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How to dropshipping from 1688 via shopify

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Dropshipping is a more and more popular eCommerce mode widely accepted by beginners as it does not require high startup funds, not need to prepare enough inventory in advance, not need to be packaged and shipped by itself, and is also very flexible and convenient to manage. It is also very popular among cross-border e-commerce sellers. For many new sellers, dropshipping is a very worthwhile attempt to try out the initial business strategy of cross-border e-commerce. In particular, the funds are relatively tight, and the time and energy are relatively limited. Dropshipping can reduce various risks of cross-border e-commerce to a certain extent. Lots of English sellers take advantage of Aliexpress for their dropshipping resource and focus on their eCommerce website marketing to get rich profits. Among all the dropshipping platforms, Shopify is the one of the most popular.

A seller from Ireland broadcasts via YouTube and use Shopify to make sales from 0 to 1000 dollars in 7 days, The seller has nothing but a credit card. The general process is like this: Step 1, goods selection, firstly find a more fashionable interest group in pinterest, many people like the lion, he chose the lion as the entry point, then source lion-related products on AliExpress and found many products. For example, lion bracelets, lion pendants, lion rings, lion pattern T-shirts, etc., after evaluating the performance of selected products and AliExpress stores, opened a store on Shopify, and registered a domain name to bind the store. Then he puts one of the Golden Lion Bracelets as a free gift to attract traffics, buyers can get it for free by paying the shipping fee only. Then Through a series of off-site marketing, facebook advertisements, mailing lists, etc., the website and store products were successfully promoted. After one week, they eventually earned more than 4,000 US dollars. Throughout the process, the seller did not participate in the package delivery, and did not touch the product in person, because all the orders generated were also processed by the AliExpress seller through Dropshipping.

This is a customary method of operating Shopify. The local purchase is not only costly, but also the freight is not cheap. If you package and ship the goods, the labor cost is very expensive, so take AliExpress as your own warehouse and use Dropshipping to deliver the goods. It is really worry-free and saves money for product sales. However, dropshipping from Aliexpress also has disadvantages due to the delivery, marketing purpose as well as other restrictions like no control measures for the whole process, low profits etc., more and more sellers start to dropship from 1688 via shopify.

What’s the advantages 1688 has for dropshipping compared to Aliexpress? 1688 has at least 10 times larger goods categories than Aliexpress with lower price. Lots of Aliexpress sellers import goods via 1688 and sell on Aliexpress, now 1688 released its cross border eCommerce market for small business dropship from China which dropshipping even more easier. However, Shopify sellers still need to face language issues, payment issues and as well as shipping issues when dropship from 1688 via Shopify as 1688 is a Chinese B2B website.

How to dropshipping from 1688 via shopify? You can find a dropshiping fulfillment agent like 86Deal to help dropship from 1688 via Shopify in the following steps:

  1. Sourcing. The biggest difficult sourcing on 1688 is the language issue, you may need to search goods on 1688 with long tail keywords for more precise search results and communicate with 1688 suppliers in Chinese for  more goods details information. However, you may only know translate keywords on google translate, the long tail keywords is not so easy to find to translate, the 1688 agent could help you easily solve this issue by know your requirements in details;
  2. Payment. 1688 currently only supports Alipay, Unionpay and other online payment methods which nearly all the English sellers cannot pay directly to dropship. 86Deal could help you easily solve the payment issue after confirmed the order on your shopify store, you can transfer the money in USD to agent Chinese bank account, they will order for you in Chinese Yuan,then export the shopify orders in CSV format to order one by one;
  3. Quality inspection. Once the goods arrived 86Deal warehouse, the staff will check the goods color, size and quantity and whether they have any flaws to decide whether ship or return to exchange which could help you lower down the potential dispute risk on Shopify;
  4. Shipping. 86Deal mainly dropship from China to overseas countries via ePacket and E-ems as they are relatively fast and cost effective. Once the goods being checked with no problem, 86Deal will pack the goods and import the order CSV file to China post shipping dashboard to print invoice and shipping. Then update on Shopify store, the order fulfillment procedure is done.

Dropshipping from 1688 via Shopify is easy, you only need to find a reliable dropshipping fulfillment agent to help you deal with the order, you can focus on shopify store marketing via facebook, Instagram, YouTube or other social networks. No more goods stocks, all the orders can be handled by the dropshipping fulfillment agent in China, it could greatly lower down the dropshipping cost and increase order fulfillment efficiency.

1688 released cross border eCommerce market for small business dropship from China

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Have you ever suffered sourcing high quality goods with low price for dropshipping business? In 2018 Alibaba’s B2B wholesale platform 1688 officially launched on the cross-border eCommerce supply source market for small business sellers dropship from China.  The cross-border market are mainly for small and medium-sized businesses that open stores on AliExpress, Amazon, Wish, Shopify and other platforms dropship from China. The products currently supplied mainly include clothing accessories, home textiles, digital home appliances and sports outdoor as well as other goods categories.

