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Top 16 free and paid apps for Shopify dropshipping 2019

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We know that using shopify to open a store is now a very straightforward process especially for dropshipping business. However, the shopify store itself has limited functionality, so we sometimes need to add some plugins or apps for more features to facilitate the store marketing purpose to increase sales. Here we list the Top 16 free and paid apps for Shopify dropshipping in 2019 to help you increase customer experience and sales, all of them can be easily found at the Shopify apps store.

Bundle Upsell

$47/month, one week free trial period. (a little expensive)

Bundle Upsell is mainly to recommend some products related to the products in the customer’s shopping cart. For example, if you have a pair of running shoes in your shopping cart, I will recommend sportswear for you, recommend sports headphones and so on. In this way, customers are encouraged to spend more at one time.

Beeketing Checkout Boost

$20 per month, 15 days free trial period. This plugin can add some buttons for social sharing on the billing page, as well as some gifts, discounts, and a countdown to make the customer settle.

Plug in SEO

It has free and paid version. 7 days free trail. Plug in SEO can monitor Shopify store traffic in real time, as well as some problems with the store, and regularly report website SEO performance. All SEO optimization factors are continuously detected, including page name, title, meta description, website loading speed, blog structure, content freshness, and more. It could help you increase free traffics in long terms.

Sumo List Builder

This plugin is mainly to help us collect the user’s mailbox information. I have said before that the importance of email marketing is no longer repeated. The app could help you capture the visitor emails in the most delightful way and increase order value with discounts or coupons.

Yotpo Reviews

Yotpo allows us to show more user-generated content, which is the user reviews. If a product in the store has a lot of reviews, it can directly increase the trustworthiness of this product; if these evaluations are better, you can even increase sales directly. Let’s take a look at the features of this plugin:

Send tracking email to customer, request evaluation

Show reviews in a small section

Fully autonomously controllable

Helping to drain from Facebook and Twitter

Show product reviews at Google shopping

And the above mentioned are just the features provided by the free version,

A praise can increase sales by 10%.

Therefore, this plugin I recommend everyone to use when designing the store.

MacAfee Secure

Free, paid versions are available. This plugin is mainly used to protect our customer information. After installing this plugin, a safely certified banner will appear on our website, increasing the trust of our customers in our store. Of course, this is definitely not just for good looks, the role is also real, MacAfee Secure can check our website for viruses, to ensure the security of the site.

Product Recommendations

$9.99 a month, one week trial period. It is true that a store with product recommendation is much better than a store without any recommendations. Because there are product recommendations, customers will stay longer in the store and browse more products, so they are more likely to buy. And my favorite thing about this plugin is that it’s very flexible. We can choose to recommend products by type, or you can choose to recommend them by hot sale. The products that users have recently viewed, new products, or similar products are similar to the products they are looking at. In short, everyone chooses the most useful for themselves.

Persistent Cart

$3.99 a month, with a one-month trial period. I don’t know if you have those kind of shopping experience. When you shopping for a longer time and all the shopping carts in front are gone. That’s really annoyed and it will definitely lose a lot of orders. This plugin is to allow our store to avoid this situation. It automatically associates the customer’s shopping cart with his account to prevent customers losing their shopping cart, so there is no chance that the shopping cart will disappear.

One Click Social Login

$4.99 a month, half-month trial period. With this plugin, users can log in to our website directly with a social account without having to re-register, completely simplifying the user registration process. Social accounts that can be logged in include:

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Amazon, Google+, Instagram,, Outlook and Yahoo.

This is not only convenient for users to register, but also convenient for us to record user information.

Audience Push to Facebook

Facebook ad redirects, especially tracking those users who have visited our store but eventually abandoned the purchase. The benefit of this plugin is that it can be used to redirect ads to customers who have visited our store for a long time, thus establishing a long-term relationship with customers. We can also choose which objects to send ads to, including those who have registered for our website, have entered the checkout interface, shopped once or more times.

Edit Order by Cleverific

$19 a month, 14-day trial period. When we usually shopping online, did you find that you have filled in the wrong address just after placing an order, or the color is wrong, and you have chosen one more and so many wrong mistakes? So in order not to let our own customers encounter such things, it is necessary to modify the order. This plugin, as long as it has not been shipped, can be modified directly through this plugin. This is for the user experience, but also can reduce the return rate.

WishList Plus

It has both free and paid version. Two-week free trial period. Many users sometimes come to browse our stores, but just look at it and don’t really want to buy it. Maybe it’s because there is no money, or there is no need. But if I like it, I still want it. So this plugin is to allow this type of customer to add a wish list, and users can even add a wish list without even logging in, so we know which products are more popular. And we can also sync this wish list to different devices, and even give these users occasionally emails to remind them that they have not bought anything they like.


Cross-border dropshipping have one of the biggest concerns, and sometimes the biggest trouble – logistics. Sometimes the freight is too high, which will cause the customer to abandon the purchase or directly cause us to lose profits. Easyship is a plug-in for shipping that I personally like, which gives us discounts on shipping rates for over 100 logistics companies (including FedEx and UPS). And he even calculated the tariffs along with other fees to be charged, so there would be no expenses that we didn’t know, and it would cause losses. There are a lot of automatic functions, we can set the rules ourselves, such as UPS with less than one kilogram of goods, or choose the lowest price every time.

Pre-Order Now

$14.99 a month, two weeks free trial period. Sometimes when a hot item being sold out, but there are still many customers who want it, and the result is the item can’t be bought, so they will choose other brands and we will lose some customers. In this situation, the customers are lost, and this part of the customer will basically not come back. So how to avoid this embarrassing situation? With Pre-Order Now, you can directly pre-sell the product, even if it is not available yet, or is currently sold out, no stock, you can directly pre-sale.

Tidio Live Chat

Both free and paid versions are available. In general online shopping, the real time customer service will increase user experience, and any problems can be solved immediately. This plugin is an automatic customer service plugin I like very much, and it has many useful features:

See who is browsing our website, you can go straight to say hello;

The problem will be automatically answered within 10 seconds;

Support mobile terminal;

Support for multiple languages.

Product Compare

$5/month, one week free trial period. Sometimes you encounter two products are very similar and don’t know which one to choose. The role of this plugin comes. You can compare two products together to help customers make decisions. The clients could share the compare list to friends and ask for help before ordering.

Ok, the above are the Top 16 free and paid apps for Shopify dropshipping 2019,Here I would like to remind everyone don’t put all the plugins installed, pick the ones that you think are useful for your dropshipping business. You can uninstall the apps without any practical meaning. Installing so many plugins will definitely affect the speed of the website.

8 Shopify alternatives for cross border dropshipping

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While we can’t deny that Shopify is one of the top e-commerce platforms for creating and managing online stores today for the cross border dropshipping business, there may be a variety of reasons why you have to consider shopify Alternatives for your dropshipping business.


An industry leader with a comprehensive set of standard e-commerce platform features and some additional features. The standard version is quite affordable, at $29.95 a month, and the rich feature list makes it a shopify option worth considering. The following are the BigCommerce features compared to Shopify:

Like Shopify, Bigcommerce is also SAAS (Software as a Service), which charges a monthly service fee of $29.95/month.

Like Shopify, Bigcommerce also offers a free trial (no need to bind a credit card) for a 15-day trial (one more day than Shopify).

No transaction fees

No product, storage space bandwidth restriction

Support like to eBay and Amazon, manage orders

No account restrictions

Support for Facebook/Instagram/Pinterest/Google Shopping

Responsive sites (different platform adaptations), BigCommerce’s mobile car conversion rate is three times higher than the industry average, providing responsive design and the latest mobile sales features. Bigcommerce’s one-page check reduces customer churn, allowing shoppers to use paypal, Apple payments and other mobile payment solutions. In fact, accepting paypal payments can increase the payout success rate by up to 44%.

