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9 operational skills Shopify seller should know for dropshipping

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Running a Shopify store was a very interesting experience. If you don’t know the shopping skills that will allow you to create a better online store, it may make you a little nervous. One of the fatal mistakes made by Shopify seller is to over-optimize the wrong things and forget some basic things. In this article, we’ll break down Shopify’s 9 operational skills that will help you master the basics Shopify marketing while ensuring that you are following the right things.

9 basic skills Shopify seller should know for dropshipping

Remove the watermark with drawing tool

As a Shopify seller, you can now draw on product photos. A convenient way to use this feature is to remove the watermark from the photo. As the red stamp in the image below, you can clearly see that this line is covered, which is done by using a white brush overlay. If you have a watermark on a white background photo, use a white brush to easily remove it.

However, not all photos have a pure white background, and sometimes the watermark is placed on the product. Fortunately, the color picker allows you to add any color code to match and draw accurate colors.

The easy way to know the exact color code is to use a Chrome extension tool like ColorZilla. It allows you to hover your mouse over the colors in the image and capture the exact color code. Then use this color code to place it in the “Color picker” box, where you can see the letter “#ffffff”, which allows you to delete the watermark on the photo with a colored background.

Bulk modification price changed from 26.99 to 27

Most online retailers want their product prices to look good for buyers. Wal-Mart tends to end with “97”, while online retailers end with an average of “99”. If you want to position your brand as a bargain price, adding a cent may make your brand look more affordable. However, not all dropshipping brands need to play this price game. You can position your brand and make it look more reputable, just like Nike, give it a real price.

Fortunately, you don’t need to manually create a price end for the product on Shopify. If you want all your prices to end at $0.97, such as Wal-Mart, ending at $0.99, or a seemingly more professional fixed number, you can use the Shopify settings to automate it.

Then you can set it by Settings > General > Store Currency > Change Formatting.

Add all store policies to the footer

One of the important things that Shopify beginners forget to do is to add policies to their website. Often, when customers browse the site, they want to check the return policy to ensure a refund if the product is defective. The policy also adds a legitimacy element to your website to help build trust with consumers before.

You don’t need to manually create your own policies from scratch. You can create or modify it in your Shopify management. However, please remember that you will be required to follow the policies on the website. If you indicate a refund in the policy, you will also need to receive a refund when the customer requests a refund.

Update product inventory every month

Mostly Shopify sellers tend to be a bit eager, usually using Oberlo’s one-button product introduction, adding hundreds of products at the beginning. Even the old sellers often make this mistake. He added 423 products to the store, but the result was overwhelmed by this process.

Novices should be controlled below 25 items when adding products. Although adding a lot of products may seem tempting, if you focus on a small part first, you are more likely to succeed.

Then, you can add some new products on a weekly or monthly basis depending on how long you have worked in the store.

Because the signal you need to send to Google is that you will regularly update your Shopify store. If you release all the products on the first day and have never released other products, Google will think they don’t have to crawl your website. When you add new products, blog posts, or pages on a regular basis, Google’s crawler will notice it.

The more products you update, the more active your site will be, so you’ll get more traffic.

So, as an online retailer, you need to create a timeline to manage the frequency of adding new products. You need to maintain or maintain a timeline for product updates as much as possible to benefit from the increase in organic search traffic.

If you don’t have ads budget, you can promote store in free channels

Most people who opened their first online store wanted to make a profit as soon as possible, so they turned to Facebook ads. But if you have never advertised on Facebook, your first ad is likely to fail.

In order for your profits to grow, you need to invest in advertising carefully.

First, add your Facebook account information to your website. Then, create a redirect ad on your website, which can be a redirect ad added to the shopping cart.

To avoid spending too much, you can focus all your efforts on driving free traffic to your website. If you post a large number of products on your Pinterest account, be sure to lock in other images so you don’t trigger your account as spam. Although you want to work hard to promote the product, you still follow the terms of service.

Then you can post your product on Instagram. If you have already gained fans on Instagram, you can share your product links on Instagram Stories. If you don’t have fans, go to the niche fan page like “ashion lovers” and ask if they can share an ad story on their account. Fan pages tend to have lower advertising rates than influencers.

If you have already created blog content for your website, you can share it on Twitter. You can run redirect ads specifically for blog content in case people don’t realize what you have online business.

By repositioning your ads and focusing on driving free traffic, you can keep advertising costs low during the first few months of learning how to promote your online store, which will prevent you from overspending costs. At the same time, this is also the basic marketing skills that ensure you develop long-term success without losing money.

Always test the store’s mobile settings

Before running the first ad campaign, you need to check again to see what your site looks like on the mobile side. For example, when you create an ad, not everyone will browse the site on their laptop, and some people may see ads on their phones or tablets.

For example, when you browse your site on a different device, you may notice that the size of the image has not been adjusted. By understanding the problem with the image model, you can choose to crop the image in a different way to make it appear in the same format as the desktop version.

Mobile testing is especially important if your primary source of traffic is advertising, online marketing, or applications such as Instagram or Pinterest.

To test on your phone, you only need to access your website on your phone or tablet. Browse through every page of your site, view problematic images or hidden CTAs, and monitor the number and timing of scrolls you need to scroll through each page.

Add hot sale products to Shopify store

If you have just signed up for Shopify or are considering signing up for Shopify, you may not know what to sell. Some Shopify sellers may consider selling unique products that they create themselves, and other online retailers may purchase large quantities of inventory at wholesale prices. In addition, you can create on-demand products to customize your product.

The quick way to do online business is to sell proven products. You can view the product volume by Oberlo to see the popularity of the product. You can also view popular products to find current bestsellers. By selling proven products instead of trying to create your own products.

Customize Shopify theme as little as possible

Shopify allows you to customize the theme as needed. If you are a new seller, one of the shopping tips you are advised to follow is to customize the store as little as possible.

The professional designer created the theme you installed in the store, and if it works well enough, you can install it so that it can work better on converting customers.

When it comes to theme design, you need to focus on changing the picture to make them relevant to your brand. If your theme is suitable for a certain number of products, then consider optimizing your store or changing your theme.

If you lack design skills, you can rely on the theme designer. Try to keep most of the theme design, the image changes slightly, and the home page layout needs to be modified, but the overall look of Google fonts, color palettes, and the store will remain the same.

Create a text logo

Most new Shopify sellers lack logo design skills, so you can use the logo maker, which helps you design your logo without design skills.

However, one of the common mistakes is that when you have a colored store background and your logo is in .jpg format instead of .png format, a sly white box will appear around the logo. This exposes you to being a complete novice.

You can use a text-based logo, that is, the logo does not need to be an image mode at all.

For example, the logos of brands such as Lulus or MVMT Watches are very simple.

As a Shopify seller, you will have several roles. If you want to build an on-demand production store, design skills are one of them.

In addition, you also need to pay attention to the image resolution. Each theme has its own size, you need to optimize the logo for it, you can contact the theme designer to get the correct logo size.

The above are the 9 basic skills Shopify seller should know for dropshipping.

10 tips for Shopify store video marketing

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Video traffic is expected to account for 82% of all Internet traffic by 2022. At the same time, video production and releases are increasing in all industries. As a Shopify seller the video marketing is essential to help us get traffics to store and increase conversion rates. But the problem is: in an oversaturated modern world, social media users are also increasing, and sellers may only have two seconds to attract the attention of potential customers. That’s why creating “thumb pauses” is so important for video marketing. The upgrade from a product seller to a brand creator is the ultimate goal. Every Amazon product seller who wants to succeed in the long run should figure out how to achieve this powerful transformation.

