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1688 cross-border market aimed at inventory free mode for small business dropship from China

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1688 transforms the goods and capabilities of China’s traditional industries with supply chain gatherings from offline aggregation to online precipitation, becoming a digital supply chain that is readily available to all cross-border e-commerce merchants wholesale and dropship from China. Wang Hairu, vice president of Alibaba Group and general manager of Alibaba’s China Domestic Trade Department, said on 2018. In his view, the global digital supply chain innovation is imperatively based on the traditional B2B, B2C market.

In August 2018, the 1688 cross-border dedicated team went to Thailand and Vietnam to inspect and found the international dropshipper group. The Chinese people in South East countries order goods from China 1688 and sell on Lazada, eBay, Shopify and Facebook to the people in South East countries as well as consumers in the EU and North America.

Liu Wei, general manager of the 1688 cross-border department, said that when he actually went to Southeast Asia, he discovered that in the countries and regions along with the “Belt and Road”, China’s supply chain system and e-commerce infrastructure became a business language, connecting global consumers. It helps small and medium-sized sellers in countries along the route, or SME (small and medium-sized enterprises) to obtain profit opportunities via dropshipping or wholesale.  For example, they visited a local raincoat manufacturer in Vietnam and found that their raincoat fabrics were purchased from 1688. They even purchased the finished umbrella products directly on 1688, and then retail or wholesale via e-commerce.

“There was a saying that moving China’s manufacturing industry to Southeast Asia might pose a threat to China,” Liu said. “However, the entire supply chain and value chain are not as worried, or you earn, or I earn. Instead, we link Chinese fabrics to local factories in Vietnam by digital means.”

So, what are the cross-border business groups selected on the 1688 platform? Liu Wei said that it is mainly divided into two categories:

One category is large traditional cross-border sellers operating on platforms such as AliExpress and Lazada. Every day, they explore products according to the behavior of consumers in various countries, and put hundreds of goods on the e-commerce platform for money measurement and sales. It is a very efficient organization form of supply chain and business opportunity mining.

The other type is the 90s (even after 95) entrepreneurs with diversified and more extreme business models. Most of these people are able to serve overseas consumers through Facebook, AliExpress, Lazada, etc., and earn a net profit of $1,000 a day.

Digital supply chain empowerment small business dropship and wholesale from China 1688

Liu Wei said that for these small and medium-sized businesses doing cross-border business or dropshipping, if they are Taobao sellers or Tmall sellers, you can find the source offline. But cross-border goods, they can not find the source of goods offline like Taobao sellers, because China does not have a wholesale or dropshipping market to sell cross-border sources, their supply chain system has three core pain points:

Firstly, the traditional logistics methods based on shipping and land transportation are too slow in delivery. For example, AliExpress sellers need a very efficient small parcel network to enable Chinese goods to appear at the doorstep of overseas consumers for 2-3 days. Therefore, Cainiao International and Ali Platform are building a global intelligent logistics network for this purpose, and empowering the whoelsale and dropshipping merchants in logistics delivery.

Secondly, the wholesaler and dropshipper overseas cannot be effectively coordinated with factories and suppliers in China. Today, Taobao and Tmall have a complete set of flexible supply chains and collaborative networks. When the Taobao seller saw the clothing of the influencer live broadcast, they can re-design and remodel sampling within one week, and the Taobao on-line sales within two weeks. With this domestic foundation, the 1688 cross-border exclusive supply will also provide China’s supply chain e-commerce adaptation and flexible production for overseas small b merchants, and ensure that products comply with 3c certification.

It is worth noting that there is already a “global factory” project on the 1688 cross-border supply market, and more than 20,000 factories have completed deep certification, such as whether to do OEM or custom for global brands, whether it has been overseas Brand and overseas store services. In addition, the 1688 cross-border exclusive supply will examine the strength of the factory, including whether the manufacturing capabilities match, whether the product quality meets the European standard or the American standard, and whether it is a cross-border seller on the fast-tracking service.

Thirdly, currency circulation is difficult between countries. The seller received the US dollar in the AliExpress platform. In the past, it realized the settlement of foreign exchange through TT, money order and international bank transfer, thereby purchasing and paying logistics costs. But today, cross-border payment and settlement infrastructure needs to be upgraded. Therefore, the 1688 cross-border exclusive offer launched cross-border payment service to help sellers purchase directly on the 1688 platform in US dollars.

In addition to solving these three most important pain points, we also have a variety of technical services, functional tooling services to facilitate cross-border e-commerce businesses, so that businesses can put more energy on the service terminal consumers. “Liu Wei added.

The data shows that so far, there are 50 million digital goods per day on the 1688 platform, maintaining fast, real-time updates. In addition, the 500,000 sellers on the platform are selling, obviously not for the Chinese consumers. For wholesaler and dropshipper overseas who buy these products, 1688 is not just a source platform, but an integral part of the digital supply chain.

So what does the digital supply chain mean?

Liu Wei said that the sellers who dropship or wholesale on 1688 used the “photo search” function very frequently. They would go to Vietnam and Thailand to directly compare the prices with the price on 1688 and then purchase them. During the field trip, it was found that the supply price on 1688 was basically 1/3~1/2 of the wholesale market in Thailand and Vietnam, which is very attractive for small and medium-sized merchants to dropship or wholesale on 1688.

“The digital supply chain sounds very advanced technology. The practical application is to take a photo with a mobile phone. It is so simple to find a Chinese factory in the Ali terminal market with “photo search” function, and it is so simple to purchase at a Chinese factory. However, this has changed greatly. The way small and medium-sized merchants do business and the way they buy goods.” Liu Wei explained.

For example, last year, based on the digital supply chain, 1688 cross-border special supply has been tested and successfully tested the first global inventory free model. American consumers buy a necklace at AliExpress. The seller does not need to put the necklace in the warehouse and does not need to send the parcel. Instead, the 1688 cross-border exclusive factory directly ships to the US consumer to realize the online digital operation.

In addition to serving Taobao, Tmall, and Alipay offline stores, 1688 also serves a large group of cross-border e-commerce sellers, wholesale and dropshipping merchants. In 2017, 1688 specifically set up a cross-border channel for globalization and the rapid development of cross-border e-commerce. With the help of the digital supply chain, Alibaba will further deepen cooperation with AliExpress in 1688 in 2018. The 1688 cross-border exclusive “Orange Wind Plan” can better integrate Chinese commodity supply chains and merchant selections.

On the one hand, 1688 and AliExpress share the platform data. Wang Hai said, “We hope to build cross-border logistics supply chain capabilities with Cainiao and AliExpress, let 1688 goods directly spread to the AliExpress platform, reduce the operation of merchants on AliExpress; also hope that in the near future Let AliExpress merchants really do inventory free business like the merchants doing Taobao business.”

On the other hand, 1688 launched a cross-border financial product that supports cross-border. Sellers can purchase directly with US dollars on the 1688 platform, no longer need to remit money to China to pick up goods. In addition, the other financial support and rights for the business will be further opened.