Of course, compared with the domestic e-commerce sellers in China, there is still a big difference in the demand og goods for cross-border dropshipping sellers. The Cross-border e-commerce sellers have different requirements in terms of supply inventory, quality and stability, delivery speed, and goods photo data package as well as distribution. Therefore, the cross-border eCommerce market filtered goods and suppliers suitable for dropshipping sellers based on the abundant supply on the 1688 platform.

At present, 1688 has filtered millions of goods in the cross border eCommerce market for small business sellers. In the first phase it selected 100,000 items into the cross-border supply source market, and the source library will be continuously expanded in the future.

1688 has been a major supply channel for China’s cross-border export sellers, in the future, it will also be a major source market for the overseas dropshippers and wholesalers. According to Payoneer research,  in the supply channels of China’s export e-commerce sellers using Payoneer, 1688, Taobao, Tmall, and AliExpress accounted for 53%. A veteran AliExpress seller says, they used to find new products and factories on 1688 and then negotiating OEM processing, due to there are too many products on 1688,  developing new products is relatively difficult, now the new 1688 cross-border channel could effectively reduce the difficulty of developing new products for Aliexpress, eBay, Amazon, Shopify, Wish and other store sellers.

How to take advantage of the 1688 cross border eCommerce market to source goods for dropshipping business? It is easy enough, all you need to do is to view the 1688 cross border eCommerce market and view goods based on your dropshipping goods niche, there you can find the hotsale goods for dropshipping.

Once you found the right goods for your store, you need to find a Chinese dropshipping fulfillment agent to help you order, ship goods from China to clients worldwide.  The agent usually offer the following fulfillment services:

Sourcing goods. Although you can sourcing goods yourself, you still have difficulty if you are not good at Chinese language and search skills, an agent could help you effectively sourcing goods and suppliers.

Purchasing goods.  As a dropshipper overseas you may have payment issue import from 1688 as it only offers Alipay,  Unionpay and other online payment methods which doesn’t support paypal and international credit card. The agent could help you negotiate and bargain with suppliers and pay for the goods.

Quality check. That’s the most important thing for your dropshipping business as there’s no quality control measures if you dropship from Aliexpress which will potentially affect the user experience and store credits.

Consolidation. The fulfillment agent could help you consolidate goods order from multiple suppliers into one to ship to your clients so that the clients do not have to wait long time to receive multiple packages from different suppliers.

Labeling and branding. For private label sellers and dropshippers who want to remove supplier info it is a great service, the dropshipping fulfillment agent could help you remove supplier tags and attach your customize label and logo for brand marketing purpose.

Shipping. ePacket is always the first choice for dropshipping as it is cheap enough and relatively faster than China post air mail service. The dropshipping fulfillment agent will ship for you and fill the tracking number on your store which could help you focus on store marketing.

Do you need high quality goods with cheaper price on 1688? Do you know how to import hotsale dropshipping goods from 1688 cross border eCommerce market? Please inquire 86Deal for dropshipping fulfillment solutions for your eBay, Amazon, Wish, Shopify stores.

2018 top 7 hot sale dropshipping goods on 1688

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What’s the most popular goods on 1688 suitable for dropshipping? We’ve been frequently asked by new dropshipping clients after we released the article how to search hotsale dropshipping goods on 1688. In this article we list the top 7 hot sale dropshipping goods on 1688 which are very creative and trendy in the USA and EU markets, you can take them as a reference for your dropshipping business.

Top1. Bow Ties

With the development of the fashion industry, men’s bow tie has become more and more popular. from Google Trends, in the past three years, the search for “men’s bow tie” has almost tripled. This trend is not only reflected in the bow tie, but also the attention of men to dress and appearance. There is also good news from Shopify data, the increasing number of male online shoppers in the USA and EU countries, which is good news for the sellers of the menswear industry.

Top2. Pocket Square 

After understanding the heat of the bow tie, in order to further analyze the male fashion accessories market, we paid attention to many fashion bloggers on Twitter. We found that not only the bow tie, but also a male fashion accessory is in hot sale– pocket square.

After searching for “Pocket Square” in Google Trends, we will find that it is even more hot than the bow tie in recent years. The square scarf in the pocket is perfect to match the suit. Some good quality square towels can be sold for 60$ on Shopify, eBay and Amazon, while the cost of pocket square on 1688 is cheap enough, which can bring a very good profit.

Another advantage of the accessories such as squares and bow ties is that they are usually in small size and volume the shipping cost is very low while they can be worn with a wide variety of shirts and suits, making them ideal for online sale.