Support unlimited templates

Support Apple Payment

Support coupons, discounts and gift cards

Support shipping discount

Support real-time freight rates(can see the cost of each logistics in real time)

Provide professional reports

Support product ratings and reviews

Provide a large number of third-party plugins

Support for SSL (important for Google)

Customer grouping and customer segmentation are not supported

Does not support shopping cart recovery

Does not support storing credit card information

Does not support Google customer reviews

Does not support unlimited API interface

Annual sales cannot exceed 50,000 US dollars, and need to be upgraded after exceeding

Support 7*24 hours customer service

In order to expand its service scope, BigCommerce has established strategic partnerships with leading business and technology platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Facebook, Square, and PayPal

BigCommerce became the first e-commerce service platform to provide software-as-a-service support for Akamai’s Image Manager and Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages

To enhance support for online sales of B2B brands, BigCommerce has established a strategic partnership with Handshake

BigCommerce has partnered with Instagram to offer a service that allows consumers to shop on Instagram for more than 6,000 brands they work with


In the late 1990s, web designer Kevin Sprocks noticed a trend in customer demand. They want the shopping cart software they can use to easily sell online. In response, Sproles founded Volusion, an all-in-one shopping cart for small and large businesses. Since its inception in 1999, Volusion has more than 250 employees and currently has more than 30,000 online stores, including small house coffee roasters and American bridal shops. The Volusion version and price are similar to Shopify (ranging from $15/month to $135/month) and have many features to match, including hundreds of popular, responsive themes, so Volusion is definitely an alternative. One of Shopify’s preferred options.


Prestashop is a free open source e-commerce solution. The software is released under an open software license. It is written in the PHP programming language that supports the MySQL database management system. Prestashop is currently used in 250,000 stores worldwide and is available in 60 different languages. It gives you the option to use their hosting service or adopt a self-hosting method. Although their add-ons will cost you money, basic platform usage is free.


If you use (or can use) WordPressCMS as the base platform for your store, then the WooCommerce plugin is a shopify alternative for you. Woomcommerce is an open source e-commerce plugin for WordPress. It is designed for small to large online merchants using WordPress. The plugin was released on September 27, 2011 and was quickly welcomed due to its simplicity of installation and customization and a free base product. This plugin not only provides regular e-commerce features, but is also available for free.


In addition to the regular e-commerce platform features, CoreCommerce is another important Shopify alternative with free responsive theme (currently very useful features) and a host of third-party application/service integrations (another useful feature). Although not the cheapest ($39.99/month to $199.99/month), it’s worth a look, especially if you (plan) sell to the international market because their multi-language support is much in the industry.


Bigcartel not only offers the usual e-commerce platform features at just below the industry average price ($9.99/month to $29.99/month), but also offers a free version if you sell fewer than five products. If you don’t plan to sell more than 300 products (bigcartel’s maximum sales), Bigcartel is a great alternative to shopify.


3dcart is a cloud-based e-commerce application that uses the Microsoft.NET 4.5 and other technologies (including AngularJS, ElasticSearch, Lucene, and Entity Framework 6) to create online retail stores. 3DCART has all the standard features of the online shopping cart service and some additional features, such as creating affiliate marketing programs, Dropshipping support, etc. Pricing is the same as the industry average price ($19/month to $129/month), another worthy of shopify alternative product.


With a large number of flexible, automated and standard e-commerce platform features, Lemonstand customers have launched a store system that has won the trade show award, created a startup that has received high praise from Internet industry experts, and generated more than $400,000 in pre-sales profits. , raised $4 million in funding, and even created new business models and so on. With these, Lemonstand is definitely a good choice for shopping, especially for innovative companies, and their new pricing policy, which means that all core features are available in every pricing version. The only difference is the number of orders you can accept each month. For the $19/month basis, there are 75 orders per month.


Squarespace is not restricted to the traditional e-commerce platform of traditional enterprises. It also provides specific functions for artists, musicians, bloggers and other professionals. The price range starts from US$26/month, making it the first choice as Shopify alternatives.

As we mentioned above, in addition to Shopify, there are many choices as alternatives for your cross border dropshipping business, we hope that the above content will help you find the platform that best suits your needs and budget.

Pros and Cons of Top 8 Dropshipping Platforms

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Dropshipping is a very good way for cross border eCommerce new starters with limited budget. Here we list the 8 dropshipping sources for your cross border business as a reference.


Doba is one of the most comprehensive drop shipping platform in the world. It not only provides an inventory of manufacturers and wholesalers, but also provides a platform to simply add the products you want without having to work with multiple shippers.

Generally, you must work with more than 20 direct shipping suppliers. With Doba, you just need to find the products you want to sell, list them on your website, and start selling! DOBA will contact the supplier and send the product to the customer, eliminating the hassle of managing the shipper.

Doba Pros:

DOBA is one of the world’s largest product suppliers with more than 2 million products from nearly 200 suppliers;

Shopify sellers get access to hundreds of suppliers’ products immediately;

Shopify sellers export product data in bulk to their store or selected service market;

Supplier discounts, trending products and seasonal products can be updated via email, as well as new suppliers in the categories that are most important to you.

Doba Cons:

No obvious problems.

Doba Pricing:

Doba pricing

The basic version provided by Doba is $29/month; The advanced version is $69/month, supports the export of eBay data and provides elite seller reports; Pro version $249/month.


If you haven’t heard of Oberlo yet, then you are not really doing drop shipping. Oberlo claims to be the platform of choice for searching and finding products for sale in shopify stores. Their shopping platform allows them to reduce shipping by linking them to suppliers, and then the suppliers ship the products directly to consumers.

Oberlo Pros:

Beautiful and stylish interface;

Can be deeply integrated with Shopify;

Easy to import AliExpress products with one click;

Provide free trial account.

Oberlo Cons:

Only Shopify stores are supported;

No shipment tracking, order monitoring, and no multiple accounts available;

Currently only supports AliExpress.

Oberlo Pricing:

Oberlo offers a free account, but your product is limited to 500, with 50 orders per month. The paid version increases to $29.90 and $79.90 per month, allowing you to scale based on sales.

Megagoods – Drop Ship Suppliers

Megagoods is a distribution platform for drop shipping. They specialize in consumer electronics and video games in 45 categories. It has a large selection of brands, as well as fast processing and private label distribution.

Megagoods Pros:

Cheap, it is the cheapest tool we found;

With a small number of products and a lack of research tools, this is a low-cost option, and if you are interested in professional consumer electronics, it may be correct.

Megagoods Cons:

Megagoods offers too few products;

No research tools;

No third-party integrated electronic services market and stores。

Megagoods Pricing:

Megagoods offers a free 30-day trial, followed by $14.99/month。

Wholesale Central – Drop Shipping Company

Wholesale Central is not a good website, but it is a pretty good tool for filtering categories such as clothing, electronics and leather goods.

Wholesale Central has more than 630,332 products and more than 1,000 trusted wholesalers. Drop shippers then lists the details for you to click and view. When you click on one of the drop shippers, it will send you to the manufacturer’s website, which means there is no middleman. You will work directly with the manufacturer.

Wholesale central pricing:

Register for free. A paid version was previously available, but it’s completely free now.

SaleHoo – Drop Ship Wholesalers

Salehoo is more focused on providing a detailed catalogue for your business partners. More than 8,000 companies in their network offer more than 1.6 million products. All of the more than 8,000 suppliers have been verified by the Salehoo team, so you can trust their quality.