In fact, in the past year, the 1688 cross-border market and AliExpress cooperation are more biased towards strategic cooperation and offline docking. Until May of this year, 1688 completed the docking with the AliExpress system. Liu Wei said, “In the next 3-6 months, the 1688 cross-border exclusive supply will be linked to AliExpress and Lazada to build a local supply chain network to help digitize overseas businesses and even help Chinese sources and Chinese supply chains go to the overseas market.”

He said that now AliExpress sellers can see 1688 cross-border special offers in the AliExpress background based on their business categories and consumer behavioral insights, recommending 1688 cross-border products for them. In October of this year, sellers can complete the one-click distribution in the AliExpress background; at the end of October 2018, the 1688 cross-border exclusive supply market will provide joint sales support for AliExpress sellers.

“In fact, the 1688 cross-border exclusive supply market and AliExpress work together, is to change 1688 from an open market to AliExpress’s own business opportunity market.” Liu Wei said that now AliExpress sellers in 1688 cross-border The options have changed from the previous open market to personalized matching or private docking.

For example, AliExpress sellers can see the first-hand source of the 1688 factory through live broadcast, and these sources have not even appeared in the open market. He said, “This will be the most powerful weapon for the AliExpress platform and sellers in 1688. The cooperation does not affect sellers of other platforms to buy in the 1688 open market.”

5 Benefits apply reliable 3PL Chinese fulfillment service for shopify dropshipping

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Shipping plays a vital role in the shopify dropshipping supply chain. When you dropship from Aliexpress or 1688 you could sell the most amazing product to the world, but if you don’t meet customer expectations for fulfillment and shipping, your dropshipping business could be restricted in the long term running. Shopify order fulfillment doesn’t come into play during the sales process, but it’s arguably one of the most important aspects of maintaining loyal customers. Because if an order ships late or you don’t communicate well with the customer, they’re probably not coming back.

How many steps involved the shopify order fulfillment when you dropshipping from 1688 or Aliexpress?

  • Communicating with the customer about the order
  • Managing the products in Aliexpress or 1688
  • Pack the product
  • Shipping it off to the customer
  • Sign package and got payment

Although there are 5 steps each of them contains many procedures, how many people you can hire if all done by yourself? The good news is that you don’t necessarily have to do all of this yourself. In fact, some shopify sellers opt to outsource the entire process to reliable Chinese 3PL fulfillment agent service when they dropship from 1688 Taobao as well as other Chinese online shopping websites.

What’s Chinese 3PL fulfillment service?

Traditional rrder fulfillment companies offer warehousing and shipping solutions for shopify sellers. They buys their inventory in bulk from a manufacturer or wholesaler on 1688 and Aliexpress. While the shopify seller knows they can sell all the inventory they bought, they don’t have the infrastructure in place to handle the logistics of so much inventory. Rather than limit the amount of inventory they buy and sell, the retailer enlists the help of an order fulfillment company to store, pick, pack, and ship their inventory. A Chinese 3PL fulfillment service can do far more better, it  allows shopify sellers to outsource the entire shopify ecommerce fulfillment process, including sourcing, purchasing, quality check, inventory management, picking, packing, and shipping orders from China to overseas countries.

86Deal dropshipping fulfillment services include:

Sourcing. 86Deal could help shopify dropshipper source reliable suppliers who offers exactly the same style goods with better quality and lower price on 1688 Taobao.

Bargain. 86Deal could help dropshipper compare different suppliers and bargain the best price based on the order to meet the seller budget.

Purchasing. Once confirmed the goods quantity, price, color, size, stock, shipping terms and fee, 86Deal with place order on 1688 to get the goods ship to 86Deal warehouse in 3 to 4 days.

Quality Check. Once goods arrived 86Deal warehouse, the staff will check the goods quality and packaging, and pick out the goods with flaws return to 1688 suppliers.

Warehousing. After Quality check, the goods will be listed on the warehouse shelf await for shipping. 86Deal offers 2 months free warehousing service for shopify dropshippers.

Printing order. 86Deal staff will print orders once the goods ready for shipping after the shopify dashboard integrated with our system via shopify app.

Consolidate order. After orders being printed, staff need to pick up different goods on the shelf then consolidate them in one package for shipping.

International Shipping. Once the good packed and stick printing order, it is ready for shipping. Due to the ePacket countries restriction, 86Deal can only dropship from China to 37 countries in the Asia, EU and North America.

Upload tracking. Once China post pick up the packages, 86Deal will upload the tracking number to shopify dashboard, meanwhile, the clients will get an email notification.

Label and packaging customization. For private label sellers, 86Deal also could help them customize label and packaging with their own brands for marketing purpose.

Difference between fulfillment service and dropshipping

 Order Fulfillment ServicesDrop Shipping
What is it?-Order inventory to the fulfillment center vai 1688 in bulk

-When your customer purchases a product you tell the fulfillment company.

-The fulfillment company then picks, packs, and ships the order to your customer.
-You list and sell products that you do not own but that are instead owned by a manufacturer or wholesaler.

-Customers place orders with (and pay) you.

-You place a duplicate order with (and pay) the manufacturer or supplier on Aliexpress.

-The manufacturer or supplier on Aliexpress picks, packs, and ships their product to the customer.
Key Differences-You are buying inventory upfront, in bulk on 1688 for lower price.

-Order fulfillment company is not the manufacturer or supplier of the product.
-You are buying inventory only after customer places an order.

-Drop shipper is typically the manufacturer or wholesaler of the product.
Who is it right for?-Shopify seller with the capital to invest in large upfront inventory purchases.

-Shopify seller that are confident the product will sell at a margin.

-Shopify seller who do not want to invest in the space, manpower, and logistics of their own warehouse.
-Shopify seller who does not want to maker a large capital investment in inventory.

-Shopify seller that want to test out selling certain products or marketing strategies.

-Shopify seller who do not want to invest in the space, manpower, and logistics of their own warehouse.

However, when you dropshipping from China a fulfillment service could make your shopify business more simple and cost effective.

5 Benefits on Chinese 3PL fulfillment service

The shopify seller apply reliable Chinese 3PL fulfillment service at least have the following benefits:

  • Greater control over inventory. You purchase and own the inventory. This means you should always know exactly how much inventory you have. You will never sell a product that is out of stock.
  • Better Margins. Wholesale on 1688 will typically have better margins than dropshipping from Aliexpress because they are assuming more risk by buying the products in bulk, up-front.
  • Faster shipping. The shorter the distance your products have to travel, the quicker they can arrive. In a world where consumers increasingly demand same-day delivery, reducing your shipping times is critical.
  • Storage and staffing expenses are flexible, not fixed. By essentially renting storage space and shipping capabilities you can adjust your expenses to meet your sales.
  • Upfront storage and staffing expenses are reduced. If you’re business doesn’t have the capital to launch its own warehousing operation, or wants to commit the capital to another opportunity, this an affordable alternative.