10 tips for Shopify store video marketing

The goal of video is to create emotional connections between consumers and brands, and then use this video to create sales opportunities, build emotional connections with brands through multiple channels, and promote high-speed growth.

Video marketing begins with building emotional connections, but it is not easy to do. To understand which video content is effective and what can resonate with people, the first thing to do is to test the creativity of the video. How can I stop the viewer from scrolling and continue watching? Here are 10 tips for video marketing to help you create video ads and increase conversion rates for Shopify store.

Embed logo

The logo should be part of the video content, embedding it and making it stand out without diverting the viewer’s attention to the video itself, and the user will associate your logo with the video content.

Close-up every 10 seconds

Taking close-up shots every 10 seconds ensures that the viewer is aware of the focus of the video, which is a major factor in selling products in Amazon or any other e-commerce environment. The user’s attention duration is short, so make sure your video is lively and interesting.

Call to action (CTA)

After successfully attracting viewers to watch the full video, the importance of the call to action will be reflected here. Usually you will want the viewer to want more information after the end.

5 alternative introductions

Creating 5 alternative presentations for each video adds diversity to each content and ensures that it is not oversaturated on the platform. Once a video becomes popular, the user’s favorite segment will be known as your symbolic marketing asset.

Background music is an enhancer, not an interferer

While music can make video content more vivid, it shouldn’t be the main focus because it distracts the viewer. Also before using the music for any video, you are sure to have the license for that music.

Shooting modularity

Your video marketing material should not contain slender single clips, but instead edit multiple clips in succession. It can place different aspects of a marketing campaign in a single piece of content.

Fast cut

To further emphasize the importance of video design, you can take advantage of fast cuts, including clipping into this editing technique, which is important to keep the audience’s attention.

Speed up playback

Many people recommend increasing the video speed by 1% to 12%. It may be cleverly stylizing the video, which is very subtle for the viewer, making the viewer interested in watching the entire video playback without noticeable.

Comparison and demonstration

Product comparisons and demos are recommended for video content because users are more likely to have emotional attachment to something and compare it to other things. In addition, the demo also allows viewers to imagine themselves in the same scene, which helps to stimulate the brand’s memories and development.

Including social proof

Trust is an important factor for consumers, and video marketing should follow this theme. To build trust through video, you can include social proof that the evidence can be anything, such as news features and testimony, but it must be credible and instill confidence in the audience.

Following the 10 video marketing tips will undoubtedly create a video that goes beyond the competition. What makes modern video marketing stand out is that it doesn’t need to be expensive, in fact, by using your own team and resources, you can save lots of money.

Niche multi-channel, help marketing upgrade

One of the main pillars of video marketing is multi-channel marketing. If you only focus on Shopify or Amazon, it is a big mistake. According to the survey, 80% of young people between the ages of 18 and 29 are active on YouTube, and 70% use YouTube to help them make purchase decisions, but only 9% of US companies use YouTube to advertise. From such an unsaturated space, this is a huge opportunity for marketers. So you have to make sure your own brand and products are posted on YouTube, Facebook, Display and other websites like Tiktok.

Video ads should promote brands through website sales, retail sales, and Shopify sales, and focus on your brand through multiple channels, not just Amazon. Tracking engagement metrics such as comments, likes, and sharing can tell if people really like this video, and turning video into actual product sales is the key to brand growth.

Often consumers will choose brands rather than products. Imagine that consumers do not look for cottage brands when they shop online, but instead look for products that represent one of their brands.

If you can make yourself one of these brands, it has laid the foundation for the future success of e-commerce. Once you start to think of Shopify as a partner and platform, not a facilitator, you will start asking for it. Brands give some respect, which promotes long-term growth and return on investment.

All of this is not to create a one-off video to drive sales to Shopify store. Effective video marketing is about building brands, not creating one-off sales. Restricting yourself to a product seller on Amazon violates this philosophy. While Amazon is an effective and powerful e-commerce tool, a useful way to achieve and sustain long-term success is to create a valuable, trustworthy, and high-quality brand through multiple channels.

How to Instagram marketing for free and paid traffics to Shopify store

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When it comes to Instagram, as a Shopify seller you may not be unfamiliar. It is also one of the best social platforms with huge traffics need to be tapped. In addition to advertising on Facebook, there are still a lot of fan economy (fan marketing) traffic acquisition methods, then we have done such a long time works to get traffics, what are the methods or skills to get huge Instagram traffics to Shopify store?

About Instagram

When we sell goods on Shopify, we must know how to get traffics to our stores. Usually we know to pay google or Facebook to advertise, but the expensive advertising costs will scare you after a few days of display in your ad group, we must find a kind of the method of free traffic, many people do e-commerce traffic always want to get the shortest time to get the benefits, and in the process he is just lazy, want to just advertise to complete. But in fact, no matter what method is used, it must be refined. Here we will introduce you to how to get huge traffics from Instagram, which will help you.

4 rules to get free Instagram traffics

(1) Take a beautiful picture of the product and let the picture speak for you

Instagram users are looking forward to beautiful pictures that are eye-catching, rather than ordinary products. You can take pictures of the product’s usage scene, product details, behind-the-scenes footage, and add elements to the story and life.

(2) Using Hashtag for user search

The Instagram tag is very important. Every time we post, we must try to have a hot topic tag. This allows people to find our images in the crowd. The keywords of the tags try to use hot topic keywords. Whoever masters the basis of these traffic sources has mastered the premise of large traffic. You can use 30 tags per post. Of course, we sometimes use 10 hot ones, and if you are brand-operating, you can create your own labels to increase your brand exposure.

(3) Schedule posting time, and it is not allowed to post when most users sleep.

So how do you calculate the best time to post? The best moment I can sum up for you: Take the US user as an example: China time: 5:30 am to 7:30 am (except weekends). From midnight to 3 am. These are for American customers. It is not difficult for us to find these times. It is usually the morning to work, the noon break, and the time after dinner. We can find out the timetables of each country.

(4) Increase interaction and increase user attention

The biggest highlight of Instagram is the high level of user engagement. Want more people to pay attention to you, the title should be interesting, the content should be in line with the popular taste; often interact with the fans, if the fans reply more, then pick a few responses, the fans reply less, just reply, so the people who interact with you will come more.

7 skills to learn instagram marketing

(1) Connect Instagram to other social media accounts

If you connect Instagram to your Twitter and Facebook accounts, any images you share on Instagram will be automatically posted to your other social media accounts.

(2) Pay attention to Instagram video uploading

Instagram allows users to upload videos, and of course you need to make sure your videos are short and interesting, as the viewer’s attention will not last more than a minute.

(3) Re-emphasize the use of # label

Since people sort images by #tag, you can use this feature to tag your images for more new attention. There can be no spaces between the keywords after the #tag, such as #weddingdress, can not be written as #wedding dress.

(4) Responding to comments

Your followers like you to respond to their comments and opinions, so after you come up with a point of view, you need to check and respond regularly within one day. After someone else follows you, you can follow them and try to connect with them on other social media.

(5) Shape your brand connotation

For example, your company’s business is about wedding dresses, then uploading happy and happy wedding photo photos and showing others’ love for them, compared to uploading some product photos, telling the company’s story will make you gain more attention.

(6) Satistic the number of favorite pictures

If you focus on the “like” (small heart) buttons that people click on, you can better understand your fans’ preferences. This will not only help you decide the type of image to be released in the future, but also make a small market research for your product.