Salehoo Pros:

The best place for SaleHoo is the communication community they offer. SaleHoo provides a blog and a forum where you can find and communicate with sellers like you;

You can use the Market Research Lab to find out which products can bring you high profits;

Good source of supply.

Salehoo Cons:

There is no free trial, but they offer a 60 day money back guarantee;

A little difficult to start.

Salehoo Pricing:

Generally $67/year.

Wholesale 2B – Best Drop Shipping Wholesalers

Wholesale 2B requires you to register to use it, but you will not be charged for simply browsing the product database. How does it work? Search for certain items and categories. When you find something to sell, copy it on your website and let people buy it from you. Once the customer places an order, the Wholesale 2B website will charge a commission and send the product directly to your customer.

Wholesale 2B Pros:

Sharing 1.5 million products;

Multiple versions are available for selection. If you plan to sell on Amazon;

The integration of Amazon and eBay is built into its e-commerce market;

Real-time data integration with Shopify, Magento and BigCommerce.

Wholesale 2B Cons:

You can’t contact Wholesale 2B by mail or phone, very weird;

There are not many useful features available to analyze the sales and performance of your product.

Wholesale 2B Pricing:

Their price system is too confusing because they offer too many versions.

If you sell through a third-party platform (such as eBay or Amazon) you can choose the eBay or Amazon version. If you already have a website of your own, (Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, Zencart) you can choose Wholesale2b Dropship feeds.

Sunrise Wholesale – Wholesale Drop Shipper

Sunrise Wholesale is a drop shipping platform. You can access more than 15,000 branded products and search them. Sunrise Wholesale allows you to export products (including images and descriptions) to eBay, Amazon and your own website. It even integrates and synchronizes with shopping and large businesses. Recently, Sunrise Wholesale partnered with an import company to provide 600,000 square feet of warehouse and distribution centers.

Sunrise Wholesale Pros:

Fast and accurate order processing. The services it provides have been awarded the A+ Award by the Better Business Bureau (a non-profit organization in the United States);

Each account has a free eBay login wizard and research tools. This makes selling on eBay very easy;

You also have access to the Amazon Selling and Research Manager. If you are new to Amazon, this is very convenient.

Sunrise Wholesale Cons:

The purchase cost is high. A 20% restocking fee will still be charged for non-defective products returned by the customer;

Only about 15,000 products from 7 suppliers are available. This may not be enough for you.

Sunrise Wholesale Pricing:

Dropship Direct– Wholesale Drop Shipping

Dropship Direct has more than 900 brands and offers over 100,000 items. It is free to use, but access to its premium wholesaler product information requires a monthly payment of $37.00.

It gives you a chance to try it out for free, so you can get a lot of inventory of it. It is more like a supplier catalog. Here, you select the project you want to start, and then you can request that the project be sold to your customers. So you don’t need to contact the drop shipper.
Dropship Direct’s cataloging capabilities allow you to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and add new products to its diverse inventory.

The above are the Pros and Cons of the Top 8 dropshipping platforms for dropshipping business, if you prefer to dropship from China, 86Deal can be a very good dropshipping order fulfillment agent provides one stop sourcing, purchasing, warehousing, QC, order printing, consolidate packing as well as tracking uploading services which could save your time and money and focus on the store marketing.

10 free useful marketing apps for Shopify dropshipping

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When we launch the shopify dropshipping business it is necessary to apply apps for the marketing purpose. There are many free and useful Shopify apps available to help you optimize your Shopify store. Here we collected 10 free and powerful apps for Shopify dropshipping business.

Privy – Free email popups

Mailing list marketing is a very important measure that Shopify sellers should pay attention to. Its main function is to collect the target customer’s mailbox and pave the way for subsequent remarketing. Privy provides pop-ups to collect mailboxes, use coupon codes, and increase the convention rates.

SEO Image Optimizer by Booster Apps

Role: Picture SEO optimization. E-commerce platform, the general text content is relatively simple, the content is repeated, and the high-quality text description is rare. Therefore, optimizing the picture is more important. Image seo is one of the important things that Shopify sellers must do to attract free traffics.

Product Reviews

Everybody knows the importance of product reviews for Shopify store convention rates. A very effective way to promote on the Amazon platform is to increase product evaluation to improve ranking and conversion rate. Shopify does not rank this metric, but a detailed and reliable review can greatly increase product conversion rates. In addition, Product reviews can also improve Google search rankings for free traffics, reflecting rich text in search results – showing metrics in search results.

Social Sharing Buttons

This app is for social sharing. If your product is attractive enough, sharing can lead to an increase in direct traffic and SEO rankings. In particular, Google’s weight in social sharing has become increasingly important in recent years.

Facebook Store

The most powerful part of Shopify is the combination of many social Facebook sites. This plugin allows your product to be purchased on Facebook, which is a great place for Facebook promotion to increase traffics and sales for your store. To understand that most of Shopify’s promotion is currently done on the Facebook platform.

Google shopping

In addition to Facebook store, you can also link your store to Google Merchant Center and sync your Shopify products to Google Merchant Center for free traffics.

Better Coupon Box

Coupon is always the most effective way for Shopify store marketing in Europe and the United States. The power of this plugin is to let customers submit emails or join Facebook fans in exchange for coupons.


The app sign show in the lower right corner of the website, the online store is trusted – providing encrypted information protection. Increase user confidence and increase conversion rates.

Tracking & Delivery Updates by AfterShip

Aftership is a company that provides package tracking services. Its automatic query system includes mainstream express and small packages. Make your customer service easy to track the status of its packages. Improve the shopping experience and reduce customer service workload. These emails are annoying if the customer asks where your package is.

Auto Currency Switcher

This plugin is useful if your Shopify store is international and has customers from many different countries. Automatically switch the currency unit of the customer’s location.

The above are the 10 useful marketing apps for Shopify dropshipping business for you as a reference, you are welcome to comment and share your ideas.

10 ways to select hot sale products for shopify dropshipping

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Product selection is the key to Shopify dropshipping business. Your store may succeeded or failed by product selection. Good products can effectively increase store conversion rate. The following are 10 ways to select hot sale products for shopify dropshipping.

  1. Instagram

Instagram is not only food and clothes pictures, it also has some product inspiration. Because everything here is based on images, searching for inspiration is very convenient and fast. Here are a few search methods you can try:

Hashtag – if you already have ideas about the product or the market, you can try to search for the relevant hashtag. Another good idea is to search for hashtags that have hints of buyer interest and intent, like #want and #buy.

Product Curation Accounts – There are many pictures of Instagram content in PO products. You can go to search for these accounts. For example, Instagram will find products from 90,000+Shopify stores.

2. SNS forum

Reddit is the largest social media news site. Its positioning is the cover of the network, and its influence is very large. It has thousands of sub-communities. You can find a lot of inspiration in these sub-pages. If you already have an idea about which market to enter, it is very useful to join a corresponding community.

Some reddit channels specifically focused on products on the daily life, such as:

Buy It For Life – A plate made for durable, good quality products.
Shut Up And Take My Money – A fun, innovative, and used product that everyone really wants to buy.

There are also some sections that are indexed as Amazon products, you can take as a reference for shopify product selection:

  • The Best of Amazon
  • The Best of Amazon Canada
  • The Best of Amazon UK
  • Find It On Amazon

If you are active on Reddit and pay close attention, then you will find some interesting posts like this:

l Reddit,What is One Product Under $20 That You Recommend Everyone To Buy?
l What $100 Item Has The Single Greatest Ability to Increase Quality of Life?