The main benefit of applying a Chinese 3rd-party fulfillment service is time and money cost. You free up all sorts of time to spend on things like marketing, sales, web design and more. In addition, these companies can usually integrate with systems like Shopify and Bigcommerce etc. Each time an order comes in the logistics company sees it and gets to work. Therefore, you don’t have to do anything but focus on your store marketing.

Of course, apply a Chinese 3PL fulfillment service also have costs. There are many costs for the other fulfillment service overseas, for example, Amazon FBA, its cost include onboarding costs,inventory receiving costs,inventory storage costs,order pick and pack costs,packaging costs,kitting costs and shipping cost. As a Chinese fulfillment agent focuses on shopify dropshipping business, 86Deal only charge fixed service fee include sourcing, bargain, purchasing, quality check, warehousing, order printing, order consolidate as well as tracking upload services and ePacket international shipping fee. In addition to Shopify sellers, 86Deal also serves Wish, eBay, Amazon, Lazada, Magento, Woocommerce, Shopee, Shopyy sellers dropshipping from China 1688.


Advantages and disadvantages for shopify seller dropshipping from Aliexpress VS 1688

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The reason why dropshipping so popular in the ecommerce business mainly because it is easy to start with low risks. According to research, 33% of the worldwide ecommerce industry is using drop shipping as a primary inventory management model and China has emerged as the top dropshipping supplier. By dropshipping from China, you can quickly get your ecommerce website up and running while lowering financial investment. Aliexpress or 1688 ,which platform source is better when dropshipping from China? Lots of shopify sellers ask me the same question once we launched 86deal as a Chinese dropshipping fulfillment agent. Once you know the advantages and disadvantages for shopify seller dropshipping from Aliexpress VS 1688 you will know which source is better for you to dropship from China.

1688 focuses on the wholesale and procurement business in the Chinese market, through professional operation and comprehensively optimizes the business model of enterprise e-commerce. At present, 1688 has covered 16 major industries such as raw materials, industrial products, clothing and apparel, household department stores and small commodities, providing a series of supply services from raw material procurement-production and processing to wholesale dropshipping. On April 12, 2018, Alibaba 1688 held a summit in Guangzhou and launched its cross-border exclusive market platform, the first time the transcript was disclosed, as of the end of March, nearly half a million SMEs passed the 1688 cross-border platform. Providing services to AliExpress, Amazon, Wish, eBay, Lazada and other platforms in 220 countries and regions; within one year, the transaction scale and buyers of cross-border exclusive markets have grown more than 4 times.

Aliexpress is another subsidiary of the Alibaba Group which mainly focus on the overseas market. It launched in 2010, it has become the destination one of the fastest growing eCommerce platforms for users outside of China, it caters more to the international market and is available in English and 15 other languages. In addition, this platform differentiates itself from the B2B platform Alibaba by selling items in smaller quantities as opposed to selling in bulk.  Aliexpress acts as a marketplace for sellers, consumers and dropshippers. They use this site to list products from Aliexpress sellers to their own shopify websites. In this way, each product that the reseller lists on their own website is being marked up by a percentage from the original wholesale cost.

What’s the advantages and disadvantages for shopify seller dropshipping from Aliexpress VS 1688?

Pros dropshipping from Aliexpress

Easy to start. Aliexpress provides 16 languages which is easy to understand and there’s no legal requirements for dropshipping. Which means you can sell worldwide at home no matter where you are.

Little or no starting cost. With Aliexpress you don’t have to pay any entry fee to dropship, and no additional payment required of you in the whole process of dropshipping. It is easy for startups.

No inventory required. Shopify seller do not have to stock goods for sell, once got orders buy from Aliexpress and ship to clients directly with free shipping to earn the difference price.

Customer care. Aliexpress customer services your store offers gives it an additional value and help build reputation and trust among your customers.

Trending Product Ideas. Aliexpress updates hot sale goods regularly based on its platform data in different countries, with it shopify sellers can easily find trending products and related goods for their stores.

Cons dropshipping from Aliexpress

Inventory Issues. With no inventory, investment and cost, you will find many competitors doing the same.

Supplier Errors. If the supplier doesn’t ship on time, the customer is gonna scream at you, not at the supplier.

Shipping & packaging error. A consignment if not packaged well and handled with care leads to high returns. And high returns rate is detrimental to any business.

Quality issue.  Since all products on Aliexpress are sourced and shipped from China, it becomes a real hassle to return your customer’s order to the original seller if there has a quality issue.

Pros dropshipping from 1688

Lower goods cost. As a shopify seller you can always find goods at lower price on 1688 compared to Aliexpress, and you can get even lower price once you wholesale from 1688 which could help you have more profit margin.

More goods categories. Basically 1688 have at least 10 times bigger goods inventory than Aliexpress, you can have more wider choices for your shopify store.

Better user experience and customizable branding strategy. The 1688 agent offers different dropshipping fulfillment service to help shopify seller improve user experience with quality check as well as branding customization service.

Less efforts on dropshipping. Once shopify sellers choose 1688 agent to help them fulfill the orders they only need to focus on marketing to increase traffic and convention rates to improve the sales, the rest job can be done by the dropshipping fulfillment agent which will improve the efficiency and lower down cost greatly.

Cons dropshipping from 1688

Moq requirements. when shopify seller dropship from 1688, it may have MOQ requirements if the supplier doesnt support cross border dropshipping;

Fulfillment cost. The shopify seller may have language, payment and shipping issue when dropship from 1688, the dropshipping shipping fulfillment services cost extra.

Delivery takes longer time. Due to the 1688 supplier need to ship to fulfillment agent warehouse, it may takes longer time for agent ship the packages to clients, but the delivery time can be cut by many measures.

After we compared the pros and cons shopify seller dropshipping from Aliexpress VS 1688, we may know the difference includes:

Languages. Aliexpress have more than 10 languages while 1688 only in Chinese. It is easier to start with Aliexpress;

Payment. Shopify seller could place order directly on Aliexpress via paypal or credit card, but they cannot pay directly on 1688;

Shipping. Aliexpress supplier can ship directly with ePacket, DHL as well as other courier service while 1688 need to ship to clients via agent.

Cost. Alixpress is cheaper for shipping while 1688 need to include fulfillment agent service fee, however, 1688 is cheaper if shopify seller work stable with the agent for large volume orders.

User experience. The fulfillment agent could help shopify seller check goods quality before shipping which could lower down the goods return rates with less disputes. Meanwhile, the agent could help shopify seller customize packaging and labels for better user experience.

In all, dropshipping from Aliexpress is better for shopify starters, while dropshipping from 1688 is better for professional shopify sellers who already have daily orders and good profit margin.