Top3. Wooden sunglasses

Who can imagine we originally found this item on the Alibaba website. Searching for “wooden sunglasses”, we found 22,603 items sold by 555 sellers, and there is a huge demand behind the large supply. In order to confirm our doubt, we used Google Trend to search and found that this is a very new product, which will continue to grow almost every year. And we can clearly see that the wooden sunglasses are affected by seasonal factors.

Top4. Wooden watch

After the wooden sunglasses, we suspect that there may be some similar wooden products that are popular. Finally, we found these wooden watches at Kickstarter. From the google trend chart, we can see that the wooden watch is not a new product, it has appeared a few years ago, and the trend of the two years has slowed down. However, the overall trend is still in the upward trend. Is there still a chance for this product? We may need to verify it ourselves.

Top5. Close-fitting pants

In addition to men’s fashion accessories, we also found a lot of women’s fashion items, which have not been reduced in the past few years.

We found some tights in Outblush, and the style is bold and eye-catching. From GoogleTrend, The search for tight pants has been rising strongly after eliminating the influence of seasonal factors.

Top6. E-cigarette

E-cigarettes have a huge market for demand. E-cigarettes are electronic atomization devices that simulate the state and scene of smoking. Although e-cigarettes are now ubiquitous, Forbes has an article devoted to analyzing the market prospects of e-cigarettes. As a very new category, e-cigarettes are attracting the attention of regulators, and the market entry threshold will become higher and higher.

Top7. Electronic cigarette liquid or iqos 

During sourcing e-cigarette data, we unexpectedly found a section dedicated to how to DIY e-liquids in Reddit. The trend of e-liquid and e-cigarettes is closely related, and we see some business opportunities from its strong growth. However, it may have unstable factors dropshipping from China 1688 due to it contains liquids which being strictly checked during customs clearance.

The above are the Top7 hot sale dropshipping goods which you easily find on 1688. The first way is to try photo search, once you found hot sale goods on Amazon, Shopify, eBay and Wish as well as other platforms, you can copy the photos to upload on 1688, you can find the same goods with various results, then you need to filter with price, supplier credits, user repeat buying rates etc. Another way you can follow the instructions how to search hot sale goods on 1688 on 86Deal, not only that goods, you can also find alternative hotsale goods as a reference dropshipping from China.

How to dropship cosmetics from China 1688

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When you ship cosmetics from China you will find it is very hard to find Chinese shipping agent to ship them due to the cosmetics are nearly all composited by liquids, cream, oil,gas and powder which restricted strictly by IATA. What you do if you dropship cosmetics from China? Actually only small parts of cosmetics contains high concentration alcohol,gas which are flammable cannot ship China via international courier service. Once you divided the cosmetics categories you will know how to dropship cosmetics from China 1688.

The cosmetics can be divided into the following types:

CategoryCosmetics name
LiquidsFacial cleansers, body washes, shampoos, lotions, perfumes, skin cleansers, make-up removers, serums, hair removers, hair dyes, foundations, eyeliners, toners, conditioning waters, liquid bases, false eyelashes , T zone oil balance control, Hair Care, Essence Milk, Facial Cleansers, Hair Damps, Shampoo & Conditioner, Lotion, Moisturizer, Isolation Milk, Nourishing Body Milk, Body Lotion, Shampoo, Anti-wrinkle Moisturizer, Anti-wrinkle Essence, Vitamin C Live Skin Essence, Replenishing Essence, Dark Eye Repair Serum, Essence
CreamCreams, foundations, concealers, mousses, hair creams, hair gels, creams, make-up creams, exfoliating lip masks, acne creams, exfoliating creams, aloe vera gel, styling gels, moisturizing gels Glue, elastin, hair wax, hair mud, hair mask, foot mask; mask, scrub, shaving cream, eye cream, sunscreen, cream, foundation, powder cream CC cream, lard cream, BB cream, concealer , repairing cream, concealer pen, mascara, exfoliating lip mask, lip balm, moisturizing cream, hand scrub, hand cream, softening scrub, chest care cream, repairing night dew, licking ointment
OilCleansing Oil, Emollient Oil, Pomade, Essence Oil, Nail Gel
Solidmakeup box, lipstick, lip gloss, lipstick, lip balm, lip gloss, Eyebrow pencil, eyebrow powder, eyeshadow, blush (partially solid), lip liner, soap, powder, eyebrow pencil, eyebrow powder, eye shadow, eye shadow disc, highlights, eyeliner, eye highlighter, lip liner, eyelash curler Eyebrows, Eyebrows, Trimming Brushes, Mascara Brushes, Powder Puffs, Makeup Sponges, Cleansing Cotton, Silkworms, Dyeing Eyebrows, Eyelashes, Blush Brushes, Eye Shadow Brushes, Lip Brushes, Manicure Tools, rouge
GasSun Spray, Moisturizing Spray, Hairspray etc.
PowderAroma powder, cleansing powder, makeup powder

You just need to pay attention to the liquids, gas and powder cosmetics, other cosmetics can be dropship from China.