Reddit has always been a very valuable source of inspiration, so don’t ignore this method for your Shopify dropshipping product selection.

3. Online consumer market

The online consumer market is also a very rich resource for shopify product selection. You need to start by searching for some hot products, then slowly spread them out and find some interesting categories.

eBay – eBay is the largest online auction site.
eBay Market Research – Looking for some of the most popular product categories.
Amazon – Amazon is the largest online retailer
Amazon Bestsellers – Amazon’s best-selling product, updated hourly
Amazon Movers and Shakers – Amazon’s fastest growing product within 24 hours of sales, updated hourly.
Kickstarter – the biggest crowdfunding site.
Kickstarter Discover – Browse all projects based on some metrics such as heat.
Etsy – Etsy is a market for handmade goods.
Etsy Trending Items – See what Etsy’s current trend products are.
The difference between Aliexpress – AliExpress and Alibaba is that his wholesale quantity is not as big as Alibaba.
AliExpress Popular – the most popular product on AliExpress.

4. B2B wholesale market

There is no better way to get inspiration from the B2B market place. This method has been very popular in the ecommerce circle, and this method is very important. Wholesalers and manufacturers’ supply sites, such as Alibaba, it can bring you thousands of potential products and inspirations. Under such a quantity, you are easily lost in it, so remember to take it slowly.

Alibaba – You must have heard of Alibaba long time ago. It is one of the largest e-commerce companies in the world. Alibaba connects consumers around the world with sub-species producers and wholesalers. With thousands of millions products, you can find almost everything you need on Alibaba.
Although it is almost universally recognized that Alibaba is the largest online wholesale and manufacturer database, there are some other similar sites that you can go up to.

Global Sources

5. Photo SNS website

A website like Pinterest can be a gold mine for product selection inspiration. Many images contain interesting, novel products with consumer trends. With the social content inside, you can almost instantly understand the heat of the product.

Pinterest – It is the fastest growing social networking site with more than 50 million monthly active users.
Polyvore – It is a new way to discover and shop. His global community has created more than 80 million puzzle pieces to share across the web.
Fancy – It describes themselves as a combination of stores, magazines, and wish lists. Use it to find gifts for different occasions and share your favorite things.
Wanelo – It is opened up as Want – Need – Love, which describes itself as a community born for global shopping, product collection, and Pinterst stores.

6. Product and Trends Reviews Website

Product reviews and discovery sites can be a great place to inspire shopify product selection. Websites like Uncrate and Outblush can help you discover daily product trends. The best way to get inspiration is to see the new and interesting products that other entrepreneurs bring to the market every day.

Here are a few very popular consumer product blogs that you can take as a reference.

  • Uncrate
  • Outblush
  • Abless This Stuff
  • Cool Material
  • Gear Moose
  • Werd
  • HiConsumption
  • Firebox

Don’t stare at the big popular sites, you also need to find those market segments. Think about what type of products and markets you are particularly interested in, and then look for product evaluation blogs for these markets.

7. Market leader

If you know the market you want to enter, then you can use a variety of tools to find the leaders in the industry. People who care about the right people on social media can bring you good inspiration. There are quite a few online tools that can help you find reds in specific industries on the web:

  • FollowerWonk
  • LittleBird

8. Online consumer trend publication

Online Consumer Trends publications are a great place to start your search. These publications can help you find the feel of the selection, which has many trends in consumer products on the market, as well as products that other entrepreneurs have launched on the market. Subscribing to these publications can also help you reach out to new products and markets. In this way, you can better use your imagination to think about your new products, new services, and new experiences.

Trend Watching – This geography company searches for the most probable consumer trends and simplicity in the world. Treds Watching has a team of thirteen experts in London, New York, São Paulo, Singapore, Sydney and Lagos, constantly searching for reports on global trends.
Trend Hunter – Trend Hunter is the world’s largest and most popular trend community. With 137,000 members and 3,000,000 fans worldwide, he is the source of inspiration for entrepreneurs. The founder of Trend Hunter, Jeremy, said that like many of us, I used to be an entrepreneur in my heart, but I don’t know what I want to do. I chose the job that I thought would take me to find my entrepreneurial path, but after searching for years, I was still looking for inspiration. That was when I founded Trend Hunter, a place where people look for inspiration and share inspiration.
Springwise – Millions of business ideas around the world operate in their unique way, with their own style, in their unique market. It’s not always possible to travel around the world to find inspiration and take it home. At this time, Springwise comes in handy. Springwise will travel around the world to find new business ideas, trends and stories. They have daily and weekly news and you can subscribe to this information for free.

9. Local community

Sometimes you don’t need any new ideas at all. Traditional retail stores have more time than their e-commerce counterparts. You need to pay more attention to the trends of these retail stores and then apply the experience to e-commerce, which may help you find a profitable and unique business approach. Go to your community and write down the novelty or interesting retail concepts people are talking about. Local newspapers may also bring you some good and useful information.

10. Start with what you already have

Before you start surfing the Internet for in-depth surveys, it’s best to think about the ideas you already have. Also go to this is a product or inspiration that has existed in your mind for a few years, maybe it is in an unfinished business plan in a folder on your computer. Maybe you have thought about it and gave up this product or idea before, but it is very only available to get it up again. Maybe you will think it is a good idea at some point. When you do the list, you can consider the following three questions:

What products and markets you are very interested in and enthusiastic about?
What products and markets your friends are very enthusiastic and interested in?
What pain points do you have in your own life?

When looking for ideas for new products, make sure you don’t see the product itself. This may be a bit of a cliché, but in the popular, hot-selling market, fierce competition is a reality. To be successful in Shopify dropshipping business, it is very helpful to choose from a few different and unique perspectives. So be sure to try to see the potential of these products through the product itself, and think about whether the product has new markets, new features and new usages.

Don’t give up on small markets or products with fewer varieties. While those small niche markets will be much smaller than potential customers in the large category, the accuracy and easing of the target audience compensates for this shortcoming. A relaxed competitive environment makes it easier for you to get a good position in Google. At the same time, advertising costs will be relatively low.

The above are the 10 ways to select hot sale products for shopify dropshipping, you are welcome to leave your comments if you have new ideas for shopify product selection.

Useful Product Selection Tools and Strategies For Shopify Dropshipping

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Shopify is a thrilling start for beginners, but there are countless thresholds and difficulties to face. The biggest difficulty and challenge is what products can be sold for profits? It’s hard to figure out and decide how to select products for Shopify stores. You always feel that no matter what product market is available, even the market is saturated. Not to mention the current fierce competition between e-commerce. how to select products for shopify dropshipping business? In this article we list some practical product selection strategies, methods and tools for Shopify dropshipping.

Resources and tools for shopify dropshipping

Blog: when you start shopify dropshipping, you can check Shopify official blog regularly, also you can study from salehoo, alidropship as well as other suppliers blog for the dropshipping marketing.

Youtube: Some videos on YouTube mainly introduce the product selection of the niche market, as well as some paid courses. In fact, many ideas on Youtube are worth learning. You can search and subscribe to some YouTube channels.

Use Google/Facebook search related Shopify spy tools, those tools might be useful for the product selection for your shopify store. Here we will introduce some product selection tools for Shopify dropshipping business, including both free and paid tools. These tools may not solve the problem of goods selection in your store, mainly because the Shopify product selection involves many aspects with the seller. The operating model is also relevant, sometimes the tools may suitable for other sellers but not necessarily for you, You can just take them as a reference.