86Deal dropshipping fulfillment services include:

Sourcing. 86Deal could help shopify dropshipper source reliable suppliers who offers exactly the same style goods with better quality and lower price on 1688 Taobao.

Bargain. 86Deal could help dropshipper compare different suppliers and bargain the best price based on the order to meet the seller budget.

Purchasing. Once confirmed the goods quantity, price, color, size, stock, shipping terms and fee, 86Deal with place order on 1688 to get the goods ship to 86Deal warehouse in 3 to 4 days.

Quality Check. Once goods arrived 86Deal warehouse, the staff will check the goods quality and packaging, and pick out the goods with flaws return to 1688 suppliers.

Warehousing. After Quality check, the goods will be listed on the warehouse shelf await for shipping. 86Deal offers 2 months free warehousing service for shopify dropshippers.

Printing order. 86Deal staff will print orders once the goods ready for shipping after the shopify dashboard integrated with our system via shopify app.

Consolidate order. After orders being printed, staff need to pick up different goods on the shelf then consolidate them in one package for shipping.

International Shipping. Once the good packed and stick printing order, it is ready for shipping. Due to the ePacket countries restriction, 86Deal can only dropship from China to 37 countries in the Asia, EU and North America.

Upload tracking. Once China post pick up the packages, 86Deal will upload the tracking number to shopify dashboard, meanwhile, the clients will get an email notification.

In addition, 86Deal also provide add on service such as label and packaging customization service,  furthermore, we could push daily financial report to shopify seller to show every penny of the dropshipping cost. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in dropshipping from 1688 with fulfillment agent service.

86Deal Shopify dropshipping fulfillment procedures from China 1688

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In order to improve the dropshipping efficiency and lower down the cost, more and more shopify sellers choose dropshipping fulfillment agent to help them buy and ship goods from China 1688 to overseas clients. In this article we introduce the shopify dropshipping fulfillment procedures from China 1688 in details for dropshippers as a reference, it may help you shorten the delivery time for better customer experience.

Basically the dropshipping fulfillment procedures include sourcing, bargain, purchasing, warehousing, quality check (return and exchange if goods have flaws), printing order, pick up goods and consolidate, packing and shipping, general Chinese fulfillment agent offer those kind of services to help small business dropshipping from China. Each step in the fulfillment procedure are key to the dropshipping business.

Sourcing. Unlike Aliexpress, many shopify sellers have the language issue dropshipping on 1688 although they can use google translate, they cannot understand the goods description well on 1688 or taobao although the goods has much lower price on 1688. No to mention communicate with sellers in Chinese language. In addition, when sourcing on 1688 there are certain keywords, price filter conditions need to be applied for accurate search results. 86Deal could source exactly the goods from 1688 or taobao easily based on shopify seller requirements which could greatly help them increase the source efficiency.

Bargain. It is directly related to the dropshipping profit margin especially bulk wholesale goods from 1688, usually it contains two parts, one is the goods price and quantity, another is the domestic shipping fee from the supplier to fulfillment agent warehouse. Unlike Aliexpress and Taobao, the goods shipping isnt free, It takes time to filter supplier and bargain with them about the goods price and moq as well as the shipping cost to meet shopify seller budget.

Purchasing. In this step the agent need to confirm the goods stock, price, delivery time, courier shipping cost etc.Once confirmed , shopify seller need to send money for agent to order the goods. To save time, the agent usually need the shopify seller reserve money in advance for the order fulfillment. once paid, it usually takes 3 to 4 days for goods shipping from supplier to agent warehouse. If goods have no stock or need to be customized, it may take longer time.

Warehouse processing. Once the goods arrived agent warehouse. The warehouse need to match the goods belongs to which shopify seller based on tracking number, then confirm the goods size, color, quantity etc. The warehouse processing include several steps from the goods received to being shipped overseas.

Quality check. It might be the biggest concern why shopify supplier dropship from 1688. When dropshipping from Aliexpress the supplier ship goods directly to clients, the quality issue might cause lots of dispute, which not only waste time and money but also affect the user experience and the store reputation. The Chinese fulfillment agent could help you check the goods quality when dropshipping from 1688.

Size. Since people in the EU and USA countries are stronger and taller than Chinese people, there might have size issue once you are dropshipping from 1688. The fulfillment agent could help you check the clothes size and color if they match before shipping from China;

Material and quality. The agent also could help you check the goods material, if they have any flaws, if the goods are smiley etc. if they are in good condition before shipping;

Remove chinese brand and labels. As a shopify seller you will definitely not want clients to see those Chinese brands, price labels as well as advertising brochure. The fulfillment agent will help you remove them during quality check process.

However, those kind of Quality check only restricted to the goods surface, if you are dropshipping some electronic goods, the qc work should also include the function test which mostly agent might not willing to do. Just bare in mind and don’t misunderstood the QC work.

Return and exchange. if the goods have flaws or broken or with wrong color, the agent will need to contact the supplier to return the goods and exchange the right one. The supplier should afford the shipping cost, however, it takes at least one week for agent to ship and receive them again.

Printing orders. Once the goods arrived agent warehouse, and the quality is being confirmed, they will be listed in the shelf await for shipping. Then the agent will need to export the shopify orders and print them one by one, after that pick up the goods based on the orders for packing.

Consolidate.  The consolidation service is one of the biggest advantage when shopify seller dropshipping from 1688 via its local Chinese agent. It cannot be happened when you dropshipping from Aliexpress as the suppliers ship to clients directly and the clients need to receive multiple packages when she/him order multiple goods in one order. If shopify seller dropship from 1688 the agent could help to consolidate multiple items in one package to ship to clients unless the goods weight higher than ePacket 2kg restriction. Which could not only versatile the suppliers in shopify store but also offer better user experience. And it can be done easily, the warehouse people just need to pick up different items on the shelf and put them together for packing.

Packing. Once the goods being picked up from the warehouse shelf, they are ready for packing. When the fulfillment agent packing goods they should attention to the package protection feature and weight volume to ensure they are qualified ePacket shipping standard. Then stick the shipping label with receiver name, address, post code as well as goods customs declaration info to send to China post.

Upload tracking. Once the package being sent to China post, the agent will need to list the tracking numbers to match each order to upload to shopify, meanwhile, there will be a tracking info email alert sent to clients automatically. The clients could track their orders based on ePacket tracking number. If everything is okay the fulfillment procedure basically being finished.

In addition to the dropshipping cost issue, the fulfillment time might be another concern when dropshipping from 1688. How long time it takes for shopify seller dropshipping from 1688? Usually it takes 3 to 4 days for the goods shipping from suppliers to agent warehouse if they have stock, the agent takes 1 to 2 days to finished the warehouse procedure to make the shopify orders ready for shipping. And it takes 5 to 15 days for ePacket deliver the packages. Now you may estimate the whole time dropshipping from 1688.

