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How to succeed on Shopify dropshipping without high ads budget

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Today, more than 1,000,000 online merchants sell through Shopify, and from the successful Shopify stores, we can find a lot of inspiration, especially in marketing strategies and techniques to create best seller products on Shopify store. While competing with many rivals can be frustrated at first, a number of successful Shopify stores offer guidance on how to set up their own online store guide to create best seller products. Let’s analyze the successful Shopify stores and see what the secrets of their success.

What are the most popular stores on Shopify?

Shopify’s inspirational and successful store offers a wealth of exciting stories for online merchants looking for competitive advantage. Some of the most prominent stores on Shopify currently include:

1、SkinnyMe Tea

2、Taylor Stitch

3、M2S Bikes


5、WP Standard

6、Ratio Coffee


8、Marc Wenn

Let’s take a brief look at these stores and better understand the key factors that make them successful on the platform.

SkinnyMe Tea: Integration with Facebook Messenger

The Australian brand SkinnyMe Tea offers healthy, detoxified tea products. Their success is largely due to the effective use of Facebook Messenger on their websites. They strategically placed the Facebook Messenger button on the store’s home page, allowing users to access a customized sales channel with a single click, and the company uses the channel to drive sales and build trust with customers.

This feature provides customers with a unique on-demand shopping experience, convenient customer support and direct communication with the brand.

Key points:

● Seamless integration of Facebook Messenger

● Ability to quickly display many products to customers and answer any questions they may ask

● Customize the sales funnel with chat bots and connect directly to the Shopify checkout portal

Taylor Stitch: Optimizing the mobile experience

Taylor Stitch is a fast-growing menswear brand that performs well in optimizing mobile e-commerce. The company’s mobile-friendly website, engaging visuals and intuitive user experience make it a leader in the menswear industry with its customer-focused, forward-thinking e-business mindset.

Key points:

● Optimize the mobile shopping experience

●Simple and elegant website design

●High quality website image

● Intuitive user experience and clear CTA button

M2S Bikes: Effective shopping cart abandon solution

While pop-up ads can be disruptive and annoying to most consumers, the electric bike brand M2S bike can use them skillfully to reduce shopping cart abandonment, creating more than $50,000 in sales in just 50 days. .

Their secret is to strategically lock visitors through pop-ups and offer a 10% discount to visitors who just come back to complete the purchase.

Key points:

● Targeted pop-ups based on consumer behavior that gives up on purchases

●Customers who provide discount codes to customers who return to complete the purchase

Untuckit: Successful product promotion program

Untuckit is a casual menswear brand that has achieved amazing success in the near future. Knowing that most people believe in recommendations from family and friends, the store has significantly increased inbound traffic by providing referral incentives.

Key points:

●Simplified recommendation plan

● Recommend incentives to encourage consumers to disseminate information

WP Standard: Simple and effective website design

Shopify designed the award-winning leather product brand WP Standard to prove the principle of “less is more”. The company’s website offers a simple but elegant design that is visually appealing. This approach brings a lot of traffic to the site and makes it easier for users around the world to access the site.

Key points:

● “Small and beautiful” website design

● Easy to understand user experience design

● eye-catching visual effects

Ratio Coffee: Successful Video Marketing

Since its launch in 2012, coffee maker Ratio Coffee has used its innovative use of video marketing to provide consumers with detailed information about products in a visual and compelling way, making them a popular e-commerce on Shopify. One of the sites.

The brand strategically placed videos on its homepage, increasing the company’s conversion rate and return on investment, giving it an edge over competitors.

Key points:

● Place product details video on the homepage

● Consumers spend more time on the site by watching videos

BeardBrand: visually appealing website design

BeardBrand, a beard care company, is another successful e-commerce site on Shopify that uses eye-catching visuals and unique graphic design techniques to generate significant sales.

For the most part, the brand now has more than $120,000 in monthly sales due to its visual effects and clean and simple website design.

Key points:

●Visually attractive website images

● Clean website design

●Unique graphics technology

Marc Wenn: Thanks to customers for personalized emails

London-based fashion brand Marc Wenn has succeeded in selling fashion footwear, jeans and backpacks, but this is no accident. In the beginning, the company personally emailed 100 customers to thank them for their support, helping build customer loyalty and trust as the foundation for building a successful e-commerce store.

Key points:

●Thanks to the mail for adding a personal and intimate feeling

● Focus on building customer trust and loyalty from the beginning

Through the 8 successful Shopify cases we can sum up how to succeed on Shopify dropshipping without high ads budget.

Tips for building a successful Shopify store

From using visually appealing images to using a clean and simple user experience design, the successful Shopify store is designed for customers from the beginning to the end. To gain a competitive advantage, you need to:

● Use eye-catching and memorable pictures

●Show the uniqueness of the brand through website design

● User-centric user experience design technology

● Take advantage of compelling images and videos

● Make website navigation simple and intuitive

● Access new audiences through design media

● Make a direct and eye-catching CTA button

Once you followed the above tips, you will succeed in Shopify dropshipping business with limited ads budget with high conversion rates. When you start Shopify, don’t forget to learn from the Shopify success story to enhance your online store.