Shopify Product Selection Tools Comparation

Commerceinspect: Paid tools for professional shopify sellers. Top1 traffic tools for shopify store. You can try it if you have competitor list already, the price is a little high and charged based on the shopify stores, you can try 1 to 2 months.

Intelligynce:Paid tools for professional shopify sellers. You can search product keywords directly, but it only have around 2 million products keywords in its database, it is a little pricey.

Ecominspector: Paid tools for professional shopify sellers. It doesnt have too much product data but integrated product keywords data in Aliexpress, Amazon, Google, Facebook, Pinterest and Youtube. Although they are only links jump to those platforms, it can be taken as a reference, you can search products on multiple platforms with this tool.

Xpareto: Free tools for shopify beginners. It provides store traffics rank which is very sample and intuitive. But it has two disadvantages, only domain can be searched and it only offers around 20 thousands stores data.

Angage:Free tools for shopify beginners. It has many features such as hot sale products and stores etc. The product and store data are also big enough, it is a recommended tool for Shopify store product selection.

Productfinder: Free tools for shopify beginners. It only provides free product search with good data results. However, it also has two disadvantages, it doesnt provide product sales data but offer the best selling product in the store, currently Productfinder only has product search feature.

Globalshoplist: Free tools for shopify beginners. It is similar to Xpareto but improved a little, you can search products based on title and description, the products data is also bigger than Xpareto.

Shopspy: Paid tools. It doesnt recommend as it doesn’t have too much product and store data, while the interface doesn’t user friendly.

Myecomspy: Paid tools. PC client software doesn’t user friendly and only list data, doesn’t recommend.

Usually the shopify seller will select one to two free and paid tools for shopify store product selection, if you are new to shopify just try the free tools at the beginning. You can take advantages of the product selection tools based on your own product selection thoughts.

In addition, there are also 8 Shopify product selection strategies for you to find your inspiration.

Find opportunities by keyword searching

Organic search traffic is a huge market channel. You can find out their number and level of competition by searching for the goods users are looking for. This method is technically strong and requires a deep understanding of keywords and SEO. This is a very effective method and strategy for getting stable organic traffic on Google. If you want to do dropshipping then it is a very good strategy.

Create a fun/charming brand

The way to create a brand and SEO is completely different. In this case, you need to have a very detailed understanding of your audience and then create a unique brand for them. This approach can be very effective in a market with little profit or fierce competition.

The key to building a successful brand is to choose whether you can position your product or market in a unique or novel way. DODOcase is doing very well, it is a manufacturer of iPad shells. They are in a highly competitive market, yet they create their own outfits and use San Francisco’s traditional technology to make their products unique.

Find the pain points of consumers

To get sales, it is always a good idea to solve the pain points of consumers. If the headache is not painful, then there is no need for Taylorno. Of course, the pain point of the consumer is not necessarily physical, but it can also be a frustrating thing or a bad experience.

Find the user’s interest

This method is not worse than the pain points strategy mentioned above, and may even be better. When users are interested in something, they are usually willing to spend more money. For example, golfers are willing to spend thousands of dollars to improve their performance, even if one shot is good. This method is still to help you and users have a deeper level of communication, so that consumers have a stronger sense of participation.

Follow your own interests

Some people think that choosing a market that they are particularly interested in usually leads to a tragic ending. In fact, this idea is wrong. Sometimes the profit brought by this situation is very considerable. It takes a lot of effort to establish an e-commerce business, and you will encounter countless difficult. At this time, interest can help you stick to it. For some people, this process may even be enjoyed by interest. So power is the key to the machine. If you love your career, then you have succeeded in the shopify business.

Find Opportunity Gap

Finding an opportunity gap requires you to research a specific product or market, and then find the problem that exists, and the problem must be solved. How do you go beyond other businesses in the market? At this time, if you can improve the product features, then you can enter a market that has not been discovered by others.

Consider your own experience

Have you ever worked in an industry and have a relatively thorough understanding of the industry? Maybe you are very professional about some topics. It is a very good way to turn your own profession into your business, and it is difficult for others to imitate your business model.

Grasp the trend in time

Seizing the changes in the trend on time is significant for a new shopify business. It allows you to open up a place in your heart that will make you a leader in this industry. At the same time, the help for your store SEO is huge.

The above are some useful product selection tools and strategies for Shopify dropshipping business, if you are new to Shopify you can learn product selection skills step by step by different methods and the traffics and sales data based on your store.

2019 Top 19 google trending goods on for Shopify dropshipping

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How to select goods for shopify dropshipping to make profits in 2019? Hot sale goods at low prices is absolutely the way for cross-border shopify sellers to make profits. For online retail, hot sale product trends and market demands are always changing. But under the monitoring of big data, these trend can be traced. In this article we listed top 19 low cost products worth Shopify sellers investing in 2019 based on google trends. These products combined the purchasing demand and low investment thresholds to help you start the dropshipping business in 2019.

Popcorn Sweaters & Cardigans

Popcorn sweater trending

The name “popcorn” is derived from the appearance of the knit texture. Pinterest data shows that the Pins of the popcorn cardigan has grown by 1395%. And Google Trends also shows that the search volume of this product has soared. It is not difficult to imagine that this product will become the dark horse of the 2019 clothing category. Sellers can also publish relevant trends and posts through social media to display products in the most advantageous way.

Popcorn sweater price 1688

The price of popcorn cardigans on 1688 starts at $4.5/pcs, and some suppliers offer a discount when orders exceed 100 pieces.

Hemp Oil

Hemp oil produced by cold pressing is a popular product with its rich vitamins and anti-aging and moisturizing properties. It can be seen from Google Trends that the heat of hemp seed oil is gradually rising and will continue until 2019.

hemp oil search trend

Shopify sellers can consider selling cannabis seed oil beauty products, such as masks, soaps or shower gels, to make full use of people’s love for pure natural ingredients. The unit price of hemp seed oil is not very low, but it is still a very good goods niche in 2019.

Balayage Products/ Balayage

Balayage Products search trends

As we can see from Google Trends, Balayage seems to have replaced ombré as a style that is popular in 2018 and is bound to be hot in 2019. Balayage hair coloring is characterized by a natural gradient of color effects. On the goods selection for shopify dropshipping, hair dye is not the only product that can be sold. According to this trend, the demand for related products such as post-treatment care products and hair dyeing tools will increase. Therefore, hair dye kits, hair conditioners, color care shampoos and other products are worth considering. The hair dye kit is one of the cheapest of the Balaage products for dropshipping in 2019.

Stove Cover

Stove cover searching trend

The stove cover solves the problem of grease or food debris staining the cooking surface. As can be seen from Google Trends, this product demand increasing year by year. It is understood that the product supports re-use and dishwasher cleaning, which meets the pain points of stove cleaning in daily home. For shopify seller, the biggest advantage of the lid is the price and weight. It is low cost, low weight and easy to transport, with a single cost of less than $1. For sellers of home-based goods, this is a trend product worth considering.

Felt Letter Boards

Felt Letter Boards google trend

Felt letter boards size can be customized and come with a single felt letter to allow customers to create text on the felt board at will. The felt letter board can be used for home decoration, or it can be placed in a public place such as a coffee shop to provide information such as Wifi. As can be seen from Google Trends, its popularity is generally on the rise and continues to rise.

The biggest selling point of felt letter board is DIY customization, so sellers selling handmade products can consider starting the felt letter board of different colors, materials and sizes to provide customers with more personalized service.

