers and their traffics and return visit rates. Same as website marketing, content needs multiple exposures to allow visitors to click on your site or even go back to your site.

Influencer regularly publishes high quality content, and fans are more likely to participate, share and add to favorites. The influencer who is not often posted, fans will be lost.

e> Engagement

More important than influence is the participation of fans. why? Because this shows how many of their fans are really interested in their content. Basically, it can reflect the impact of influencer on fans buying decisions. Now that we know what kind of net red is the high quality net red, then where do we find the influencer?

How to find Influencer online

Google search

There is no doubt that search engines are a very powerful tool. Through the search engine we can easily find the type of influencers we want, such as beauty bloggers.

It’s easy to find information about beauty bloggers, but if you want to hire them, you have to do an investigation one by one, which might take long time.

Social media

The easiest way to find the right net for your product or brand is to find people who are talking about similar products. Usually we can find the influencer we need through the search function and the #tag function that come with social media.

Influencer platform

There are a lot of influencer platforms on the Internet. Some of them are free of charge, which can help us quickly find the influencer we want. Compared to Google search and social media, through the tools and influencer platform to find them can be more intuitively see the social media status of the influencers, it is convenient for us to search and filter.

Here are 10 powerful influencer marketing tools and platforms:

#1 – BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is a very powerful social marketing tool for popular topic research and influencer selection. It is worth mentioning that the platform supports the influencer search function. We can find the influencer related industries by searching for relevant keywords.

BuzzSumo supports two ways to find influencers – blogs and published content, and We can sort the influencer as follows:

Page weight

Domain name weight

Twitter fans

Twitte post forwarding rate

Response rate

Average retweet quantity

Instagram weight

#2 – Upfluence

If you want to manage your influencer marketing campaigns in one stop, then Upfluence is definitely the best option. It not only helps you find high-quality influencers related to your products, but it can also manage your advertising accounts and measure their effectiveness.

Upfluence has a huge network of over one million influencers. You can choose the right one through the advanced search functions and filtering functions provided by the platform (such as geographic location, social platform, language, etc.).

On the platform, we can clearly see the statistics of the Influencers, including the number of social media fans, the latest posts, participation, monthly visitors and personal social therapy. It is worth mentioning that the platform allows batches to send contact information to the influencers.

#3 – BuzzStream

The operation method of BuzzStream is similar to the above two platforms. Find product-related influencers by searching for keywords, and find influential people by language, country, and content type.

We can rank results based on overall ratings, PageRank, MozRank, weights, links, or social metrics. Of course, we can also access influencer social accounts and blogs on BuzzStream.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that BuzzStream provides a variety of mail templates, which can send mail to the influencers in batches. At the same time, you can set up automatic follow-up or follow-up reminders.

#4 – FameBit

FameBit will match the brand to the relevant YouTube influencer based on content requirements.

If you want to use exciting video content to attract potential customers, this platform is undoubtedly the best choice. It can help you reach out to top content producers and publishers and easily customize all kinds of great video content. At the same time, it can also realize integrated marketing of multiple social platforms and manage various comment information in a unified manner.

#5 – Pitchbox

Pitchbox is a comprehensive content marketing platform. We can find the right influencers for our products or brands through keyword search. You can use the platform’s custom campaign to let the relevant influencers take the initiative to find you. Pitchbox also has an email template to use and automatically follow up those influencers that don’t respond.

#6 – NinjaOutreach

NinjaOutreach is a global online marketing tool with 25 million bloggers and social media influencers.

You can search for relevant net red by keyword and filter through blogs, companies, influencers and other tags. This platform also provides email templates for contacting relevinfluencers, as well as automatic follow-up.

#7 – GroupHigh

GroupHigh is a marketing platform with 15 million active bloggers and influencers. You can filter related influencers through filters such as content, coverage, social attention, location and so on.

On the platform, we can also see the promotion strategies used in the daily marketing of different online influencers, such as gifts and sponsored posts. The platform supports multiple social platform accounts are managed at the same time and provide a free email template.

#8 – HYPR

HYPR is a free influencer marketing tool with more than 10 million influencers. On the platform, we can find the relevant influencers of the products through the search filtering function and view their social account information.

#9- Popular Chips

Popular Chips is also a free influencer marketing tool that shows us demographic information (including language, country, age, etc.) for online fans. The platform also provides marketing optimization reports to help optimize ad KPIs. At the same time, the platform also provides competitors’ marketing strategies and information.

#10 NeoReach 

The NeoReach platform has 3 million influencers data, they provide search functions, influencer social marketing post content, real-time reports and other functions. It is worth mentioning that the platform provides more than 40 filters to filter influencers.

How to contact and cooperate with influencer

The most direct and effective way to contact influencer is to contact the them in batches through the email template provided by the influencer platform. Of course, the simple way of text is difficult to impress them, so you need to provide a little rewards to them, usually in the following ways:


Exclusive content or endorsement

Free product or sample

Long-lasting promotional discounts or privilege, VIP

Traffics to influencer web site or social account

Of course, if you don’t want to go through the platform, there are solutions, but you need to be patient. Common skills are shared as follows:

Step1: Find the influencer and establish contact: You can establish contact with the influencer by paying attention to the social media account, forwarding the red post, blog, and participating in the interaction.

Step2: Make initial contact. After establishing a preliminary contact through social networking, we will directly contact them through messaging and personal email.

Step3: Determine the reward: Once the blogger or influencer is interested in working with you, then the next question is to consider the reward.

Step4: If influencer is satisfied with the reward you gave, then you will come up with your request. It is best to make a formal explanation by email. For example, if you want to sell 1000 lipsticks at 20%, then you should stipulate the number of posts, platforms, time periods, and purchase links of the red-haired posts. When communicating with influencers, be sure to explain them one by one.

Step5: Influencer marketing campaign follow-up and effect tracking. As with all marketing campaigns, you need to make sure you have a way to measure whether your efforts are worthwhile. This will take into account the achievement of the previous set goals and the ROI situation.

How to measure the effectiveness of influencer marketing

Any marketing campaign is for profit. So how do we measure the effectiveness of the influencer marketing campaign?

First of all, what we have to consider is our investment return ratio, referred to as ROI. The formula is like this:

Profits(Return)/Total amount spent(Investiment)*100

Another important thing we need to consider is the achievement of our goals. At the beginning we talked about the importance of developing a influencer marketing strategy, then the measurement of the target is actually our test of the entire program and activities.

From coverage to convention, we can divide the whole process into five parts: the consciousness stage, the consideration stage, the purchase stage, the loyalists, and the supporters.

The influencer marketing activities mainly involve the first three stages, which is what we need to focus on.

Consciousness stage: You can get information on coverage, viewing, display, etc. We are more about achieving brand awareness.

Consideration stage: We need to focus on important indicators such as clicks, content viewing, participation, etc.

Buying stage: The indicators we need to focus on are sharing, clicking on websites, links, adding shopping carts, payment and other key indicators.

In most cases, we only value the data for the third phase. However, please don’t ignore the first and second phases. These three parts are an organic
entirety. Only each part can be optimized to the extreme to achieve better results for the influencer marketing.


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