What kind of courier service could help you dropship cosmetics from China?

EMS, DHL, FedEx, TNT and even some line deals could ship cosmetics even liquid cosmetics.

You can dropship cosmetics from china via the following steps:

  1. Confirm the dropshipping cosmetics type, weight, shipping country with Chinese shipping agent whether it can be shipped or not and estimate shipping cost;
  2. Order cosmetics on taobao or 1688 yourself or via purchasing agent and leave shipping agent warehouse address and update tracking number;
  3. Confirm cosmetics status with QC photos in case some damaged during shipping;
  4. Provide shipping address, receipt, phone, post code as well as declare value after paid;
  5. The shipping agent will provide tracking number for you to track, the cosmetics package will be delivered after it arrived destination country and finished customs clearance.

What you need to pay attention when dropship cosmetics from China 1688:

  1. Donot dropship famous brands cosmetics due to most of them are reps and it may have high tax on the destination country customs;
  2. Ask the shipping agent to pack tightly in case damage during international shipping;
  3. Divide large package cosmetics into small packages to increase pass rates during customs clearance;

Please feel free to comment if you have any questions on how to dropship cosmetics from China 1688 and taobao.


How to dropship lithium battery goods from China

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Have you ever met electronic goods like digital watches, blue-tooth speakers stuck at the airport when dropship them from China via China Post ePacket or other courier services? Have you ever rejected by the shipping agent when you ship lithium battery goods from China? Why? Because the lithium batteries being listed as contraband goods by IATA (International Air Transport Association) due to batteries are combustible and leaky items threat the flight security. Thus the Civil Aviation Administration of China issued the Notice on Strengthening the Safe Air Transport of Lithium Batteries in Packages shipping from China, which explicitly prohibits the air transport of items with batteries, especially lithium batteries. Because our mobile phones, laptops, and cameras are all equipped with lithium batteries, and mobile power is also a lithium battery for rechargeable batteries. In order to avoid accidents and protect the safety of passengers’ lives and property,  power bank is also a lithium battery for rechargeable batteries. In order to avoid accidents lithium batteries for electronic devices such as mobile phones or laptops are prohibited in packages shipping from China. How to dropship lithium battery goods from China?

In fact, the battery goods can be dropshipped from China, but it need to meet the airline’s requirements for dangerous goods shipping. For example, the battery goods need to be packaged respectively under certain quantities. Exceeded parts need to be divided in several packages and need to declare for customs clearance in details. Lithium batteries in portable electronic devices such as cameras, laptops, camcorders, etc., which are installed in equipment and have a lithium content of less than 100 wh (watt hours), can be carried around or handled; lithium content is 100 wh but not more than 160 wh. Lithium batteries must be approved by the airline and carried. Spare batteries must be individually insulated and can only be carried in hand luggage. Lithium batteries exceeding 160wh are strictly prohibited.

How do we ship lithium battery goods via international courier service? It based on each period, each courier service under the air freight rules whether it can be shipped battery goods or not. 86Deal specializes in serving domestic and international foreign sellers engaged in online platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Dunhuang, and Alibaba, and cooperated with Hongkong Post, China Post, Swiss Post, Royal Mail, Singapore Post and International Express DHL, UPS, TNT , FedEx as well as other line deals to provide professional logistics and supporting services for lithium battery goods dropshipping from China.

What do we need to pay attention to when ship battery goods via international courier service? As long as the supplier or shipping agent could provide a MSDS report for the battery goods and them are being perfectly packed separately, the lithium battery goods can be shipped via international courier service like DHL, FedEx etc.

There following are the packing requirements for the lithium battery goods:

  1. Each lithium battery need to be packed respectively, each box maximum pack 2 batteries; the inner box need to be sealed tightly and there’s no sound when shake the inner and outer box, single box battery weight cannot exceed 10 kg;
  2. The power bank must be packed according to the pure battery packing standard. Maximum 2 power banks in one box;
  3. Outer box packaging requirements: outer packaging must be tough and clean, plastic bags and file packs as well as other soft packaging are not allowed, carton ears cannot be cut;
  4. Document requirements: The waybills, checklists, MSDS and invoices are marked with the type of battery (lithium battery), type (PI965-PI968), power (current * voltage);
  5. All the batteries need to have a battery type, model, voltage and capacity, power can not exceed 100WH. The calculation method of the power: The capacity AH* voltage V is less than 100WH, dry battery is packed alone, one does not exceed 10 kg;
  6. The battery within 2.7WH does not limit the number of batteries but one package cannot exceed 2.5 kg;
  7. 2.7WH-20WH battery need to be packed in the inner box, an inner box of 8 batteries, can not exceed 10 kg;
  8. 20WH-100WH battery also need to be installed inside the box, an inner box can only hold 2 batteries, weight can not exceed 10 kg.