(7) Regularly updates post

Like all social media sites, insisting on regular updates is the key to success. This will let your audience know when to expect your new content.

5 tips for improving Instagram marketing

(1) Clear market positioning

In terms of the number of young users, Instagram has surpassed Facebook and Twitter. 53% of Internet users aged 18-29 use Instagram, and 25% of those ages 30-49 use it. Before using it, make sure your target customers are active on this platform.

(2) Edit wonderful pictures

In fact, you don’t need to think about how to make some rich and interesting photos, even you don’t need to prepare a professional camera, because Instagram itself supports photo editing, and there are many options to choose from, you can use it directly. Take a photo and upload it, then edit it.

(3) Thanks fans

Share your growth and achievements with your fans. When fans reach a groundbreaking number, they can do content with a thank-you fan theme.

(4) Create a unique brand image

When you manage your homepage, all your social needs need to match your brand image. The style of the title and the tone of the response, and whether or not to use emoji and which type of emoji to use, will help you shape the brand image you want to show to your customers.

(5) Homepage design

If you look at it from a mobile device, this usually depends on the last 6 photos you uploaded. The effect of this interface determines whether the user will continue to browse the next content.

Tips for Instagram ads

(1) Rethinking the playback environment

While it’s important to create ad content that is suitable for both sound and mute playback, it’s worth noting that more users will turn on the sound when watching an Instagram snapshot than silent playback.

(2) Time-use effect

Since the posts shared to the dynamic will be saved forever, the dynamic content created by the user should not only reflect the value and personality of the brand, but also stand the test of time. Instagram Snapshots capture audiences in a completely different way, by displaying ad content for a limited time (photos last 5 seconds, video plays 15 seconds).

(3) Designing ideas for vertical screen mode

Mobile video is a powerful marketing tool. Video Ads is especially suitable for display on mobile phones. It not only fills the entire screen after maximizing, but also does not require the viewer to actively adjust the orientation of the phone.

(4) Design according to space

There are three formats to choose from when posting: square, landscape or portrait. Instagram ads support a variety of ad formats, such as Carousel Ads, which add up to 10 cards to tell a brand story.

8 useful tools for Instagram marketing

(1)Instagram Shoppable Posts

Instagram launched Shoppable Posts, which allows users to easily tag and purchase products from Instagram. To sell items on Instagram, Instagram accounts must be converted to corporate profiles and connected to the Facebook directory to be created and managed on Business Manager.

(2)Instagram Stories Shoppable Stickers

Shoppable Stickers is a tool that makes it easier for Shopify seller to sell products through Instagram Stories. Companies can apply stickers to physical products or to images and videos.

(3)Curalate Like2Buy

Like2Buy is a tool from Curate that is implemented by generating links in the user’s resume. When fans click on it, they will be taken to Like2Buy to buy products, read stories and more.

(4)Shop Social

Shop Social helps fans find your product in Instagram photos and click to buy. Mark multiple products to your post, direct all of your visitors on Instagram to your Shopify store or integrate your Instagram feed into your website.


With Postcart, you can convert any Instagram post into a purchaseable product or convert an Instagram feed into a purchaseable store.


InstaOrders is an easy-to-use tool that quickly converts Instagram feeds into purchaseable stores. Sign in to your Instagram account, upload photos, and your Shopify store will sync with Instagram.


Inselly is a platform for Instagram that brings together all of Instagram’s sales offers for search, sorting and buying. Sellers can easily open their own stores and create purchaseable items.


With Soldsie, Shopify seller can sell products to consumers on Instagram in two ways. First, they can upload photos and descriptions to the Soldsie dashboard, post to Instagram or Facebook, and fans can purchase them by typing “sold” in the product’s comments. After the comment is posted, the customer will receive an invoice to complete the purchase.

Finally, let’s talk about Instagram software analysis tools. These are the fundamentals for us to improve and improve instagram traffic. These tools are very important. You can search for related usage methods yourself. The social account is actually very intuitive, but it is only two points: First: understand what the user wants. Second: constantly overcome their needs to understand what the user wants, it is very important to study what users are paying attention to. What are the characteristics of the user before they can be operated accurately.

Ideas about Instagram/Facebook ads

1. It’s important to conduct competitive research before you start creating your own Instagram ads. The best way to do this is to access the competitor’s website through the Instagram app to get a label with remarketing Facebook pixels.

2. The goal of a campaign is to see what people do when they see an ad. The goals you choose play an important role in how well your ads are optimized, how they are paid, and how they’re tracked.

3. If a user who visits your site serves a conversion goal or a campaign for a remarketing campaign, you must first create and install a Facebook pixel.

Instagram ad targeting is to find the person most likely to perform the actions you specify in your campaign goals.

4. Instagram ads offer the same targeting as Facebook ads. The best ways to target include creating custom audiences and Lookalike audiences, and using Audience Insights and Google Analytics to get the most out of them.

5.When developing your Instagram advertising idea, you should consider what your goals are, who you are trying to reach, and what kind of information and tone will motivate your followers to participate in your advertising.

6. Once your Instagram campaign begins, you need to constantly edit and optimize it. If you are a beginner, then the best tool is Facebook traditional ad manager.

7. Always starts with a small advertising expense. If your Instagram ads are active, please increase your spend every three days. If not, please don’t hesitate to pause it.

13 best seller pet supplies niches for Shopify dropshipping 2019

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With the improvement of people’s living standards and the increase of social pressure, raising a small pet as their own animal companion is becoming a fashionable decompression method in the current era, which also promotes cross-border e-commerce market related to pet supplies categories. At present, pet supplies are one of the fastest growing categories of online retail sales. Because people spend more and more on pets, what are the popular pet products in 2019? What kind of products should I buy when I have a dog or cat? Let’s take a look the 15 best seller pet suppliers niches for Shopify dropshipping 2019. The following list of pet supplies categories can help Shopify sellers quickly find the trending products.

Pets indoor toy ball

The indoor ball is light and soft, preventing damage to the surrounding area and is durable enough. The food can be filled in the ball for the pets to eat while play in the room.

Pet tooth brush

When we try to help our pets clean their teeth, they usually go away, on the top of the brush we can squeeze toothpaste, the pets will chew the brush under the flavor stimulation, during the process the teeth will be cleaned.

Portable pet bowl

A portable pet bowl prevents food or water from escaping. When the pet is finished eating, the pet bowl can be quickly dried, and the user can also fold the pet bowl for convenient storage. It is easy to carry when going out with pets. It can be used to put dog food, can also be filled with water, a bowl with multi-purpose.

Pocket raincoat

In bad weather, pet travel has become a big concern. The waterproof and reflective nature of rain vests just meets the needs. With the raincoat, you can go out with your pets in the rainning days.

Molar chewing snack

It is as hard as a bone, but it cleans the dog’s teeth and gums. The unique shape makes it difficult for a puppy to chew in a few minutes, which helps stimulate the brain.

Smart pet feeder

It is a sad thing that you have to leave the pet at home to work, the smart pet feeder could automatically feed the pet at definite time. In addition, it can be controled by phone app, you can view the pet via the camera on the feeder, play music and talk to the pet via phone.

This is not an ordinary brush, and the squat brush design will be suitable for smoothing the skin of any pup. And the brush surface without scratches, round and gentle touch design, more and more favored by buyers. The double-head design is also particularly prominent, and the buyer can assist in brushing the knotted hair, one side for opening and the other side for combing.

Pet odorant

The air freshener is durable and eliminates any odors that pets bring into the car.