Baby Monitor

According to statistics, by 2025, the global market for baby products will reach $121 billion. Parents and elders often want their children to have the best products, which leads to a growing demand for maternal and child products. The heat of the baby monitor is also in sync with this trend. Baby monitors help parents take care of their children anytime, anywhere to keep their children safe, and it also simplifies everyday housework.

baby monitor searching trend

Although the price of baby monitors is the highest in the list, its price is still low in the field of electronic products, so shopify sellers can consider this affordable product. The price of baby monitors currently on the market varies by function.

Wi-Fi Security Camera

Wi-Fi Security Camera google trends

The wireless networking gadgets has become a trend, such as the security camera. No one wants to take care of the wires, so the heat of wifi and Bluetooth devices is not surprising. At the same time, this is reflected in the fact that wifi security cameras are getting more and more attention. A camera with wifi can make your life more comfortable and comfortable, especially in terms of security.

For Shopify sellers who are selling security cameras, they need to introduce a camera product with wifi to keep up with the trend. Sellers selling home appliances can also consider adding this product.

Dryer Balls

Dryer Balls google trends

From the Google trend, the searching trend of dry balls has been rising. Because for many consumers, a one-time purchase of a $5 dry ball can save a few dollars a month in electricity costs. Dry balls (wool) are mainly used in dryers to quickly dry clothes. The dry ball becomes heavy after being filled with water in the dryer, which can prevent the clothes from sticking together, so that there is more hot air circulation between the clothes, which can improve the drying efficiency, save time and electricity.

It is worth noting that the cost of dry balls is very low, usually a single wholesale price of less than $1, which is very affordable. In addition, with the increasing global environmental protection voice, this product has become the best-selling product in 2018.

Car Air Purifier

Car Air Purifier google trends

As can be seen from the Google Trends, the global search for air pollution and water pollution is increasing, and the search volume of on-board air purifiers is increasing, reflecting the relevant needs of consumers. In this case, the car air purifier has become a promising product.

Although the cost of the car air purifier is not very low, it is still affordable for the shopify dropshippers. 1688 currently has a wholesale supply of car air purifiers starts at $5. And as demand continues to expand, the price of this category will continue to decrease. In terms of technological innovation, there are more choices in appearance, which are closer to the daily life of consumers. Some purifiers can be plugged directly into the car’s cigarette lighter, and some can even be used as a mobile power source.

Bluetooth Earbuds

Bluetooth Earbuds google trends

As can be seen from Google Trends, the search trending of Bluetooth headsets has gradually increased, thanks in large part to the technological innovation that has enabled Bluetooth headsets to rise from a niche product to the mass demand. Bluetooth headsets can avoid problems such as tangling and inconvenient movement. At present, the cost of Bluetooth wireless headsets is gradually decreasing, and battery life and sound quality are also improved, and it is expected to be more popular in the dropshipping market.

Shopify sellers can visit 1688 to find out what the average consumer can accept, although not very cheap, but the price of Bluetooth headset is still less than 10 dollars. And some experts believe that the mobile phone accessories category that the product belongs to will be a hot niche market, and its demand will continue to increase in the next few years.

Touchscreen Gloves

Touchscreen Gloves google trend

As can be seen from Google Trends, touch screen gloves are ushered in almost every winter. Because of the cold and low temperature environment in winter, it is often the case that the finger numbness cannot click on the screen, so the touch screen glove becomes a hard demand. The touch screen glove enables the user to touch the screen of the phone through the conductor built into the fingertip of the glove without exposing the finger.

At the same time, the cost of touch screen gloves is also very low, as low as $0.25 per pair on 1688.

Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Cold Brew Coffee Maker google trend

As can be seen from Google Trends, consumer interest in searching for cold coffee makers has increased over the past three years. This is mainly because chilled coffee has gradually become one of the trends in the coffee industry. In addition to strong demand, chilled coffee makers are also very easy to sell, usually made of glass or food grade transparent plastic, which does not pose much difficulty in transportation.

At the same time, the price of chilled coffee makers has continued to drop, and shopify sellers can purchase on 1688 for less than $2, the price of the cold coffee pot is also related to the material, and the price of the plastic material is relatively lower.

Vape Cartridge

Vape Cartridge google trend

Electronic vaporizers (also known as atomizers) have become popular in overseas markets in recent years, and the latest trend in e-cigarettes is the use of vape cartridges, which can be used in eVape pens or Traditional electronic cigarettes. Some cartridges are prefilled with vaporized liquid, others can be filled with any liquid of your choice. It can be seen from Google Trends that the product has received great attention since 2018, and the popularity has continued to rise in 2019.

Another advantage of the Vape Cartridge is the lower unit price, which is around $1. If shopify seller budget is not high and eagerly to sell popular products, then this product must not be missed.

Microfiber Towel

Microfiber Towel google trend

As can be seen from the Google Trends, the search for lightweight, absorbent, and affordable microfiber towels has steadily increased. With the advancement of related manufacturing technologies, the price of super-fiber fabrics has been declining, and it has also been applied to daily care from decontamination cleaning.

The price of microfiber towels on 1688 has fallen sharply, and the current standard size is as low as $0.10. And there are many related products of fine fiber, the seller can extend to cleaning cloth, mop, tweezers and so on.

Selfie Ring Light

Selfie Ring Light google trend

With the gradual diversification of smartphone accessories, self-timer ring lights have gradually entered our daily life, and the google trend has steadily increased in recent years. This product can contribute to the excellent lighting experience when the user takes a selfie, making the film even better. These products are very popular for Ins fans.

The unit price of this product is also less than $2 on 1688, shopify sellers can think about it.


Shapewear google trend

Shapeware have been popular for many years and their heat will continue until 2019. There are many styles to choose from, such as flat angle, triangle, vest, long sleeve, underwear, and integrated. There are also corsets on the market specifically for postpartum recovery.

Compression Socks

Compression Socks google trend

Compression socks can enhance the blood flow of the lower limbs, thus effectively preventing varicose veins and reducing problems such as edema and pain. This product is ideal for office workers or other long-term standing, travellers, sports people, etc., who are a large group of potential customers. As can be seen from Google Trends, the popularity of the product has also been rising.

In addition, the cost of compression socks is not high, and the unit price is less than $2 on 1688. With the popularity of health, I believe this product will be more popular.

Waterproof Backpack

Waterproof Backpack google trend

As the tourism industry continues to develop, the demand for outdoor products is also rising. As can be seen from Google Trends, the search for waterproof backpacks is gradually rising. At present, outdoor products tend to be more practical, so waterproof function has become an important indicator. For the shopify seller, the waterproof backpack is light and easy to transport, and the cost is also low.

Fitness Tracker Watch

Fitness Tracker Watch google trend

Also with the hot tide of health industry, the fitness tracker watch is also one of the hot sale healthy care product. These bracelets monitor user health indicators at any time and track athletic data. It can also be seen from Google Trends that the heat of the health monitoring bracelet has been rising. In addition, these bracelets are lightweight and easy to transport as electronic devices, and are less expensive than similar products.

The above are the Top 19 goods which are low cost with high searching demands in the past few years based on google trending big data, you can take them as a reference for your shopify dropshipping goods selection in 2019.

How to select low cost with high profit goods from 1688 Aliexpress for dropshipping

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Among all the things in the dropshipping business, goods selection might be the most headache thing for shopify sellers, when you search shopify forum or quora, the most frequently asked questions might be how to select low cost high profit hotsale goods for dropshipping. The Christmas and New Year vacation already go away, 2019 already begun, in order to release the headache for the shopify sellers, we specially selected low-cost, high-profit goods selection tutorial for you as a reference. What are the characteristics of those product? These products are basically in line with considerable profit margins, small weight volume and easy to transport and in an upward trend in sales in 2018, we hope it can inspire the shopify sellers dropshipping goods selection inspiration in 2019.