You are welcome to inquiry if you need to dropship lithium battery goods from China.


How to search hotsale goods on 1688

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Search goods on 1688 is a big challenge for dropshipper who do not know Chinese and 1688 rules well, not to mention how to search hotsale goods on 1688. To respond the one belt one road policy of the China goverment, 1688 as a B2B online platform it encourages more and more factories and suppliers provide high quality goods for the cross border eCommerce industry. Which means those goods with high quality and latest industrial design not only available for Chinese sellers but also for the eCommerce seller overseas. How to find those hot sale goods for dropshipping? We would like to share a few tips to help you source goods on 1688.

Due to 1688 is in Chinese language you need to translate goods name into Chinese then search on 1688, so the first tip is to translate niche goods into Chinese, for example, you are dropshipping lady fashion and focus on dress, you may need to translate dress into Chinese which is 连衣裙, please only translate the goods name instead of goods keywords, it doesn’t work.

The how you search hot sale dress on 1688? You need add more keywords and translate them into Chinese. The second tips is to add keywords hot sale, which in Chinese is 爆款, then you can search 爆款连衣裙 in 1688 and you will find there are still too many search results which might take long time to filter.

So the 3rd tips is add qualifiers to locate more accurate results for the dress. For example, you can cross border related keywords like 外贸(foreign trade), 跨境电商专供(cross boarder only),速卖通(Aliexpress), 亚马逊(Amazon),Wish, eBay  as well as 欧美(Euro America)keywords.  Then you will have the following keywords 外贸爆款连衣裙,跨境电商爆款连衣裙,速卖通爆款连衣裙,亚马逊爆款连衣裙,Wish爆款连衣裙,欧美爆款连衣裙 which might more accurate for your desired hot sale dress. In addition, you can also add time keyword like 2108, 夏季(summer)dress material keywords etc.

Then you are ready to select the right style and click the dress description, compare price, seller credits to select suppliers one by one. So basically it only takes 4 steps to search hot sale goods on 1688 for your store. No matter what kind of goods you want to dropship you can search the hot sale goods on 1688 via the 4 steps above.

However, search goods is only the first step for cross border dropshipping, the next step is how to pay for the supplier and fulfill the dropshipping order shipping from China to your clients. 86Deal is a professional dropshipping order fulfillment agent to help you ship goods from China to worldwide countries, our dropshipping fulfillment service include:

1688 sourcing service

Purchasing service

Stock service

Quality check service

Packing service

Label service

Shipping service

You are welcome to inquiry 1688 dropshipping fulfillment service via [email protected]

Aliexpress VS 1688 which is better for dropshipping

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Aliexpress used to be a very good platform for Ebay, Amazon and shopify sellers dropshipping from China, however, more and more small business dropship from 1688 along with cross boarder policy promoted by Alibaba group. Aliexpress VS 1688, which is better for dropshipping? We will compare the 2 dropshipping platforms based on their goods category, payment method, shipping methods to reveal the advantages and disadvantages of 1688 and Aliexpress to see how small business could take advantages of these 2 dropshipping platforms to grow their business.

Firstly we’d like to introduce Aliexpress and 1688 as well as their difference for people new to dropshipping business. AliExpress was formally launched in April 2010, which is the only online trading platform created by Alibaba for the global market. It is called “International Taobao” by a large number of sellers. It is the third largest English online shopping site in the world. 1688 also known as which focuses on the wholesale and purchasing business. Through specialized operations, it improves customer experience and fully optimizes the business model of corporate e-commerce. At present, 1688 has covered 16 major categories, including raw materials, industrial products, apparel, home department stores, and small commodities, and provides a series of supply services from raw material procurement, production and processing, and wholesale.

We will compare the pros and cons of Aliexpress and 1688 in 6 different ways include language, goods category, payment methods,  quality control,shipping delivery time and cost.


Aliexpress is in english which is very easy for dropshipper to search and communicate with suppliers, while 1688 is in Chinese, for small business who dont know Chinese well may have difficult to search goods, read goods description, filter goods as well as communicate with suppliers for more dropshipping details, which takes longer time

Compared to 1688, Aliexpress is more easier for small business to start dropshipping business as it is in English language.

Goods category

Aliexpress also called English Taobao, it is a B2C website, currently it is around 0.3 million sellers with around 100 million good list, it covers garments, 3C, home, accessories, etc. a total of 30 primary industry categories, while 1688 covers raw materials, industrial products, apparel, home department stores, small commodities and other 16 industry categories which at least 10 times scale as Aliexpress for the goods categories.

Compared to Aliexpress, 1688 has wider choice of goods categories and cheaper price for cross border dropshipping business.

