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2020 Top 10 best seller winter products for Shopify dropshipping

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After the Big sale on Black Friday, many Shopify sellers might already aimed at the Christmas hot sale products. Here we want to talk about some best seller winter products from November to January 2020 for Shopify dropshipping, you may use for cross promotion, although they are looks ordinary, they might be hot sale in your store. The following are the 2020 Top 10 best seller winter products.

Fitness equipment

Why fitness equipment is very popular in winter?

Because many people set new fitness goals for themselves at the beginning of the year, this is why they buy new fitness equipment.

From google trend you can see The search frequency for the term “workout gear” continues to increase from December to January each year. More and more people are searching for fitness equipment online, which means more people are interested in buying these products.

Ski gloves

With sports as the theme in winter, it is easy to think of skiing, and ski gloves are also a must-have item. Now, as you can see in Google Trends data, these are seasonal products.

Every year from November to January the next year, searches for these products spike.Consider doing video marketing-show the durability and fashion of gloves, and let users feel how bad skiing and snowboarding would be without buying the ski gloves you sell.


It is normal to increase the demand for thick hats in winter, and the product is small in size and easy to ship. But relatively speaking, the entire category is very competitive, so make a distinctive hat. For example, The hot sale rabbit ear hat which is very popupar on Tiktok.

Eco Bag

With global warming and pollution of plastic waste intensifying, the use of disposable plastic bags has been banned in many countries. People are becoming more aware of how their shopping habits affect the world.

Therefore, shopping bags with characteristics and personality will gradually become popular. Just look at the global search for “eco bags” in the past 5 years.

The number of searches is only increasing. This means that more and more people are looking for these products.

And Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays usually involve extended family dinners. These dinners require strong preparation and need to save the remaining food. So the use of these bags will increase.

You can use some clever marketing activities to promote these products, and then a large number of buyers will flood into the store.

Alam Clock

Many people now use mobile phone alarm clocks, but many areas are still accustomed to having a dedicated alarm clock that can also be used for decoration.

And, many people believe that sleeping in the same room as a smartphone can negatively affect health, including interrupted sleep and low-quality sleep.

So, if you look at the Google Trends data below, you will find that this thing is fine for shopify dropshipping. Searches for alarm clocks have declined in the United States over the past five years, but searches for these products have increased each December.

Christmas decoration

If you have a store, you can put these products on your inventory without building a new one.

In fact, no matter what you sell, you can find some Christmas decorations that fit the store. For example, if you run a women’s clothing store, you can add some novel Christmas earrings to the store. Or, for men’s clothing stores, you can add some Christmas-themed socks to the store. If selling home products, many different table decorations can be added to the store.

Take the time to find some products that fit the market and prepare for holiday shopping.

Plush toy

Plush toys are low in price and high quality, but you need to make features and more personalized, visual effects will promote impulse purchases, so marketing activities should be optimized.

The first choice for holiday gifts, to meet the tone of the entire store, consider adding some plush toys for shopify dropshipping.

Thermos cup

These products are perfect for those who go out in the cold winter weather.

The economy is not good, many people save money, bring hot tea and hot coffee to work, they are also in line with the pursuit of sustainable products, because people using these products may use fewer plastic cups when traveling. Environmental protection is popular, and less plastic products are used. Environmental concepts can be used in marketing copy

These products are promoted through video marketing campaigns, such as filming hot drinks to people outside in winter weather, targeting these Facebook video ads to environmentalists, low-carbon lifestyles, and fans of hot drinks that are popular in the area where ads are placed .


For some fashion stores, Shopify sellers also chose fashionable fur scarves as a startup product. Because you can add style, stylish and practical, warm and comfortable, convenient for delivery. If you already have a clothing store, adding a few stylish scarves is essential.

Winter boots

Honestly, Google Trends illustrates the popularity of these products.

Every winter, the search for these products doubles, because these are essential items in many buyer’s wardrobes, they seem to be very common and common, and they are low-value consumables, so make some products with the same characteristics. Meet the needs of specific populations, give them a reason to buy and buy. Therefore, you can attract the right buyers through marketing activities, supplemented by reasonable price promotion, then the sales will be smooth.

Using Facebook promotion is very effective. There will be more content about Facebook ad production and placement in the future.

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