Seems dropshipping from 1688 takes longer time but there are several ways to shorten the fulfillment time if you find a reliable Chinese dropshipping fulfillment agent. Firstly, you can authorize agent to integrate the shopify store with their fulfillment system which could greatly shorten the order fulfillment time in the warehouse; Secondly, the agent could inquire several suppliers have similar price for the goods in case goods out of stock; Thirdly, send money in advance once the agent can be trust.

Although there are many advantages for shopify seller dropshipping from 1688, not all of them can hire a Chinese fulfillment agent dropshipping from 1688. Why? The fulfillment service cost extra money which apparently are not good for the following shopify sellers:

  • Beginners. The newbie shopify seller have not much orders daily, if they dont have high profit margin, the fulfillment service will eat the profits;
  • Low value goods. For the low value goods the fulfillment service will make them in-competitive on the market as the service sometimes exceed their profits.

The above are shopify dropshipping fulfillment procedures from China 1688, you are welcome to leave comments if you have any questions for the shopify dropshipping fulfillment service from China 1688.

8 business opportunities for shopify dropshipping goods selection

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Finding quality products online for shopify dropshipping and profitability is a daunting task, unless you have a very good idea from the start, and that’s what drives you to start your business. There are usually thousands of possible goods selection choices for shopify dropshipping, but everything seems to have been done a thousand times before. So which of these shopify goods selection choices can you start digging and find gold? The first step in finding a product is to be able to identify and discover the opportunities that exist in some of the undiscovered quality products. You must be familiar with the 8 potential opportunity types. Understanding the 8 business opportunity types is key to helping you identify quality products and niche opportunities on shopify dropshipping.

The 8 business opportunities are:

1. The opportunity to reveal keywords

2. Build a fun and attractive brand

3. Identify and resolve consumer pain points

4. Meet the real taste of consumption

5. Follow your passion

6. Looking for opportunities gaps

7. Leverage your own experience and expertise

8. Grasp the trend as soon as possible

Each of these opportunities involves a different mindset and approach for shopify dropshipping. Let’s explore it in more detail:

The opportunity to reveal keywords for shopify dropshipping

Free traffics can be said to be the holy grail of shopify dropshipping. If done right, Google and other search engines will reward you with a large amount of consistent and targeted traffic. In a world with low profit margins, paid advertising channels are becoming more and more expensive, which is what makes a product with keyword opportunities profitable.

Finding keyword opportunities involves strategically looking for a product or niche based on searchable keywords in search engines such as Google and Bing, and then looking for a large number of highly-recognized but less competitive search terms. Keyword research may involve some technicality, so this opportunity is based on a study of keywords and a solid foundational understanding of search engine optimization (SEO) for your shopify dropshipping.

If you are planning a product for Shopify dropshipping, this “keyword” opportunity may be very useful and profitable. Because the profit of goods is very thin, it is often difficult to effectively use paid advertising channels for promotion.

Build a fun and attractive brand for shopify dropshipping

Unlike the previous approach, creating a brand also means creating a consumer group for shopify dropshipping. The way to create a brand includes a high level of understanding of potential customers, a unique brand, and a unique place in the customer’s mind. If competition is fierce, this approach to building cross-border e-commerce can differentiate you from your competitors and is particularly effective.

Identify and resolve consumer pain points in shopify dropshipping

One of the best ways to build a strong business is to address the pain points of consumers. Products that address pain points can make money because customers are actively seeking solutions to these problems. Keeping in mind that pain points don’t necessarily mean physical pain, it can also include frustrating, time-consuming or bad experiences which is key for goods selection in shopify dropshipping.

Meet the real taste of consumption in shopify dropshipping

This is a fact. Consumers often spend more money to support their passions and hobbies. There are additional benefits to cater to the passion of consumers, including deeper interaction with brands, increased brand loyalty and word-of-mouth marketing.

Follow your passion in shopify dropshipping

Some people think that choosing a product or niche based on their own personal passion can be a disaster for shopify dropshipping. However, this is not the case, and it turns out that it is profitable. One of the biggest benefits of creating a project around your passion is that when you are in a difficult time, you will be tough. This should not be underestimated, as maintaining enthusiasm is a key factor in building successful cross-border e-commerce for shopify dropshipping.

Looking for opportunities gaps in Shopify dropshipping

Be good at finding and grasping opportunities or feature gaps to make money. Such opportunities include exposing problems in products, product defects, or marketing products during dropshipping. The opportunity gap may be in the form of current competitors’ unrealized market, and you may exist in the form of improved or additional product features, or even in the form of your own marketing capabilities.

Leverage your own experience and expertise in Shopify dropshipping

Using your experience and expertise will have a strong competitive advantage. Turning your expertise into a cross-border e-commerce business is a great way to get into the market, and it is a threshold for others to enter.

Grasp the trend as soon as possible in shopify dropshipping

Grasping a trend can have a huge impact on new shopify dropshipping business. It gives you the opportunity to build a website that you are leading in the minds of others before others. Grasping the trend as early as possible will have a major impact on your SEO, as you will have the opportunity to become one of the first sites to index new trend search terms by search engines such as Google and Bing. This can help you quickly climb the top of the search rankings.

Understanding each of these 8 opportunities is critical to unlocking cross-border e-commerce and finding the perfect product for shopify dropshipping business.


2018 Top 8 hot sale dropshipping goods on 1688

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No matter which online business platform we operate, Amazon, eBay, Wish or Shopify, the elements we need to be successful are always similar. The goods with the highest weight is undoubtedly hot sale goods for dropshipping. Here we introduce the Top 8 hot sale dropshipping goods on 1688 in 2018 for you as a reference.

Shapewear dropshipping on 1688

According to research that by 2022, the shapewear market will grow to $5.6 billion. Separated from the concept of underwear, traditional underwear with a long history (yes, the European aristocrats began to have this concept in the Middle Ages), combined with today’s materials technology, has gradually entered people’s daily lives. Even the stores that sell fashion do not mind adding some tight-fitting clothing to help customers achieve “slim dreams.” In view of the fact that the shaping clothes can provide the female friends with the function of displaying the perfect lines under various conditions, the result of being sought after is naturally not surprising. At the same time, the status of the shaping clothes in the underwear industry is also still solid.

shapewear dropshipping 1688


The shapewear also has a significant advantage. Dropshipping sellers have a lot of freedom in defining their scope. According to the design characteristics of their chosen products, they can be characterized as underwear, ladies fashion, general clothing, etc. Different styles, colors, and then different classifications not only expand the range of dropshipping choices, but also reduce the pressure to compete with big sellers in similar products on 1688.

2018 shapewear dropshipping 1688


Mobile phone accessories dropshipping on 1688

The boom in mobile phone accessories industry has been going on for many years, it may start after Apple claims to redefine its mobile phone. By 2022, the capacity of the mobile phone accessories market will reach 107.3 billion. Mobile phone cases, cell phone buttons, screen protectors, cleaning and repair tools, chargers, headsets, mobile phone hooks etc. are very good dropshipping niches  in recent years are enough to improve that this prediction is not chaotic.