Payment methods

Currently Aliexpress supports credit cards, WebMoney (WM), TT remittance, Western Union, Qiwi wallet and paypal while 1688 supports Alipay (Chinese people only), and Chinese bank online payment, unionpay and bank transfer. Small business could easily pay on Aliexpress if you have a credit card.

However, 1688 doesn’t allow small business overseas pay online even you have international Alipay account. Which means if you want to dropship from 1688 you need to find a 1688 agent to help you pay for the goods.

Quality Control

The quality is one of the most concern by the small business dropshipping from China. When you dropship from Aliexpress, the quality control mainly conducted by the supplier which might be a little subjective, once your clients received the goods if they are not satisfied which might be fatal to the dropshipping business while you can hardly return them back due to the shipping fee as well as Aliexpress policy.

If you choose a reliable agent to help you dropship from 1688, they may take you photos or videos to help you confirm the quality and texture, you will have briefly idea about the goods quality before dropshipping. If goods quality doesn’t good enough they can be returned to the supplier for better quality to save time and money and prevent potential dispute caused by the quality.

Shipping delivery

Aliexpress default delivery service is usually China post air mail, epacket, e-ems and dhl etc. which basically has no difference with 1688 dropshipping. But Aliexpress has free shipping option and the shipping service is slightly cheaper.

From the other aspect, 1688 agent could help dropshipper consolidate multiple goods into one order to ship to clients from multiple suppliers, while Aliexpress need to receive multiple times which doesn’t offer good user experience.

Dropshipping cost

The dropshipping cost is the main concern for small business, from the information above, Aliexpress dropshipping cost is definitely cheaper than 1688 as it has less steps. For beginners Aliexpress is absolutely the first choice to save dropshipping cost as you only need to pay the goods cost and select free shipping service, while you choose 1688 dropshipping you may need to pay the goods price, domestic shipping, agent fee, international shipping fee as well as the currency fee.

What’s the advantages of dropshipping from 1688? I think it is more suitable for the dropshipper who want to grow their business with better user experiences in a few aspects. Firstly, dropshipper could wholesale from manufacture directly to lower down goods cost with better quality; secondly, 1688 agent could help double check goods quality to lower down the dispute rates for better user experience; thirdly, 1688 agent could help dropshipper consolidate multiple goods from suppliers into one order and label or branding their packaging for marketing purpose and choose shipping courier flexibly.

The total cost of 1688 dropshipping might be slightly higher than Aliexpress but it definitely provides better user experience as well as brand marketing strategy to help dropshipper grow their business in long terms.

In short, Aliexpress dropshipping is more suitable for beginners who wants to save cost while 1688 dropshipping is more suitable for private label dropshipper who want to build their marketing strategy.

Aliexpress VS 1688 which is better for dropshipping? Now you may have an answer in your mind.


China Post Airmail ePacket E-ems which is the best way dropshipping from China

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The shipping cost is absolutely one of the biggest concern when dropship from China as the shipping cost doesn’t cheap. Small business especially the beginners who drop ship from China prefer the cheapest way for goods shipping from China to keep their goods price more competitive. Among all the courier service shipping from China, China post airmail, ePacket and E-ems are the most popular dropshipping delivery courier widely used in the cross border eCommerce business. Which is the best way for goods dropshipping from China among China post airmail, ePacket and E-ems?

Advantages and disadvantages of China post airmail for goods dropshipping from China


Low shipping rates. China post is the cheapest way for goods dropshipping from China, the shipping rates is low and first weight is 50 g, continue weight is 1 g;

Worldwide delivery. China post airmail takes advantage of the post office worldwide to deliver goods, as long as there has a post office near you, the package can be delivered.

multiple dropshipping platform supported. China post airmail currently support Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Wish as well as many dropshipping platforms, small business could import and export orders freely.


Slow delivery. The cons of China post airmail for dropshipping is that the goods delivery usually takes more than 1 month, sometimes it may take around 3 months.

Unstable. Since the delivery takes too long time, the package lost rates is higher than other courier service.

No compensation. You cannot get compensation once the package lost.

In addition, there are also weight volume restrictions for China post airmail dropshipping from China.

Advantages and disadvantages of ePacket for goods dropshipping from China


Affordable. ePacket is designed for cross border dropshipping business. It starts with 50 g then continue with 1 g, the shipping cost as low as 0.02 yuan/g to 0.09 yuan/g based on different countries;

Faster delivery. Compare to China post airmail, ePacket delivery is faster, it usually takes 10 to 20 working days delivery worldwide;

Can be tracked. Like EMS and other courier service, ePacket also have tracking number to track the goods delivery status.

In addition, ePacket can be perfectly integrated with eBay, Wish and Aliexpress platforms, easy to operate.


Country restriction. Currently ePacket only supports goods dropship from China to USA, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Singapore and other 29 countries, which means it doesn’t available all countries in the world.