Pet bed

The pet bed is made of egg carton foam, like a comfortable body mattress cover that supports and adjusts the dog’s poor sleeping position.

Waterproof dog boot

Non-slip, 100% biodegradable disposable dog boots, the more hot sale.

Wi-Fi pet camera

The Wi-Fi pet camera can transmit HD video directly to the user’s smartphone via the home’s wireless network, with a viewing angle of 147 degrees. In addition, Wi-Fi pet cameras with automatic night vision are selling better.

Plush flying saucer

Curved design,fly smoothly and easy for dog to bite, the toy made by soft wool and eva foam, water resistant.

Waterproof car seat cover

The waterproof seat cover makes the dog more comfortable and safe while sitting, while keeping the back seat clean. In addition, the arbitrarily adjusted angle design is also a factor that buyers will consider when purchasing a waterproof car seat cover.

How to select small product category with high profits margin for Shopify dropshipping

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As a Shopify seller all of us prefer to choose trending products or best seller products for dropshipping business? What the trending product or best seller product looks like? Mostly Shopify sellers have no idea, from another point of view, the product selection is key to Shopify dropshipping business. when you dropshipping via Shopify, How much effects you paid on product selection and marketing? This sharing is mainly for small and medium-sized Shopify sellers. We are familiar with the Red Sea product category. If small and medium-sized Shopify sellers get involved with the red sea products, they often end in failure. In this article we will see how to select small product category with high profits margin for Shopify dropshipping.

What is a small category of high-margin products

The small categories discussing here are not the product categories that no one sold on Shopify or other platforms, but the subcategories that are subdivided. This market is not big, and there is no satisfactory service. Sometimes the products have a certain demand, it is also known as niche product.

Why choose small category of high product margin products for Shopify dropshipping

Lots of Shopify sellers might have the same doubts, most of the current product selection methods are the following two:

Through 1688 or Aliexpress to select a trending product which might be easy for sell. This kind of product selection method often has problems such as out of stock, goods not in the right version, and weight inconsistency etc.

Follow-up sale, choose the TOP sale sellers with the same product category, follow the hot sale product in the other stores, I think this method is really harmful. Pulling down the profits of the entire category, and at the same time lossing money.

I think that new Shopify seller can start with small categories. Firstly, there are fewer people who do the small categories. We can quickly place orders and even become the category TOP. Secondly the profits of small category products are usually very high, everyone can earn more money. Thirdly small category usually means less risk for beginners.

How to choose small categories of high-margin products

3-step product selection – make sure your direction

As a Shopify seller we should know what kind of product to sell on Shopify, which is what kind of product category you are interested or familiar. Only with directionality to select products you can save more time.

3-step product selection – Product selection skills

There are lots of product selection ways, skills or strategy online. Here I only selected some product selection methods that I think are useful for sharing.

<1> Last level subcategory products

Take the wrench as an example, you can view the last level of subcategories. Tools, hand tools and wrench. It can also be selected through the AliExpress buyer interface, and you can also view the best selling product to select high quality wrench products.

<2> Select products and supplements through customer buying habits and needs

You can open the AliExpress background to see buyers with a relatively high rating. It is recommended to view the above A3 level buyer review.

View the customer’s purchase history and make supplements to your Shopify store.

<3> Select products through Aliexpress official product selection convention

For most Shopify sellers overseas, it might be a little difficult and costly, you can pay attention to the convention in the community or news.

<4>Selecting products by taking advantage of industrial belts and sources of supply

It is more easier for Chinese Shopify seller as there are many industrial belts distributed in China which centralized all the supply chain with the latest products.

<5> Select product based on eBay Amazon and Wish as well as other platforms

in addition to Alibaba and Aliexpress, other C2C or B2C platforms also can be used for product selection.

<6> Observe the fashion trends through social media and forums. Such as YouTube, Facebook, etc., as well as forums for current categories.

It is recommended that FindAForum select TOP FORUMS to observe trending product and select products. There are many ways to choose products, and the one that suits you is the most important to your dropshipping business.

3-step product selection – testing product

For most Shopify sellers the products will be upload to Shopify directly after selection, and they will not be tested at all, and finally bring a series of troubles.

(1) Check whether the selected product is fragile and contraband, and is suitable for transportation or not;

(2) Testing for compliance with platform rules, such as some products that are prohibited from being sold, we must not sell;

(3) Check whether the brand and appearance are infringing;

(4) Check whether the supply chain is complete. I suggest that you first sell products with complete supply chains. The integrity of the supply chain is really important.

(5) Check whether the product is feasible through profit. It is recommended that you calculate with a profit of 20% to 40%, and then compare whether the platform is competitive.

(6) Test by Google Trends

Through Google Trends’ Hot Trends, you can see the hot products and topics in various regions of the country in real time, conduct heat detection, and heat the products to be selected.

With the hand spinner as the column, the hot search is getting lower and lower, so it is not worth to sell.

(7) Detection by free keyword tool

Recommend, there are also a lot of tools like Twitter Trending, Clickbank and so on. Taking more time to test will reduce a lot of unnecessary trouble in sales. These are some of the ways to select high-margin small-category products. Here is just a little idea. You can try some of the product selection methods and choose the one that suits you.

At last, there are some dropshipping tips below:

If you are dorpshipping to different countries, it is recommended to select some small and light weight products suitable for transportation.

When selecting products, you can expand by selecting the selected items and select the same type of products and corresponding supplements.

Choose some products that are relatively single after sale, so it is easier to get started.

Choose a product with a relatively high stock so that you can keep the order.

Unless the operation and promotion is strong, it is not recommended that beginners choose products that are not available on the platform for sale.

Large holiday items are not recommended as the main products, as these products will only be available for orders at certain times, so it is recommended as an auxiliary product.

After all the tips mentioned above do you know how to select small product category with high profits margin for Shopify dropshipping? 86Deal offers one step dropshipping fulfillment service to help you save time and money on orders dropshipping from China to overseas countries.

How to SEO shopify store to get hundreds of free traffics

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Lots of Shopify sellers worried about the traffics along with the ads cost became more and more expensive. In addition to the paid traffics, as a Shopify seller you should also pay attention on the free traffics. Using search engine optimization can improve your store’s search engine rankings and help customers find your products, which means you can take some steps to help search engines understand your store and trust your pages to increase potential customers’ search Your store has an opportunity to appear in front of them. The following are the Shopify SEO tutorial tips for the beginners to get hundreds of free traffics.

Product keywords

You need to add product keywords to the Shopify store, and the keywords should match the typical search queries people enter in search engines. For example, someone would search for “Canada Blue Shoes” and the keywords in this search are “Blue Shoes” and “Canada.”

In order to get a higher ranking in search results for Shopify store, you should try to find out which keywords your customers might use to search products, and then make sure to use them when writing product descriptions and other content in Shopify store.

Use product keywords in the following 4 places:

page title

ALT text of the picture

Meta description

Page content

Here’s how to add product keywords to the Shopify store.

Page title: The search engine compares the title tag to the page content to determine if the page title matches the page content.

Meta description: The text displayed after the title tag in the search result is the meta description. You can set the meta description of the web page, product page, favorite page and blog post in Shopify.

ALT text: Search engines can read text in your content, but can’t read images, so you can use descriptive text to help search engines find your content. Alt text is also an important adjunct to people with visual impairments.

The body of the page: When you write content for a product or collection description, web page, or blog post, use an expression that is easy to understand and unique with certain keywords.