Clothing category for shopify dropshipping


Are pajamas just worn while sleeping? In the social age, such days are gone forever. Not to mention the increasingly hot pajamas party, who doesn’t want to wear comfortable and nice pajamas when they don’t go out at home, and we will try our best to get out of their comfortable pajamas and slippers.

You can search different kind of styles sleepwear from 1688 and Aliexpress for dropshipping.


Fashionable warm leggings with a wide range of styles. Can be used as pajamas, can be used as leggings, can be used as sports pants, can also be worn directly as a fashion outer pants! And the tight-fitting sweatpants are more line-like, and Leggings plus sneakers are out of the street, which is extremely eye-catching, which is why tights have always been popular.

Leggings search in the past 5 years
Leggings hot search countries

Active Wear

Fitness has become a part of the daily lives of many people. Do you want to dropship clothes for sports-loving people? And with the popularity of fitness culture, fitness clothing has long been not only sports functional, many people are directly wearing stylish design fitness clothes (sportswear) go out.


The corset is gradually becoming a long-selling product, which initially belongs to underwear and has now become a daily wear. The corset market offers women a variety of styles that can be worn under different tailorings or on tops, with a wide variety of products and a broad market.

According to the Allied Market Research report, the global tights and corset market is expected to reach $5.6 billion by 2022.

Posture corrector

A study led by Columbia University found that people spend an average of 77% of their time sitting or sedentary when they are awake, which is a test of our sitting and health. The posture corrector is a tool that helps correct people’s sitting posture. They help users stand tall and straight while supporting their spine.

Posture corrector searching trend in the last 5 years
Posture corrector hot search countries

Moreover, Google Trends also shows that the search for this keyword is exploding, and the hot search countries are the big markets that sellers are familiar with, the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Singapore, and so on.

Strapless Backless Bra

With a strapless invisible bra, women can enjoy sleeveless dresses at any time of the day without worry. Especially the one with a silicone suction cup, which is both convenient and very comfortable to wear.

Men’s Bow Ties

In the past few years, men’s bow tie has become more and more popular, perhaps because the bow tie is very tasteful and will never be outdated!


As the daily wearable items, socks have became a fashion item from warm and sweat-absorbing functional items! Which fashion person’s shopping list does not have fashionable socks and cool styles? Moreover, the style of the socks is more used, and it is convenient to make product extension development!

Waterproof Shoe Protectors

Rain boots are popular in recent years, especially in countries with heavy rainfall (British, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia), rain boots/waterproof shoes are very popular, of course you also It can be sold during the monsoon season in tropical countries.

Kid’s Formal Wear

Only adults need a suit? Children may be more demanding than adults. After all, there are more and more formal occasions for children to attend, and it is difficult to choose a good suit/dress for children. And there are not many well-known suit brands for children, which may be a good opportunity for sellers.

Jewelry accessories for shopify dropshipping

Minimalist jewelry

Jewelry is the first choice for unisex products. The sales volume of simple design jewelry is getting higher and higher. After all, simple jewelry is more suitable for matching, and it is not affected by the brand (simple and beautiful is the most important). Even from the perspective of Google Trends, Minimalist jewellery has a hot search all over the world, because nowadays it is simple and beautiful!

Minimalist jewelry search trend in the last 5 years

Bohemian Earrings

Make your visitors dazzled with lazy bohemian earrings. When doing marketing for such products, visual effects are everything. Bohemian earrings are evergreens in jewelry. If you look at their Google trends, you won’t even see their upswing because they have always been popular among women.

Pet goods category for shopify dropshipping

Inflatable Pet Collars

Pet inflation is a new trend in the consumer market, and cats and dogs can use these inflatable collars while sleeping or traveling. However, the inflatable collar has a wide range of uses, mainly to provide protection for pets, such as postoperative recovery, anti-mite and bite prevention, etc. The material is soft, comfortable, easy to use, and can be customized in size.

Cat Massage Comb

Cats like to rub themselves around. When they rub on the floor, they will shed hair, and the cat massage comb is used to solve this problem. Nowadays, there are many shops selling cat brushes. The cat brush style is more varied. It can be used by hand. It can also be fixed at some place in the house. It can also be used for both wet and dry. Everyday cats can take care of themselves and take a bath.

Pet Deshedding Gloves

Cat owners are deeply troubled by cat hair everywhere, and it is difficult to clean. But with the licking cat’s gloves, it’s not the same. It can not only give the cat’s main hair the hair, but also gather all the hair, don’t worry about the cat hair flying around (of course, cats, dogs and dogs are applicable). The most important thing is that the environmentally-friendly rubber material does not harm animal hair and is easy to clean. This licking cat glove has not been around for a long time, but it is now one of the hottest products in many electric stores.

The goods above are all have considerable profit margins, small weight volume and easy to dropship from China, do you know how to select low cost with high profit goods from 1688 Aliexpress for dropshipping in 2019?

How to start risk free cross border dropshipping business with Shopify Oberlo on Aliexpress

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Everyone knows that whether it is AliExpress or Amazon, or even Taobao and Tmall of the China domestic e-commerce, as long as it involves cross-border e-commerce of physical products, the supply chain of your entire product, from finished products, warehousing, and store design, In particular, the requirements of the capital chain are very high. In addition, you have to face the various rules of the platform, and you will be closed if you don’t pay attention. Is there a relatively risk-free cross-border e-commerce entrepreneurial model? Yes, that is dropshipping from China.

This cross border dropshipping mode is very simple, that is, the AliExpress product is transported to the independent station you created with shopify through oberlo app, and then sell the goods to worldwide customers. However, any seemingly simple thing in the Internet world is sometimes not so easy to do. Although the dropshipping model is very simple, you don’t have to worry about the goods, you don’t have to worry about the turnover of funds, but there has high demand for the traffics to your store. Because your order comes from your standalone station, the amount of your order is determined to some extent by the traffic of the independent station that imported your shopify. Let’s see the steps how to start risk free cross border dropshipping business with Shopify Oberlo and Aliexpress.

Step 1: Find your niche market and products;

Step 2: Establish a shopify store;

Step 3: Go to AliExpress and filter the suppliers and products.

Step 4: Use Oberlo to import selected products into your shopify store;

Step 5: Optimize shopify stores, including SEO for in-store product articles, social media SNS, Facebook and Instagram ads, and other free and paid traffics;

Step 6: The customer places an order at your store, and then you get the goods from the AliExpress merchant. If you get big orders, you can try to source and wholesale the same goods on 1688 to increase your profits;

Step 7: The customer receives the goods, pays the money, and you collect the money.

Indeed, with this cross border dropshipping mode does not even require you to make your own photos, just take the supplier’s photos directly. Some friends may ask: people can get goods on AliExpress with much cheaper price, why should you run your shopify store to get the goods? The reason is actually very simple: information asymmetry + pre-emptive.

So this puts high demands on your marketing ability to attract traffics, because you have to take the lead in putting your products in the store before they find the products on AliExpress, and you can use take advantage of your product relevant content to retain customers, increase the added value of the product, and thus earn more profits.

As for how to operate each step in detail, there are many video tutorials on Youtube and internet marketing forums, which are very popular and easy to understand. However, it should be emphasized that all the products you choose to add into your store need to enter the oberlo app first. After the editing is completed, you can import it into the shopify store. After final confirmation, you can post it to your website for public sale.

