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2018 Top 8 hot sale dropshipping goods on 1688

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No matter which online business platform we operate, Amazon, eBay, Wish or Shopify, the elements we need to be successful are always similar. The goods with the highest weight is undoubtedly hot sale goods for dropshipping. Here we introduce the Top 8 hot sale dropshipping goods on 1688 in 2018 for you as a reference.

Shapewear dropshipping on 1688

According to research that by 2022, the shapewear market will grow to $5.6 billion. Separated from the concept of underwear, traditional underwear with a long history (yes, the European aristocrats began to have this concept in the Middle Ages), combined with today’s materials technology, has gradually entered people’s daily lives. Even the stores that sell fashion do not mind adding some tight-fitting clothing to help customers achieve “slim dreams.” In view of the fact that the shaping clothes can provide the female friends with the function of displaying the perfect lines under various conditions, the result of being sought after is naturally not surprising. At the same time, the status of the shaping clothes in the underwear industry is also still solid.

shapewear dropshipping 1688


The shapewear also has a significant advantage. Dropshipping sellers have a lot of freedom in defining their scope. According to the design characteristics of their chosen products, they can be characterized as underwear, ladies fashion, general clothing, etc. Different styles, colors, and then different classifications not only expand the range of dropshipping choices, but also reduce the pressure to compete with big sellers in similar products on 1688.

2018 shapewear dropshipping 1688


Mobile phone accessories dropshipping on 1688

The boom in mobile phone accessories industry has been going on for many years, it may start after Apple claims to redefine its mobile phone. By 2022, the capacity of the mobile phone accessories market will reach 107.3 billion. Mobile phone cases, cell phone buttons, screen protectors, cleaning and repair tools, chargers, headsets, mobile phone hooks etc. are very good dropshipping niches  in recent years are enough to improve that this prediction is not chaotic.

Due to the myriad variety of mobile phone accessories, a slight change in color, adaptation, pattern, etc. may be a new product. Therefore, it has great potential in the dropshipping market. The Amazon platform prohibits dropshipping sellers on behalf of the merchants. If the seller has to operate on the Amazon platform, either bear huge account risk or bring in huge inventory (the inventory is facing the risk of capital). The market for mobile phone accessories has been tested by time. It is certain that this is indeed a reliable and growing product line. In the future, it may even become a popular product in the same way as home decorations, fitness products, etc.


Phone accessory dropshipping 1688


When it comes to the corresponding dropshipping marketing techniques, you have to take them separately. Let’s take mobile phone case and mobile phone buckle dropshipping for example, they can be done with a high degree of personalization. The main emphasis is on visual impact components. All mainstream social networking sites are worth trying to promote, but in order to control costs, we recommend Facebook and Instagram. It’s okay, these two platforms mainly emphasize real-time sharing of photos, short videos and other life fun, and these are just the high-customized mobile phone case and mobile phone buckle. As for the protective film, earphones, chargers and other mobile phone tools dropshipping, there seems to be no special place for promotion, then you can try to combine these accessories with the phone case. If a customer purchases a mobile phone case, then he can recommend the model charger, protective film and other products.

phone case dropshipping 1688


Sportswear dropshipping on 1688

The fashion has been changing, but the status of sportswear has remained relatively stable. The so-called sports and casual wear refers to the clothing that meets the needs of people’s sports according to the uniform design. The biggest feature of this kind of clothing is that it doesn’t make people feel like going to the gym after wearing it. Among this type of products, we can choose from sports shirts, sweatpants, leggings, sports bras, vests, headbands, tights and even sports shoes for dropshipping. Each product may have countless styles on 1688. And the color is waiting for the sellers to discover.

Furthermore, according to the dropshipping seller’s positioning of the store, the sportswear can also be used as a supplement to other products. For example, if the seller dropshipping fitness products, then this sports and leisure wear can not be used as a supplement to the purchase of fitness products. Customers who have bought a yoga mat will also need a yoga dress.

The target clients of the sportswear is usually young women. Then the platform that young people like and often use, such as Facebook, Instagram is very suitable as a place for advertising. At the same time, influence marketing can also be added as part of the marketing campaign. By working with certain platforms, we can use their influence to display the products in front of buyers.

sportswear dropshipping 1688


Eyelash serum dropshipping on 1688

In recent years, the products related to eyelashes are particularly bright on the online sales among the beauty products, and also show a growth trend in people’s search statistics. Whether it is eyelash growth liquid, false eyelashes or long eyelashes are very popular dropshipping niches. Just in case, a little introduction, eyelash serum is a beauty product that promotes the growth of eyelashes. Although the eyelash-related beauty products market is vast and can be independently established, the product categories are still a little scarce, and the limited product categories may become a limitation for sellers to expand their business. Therefore, it is safer to dropship such goods as a small category in the beauty category.

eyelash serum dropshipping 1688

If the seller’s ability is limited and cannot support a comprehensive beauty product dropshipping, but does not want to give up this potential stock, then it is best to package it when selling. That is to say, it is better to sell the three packages together than one. By selling in this way, the average order value can be increased. In the category of consumables, the difficulty of package sales is relatively small, especially for the packaging of similar products. After all, the individual purchase will not be purchased in time, resulting in the possibility of running out.