Optimize store structure

Another SEO strategy is to optimize the online store’s website structure. In general, if you are selling goods in the Shopify online store, you don’t need to worry about your site structure, because Shopify has built-in SEO optimization. But you can also try to optimize the search engine’s website structure.

Use a descriptive filename for the image: Before uploading the image to Shopify, you will rename the file to the filename that describes the content of the image. Unless the content of the image is explained, the search engine cannot understand the content of the image, so be sure to edit the file name of the image before uploading it to Shopify.

Use descriptive link text for internal links: When writing body content for a page, you can link to different parts of the site. The text in the link should describe the page you want to link because the search engine will try to match the link to the page.

For example, if you want to link this article to a yoga mat product, it is recommended not to highlight the entire sentence to be linked, but to highlight the “yoga mat” because the “yoga mat” describes the content on the product page.

Submit the site map of the store to Google

Another SEO strategy is to submit the site map of the store to Google. A site map is a list of all the pages on your site, and customers can navigate from your home page.

Submitting a store’s Sitemap to Google Search Console helps Google find and index valuable pages on your site, which means your store will appear in Google search results, which may attract more client. Before submitting your sitemap, you need to authenticate your site with Google to make sure you are the owner.

Hide page

Search engines such as Google will continue to crawl the Internet to search for new data. There is a text file called robots.txt that tells the search engine which pages of your site to index, but it also blocks page content that might reduce the effectiveness of SEO optimization. Although you can’t edit the contents of the robots.txt file, you can still hide pages that are not included in the file.

How to verify your Shopify store on Google

If you want to expand the reach of your Shopify online store, consider submitting a sitemap.

First, you need to disable the password for the online store. Using a password means that the user cannot enter the online store and needs to enter a password to enter the website. After the password protection is disabled, the user can see the online store. If you are not ready to go online, please make sure to cancel your password after verifying the website.

In Shopify Management, click “Online Store” and click “Disable Password”.

Alternatively, click Preferences, in the Password Protection section, uncheck the Enable Password box and click Save to complete.

Next, open the Google webmaster and click Search Console. You can choose between two attribute types.

If you want to use DNS records for authentication, use the Domain Name option. This option can be used if your third-party domain has not been transferred to Shopify.

This article demonstrates the process of verifying using the URL prefix option.

With this option, you can use the purchased custom domain name or the domain name for verification. If you use the domain name for verification and switch to a custom domain name for replacement verification in the future, you will need to re-verify the site using the steps in this article.

After entering the URL of the domain name, enter the full URL containing the SSL certificate, ie https, and click Continue.

After checking the verification, you will see several ways to verify the Shopify store.

While Google Search Console recommends using HTML files for verification, this article will demonstrate how to use HTML tags. Click the arrow to open the HTML tag verification method, where you can see a line of code that shows the “meta tag”, highlighting and copying the entire code.

Going back to Shopify management, you need to paste the meta tag into the theme code, first click on the online store, find the topic you want to edit, and click on “Actions”.

There are two things to note when pasting a meta tag.

Google only indexes the current topic. This means you need to paste the meta tag into the theme you want to post in the future, or paste it into the current theme.

Google only indexes valid topics. This means that Google will only begin indexing if the meta tag is pasted in the current theme code and the site is not password protected.

When you are ready, click Edit Code. In the Layout section, click theme.liquid, open the file in the online code editor, find the label head near the top of the page, click the Enter key on the keyboard to create a new line, and copy the meta tag Paste directly below the head tag.

Click “Save” to complete, return to Google Search Console, and click Verify under HTML Labels.

If the operation is successful, you will see a pop-up window stating that Shopify store ownership has been verified.

Click View Properties to see an overview of the Google Search Console dashboard.

After verifying the site, be sure not to delete the meta tag or delete the pasted theme. If you have lost your site verification, you will need to repeat the steps outlined in this article.

You can also add additional verification methods to ensure that site verification is never lost. In the Google Search Console, click the domain name in the top left corner, click Add Properties, and follow the steps to verify the domain name using other methods. Once the site verification is complete, you can enable password protection on your site again, or submit your sitemap immediately.

How to submit Shopify Sitemap to Google Search Console

Each Shopify store automatically generates a sitemap.xml file with links to all your products, product images, pages, collections, and blog posts.

After verifying your site, open the Google webmaster, then click Search Console, in the panel, click Sitemap, and under the Add New Sitemap section, enter sitemap.xml.

Be careful not to enter any other variations of the XML file name, anything outside of sitemap.xml will cause Google to display errors. Click “Submit” and you will see a pop-up window stating that your Sitemap has been successfully submitted.

If you see any errors under Status, you can click to find more details about the error. This example shows that Google has read the sitemap but has a regular HTTP error.

Click the arrow to see more details about this error, which occurs because the online store also has password protection when you submit your sitemap. Once the bug is fixed, you can either resubmit the Sitemap by using the same steps, or you can delete the Sitemap and start over.

To delete a sitemap, click the three dots in the upper right corner and click Remove Sitemap.

Submit your sitemap again by following the same steps as before.

If the status of the site map shows green success, there is no error when submitting. After submitting your sitemap, Google will use it to crawl and index your site. It’s important to note that Google only indexes valid websites, which means that the indexing process begins after password protection is removed from your site.

Don’t worry if every page in your online store is not crawled or indexed. Google has said: “Not every page in the website store is indexed, which is normal.” In addition, any hidden pages in the store will not be indexed and will not be displayed in the search results. . The indexing process takes time, and Google is not sure how long it will take to crawl your site.

The paid traffics could get instant sales to the Shopify store, however, you should also pay attention to Shopify store insite SEO to get hundreds of free traffics in the long term marketing strategy.

15 practical apps to optimize Shopify store sales

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Sales are difficult. Especially if you are a new Shopify seller, you need to consider what products to sell, how to sell, how to build a website, etc., which are daunting. That’s why we recommend using Shopify to build an e-commerce store. It can reduce the hassle of web design, complex coding, and let the seller focus on what really matters: sales. The following are 15 useful apps takes the versatility of the Shopify store to the next level, helping you optimize conversions and drive sales.

Lucky Orange

This app can help you see how consumers are browsing the Shopify store. Watch each of their clicks, moves, and scrolls to help you understand the question: Why not implement more conversions? Whether it’s through session recording, dynamic heat maps or form analysis, you can analyze and improve your store like a professional. You can even contact them before they leave, or do a survey to build inventory.

Lucky Orange offers three ways to help Shopify sellers better understand the store’s visitors and help them grow his business:

Analyze customer behavior patterns. Lucky Orange provided Shopify seller with the information and analytics they needed, not just traditional data, to see where customers clicked and where they left the store. When a visitor clicks on Shopify store, the seller can view the visitor’s click record on the website in the behavior log. He closely monitors how visitors click between products and when to start the checkout process.

Ask visitors directly. Visitor behavior records and dynamic heat maps are critical to creating a strong customer experience on Shopify store. The seller took a more straightforward approach to exactly knowing which products a visitor would like to purchase and use it to predict sales and inventory.

Track ad performance. Shopify seller is able to verify and demonstrate the effectiveness of paid advertising campaigns and better understand how visitors from different traffic sources interact in different ways.

Shopify seller can look at the effects of advertising from a macro perspective, as well as look at specific behaviors and traffic sources from a micro perspective. Shopify seller compares visitor information from direct links to social traffic and other sources to determine how much money to spend on advertising campaigns to generate more optimistic visitor traffic.

Loox – Photo Reviews

With Loox you can create automated emails to ask customers for comments and offer discounts after they comment. When people see interesting comments, they are more likely to buy from your store. Loox allows you to import product reviews from other sources, send automated email comment requests, customize email times, view form issues, and create customer review pages.