Due to the myriad variety of mobile phone accessories, a slight change in color, adaptation, pattern, etc. may be a new product. Therefore, it has great potential in the dropshipping market. The Amazon platform prohibits dropshipping sellers on behalf of the merchants. If the seller has to operate on the Amazon platform, either bear huge account risk or bring in huge inventory (the inventory is facing the risk of capital). The market for mobile phone accessories has been tested by time. It is certain that this is indeed a reliable and growing product line. In the future, it may even become a popular product in the same way as home decorations, fitness products, etc.


Phone accessory dropshipping 1688


When it comes to the corresponding dropshipping marketing techniques, you have to take them separately. Let’s take mobile phone case and mobile phone buckle dropshipping for example, they can be done with a high degree of personalization. The main emphasis is on visual impact components. All mainstream social networking sites are worth trying to promote, but in order to control costs, we recommend Facebook and Instagram. It’s okay, these two platforms mainly emphasize real-time sharing of photos, short videos and other life fun, and these are just the high-customized mobile phone case and mobile phone buckle. As for the protective film, earphones, chargers and other mobile phone tools dropshipping, there seems to be no special place for promotion, then you can try to combine these accessories with the phone case. If a customer purchases a mobile phone case, then he can recommend the model charger, protective film and other products.

phone case dropshipping 1688


Sportswear dropshipping on 1688

The fashion has been changing, but the status of sportswear has remained relatively stable. The so-called sports and casual wear refers to the clothing that meets the needs of people’s sports according to the uniform design. The biggest feature of this kind of clothing is that it doesn’t make people feel like going to the gym after wearing it. Among this type of products, we can choose from sports shirts, sweatpants, leggings, sports bras, vests, headbands, tights and even sports shoes for dropshipping. Each product may have countless styles on 1688. And the color is waiting for the sellers to discover.

Furthermore, according to the dropshipping seller’s positioning of the store, the sportswear can also be used as a supplement to other products. For example, if the seller dropshipping fitness products, then this sports and leisure wear can not be used as a supplement to the purchase of fitness products. Customers who have bought a yoga mat will also need a yoga dress.

The target clients of the sportswear is usually young women. Then the platform that young people like and often use, such as Facebook, Instagram is very suitable as a place for advertising. At the same time, influence marketing can also be added as part of the marketing campaign. By working with certain platforms, we can use their influence to display the products in front of buyers.

sportswear dropshipping 1688


Eyelash serum dropshipping on 1688

In recent years, the products related to eyelashes are particularly bright on the online sales among the beauty products, and also show a growth trend in people’s search statistics. Whether it is eyelash growth liquid, false eyelashes or long eyelashes are very popular dropshipping niches. Just in case, a little introduction, eyelash serum is a beauty product that promotes the growth of eyelashes. Although the eyelash-related beauty products market is vast and can be independently established, the product categories are still a little scarce, and the limited product categories may become a limitation for sellers to expand their business. Therefore, it is safer to dropship such goods as a small category in the beauty category.

eyelash serum dropshipping 1688

If the seller’s ability is limited and cannot support a comprehensive beauty product dropshipping, but does not want to give up this potential stock, then it is best to package it when selling. That is to say, it is better to sell the three packages together than one. By selling in this way, the average order value can be increased. In the category of consumables, the difficulty of package sales is relatively small, especially for the packaging of similar products. After all, the individual purchase will not be purchased in time, resulting in the possibility of running out.

So when it comes to the marketing strategy of eyelash serum dropshipping, we can think about it this way. The purchasers of such products are usually purposeful searchers to pick up the favorite goods, rather than occasionally seeing advertisements like many consumers when they are idle on the Internet, and then they have a desire to buy. Therefore, a better strategy should be to improve your ranking in the search by optimizing search terms, optimizing your own pages, and so on. At the same time, post the before use and after use contrast photograph on social networks also works. There is no doubt that social recognition of products can increase sales.

Flame lamp dropshipping on 1688

We observed there has a strong increase in sales of this product on Oberlo. Although there are not many shops selling flame lamps, their average sales volume is quite impressive. If you want to find a product that has not yet entered but still has potential, consider the flame light. It is worth mentioning that this product, like the eyelash serum, can’t hold up a store alone, but if it is a home improvement product, a commodity store or a main product in a lighting store, it is perfectly fine. It is also a good idea to put the LED candle light and the flame light together as a complementary product.

More traffic may be derived from the search results, but the flame light is absolutely real and can lead to impulsive consumption. Pictures with dazzling effects can often stimulate people’s desire to buy. Therefore, platform drainage by emphasizing visual effects sharing is worth considering. If you combine the results of the search results of the lamps, and optimize the keywords, so that more people can see the attractive pictures, it is sure to take the sales to the next level.

flame lamp dropshipping 1688


Watch dropshipping on 1688

The annual sales of watches are about 1.2 billion, and this number is still growing slowly in recent years. Minimalism is the trend that has only emerged in recent years. There are also many types of watches in the watch industry, such as men’s watches, women’s watches, smart watches, etc. These types will also separate the market for simple watches. At the end of each year, the sales of watches are relatively good, but it is inevitable that the year-end will be unsettled.  For watches that are more attractive than usage, it is not wrong to use Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms that emphasize people’s visual sharing. At the same time, it is also a good idea to use influence marketing by celebrities. Through the typical outdoor style and the extravagant pictures, you can attract the attention of many people on social media.


watch dropshipping 1688


Portable projector dropshipping on 1688

The rise of the portable projector market is also a matter of recent years. It is estimated that by 2022, the market for portable projectors will reach $3.44 billion. Some tiny projectors can even be connected to a mobile phone, which is quite meaningful for sales people and some business people. If the seller intends to enter the market of portable projectors, then you can conduct product research from mini projectors, handheld projectors, laser projectors, and choose the one that suits for dropshipping.

For dropshipping sellers whose main products are small appliances, household appliances or outdoor products, portable projector is also suitable as a high point of profit. One of the best features of this commodity is its profit margin. If the seller can operate in a commercial manner, the profit per projector can even be more than $60.

If you take function as a selling point, people will pay more attention to the use effect. Therefore, it is more difficult to promote it through the form of image advertisement. In the marketing strategy, it should be based on search engine optimization, and at the same time, through some special drainage methods to improve their search results ranking. Of course, if the video can be used in the promotion advertisement, it is more helpful to directly display the performance of the product, thereby exerting a drainage effect.

portable projector dropshipping 1688

Night mask dropshipping on 1688

The night mask sales online can be described as going all the way up. The reason for this phenomenon is mostly because the eye mask gives many people a chance to have a good dream. However, it is a pity that the eye mask itself is difficult to prop up a store as a blast. But if it is a complement to other products, the eye mask can play a big role. For example, the seller’s main business is to travel outdoors, so eye masks, earplugs and other small parts are very suitable to add to their product list, although the profit is not necessarily a big head, but as a supplement to the loss of certain products can play benefit. This product works when it is associated with other products.

night mask dropshipping 1688

There are usually three types of consumers of eye masks: people who are sensitive to the sleeping environment; travel enthusiasts; people who are used to beauty (not often, good sleep is the basis of beauty). Their material requirements for the eye mask are generally high, and they cannot cause the face to be pressed out by the eye mask. For different groups, whether you should design different promotion programs depends on the dropshipping sellers’ own ideas.

