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86Deal Shopify dropshipping fulfillment procedures from China 1688

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In order to improve the dropshipping efficiency and lower down the cost, more and more shopify sellers choose dropshipping fulfillment agent to help them buy and ship goods from China 1688 to overseas clients. In this article we introduce the shopify dropshipping fulfillment procedures from China 1688 in details for dropshippers as a reference, it may help you shorten the delivery time for better customer experience.

Basically the dropshipping fulfillment procedures include sourcing, bargain, purchasing, warehousing, quality check (return and exchange if goods have flaws), printing order, pick up goods and consolidate, packing and shipping, general Chinese fulfillment agent offer those kind of services to help small business dropshipping from China. Each step in the fulfillment procedure are key to the dropshipping business.

Sourcing. Unlike Aliexpress, many shopify sellers have the language issue dropshipping on 1688 although they can use google translate, they cannot understand the goods description well on 1688 or taobao although the goods has much lower price on 1688. No to mention communicate with sellers in Chinese language. In addition, when sourcing on 1688 there are certain keywords, price filter conditions need to be applied for accurate search results. 86Deal could source exactly the goods from 1688 or taobao easily based on shopify seller requirements which could greatly help them increase the source efficiency.

Bargain. It is directly related to the dropshipping profit margin especially bulk wholesale goods from 1688, usually it contains two parts, one is the goods price and quantity, another is the domestic shipping fee from the supplier to fulfillment agent warehouse. Unlike Aliexpress and Taobao, the goods shipping isnt free, It takes time to filter supplier and bargain with them about the goods price and moq as well as the shipping cost to meet shopify seller budget.

Purchasing. In this step the agent need to confirm the goods stock, price, delivery time, courier shipping cost etc.Once confirmed , shopify seller need to send money for agent to order the goods. To save time, the agent usually need the shopify seller reserve money in advance for the order fulfillment. once paid, it usually takes 3 to 4 days for goods shipping from supplier to agent warehouse. If goods have no stock or need to be customized, it may take longer time.

Warehouse processing. Once the goods arrived agent warehouse. The warehouse need to match the goods belongs to which shopify seller based on tracking number, then confirm the goods size, color, quantity etc. The warehouse processing include several steps from the goods received to being shipped overseas.

Quality check. It might be the biggest concern why shopify supplier dropship from 1688. When dropshipping from Aliexpress the supplier ship goods directly to clients, the quality issue might cause lots of dispute, which not only waste time and money but also affect the user experience and the store reputation. The Chinese fulfillment agent could help you check the goods quality when dropshipping from 1688.

Size. Since people in the EU and USA countries are stronger and taller than Chinese people, there might have size issue once you are dropshipping from 1688. The fulfillment agent could help you check the clothes size and color if they match before shipping from China;

Material and quality. The agent also could help you check the goods material, if they have any flaws, if the goods are smiley etc. if they are in good condition before shipping;

Remove chinese brand and labels. As a shopify seller you will definitely not want clients to see those Chinese brands, price labels as well as advertising brochure. The fulfillment agent will help you remove them during quality check process.

However, those kind of Quality check only restricted to the goods surface, if you are dropshipping some electronic goods, the qc work should also include the function test which mostly agent might not willing to do. Just bare in mind and don’t misunderstood the QC work.

Return and exchange. if the goods have flaws or broken or with wrong color, the agent will need to contact the supplier to return the goods and exchange the right one. The supplier should afford the shipping cost, however, it takes at least one week for agent to ship and receive them again.

Printing orders. Once the goods arrived agent warehouse, and the quality is being confirmed, they will be listed in the shelf await for shipping. Then the agent will need to export the shopify orders and print them one by one, after that pick up the goods based on the orders for packing.

Consolidate.  The consolidation service is one of the biggest advantage when shopify seller dropshipping from 1688 via its local Chinese agent. It cannot be happened when you dropshipping from Aliexpress as the suppliers ship to clients directly and the clients need to receive multiple packages when she/him order multiple goods in one order. If shopify seller dropship from 1688 the agent could help to consolidate multiple items in one package to ship to clients unless the goods weight higher than ePacket 2kg restriction. Which could not only versatile the suppliers in shopify store but also offer better user experience. And it can be done easily, the warehouse people just need to pick up different items on the shelf and put them together for packing.

Packing. Once the goods being picked up from the warehouse shelf, they are ready for packing. When the fulfillment agent packing goods they should attention to the package protection feature and weight volume to ensure they are qualified ePacket shipping standard. Then stick the shipping label with receiver name, address, post code as well as goods customs declaration info to send to China post.

Upload tracking. Once the package being sent to China post, the agent will need to list the tracking numbers to match each order to upload to shopify, meanwhile, there will be a tracking info email alert sent to clients automatically. The clients could track their orders based on ePacket tracking number. If everything is okay the fulfillment procedure basically being finished.

In addition to the dropshipping cost issue, the fulfillment time might be another concern when dropshipping from 1688. How long time it takes for shopify seller dropshipping from 1688? Usually it takes 3 to 4 days for the goods shipping from suppliers to agent warehouse if they have stock, the agent takes 1 to 2 days to finished the warehouse procedure to make the shopify orders ready for shipping. And it takes 5 to 15 days for ePacket deliver the packages. Now you may estimate the whole time dropshipping from 1688.

Seems dropshipping from 1688 takes longer time but there are several ways to shorten the fulfillment time if you find a reliable Chinese dropshipping fulfillment agent. Firstly, you can authorize agent to integrate the shopify store with their fulfillment system which could greatly shorten the order fulfillment time in the warehouse; Secondly, the agent could inquire several suppliers have similar price for the goods in case goods out of stock; Thirdly, send money in advance once the agent can be trust.

Although there are many advantages for shopify seller dropshipping from 1688, not all of them can hire a Chinese fulfillment agent dropshipping from 1688. Why? The fulfillment service cost extra money which apparently are not good for the following shopify sellers:

  • Beginners. The newbie shopify seller have not much orders daily, if they dont have high profit margin, the fulfillment service will eat the profits;
  • Low value goods. For the low value goods the fulfillment service will make them in-competitive on the market as the service sometimes exceed their profits.

The above are shopify dropshipping fulfillment procedures from China 1688, you are welcome to leave comments if you have any questions for the shopify dropshipping fulfillment service from China 1688.


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