If you can’t take professional product photos, Pixc can convert your product photos into professional, high-quality photos. Pixc has a credit system that can have two different options:

Basic options: delete/recolor the background, add borders, crop/reformat the image.

Advanced options: add shadows, delete models, add other file types.


Rewind is a backup application in the Shopify app store. Although Shopify backed up all the data, you can’t access it. If you or your developer make a mistake on the site, then using a backup application is critical. It can be restored to the last backup with just a few clicks.

Many Shopify sellers want to automate their business as much as possible. These applications are the key to automating part of the store so you can focus on the more important things. These apps can help you take good care of your customers when you are busy.


Recart no longer tries to focus on multiple channels at the same time, but provides real value to users. With Recart, you can recover your abandoned shopping cart, send a receipt and request product reviews via Loox integration.


Reamaze is a unique live chat app created for Shopify. It can respond to customers with all existing order details. You can use Reamaze via email, Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, Instagram, SMS, VOIP and live chat conversations. It can also send automated coupon codes, review requests, and save responses.

Most new Shopify sellers use Facebook or Instagram for organic traffic and paid advertising, but email marketing is also essential.The 2018 Social Media Usage Report shows:

68% of Americans use Facebook;

35% of Americans use Instagram;

90% of Americans use email;

Email marketing is a great way to increase customer retention and expand your audience.


With Omnisend, you can segment customers based on their shopping habits and email activity. You can then specify an email marketing campaign for each subscriber’s segmentation needs. Omnisend’s features are not limited to email, it can also target users who use FB Messenger, SMS, WhatsApp, Viber and other software. Importantly, it also allows these segmentation needs to be synced to Google and Facebook ads.


Privy converts website visitors into subscribers and customers. It can add an email list, reduce shopping cart scrap, and automate your email marketing. With Privy, you can create customizable pop-ups, banners, bulletin boards, run A/B split tests, and learn how small changes affect conversion rates, send newsletters, discard shopping cart emails, and order follow-up emails.

If you want to build a customizable website and landing page, here are two page builder applications to try:


You can easily create a Shogun page by dragging and dropping, also known as what you see is what you get. Once the page is created, you can measure specific page analysis such as clickthrough rate, add card rate, and form submission.


ReConvert is another simple page builder app that focuses on the thanks page. With ReConvert you can create pop-up offers, capture customer birthdays, track orders, create post-purchase surveys, and more.

Many Shopify sellers with the dropshipper model struggled with traffic issues after three to four months. A common reason is that there is no loyalty program, and if there is no subscription service or product, customers are more likely to leave and go to the competition. So how to solve it? You can reward customers with points.

Rise gift cards can send scheduled gift cards, create bulk codes and store points. With the solution, you can interact with existing customers, increase their loyalty and motivate potential customers.

Referral Candy

Referral Candy believes in the power of word of mouth marketing. This app provides the creation of customizable referral programs that track recommended sales and automatic reward payments.

If you’re lost in the Shopify app store and can’t capture the correct synchronicity between apps, there’s an all-in-one platform for your Shopify store.


Beeketing is the marketing application platform for Shopify. It offers three different apps to enhance your sales: email marketing, personalized recommendations and fast Facebook chat. In addition, it tracks customer behavior, analyzes customer interests, and takes action through the app.

Bold Commerce

Bold Commerce is an application platform for e-commerce owners and partners. More than 20 applications in pricing and promotion, recurring payments, checkout, customization, customer experience, order management, automation and partner categories.


Growave is another integrated marketing platform. It focuses on increasing traffic to sellers, interacting with customers, and driving sales. Growave has 10 different categories, including dozens of applications. Try it for free for 30 days.

When you start using the app on your Shopify store, you may be confused because there are too many options available. It is recommended that you check your marketing strategy and budget when deciding to install or purchase an application, as this will affect your application choices. If you are selling digital services, you may not need a photo review app. Set up the plan first, then execute it using these recommended apps to optimize Shopify marketing.

How to succeed on Shopify dropshipping without high ads budget

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Today, more than 1,000,000 online merchants sell through Shopify, and from the successful Shopify stores, we can find a lot of inspiration, especially in marketing strategies and techniques to create best seller products on Shopify store. While competing with many rivals can be frustrated at first, a number of successful Shopify stores offer guidance on how to set up their own online store guide to create best seller products. Let’s analyze the successful Shopify stores and see what the secrets of their success.

What are the most popular stores on Shopify?

Shopify’s inspirational and successful store offers a wealth of exciting stories for online merchants looking for competitive advantage. Some of the most prominent stores on Shopify currently include:

1、SkinnyMe Tea

2、Taylor Stitch

3、M2S Bikes


5、WP Standard

6、Ratio Coffee


8、Marc Wenn

Let’s take a brief look at these stores and better understand the key factors that make them successful on the platform.

SkinnyMe Tea: Integration with Facebook Messenger

The Australian brand SkinnyMe Tea offers healthy, detoxified tea products. Their success is largely due to the effective use of Facebook Messenger on their websites. They strategically placed the Facebook Messenger button on the store’s home page, allowing users to access a customized sales channel with a single click, and the company uses the channel to drive sales and build trust with customers.

This feature provides customers with a unique on-demand shopping experience, convenient customer support and direct communication with the brand.

Key points:

● Seamless integration of Facebook Messenger

● Ability to quickly display many products to customers and answer any questions they may ask

● Customize the sales funnel with chat bots and connect directly to the Shopify checkout portal

Taylor Stitch: Optimizing the mobile experience

Taylor Stitch is a fast-growing menswear brand that performs well in optimizing mobile e-commerce. The company’s mobile-friendly website, engaging visuals and intuitive user experience make it a leader in the menswear industry with its customer-focused, forward-thinking e-business mindset.

Key points:

● Optimize the mobile shopping experience

●Simple and elegant website design

●High quality website image

● Intuitive user experience and clear CTA button

M2S Bikes: Effective shopping cart abandon solution

While pop-up ads can be disruptive and annoying to most consumers, the electric bike brand M2S bike can use them skillfully to reduce shopping cart abandonment, creating more than $50,000 in sales in just 50 days. .

Their secret is to strategically lock visitors through pop-ups and offer a 10% discount to visitors who just come back to complete the purchase.

Key points:

● Targeted pop-ups based on consumer behavior that gives up on purchases

●Customers who provide discount codes to customers who return to complete the purchase

Untuckit: Successful product promotion program

Untuckit is a casual menswear brand that has achieved amazing success in the near future. Knowing that most people believe in recommendations from family and friends, the store has significantly increased inbound traffic by providing referral incentives.

Key points:

●Simplified recommendation plan

● Recommend incentives to encourage consumers to disseminate information

WP Standard: Simple and effective website design

Shopify designed the award-winning leather product brand WP Standard to prove the principle of “less is more”. The company’s website offers a simple but elegant design that is visually appealing. This approach brings a lot of traffic to the site and makes it easier for users around the world to access the site.

Key points:

● “Small and beautiful” website design

● Easy to understand user experience design

● eye-catching visual effects

Ratio Coffee: Successful Video Marketing

Since its launch in 2012, coffee maker Ratio Coffee has used its innovative use of video marketing to provide consumers with detailed information about products in a visual and compelling way, making them a popular e-commerce on Shopify. One of the sites.

The brand strategically placed videos on its homepage, increasing the company’s conversion rate and return on investment, giving it an edge over competitors.