The above are the hot sale dropshipping goods in 2018 are only for you as a reference, you can source them on 1688 for your dropshipping niche.

9 questions to select a reliable dropshipping supplier on 1688

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For cross-border e-commerce sellers who are not manufacturers themselves, the success of the business depends to a large extent on the reliability of the supplier, which is especially prominent for dropshipping sellers. While there are many ways to assess the quality of a potential supplier when you dropshipping from 1688, in the final analysis, sellers need to ask suppliers about the necessary issues to ensure supplier reliability. We listed 9 questions to help you select a reliable dropshipping supplier on 1688.

Question 1. Did you sell the products on 1688 to the end clients?

There are many 1688 suppliers sell their products to end customers in addition to dropshipping and wholesale sellers. In fact, these kind of suppliers can only be counted as retailers. And a true manufacture on 1688 is not directly facing the end customer. For dropshipping seller, if the 1688 supplier also sells the product to the end customer, the goods dropshipping cost must increase. Thus do not choose the suppliers on 1688 which sell goods to end clients.

Question 2. Will you do business with dropshipping beginners?

It is very important as most dropshipping beginners are new to 1688 suppliers, for them it is risky to cooperate with clients are new to dropshipping business as it usually takes too much time at the beginning, so when you choose suppliers on 1688 you need to confirm whether they offer dropshipping service for beginners.

Question 3. Do you charge a monthly fee?

In general, a high-quality supplier on 1688 does not charge a monthly fee to dropshipping sellers who do business with them. If this happens, then this supplier may be in financial trouble, so if you encounter such a supplier, you’d better looking for other supply resources.

Questions 4. What is your return policy?

Every cross-border e-commerce dropshipping seller will encounter the problem of returning goods, which is a big problem for dropshipping sellers, because all return and exchange needs suppliers to deal with. Therefore, when looking for a dropshipping supplier, you need to ask the supplier’s return policy, understand how the supplier handles the return problem, so that when the customer is not satisfied with certain products, the seller can respond quickly and provide a complete return process.

Questions 5. Do you have a minimum order requirement for dropshipping?

Some 1688 suppliers will only work with dropshipping sellers who have a certain number of orders. So when you are looking for a dropshipping supplier on 1688, you need to know what are the specific requirements on dropshipping, then you can plan according to your own situation, instead of being scared by this request and wasting a good supplier resources.

Question 6. Do you provide inventory data updates?

For consumers, the worst experience in the entire shopping process is to choose a good product but only after the order is placed, it is told that it is out of stock. In order to avoid this, a dropshipping seller must know if the suppliers provide inventory data in a timely manner when looking for dropshipping suppliers on 1688, and how often the data is updated.

Questions 7. What’s the dropshipping delivery time?

The goods delivery time affects the consumer experience directly and which is also a problem they are very concerned about, usually dropshipping delivery the faster the better. Of course, you should also concern about the shipping cost with the goods cost. As a dropshipping seller you cannot directly touch the product, it is necessary to know from the dropshipping fulfillment agent which courier is the best for 1688 dropshipping business and what’s the estimate delivery time which you can list on your shopify store.

Question 8. What’s the service charge?

This question is usually for the dropshipping fulfillment agent as mostly 1688 suppliers only ship in China. The whole dropshipping process on 1688 may include sourcing, bargain and purchasing, receiving goods, quality check, warehousing, labeling, packing and shipping. As a 1688 dropshipping fulfillment agent, 86Deal charges based on each package to lower down the cost for dropshippers.

Question 9. How to contact you once have any questions? 

The dropshipping business has been started long time ago, and the market is not very good because of the business platform and environment. However, high-quality suppliers on 1688 are still very easy to find, and there will inevitably be some problems in the dropshipping process. At this time, if the dropshipping seller does not know how to contact the supplier to solve the issue, it is easy for the consumer to lose patience. Therefore, a seller must be aware of the supplier’s contact information when looking for a dropshipping supplier on 1688.

The above 9 questions are a reference for you to select a reliable dropshipping supplier on 1688.

How to select reliable 1688 suppliers for dropshipping

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A reliable supplier is the key factor for successful dropshipping business. Lots of people inquired how to select reliable 1688 suppliers for dropshipping business as they are not aware Chinese and 1688 rules. However, dropshipping from 1688 has its own advantages and disadvantages, with 1688 dropshippers could save lots of time and money, they do not have to order goods in  advance, do not have to pay attention on the goods photos, logistics and lots of other steps to open a store, just need to focus on store marketing. But there are something you should know when you select 1688 for your dropshipping business.

About dropshipping price on 1688

The goods price must be the first thing you need to pay attention to and consider when cooperating with the 1688 supplier. You need to try your best to get the lowest price to better cope with the increasingly fierce competition in shopify, ebay and Amazon. Therefore, it is the best for you to compare your competitor price and different supplier prices on 1688. Do your research in advance and select the most competitive suppliers on 1688 for your dropshipping business. In the future, your dropshipping business will be very relaxed. Otherwise, it will be a nightmare. Therefore, it is quite worthwhile to pay a little effort in the early stage.

About goods quality for dropshipping

Quality is good enough to keep clients continually consumption on your store , which is critical to our credibility and future long-term development for the dropshipping business. Buyer complaints due to the quality issue are very bad for the seller, so choosing a good quality product on 1688 is a long-term guarantee that your shopify or ebay store can survive. In order to avoid such things happening, you can first purchase a sample product from different 1688 suppliers , and then select the right supplier based on its goods quality and price. If you feel that the goods quality is really good, then further communicate with suppliers about the cooperation in details.

About the goods stock for dropshipping

The so-called inventory is the actual inventory of individual products of the supplier. Now many 1688 suppliers  could ship on behalf of a single product, but often those products have very few stocks. Although the product is updated very quickly, the goods we made efforts to raise traffics, sales, reviews are out of stock. New products have to re-operate the data such as traffic, and they will never form a centralized scale effect. Finally, there are buyers to consult, the result is that you check out, this product is out of stock. More times, it will greatly affect the enthusiasm of buyers. So the stock is key to dropshipping business.

About shipping for dropshipping

The shipping is also an important for dropshipping. Frequently, customers will be dissatisfied because the goods are not delivered on time, which will give you a bad evaluation. Therefore, compare to China post air mail, ePacket and E-ems might be better choice for you to dropship from 1688. You can also offer DHL, FedEx as alternative courier service for clients to choose based on their requirements.