So when it comes to the marketing strategy of eyelash serum dropshipping, we can think about it this way. The purchasers of such products are usually purposeful searchers to pick up the favorite goods, rather than occasionally seeing advertisements like many consumers when they are idle on the Internet, and then they have a desire to buy. Therefore, a better strategy should be to improve your ranking in the search by optimizing search terms, optimizing your own pages, and so on. At the same time, post the before use and after use contrast photograph on social networks also works. There is no doubt that social recognition of products can increase sales.

Flame lamp dropshipping on 1688

We observed there has a strong increase in sales of this product on Oberlo. Although there are not many shops selling flame lamps, their average sales volume is quite impressive. If you want to find a product that has not yet entered but still has potential, consider the flame light. It is worth mentioning that this product, like the eyelash serum, can’t hold up a store alone, but if it is a home improvement product, a commodity store or a main product in a lighting store, it is perfectly fine. It is also a good idea to put the LED candle light and the flame light together as a complementary product.

More traffic may be derived from the search results, but the flame light is absolutely real and can lead to impulsive consumption. Pictures with dazzling effects can often stimulate people’s desire to buy. Therefore, platform drainage by emphasizing visual effects sharing is worth considering. If you combine the results of the search results of the lamps, and optimize the keywords, so that more people can see the attractive pictures, it is sure to take the sales to the next level.

flame lamp dropshipping 1688


Watch dropshipping on 1688

The annual sales of watches are about 1.2 billion, and this number is still growing slowly in recent years. Minimalism is the trend that has only emerged in recent years. There are also many types of watches in the watch industry, such as men’s watches, women’s watches, smart watches, etc. These types will also separate the market for simple watches. At the end of each year, the sales of watches are relatively good, but it is inevitable that the year-end will be unsettled.  For watches that are more attractive than usage, it is not wrong to use Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms that emphasize people’s visual sharing. At the same time, it is also a good idea to use influence marketing by celebrities. Through the typical outdoor style and the extravagant pictures, you can attract the attention of many people on social media.


watch dropshipping 1688


Portable projector dropshipping on 1688

The rise of the portable projector market is also a matter of recent years. It is estimated that by 2022, the market for portable projectors will reach $3.44 billion. Some tiny projectors can even be connected to a mobile phone, which is quite meaningful for sales people and some business people. If the seller intends to enter the market of portable projectors, then you can conduct product research from mini projectors, handheld projectors, laser projectors, and choose the one that suits for dropshipping.

For dropshipping sellers whose main products are small appliances, household appliances or outdoor products, portable projector is also suitable as a high point of profit. One of the best features of this commodity is its profit margin. If the seller can operate in a commercial manner, the profit per projector can even be more than $60.

If you take function as a selling point, people will pay more attention to the use effect. Therefore, it is more difficult to promote it through the form of image advertisement. In the marketing strategy, it should be based on search engine optimization, and at the same time, through some special drainage methods to improve their search results ranking. Of course, if the video can be used in the promotion advertisement, it is more helpful to directly display the performance of the product, thereby exerting a drainage effect.

portable projector dropshipping 1688

Night mask dropshipping on 1688

The night mask sales online can be described as going all the way up. The reason for this phenomenon is mostly because the eye mask gives many people a chance to have a good dream. However, it is a pity that the eye mask itself is difficult to prop up a store as a blast. But if it is a complement to other products, the eye mask can play a big role. For example, the seller’s main business is to travel outdoors, so eye masks, earplugs and other small parts are very suitable to add to their product list, although the profit is not necessarily a big head, but as a supplement to the loss of certain products can play benefit. This product works when it is associated with other products.

night mask dropshipping 1688

There are usually three types of consumers of eye masks: people who are sensitive to the sleeping environment; travel enthusiasts; people who are used to beauty (not often, good sleep is the basis of beauty). Their material requirements for the eye mask are generally high, and they cannot cause the face to be pressed out by the eye mask. For different groups, whether you should design different promotion programs depends on the dropshipping sellers’ own ideas.

The above are the hot sale dropshipping goods in 2018 are only for you as a reference, you can source them on 1688 for your dropshipping niche.


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