In addition, you need to pay attention to the following points when selecting products for cross border dropshipping:

Try not to choose reps brands, fake goods and other products. Because each country have very high requirements for intellectual property;

Free shipping strategy, so the goods should be light weight and small volume;

Select relatively high credit score supplier on Aliexpress, the product evaluation is at least 4 stars or more;

Choose products with lower prices but high profits;

The product picture should be confirmed whether it is unique to this supplier, not a picture of someone else who has stolen it.

After you set the payment methods on Shopify you are ready to start the risk free cross border dropshipping business with Shopify and Oberlo on Aliexpress. You are welcome to discuss with us if you are interested in dropshipping from China.

7 Frequently Asked Shipping Questioins For Shopify Sellers Dropshipping From China

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The shipping issue is one of the headache for shopify seller dropshipping from China. Lost packages, damaged products, hidden costs. The goods shipping from China to your customers is a complicated process and there are many things that can go wrong. Even if your package arrives safely, you may face a new set of challenges, including hidden costs and out-of-control costs. Fortunately, for you and your customers, 86Deal has a solution for each step for the cross border dropshipping business. After all, as a shopify seller, you need to make sure that these products are delivered to your customers. To help you quickly solve your biggest problems and reduce customer complaints, we have collected the 7 frequently asked shipping questioins for Shopify sellers dropshipping from China and related strategies to help you solve them.

Question 1. How to dropship products from China to overseas countries?

Even if your business target is the local market, you still have the opportunity to sell the goods from China to worldwide countries via Shopify. It seems difficult to dropshipping with a global deal – like dealing with unfamiliar suppliers, airlines, as well as tariffs and taxes it might happen, so that you want to avoid a global dropshipping.

Although this may seem complicated, the international shipping rates depends on various factors, including package size, weight, country of departure, country of destination, insurance, etc. Most major courier companies offer online calculators to give you an idea of the cost dropshipping from China. Some dropshipping fulfillment agent websites also support calculating logistics costs. For example, 86deal can help shopify sellers calculate logistics costs and pick the most suitable one.

The tax calculator gives you a better understanding of final pricing and logistics costs. In order to avoid any unpleasant surprises to your customers, you can add a reminder on your policy page to inform your customers that any international goods may be subject to local tariffs and taxes.

International freight also takes time to process. So the information on the package must be correct and easy to track.

Question 2. How to reduce damage for goods dropshipping from China?

For shopify sellers, sending parcel via China Post is not enough. Also need to consider how to safely ship your product especially they are fragile. Shipping requires you to follow specific packaging guidelines, as improper packaging can result in product damage.

The packaging requirements for international shipping are very different from the standard guidelines for parcels. While it’s a good idea to confirm your shipping requirements with your carrier, here are some general guidelines to help your goods reach a good condition:

Use a suitable tray: The tray you use for shipping should be made of wood or plastic and can withstand the pressure of being dragged. The goods should not exceed the weight limit of their pallets.

Choose durable packaging: The box you transport the product should be strong enough to withstand the weight of a large pile of packages stacked on it. Use only a new, securely sealed carton filled with bubble paper to fill the space.

Make sure the goods is safe: Make sure there are no more goods piled up on the cargo and use load protectors to protect against damage from chains, belts or other pallets. Both are aspects that need to pay attention.

Question 3. How to save cost for goods dropshipping from China?

ePacket is one of the most popular courier in the cross border ecommerce as it is economical. As a shopify seller, it is important to control the shipping cost, especially the international shipping cost. If you don’t know how to save the shipping cost, the good costs will be out of control, either eroding your profits or being passed on to your customers. There are some tips for you.

Compare other couriers with ePacket shipping from China: Along with the cross border business thrive in the recently years, there are many other small parcel courier services available for goods shipping from China to certain countries. The shipping rates and delivery speed is better than ePacket;

Comparing prices between order fulfillment agent: Each agent has a unique set of services and prices, so comparing prices is important to ensure you get the best deals. Go around and do your research until you find a service and price that matches your store’s needs. If possible, use the packaging provided by the agents to save your cost. The packaging offered by many China agents is tailored to their specific requirements. If possible, it is easy to avoid unnecessary costs by using the packaging materials provided by your order fulfillment agent in China.

Investing in flat rate transportation: Some major postmen provide envelopes and packaging based on the distance between the package and the destination. If your business frequently delivers packages to specific locations, then flat rate shipping may be a more cost effective option for you dropshipping from China.

Question 4. How to select the best courier dropshipping from China?

Different clients may have different requirements on goods dropshipping from China. Have the goods delivered through ordinary channels? Shipping is a key part of keeping your balance and your customers satisfied. If you set your standard shipping rate too low, you run the risk of losing money. If you set your shipping rate too high, you may be able to scare away customers who are unwilling to pay extra.

Applying regular delivery service means you have to deal with the entire process – including packaging, postage and shipping labels – so you need to manually set a rate, guarantee costs to retain customers. There are many different ways to calculate how much shipping your business should charge, so you must try to find a way to suit your store. Since international shipping costs are largely based on goods shipping weight and distance, one way to find the right shipping rate is to determine the average weight of your goods (depending on the weight of your product and the products that customers typically order) combination).

You can add the weight of all your products together, then divide by the amount, take the average weight, and multiply by the average number of items in a sequence. Average Order Weight = (Total Product Weight / Product) x Average Order Size Once you have found your average order weight, you can inquiry the shipping cost from China to different countries worldwide.

This is just one of the algorithms. If you do not have an order yet, you can directly refer to the product weight. If you feel that these things are too hard, you can apply 86Deal order fulfillment service, we will in charge of the whole dropshipping order fulfillment process of your shopify store, then you do not have to worry about the dropshipping logistic issues.

Question 5. How to communicate with manufacturers and suppliers in China?

Communication is the key part for shopify sellers dropshipping from China. Due to the language obstacle asking for help from manufacturers and suppliers can seem scary – emailing or phone someone you have never seen before – but it’s a key part of sourcing your product and making sure everything runs as planned.

If the Chinese supplier are not good at writing or speaking English it might affect the communication efficiency and sometimes cause huge loss for your dropshipping business. If you suffered the communication issues with Chinese manufacturers just find 86Deal as an agent to help you work on the dropshipping business.

Question 6. How to replace lost and damaged products dropshipping from China?

In the international shipping process, sometimes things happen completely beyond what you can control. Problems like damaged and lost products are the worst, so you need to think about how to deal with them quickly and efficiently to satisfy your clients. For shopify sellers dropshipping from China, buying transportation insurance is a great way to protect your business from lost and damaged goods. If you are transporting your product through courier service, then transportation insurance is usually relatively cheap, and once you send out the first package, you can feel at ease.

Transportation insurance is a small investment that saves you time, money, and frustration. Lost and damaged products are not just a problem for you as a shopify seller, but a very bad experience for your customers. In bad cases, a product may leave your customers waiting for days or weeks, which is not conducive to your long-term cooperation with customers. When things happen, you need to focus on providing the best customer service and getting customers back to your store.

Question 7. How to deal with inventory issues?

While most shopify sellers want their stores to become famous overnight, there may be some problems with selling more products than you might expect. Even if there is no sales out of control, your store will still encounter inventory problems. If you dropshipping from China directly, there might have ways to help you control the inventory issues.

For example, you can test the goods on shopify store by facebook ads, for the hot sale goods you can estimate sales and wholesale from China 1688 based on the daily sales to increase your profit, for the goods that has low convention rates you can retail from China Taobao or 1688 to lower down the inventory cost.

Dropshipping from China isnt easy for shopify sellers at the beginning, however, once you have solutions to your most common shipping problems should make things a bit easier. With these quick solutions, you can overcome the problems for goods dropshipping from China.

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