About 1688 fulfillment agent service 

Due to the payment and shipping issue on 1688 you need a fulfillment agent service to help you fulfill the order even you know Chinese very well. Thus you need to compare different dropshipping fulfillment agents based on their professional services, prices with your dropshipping service requirements.

About 1688 supplier qualification for dropshipping

When we choose suppliers on 1688 for dropshipping we are getting used to select those suppliers with large scale and better reputation as a reliable supplier. Here you should know 1688 has general membership and paid membership, the paid membership also include enterprise membership and personal membership, we usually filter suppliers based on the 1688 enterprise membership, then judge its credits based on member age and user reviews as well as repeat purchase rates.

Once you know those factors above you may know how to select reliable 1688 suppliers for dropshipping.

How to shopify dropshipping with 1688

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Lots of sellers may wonder why shopify dropshipping with 1688 instead of Aliexpress. It is true that AliExpress is not just an online retailer, most sellers here understand that a large number of their customers are resellers who are much more interested in drop shipping, furthermore, there’s no upfront cost and you can test out their products without any financial commitment. However, dropship via 1688 you may have more goods choice with more competitive price in the future as 1688 is the main goods source for mostly Aliexpress suppliers especially traders.

How to setup shopify store for dropshipping?

The first step to start Shopify dropshipping business is to decide on your goods niche. If you don’t know where to start, check the product categories and select what interests you the most or what you’d feel the most comfortable selling. When you select the niche for dropshipping there are certain rules you should bear in mind.

Goods volume and weight. When you select goods niche for your shopify store it cannot be too large volume and weight due to the shipping cost concern;

Goods price. When you select goods niche the price isn’t the cheap the better as there has a fulfillment cost inside for your shopify store dropshipping with 1688 or Taobao. If the goods price is too cheap you may not earn money from the dropshipping business.

As there are too many goods on 1688 you’ll be overwhelmed. There has a list of criteria for choosing the product. So without further ado, here are a few things to look for when selecting a product on 1688 to drop ship.

Avoid fakes or knockoffs: It’s best that you avoid any brands to avoid reselling fakes and knockoffs. Look for the unbranded ones or you register a private label. You don’t want to take the risk since you are not a licensed reseller and also because you don’t actually know if the product is legit.

Repeat purchase rates exceed 30%: A good repeat purchasing rates tells you a few things. First, it tells you that there’s demand for that product. Second, it tells you that the supplier is a reliable one since a few of those orders are repeats.

Above 3 years store: Always look for products that have a high product rating (over 4.5 stars) and the store is at least 3 years old, a seller that has high positive feedback as well.

High quality product photos: The more higher quality photos could not only attract more potential clients but also increase the convention rates, however, you should do your due diligence to make sure that the photos are actually from your manufacturer and not stolen from another retailer online.

Dropship goods at low price with a high margin potential: Depending on the product that you want to resell, choose within a $10-$40 price range and these products generally can be priced at $20-$80 or even more. For example, you can find Horn cup with unique design on 1688 for around $10 to $15 and sell them for $40. This provides your shopify store with a 50% profit margin.

How To Add Products To Your Shopify Store?

Once you have selected your products from 1688 Taobao, it’s time setup your Shopify store. Adding your products to your store is an important step because it’s not as simple as copying the images and description from the 1688 listing and placing that on your Shopify store. There are certain things you should consider:

  • Write your own product descriptions on shopify;
  • Let your customers know about ePacket delivery times;
  • Use an order tracking app: This will keep your customers up-to-date with the status of their purchase;
  • Offer regular and fast shipping methods with free shipping strategy;
  • Set your price appropriately.

Compared to Aliexpress use oberlo app to import goods data automatically you may need import goods information manually from 1688 to Shopify, however, you can choose 1688 suppliers who offers dropshipping data pack, it may save your time.

How to Use 1688 to Dropship?

Now that you have your Shopify store filled with 1688 products that are ready to sell and dropship, what do you do once you get your first order? Dropshipping with 1688 doesn’t work the same way with any regular drop shipper as you will have payment and shipping issues. Thus you should find a dropshipping fulfillment agent to help you order and ship. Once the order has been placed in your store, you just need to reserve money and provide the agent access to your store dashboard to help you purchase it on 1688 and they will handle the rest.

Meanwhile the dropshipping fulfillment agent will help you make a balance spreadsheet to record each order purchase and shipping cost to help you calculate your cost and then you will know how much you earn during that period. After the agent fulfilled each order they will upload the tracking on shopify and click fullfilled button, the clients will get tracking number via email. After that it’s just a matter of time for your customers to receive the order.

The best part of Shopify dropship with 1688 is that you can wholesale goods at lower price and have the chance to brand and label the products before shipping, whether it is being done by the supplier or agent it is good for shopify marketing in the long time run.



2018 Back To School Hot Sale Goods List For Dropshipping

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2018 Back to School season is coming, how to select hot sale back to school goods for dropshipping is very important. Usually the EU and America countries go to school at September while Australia at the end of January. You do not have to worry about the store sales if you choose the right goods for dropshipping. The following are the 2018 back to school hot sale goods list which you can easily dropshipping from China.

Primary and secondary school goods for dropshipping

Clothing accessories and popular match goods  (USA and EU countries doesn’t include UK)

Clothing: T-Shirts, Hoodie, Jumpers, Pants, Dress/Skirts & Underwear


Backpacks & bags


School uniform / shoes

Style: Polo shirt, school shirt, Jumpers / Sweats

Color: white / light blue / light yellow / red

Material: cotton

Style: pants (Trousers, Shorts)

Color: black / gray / blue / char

Fabric: Cotton

Edition: Slim fit

Shoes: Black


Student shoes/white sneakers and socks

Shoes color: black / dark brown

Socks color: black / gray / white / light blue / red / dark green

Different length of socks recommended to sell as a package

School Uniform (Shirts / Pants)

Color: white / light blue / light yellow

Long + short sleeve

Category: Shirt, Polo and Jumpers

Backpacks & Bags

Some schools have regulations on the color of the backpack, so the base color will be more popular.

Sun Protection Products (Hats Glasses and Sunscreen)

Stationery and Dinnerware goods for dropshipping

USA and EU countries

● Lunchboxes & cooler bags

● Stationary & school supplies


Selling point: BPA free (safety material), can be placed in the dishwasher, heat resistant and heat preservation.

Back to College goods for dropshipping

Popular clothing match

Retro Sport

Denim Styling

Sports Casual


Everyday look

Dorm Essentials

Storage Solutions, Bath Essentials and others


Of course the goods list above only parts of the back to school goods, you can take advantage your knowledge to select goods for your dropshipping business. If you dropshipping back to school goods from China there are 2 suggestions, the first one is light weight with small volume to save shipping cost,the second one is the trending goods should meet the country custom. Then you won’t miss the back to school business for dropshipping.

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