Thus if you want to dropship with ePacket from 1688 and Taobao you should check whether your clients country under ePacket delivery range, also you can select your target clients based on ePacket delivery countries as they are the most active countries dropship from China.

Except the country restriction, there are also weight volume restrictions of ePacket. You may check carefully then confirm goods volume weight before dropshipping.

Advantages and disadvantages of E-ems for goods dropshipping from China

Similar to ePacket, E-ems is also designed for cross border eCommerce shipping from China, but it focuses on heavy weight with large volume goods, it’s a kind of supplement of ePacket.


Fast delivery. Compare to China post airmail and ePacket, E-ems is the fastest way for goods dropship from China, it usually takes 5 to 10 working days for goods ship worldwide.

Larger weight and volume. Unlike the 2 kg weight restriction of ePacket and China post airmail, E-ems supports 20 kg to 50 kg goods shipping from China with bigger volume.

Besides, it is relatively stable and safe due to its fast delivery compared to China post airmail and ePacket. It also can be integrated with Wish, Shopify and eBay, Aliexpress platforms.


Country restriction. E-ems only supports dropship from China to 18 countries include USA, Canada, UK, Spain, India, Taiwan etc.

High cost. Compared to China post airmail and ePacket, the shipping rates of E-ems is high.

When you choose E-ems dropship from China, you should check its delivery countries and shipping rates to evaluate the dropshipping cost.

After you compared the pros and cons of China post airmail, ePacket and E-ems, you may know the best way for goods dropship from China.

What‘s the best air mail small package service can be used dropshipping from China

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The air mail is the most commonly ways for small goods dropshipping from China as it is economical way for goods shipping from China, thus it is widely used by Aliexpress, Amazon, Shopify, Wish and eBay sellers. Lots of dropshippers may wonder how many air mail service available and What‘s the best air mail small package service can be used dropshipping from China.

What is airmail small package?

The airmail small package refers to package weight is less than 2kg, the sum of length, width and height of the package are less than 90 cm and the longest side is less than 60 cm.  The international small parcels are divided into two kinds: ordinary air mail (non-registered) and registered (Registered Air Mail). The former has a lower rate, and China Post does not provide tracking and inquiry services. The latter has a slightly higher rate and can provide online tracking and inquiry services. The electronic products, jewelry accessories, clothing, and crafts that are sold by Aliexpress eBay sellers can be shipped in this way.

At present, the common international small parcel shipping channels are: China Post parcels, Singapore postal parcels, and Hong Kong Post parcels. Among them, the Hongkong Post small package service is the most popular as which is the most stable and the after-sale inquiry is standardized, but the price is high. The price of China Post’s small parcels is relatively low, but the delivery time is not stable, and the length of post-sale inquiries takes long time and there is basically no compensation for lost package.

China post air mail dropshipping

China Post small parcel service is an international postal parcel service released by China Post and belongs to the category of China Post’s air parcels. It is an economical international express mail service project. It consists of two services, China Post Registration and normall airmail service.

China post air mail shipping rates

(1)China Post small packages are billed on a piece-by-piece basis. When charging, the world countries are divided into 3 billing areas. Different agents have different discounts and registration fees/processing fees;

(2) The small parcel usually will not generate tariffs or customs clearance fees, but it may generate import tariffs when importing in destination countries, depending on the provisions of the customs tax laws of each country.

China post air mail delivery time

(1) The processing time of the postal parcel agency is different. You can ask when it will be delivered to the China Post Office. The registered postal parcels of China Post can be queried online on the same day.

(2) The specific postal time of China Post parcels must be decided according to the postal processing speeds of various countries and customs clearance. The reference time is as follows:

● 5 to 10 working days to China neighboring countries in Asia;

● 7 to 15 days in major countries in Europe and America;

● 7~30 days in other regions and countries.

But based on our experience it is usually taking longer time.

How to tracking China Post small parcel service?

(1) You can track via China Post official website;

(2) One month after the parcel was sent out, if the customer still hasn’t received it, the customer can submit the inquiry request to China Post. At the same time, it needs to fill in the post office inquiry form. The post office in China will normally reply in 3-6 months. China Post ordinary parcel does not provide inquiries.

China Post airmail package volume weight restriction

(1) China Post airmail package weight restrition: parcels weight limit weight to 2 kg;

(2) China Post Packet Size Limit:
• Non-cylindrical goods: length + width + height ≤ 90 cm, longest side length ≤ 60 cm, length ≥ 14 cm, width ≥ 9 cm;
• Cylindrical goods: 2* diameter + length ≤ 104 cm, length ≤ 90 cm, 2* diameter + length ≥ 17 cm, length ≥ 10 cm.

Compensation and insurance of China Post airmail package service

(1) The post office shall evaluate the value of the compensation goods according to the declared value, maximum compensation is 311 RMB, the registration fee will not be refunded, and the final compensation amount shall be based on the post office compensation standard;

(2) The post office shall pay 2 or 3 times of the freight shipping fee. The register fee will not be refunded. The final compensation amount shall be based on the post office compensation standard;

3) If the parcel is confirmed as detained by the Customs, the shipping and registration fee will not be refunded.