Key points:

● Place product details video on the homepage

● Consumers spend more time on the site by watching videos

BeardBrand: visually appealing website design

BeardBrand, a beard care company, is another successful e-commerce site on Shopify that uses eye-catching visuals and unique graphic design techniques to generate significant sales.

For the most part, the brand now has more than $120,000 in monthly sales due to its visual effects and clean and simple website design.

Key points:

●Visually attractive website images

● Clean website design

●Unique graphics technology

Marc Wenn: Thanks to customers for personalized emails

London-based fashion brand Marc Wenn has succeeded in selling fashion footwear, jeans and backpacks, but this is no accident. In the beginning, the company personally emailed 100 customers to thank them for their support, helping build customer loyalty and trust as the foundation for building a successful e-commerce store.

Key points:

●Thanks to the mail for adding a personal and intimate feeling

● Focus on building customer trust and loyalty from the beginning

Through the 8 successful Shopify cases we can sum up how to succeed on Shopify dropshipping without high ads budget.

Tips for building a successful Shopify store

From using visually appealing images to using a clean and simple user experience design, the successful Shopify store is designed for customers from the beginning to the end. To gain a competitive advantage, you need to:

● Use eye-catching and memorable pictures

●Show the uniqueness of the brand through website design

● User-centric user experience design technology

● Take advantage of compelling images and videos

● Make website navigation simple and intuitive

● Access new audiences through design media

● Make a direct and eye-catching CTA button

Once you followed the above tips, you will succeed in Shopify dropshipping business with limited ads budget with high conversion rates. When you start Shopify, don’t forget to learn from the Shopify success story to enhance your online store.

How to use upsell cross-sell and downsell to increase Shopify sales

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Whether you are selling on shopify or other platforms, the biggest problem is to increase sales. Nearly all the hard works on increasing traffics and conversions are for the sales in the store. Among all the marketing strategies upsell and downsell are very practical skills to increase Shopify sales. How to use upsell and downsell to increase Shopify sales? We will explain in details.

Upsell is everywhere, such as candy and magazine racks at the grocery store checkout. But if you are in a high-end shoe store, it might be a pair of socks that can be paired with shoes. Almost all shopify stores use upsell for a reason. When Shopify sellers consider upsell, they also use downsell. Although this is not common, it can also be used for a large sum of money. Upsell, cross-sell, and downsell are the three sales tools that save time and effort on advertising and help you get more out of it with minimal cost.

What’s upsell downsell and cross-sell

Upsell, can also be called “upward sales.” That is, when a customer intends to purchase a product, use a new additional advertisement to sell them a more expensive product, or upgrade the version of the product to achieve additional sales and increase the value of the order.

Because when the customer has intentionally purchased the product, it is easier to promote the upgraded version of the product. This kind of psychology is used for sales in the sales. If you are selling sunglasses, you can use UV or polarized lenses to make upsell. Providing customers with an upgraded version of the product, customers will feel that this is a good reminder to them, because if they do not know some advanced features of sunglasses, they will be interested in this extra information.

Cross-sell. Cross-selling is to achieve more sales by promoting related products or complementary products to customers. Cross-selling is a way for customers to improve the buying experience and help customers get more value on the initial purchase.

If the customer has made up his mind to buy a certain product, he will introduce some auxiliary products to him in time, and there will be a good sales promotion effect. For example, if a customer wants to buy a badminton racket, then he may still need badminton. At this time, he can use badminton for cross-selling. Cross-selling is to give users more. The above are upsell and cross-sell, very simple and very common, generally set to automatically pop-up windows, and some will also appear on the product page. Both increase the average order value by alerting customers to other product and product changes. If the effect is good, it can also extend the life cycle of customers and let them buy back many times.

Downselling, this is a sales method as opposed to upselling. Instead of recommending more expensive products to customers, it increases profits by offering customers lower-priced items.

When the customer is ready to opt out of the purchase, you can adjust the quotation according to the customer’s budget, recommend cheaper and more affordable products to customers, and increase their chances of buying. The most common example is to update the fast 3C products. If the customer can’t afford the latest version of the Apple phone, you can recommend him a lower price, which is the last model of the Apple phone. This way customers have the opportunity to buy. Downsell allows you to sell in the case where customers can’t afford quality products, compare prices to customers at different price points, and help build brand loyalty.

Let’s see how to take advantage of upsell, downsell strategy to increase sales on the Shopify store.

upsell products relate to the products you originally sold

Whether you are selling physical products, services, information or a combination of the above, getting upsell’s products in close proximity to the original product will generate more sales.

For example, if you sell a mobile phone in your shopify store, when the company packs the phone, you can place a limited warranty purchase extended warranty card on the top of the package. The key is that it is a one-time offer and is set. The expiration date shows scarcity. Although not all consumers will purchase warranty delays, as long as some people see it, the company’s revenue will increase.

Interestingly, when you sell low-end physical products in Shopify store(less than $50), then offering discounts on products is also very effective.

Test the price of upsell products

Don’t think that you can make more money with upsell high-priced products, which is why shoe companies upsell socks and grocery stores upsell candy. These things are relatively cheap and have a high probability of being taken away. So although you don’t have as much sales per sale, you may be able to sell more and earn more.

If the products or services you sell can benefit from low-cost add-on products, it’s worth a try.

Test downsell

Downsell has a lot of ways. The first way is to provide a different low-priced product after the consumer rejects your upsell; the second method is to provide the same product, but then provide some additional offers to make the price look very valuble. Both methods are effective and are worth a try.

Consider the “problem solving done for you” service

Many times, consumers will ask you to help solve specific problems. When you give a suggestion, they will ask, “Can you help me solve this problem?”

If you have a viable off-the-shelf solution, you can make more money, or provide it in a paid form, upsell more products.

Don’t be afraid to offer high-priced upsell products

The above talked about a lot of low-end products on Shopify, their upsell and downsell are very effective. But for high-priced products, such an approach may also work. But to a large extent, it depends on your audience and market. In the case of selling high-priced products, the products you add to sell must be valuable and must be sold to consumers who can afford your products.

Upsell can differentiate your business by developing, testing and continuously refining your upsell and downsell strategies to increase revenue and profit. However, when you apply those sales strategies on Shopify, there are a few things to keep in mind:

Customer concern is always the first

Upselling and cross-selling are strategies for increasing sales, but if you do well, you can also increase customer loyalty and increase repurchase rates.

So, you should understand the customer’s needs and achieve this value by providing other products or features to improve the customer experience.

To put it simply, your means of sales promotion really helped the customers, and they felt that the choices you provided brought them great convenience.

However, if the customer thinks that your means of sales increase has nothing to do with their demand goals, and the choices you provide are not upgraded or invisible, this will cause bad customer experience.

Putting customers in the first place means that you are simply marketing and not selling, but giving customers the direction and choice of sales.

Do not overuse

If the promotion can bring convenience to customers, they are very willing to accept it, but if the promotion is excessive, it will make customers feel resentful, and no one will like to over-promote.

Excessive marketing also hurts the brand image on Shopify store, so even if it is sales, focus on improving the customer experience. Don’t give customers too many choices, too many choices will cause them to “choose difficult problems.”

It is recommended that you focus on promoting the most relevant and attractive products that customers purchase, and three or four will suffice.

Don’t be too expensive

The customer may choose a product with a higher value, but if it is too expensive than the product he originally intended to buy, he will easily give up.

Under normal circumstances, the value of the additional sales of goods should not exceed 1.25 times of the original goods, that is, the value of the additional sales is less than 25%.

If the original product is $100 on Shopify store, then the additional item is preferably less than $125. The up-sell value is less than 25%, which has the opportunity to increase the average order value without scaring customers away.

Demonstrate the value of upsell products

The sales of goods are simply listed, and they are not very convincing. Also let customers believe in the value of these products, it is recommended to add recommendations or customer reviews on the additional page, or send an email to list the value of the product to enhance their shopping enthusiasm.

Promote product lifecycle

Customers can be remarketed according to the life cycle of the product on Shopify store. For example, if you sell daily necessities and use up in 3 months, then you can send a sales letter to the customer after 3 months to give the customer a reminder. It makes it easy for customers to recall your brand and products, which increases the chances of repurchasing.


If the goal is to increase the value of a single purchase, then the more products the customer buys in the shopping cart, the better.

There are some incentives that can also be used for the purpose of sales promotion:

Set a consumption amount, and you can get free shipping when you reach it.

You can give a free gift card, discount or free post when you have a certain limit.

You can enjoy discounts when you purchase a few pieces.

About upsell, it can be divided into upsell before purchase and upsell after purchase, that is, it can be used for additional sales before the customer checks out, or can be added after the customer checks out.

The same is true for cross-selling, but what timing is best for using these sales strategies? Where can I use it? Let’s take a look at the details in the following.

It is most common to make upsells and cross-sells on product pages. For example, you might like, or recommended for you, seller recommendations, more to love.

If you are using shopify, the add-on product feature may be built into the theme of shopify.

At the same time, shopify’s theme store also has some software that can be used for upsell and cross-sell, such as OneClickUpsell, CartHook, Sweet Upsell, Product Upsell, etc.

Upsell and cross-sell during checkout

As shown in the figure, after I add a laptop to the shopping cart, I will jump to a cross-sell interface. The most common combination of this product is the following product portfolio (similar to bundled sales). This is to use cross-selling to increase the value of customers’ orders, and to provide customers with comprehensive product services.

Upsell and cross-sell in email

The first thing I want to say is that you must pay attention to email marketing as a shopify seller, because compared to social media, content marketing, and pay-per-click advertising, email marketing is the marketing method with the highest return on investment, and the return on investment reaches 4300%.

In email marketing, the open rate of purchase receipts is as high as 71%, which is much higher than the average open rate of emails. Since the purchase receipt email has such a high degree of participation, it is very suitable for sales promotion.

Try downsell when customer intends to leave the product page

Down-selling is not about recommending more expensive products to customers, but increasing sales by providing customers with more affordable and convenient downgrades.

The most common example is to update a fast 3C product. If the customer can’t afford the latest version of the Apple phone, you can recommend him a lower-priced product, such as last year’s model. This way customers have the opportunity to buy.

The downside of the downsell strategy is that it is both for the sake of customers and for making their sales methods more diverse and adaptable.

Stimulate customers purchase to increase sales

In fact, in addition to providing customers with related products or advanced (low-level) products, you can also set a consumption amount, reward for the amount of consumption, or provide free shipping services, which can also increase the average order value. In Shopify, you will often see a full-fledged activity, which is the means to stimulate customer spending.

The example is that you can get a free gift when you spend $50 or more, which is also a stimulus.

The plug-in Sales Motivator on Shopify can be used to set up such consumer stimuli. If the customer’s spending reaches a certain amount, you can choose to give them discounts, free shipping or free gifts.

The effect of these sales incentives is obvious, and sales can even increase by 15%. As long as you set up an automatic pop-up window, you can easily increase sales by existing customers.

The above are the strategies How to use upsell cross-sell and downsell to increase Shopify sales, you are welcome to leave your comments.

How to create best seller product marketing video for Shopify

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Everyone knows that if you want to increase the conversion rate for Shopify store, the product listing is definitely very important, so if the product is not only a picture and text, if you add a video introduction, the conversion rate will be greatly improved. Video marketing is nothing new, it has existed since the film and television era, but it has been a big success in the era of smartphones and social media.

While social media marketing plays an important role in any corporate marketing strategy, trends indicate that video is influential in all types of social media content. It turns out that social media videos are shared 12 times as often as images and text, and 64% of consumers buy products after watching branded videos on social media. Looking at emerging trends and statistics, video marketing should be the primary marketing tool for any marketer or business approach. Social media provides a great platform for businesses to take advantage of this growing trend of watching videos. Which types of product videos are most popular with clients?

You can use the following different types of videos on social media to create the best seller product video marketing for your Shopify store:

DIY videos

DIY video makes it easier for viewers to understand how to use products and services. These instructional videos include hands-on instruction or help the audience to do something independently.

These videos make it easy to showcase your product while helping your audience better understand the product. DIY videos are very appealing and can motivate viewers to find more information.

Product video

Product videos let consumers know about your products or services. Compared to text, viewers are more likely to understand and absorb the built-in information when watching videos.

The product video can include a solution video that tells the viewer what your product or service is, what it does for the viewer, and how to solve the problem for the viewer. The product can also be a demo video that demonstrates what the product is and what it can do with the product.

The third type of product video is a trailer, and the trailer can give a rough idea of the product and its functions. Product videos can be used to highlight product features, benefits, and uses. Trailers of product videos are essential when new products or services are introduced in the market because they help increase exposure and familiarize consumers with the product.


Vlog is equivalent to a video version of the blog. Vlog can be used to showcase your expertise and provide interesting information to your audience. Vlog also provides regular interaction with your audience to make them interested in your business and its products or services.

Vlog is a great way to re-use existing materials like blogs, popular social media posts, etc., and provide additional content for your social media without having to do much work. Vlog is very popular on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, etc. You can also post these on your Shopify store.

Customer review video

Customer review videos are important to Shopify sellers because they are more of a viewer’s attention because it presents product information and value from the perspective of the end user. These videos will show customers the connection between them and your brand or store personal experience.

At the same time, the audience will talk about who they are, why they use your products and how their products change their lives. Peer review helps to instill trust in the audience and transform them into customers, which can have a major impact on your brand awareness and return on investment.

Influencer video

As the name implies, this type of video is characterized by social media influencers from all walks of life, who may be chefs, business and technical experts.

For any Shopify sellers, it is a good strategy for influencers to talk about and recognize your brand or product in the video. Producing compelling videos with great coffee can give you a powerful influence on your target audience.

How to add video into Shopify product listing?

First of all, you can’t directly add local videos, which are introduced by third-party video sites.

The easiest way is to insert a video reference code starting with <iframe by clicking the video icon above the content editing erea. Here is an example of the most commonly used YouTube video.

Step 1: Click on the “Insert Video” button

Step 2: Right click on the code

Step 3: Insert the code into the text box and click on “Insert Video”

Done! Preview the page to see the display.

For new starters, what if they can not make the 5 types of product videos listed above? How to find product videos for Shopify store? The following ways for you as a reference.

Vendor or supplier

As the product video plays very important role, the vendor and suppliers also pay attention on it, they pay money to professional video making agency or company to make professional product videos, you can check and confirm with your suppliers if they provide product videos for you, also you can source products on Taobao, 1688, Aliexpress as well as other platforms for the product videos.

Social platforms

In addition to the B2B and B2C platforms, the social media also have many kind of product videos made by Shopify sellers, influencers. You can search product keyword on YouTube, Facebook, Tik tok etc. In order to avoid IP issue, you can modify a little with video editing software.

A good product video can not only help you to explain what kind of feature it has and how to operate, but also help you to make a pre-sale introduction.

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