HongKong Post small package service

The Hongkong Post small package service is an airmail product designed by Hongkong Post for small goods dropshipping from China. It is another international small parcelshipping solution provides for e-commerce sellers. The Hongkong Post packet contains two types of service products, registered mail and postal mail. It is particularly suitable for online sellers to post light weight and small volume items. At present, there are many eBay and Aliexpress sellers in mainland China choose to ship goods from China through Hongkong Post small parcel service.

Advantages of HongKong Post small package service

(1) Affordable. Compared with other courier service (such as EMS, DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT, etc.), the small package shipping rates has an absolute price advantage;

(2) Fast delivery, low packet loss rates. The packages will be sent to the Hongkong Post Airport Airmail Center without extra forwarding steps, which not only saving delivery time and also reducing the rate of packet loss. The processing time of Hongkong Post parcels only takes 1-3 days, which is far better than China Post registered parcels;

(3) Convenient. Hongkong Post small parcels can deliver products to customers in almost any country or region in the world. As long as there are post offices, they can be delivered, which greatly expands the market space for foreign trade sellers;

(4) The shipping rates is globally uniform, no first weight and continue weight, which greatly simplifies the freight accounting and cost control;

(5) Security. You can inquire about the posting records, the postal status of the tracking mail and the compensation via email. The recipient is required to sign and confirm parcel which is more secure.

HongKong Post air mail shipping rates

You can check the shipping rates on and confirm with agent in China;

Hong Kong postal parcels will not generate tariffs or customs clearance fees, but they may have import duties when they are imported from destination countries, depending on the customs tax regulations of each country.

Volume and weight restriction of HongKong Post Airmail service

weight restriction:
Small parcel weight limit 2 kg, printing goods weight limit 5 kg;

Volume restriction:
Non-cylindrical goods: length + width + height ≤ 90 cm, unilateral length ≤ 60 cm, length ≥ 14 cm, width ≥ 9 cm;

Cylindrical goods: 2* diameter + length ≤ 104 cm, length ≤ 90 cm, 2* diameter + length ≥ 17 cm, length ≥ 10 cm.

Compensation of HongKong Post Airmail service 

(1) You will not be able to obtain compensation for the postal package lost. For example, in Italy, Nigeria and other countries, the packet loss rate is very high. So just use registration or express delivery instead;

(2) HongKong Post Airmail service compensation is according to the declared value of goods, but the maximum value not more than 320HKD, shipping fee will be returned instead of the registration fees;

(3) Hongkong Post parcels temporarily do not provide insurance services.

Singapore Post airmail service

Singapore Post Parcel Service is a global postal parcel service operated by Singapore Post. It includes registration mail and parcel mail. Both Singapore Post and Hong Kong small package service are for small items that can be sent to various postal locations around the world.

Advantages of Singapore Post airmail service

(1) Reasonable price. Compared with other courier service (such as DHL, UPS, Fedex, TNT, etc.), the small package service has absolute price advantages;

(2) Courier advantages. Direct flights from Shenzhen to Singapore, and then from Singapore to multiple countries around the world, no need customs clearance in Singapore;

(3) Security. The international parcel service provided by Singapore Post is a world-renowned quality product. It takes only 10 to 18 working days for the normal transit time to arrive in most countries, and low shipping rates, fast and safe.

Shipping rates of Singapore Post airmail service

Postal mail: 100 yuan/kg+2 yuan/piece (processing fee)
Registered mail: 120 yuan/kg+2 yuan/piece (processing fee) +12 yuan/piece (registered fee)

Tariffs, clearance fees, etc.

Singapore postal parcels will not generate tariffs or customs clearance fees, but they may be subject to import tariffs when they are imported from destination countries, depending on the customs tax regulations of each country.

Singapore Post airmail tracking 

The register mail can be tracked on Singapore Post official website while the postal mail cannot being tracked;

If you need to inquire about registered packages, please submit the query request to the agent. The Singapore Post Office usually responds in 2 weeks – 3 months; postal mail does not provide inquiries.

What’s the advantages of small package service for dropshipping?

It mainly has 3 advantages for airmail service dropshipping from China:

Delivery worldwide. The small parcel service can be sent to almost all countries and regions in the world where there is a post office near you.

Low cost. Compared to other courier services (such as EMS, DHL, UPS, Fedex, TNT, etc.), the small parcel service has an absolute low price advantage. Using this method of delivery can minimize costs and increase price competitiveness.

Simplicity. Air mail service are convenient to hand over, and the shipping rates are uniform globally, without the first and continue weight, which greatly simplifies freight accounting and cost control.





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