How to use upsell cross-sell and downsell to increase Shopify sales

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Whether you are selling on shopify or other platforms, the biggest problem is to increase sales. Nearly all the hard works on increasing traffics and conversions are for the sales in the store. Among all the marketing strategies upsell and downsell are very practical skills to increase Shopify sales. How to use upsell and downsell to increase Shopify sales? We will explain in details.

Upsell is everywhere, such as candy and magazine racks at the grocery store checkout. But if you are in a high-end shoe store, it might be a pair of socks that can be paired with shoes. Almost all shopify stores use upsell for a reason. When Shopify sellers consider upsell, they also use downsell. Although this is not common, it can also be used for a large sum of money. Upsell, cross-sell, and downsell are the three sales tools that save time and effort on advertising and help you get more out of it with minimal cost.

What’s upsell downsell and cross-sell

Upsell, can also be called “upward sales.” That is, when a customer intends to purchase a product, use a new additional advertisement to sell them a more expensive product, or upgrade the version of the product to achieve additional sales and increase the value of the order.

Because when the customer has intentionally purchased the product, it is easier to promote the upgraded version of the product. This kind of psychology is used for sales in the sales. If you are selling sunglasses, you can use UV or polarized lenses to make upsell. Providing customers with an upgraded version of the product, customers will feel that this is a good reminder to them, because if they do not know some advanced features of sunglasses, they will be interested in this extra information.

Cross-sell. Cross-selling is to achieve more sales by promoting related products or complementary products to customers. Cross-selling is a way for customers to improve the buying experience and help customers get more value on the initial purchase.

If the customer has made up his mind to buy a certain product, he will introduce some auxiliary products to him in time, and there will be a good sales promotion effect. For example, if a customer wants to buy a badminton racket, then he may still need badminton. At this time, he can use badminton for cross-selling. Cross-selling is to give users more. The above are upsell and cross-sell, very simple and very common, generally set to automatically pop-up windows, and some will also appear on the product page. Both increase the average order value by alerting customers to other product and product changes. If the effect is good, it can also extend the life cycle of customers and let them buy back many times.

Downselling, this is a sales method as opposed to upselling. Instead of recommending more expensive products to customers, it increases profits by offering customers lower-priced items.

When the customer is ready to opt out of the purchase, you can adjust the quotation according to the customer’s budget, recommend cheaper and more affordable products to customers, and increase their chances of buying. The most common example is to update the fast 3C products. If the customer can’t afford the latest version of the Apple phone, you can recommend him a lower price, which is the last model of the Apple phone. This way customers have the opportunity to buy. Downsell allows you to sell in the case where customers can’t afford quality products, compare prices to customers at different price points, and help build brand loyalty.

Let’s see how to take advantage of upsell, downsell strategy to increase sales on the Shopify store.

upsell products relate to the products you originally sold

Whether you are selling physical products, services, information or a combination of the above, getting upsell’s products in close proximity to the original product will generate more sales.

For example, if you sell a mobile phone in your shopify store, when the company packs the phone, you can place a limited warranty purchase extended warranty card on the top of the package. The key is that it is a one-time offer and is set. The expiration date shows scarcity. Although not all consumers will purchase warranty delays, as long as some people see it, the company’s revenue will increase.

Interestingly, when you sell low-end physical products in Shopify store(less than $50), then offering discounts on products is also very effective.

Test the price of upsell products

Don’t think that you can make more money with upsell high-priced products, which is why shoe companies upsell socks and grocery stores upsell candy. These things are relatively cheap and have a high probability of being taken away. So although you don’t have as much sales per sale, you may be able to sell more and earn more.

If the products or services you sell can benefit from low-cost add-on products, it’s worth a try.

Test downsell

Downsell has a lot of ways. The first way is to provide a different low-priced product after the consumer rejects your upsell; the second method is to provide the same product, but then provide some additional offers to make the price look very valuble. Both methods are effective and are worth a try.

Consider the “problem solving done for you” service

Many times, consumers will ask you to help solve specific problems. When you give a suggestion, they will ask, “Can you help me solve this problem?”

If you have a viable off-the-shelf solution, you can make more money, or provide it in a paid form, upsell more products.

Don’t be afraid to offer high-priced upsell products

The above talked about a lot of low-end products on Shopify, their upsell and downsell are very effective. But for high-priced products, such an approach may also work. But to a large extent, it depends on your audience and market. In the case of selling high-priced products, the products you add to sell must be valuable and must be sold to consumers who can afford your products.

Upsell can differentiate your business by developing, testing and continuously refining your upsell and downsell strategies to increase revenue and profit. However, when you apply those sales strategies on Shopify, there are a few things to keep in mind:

Customer concern is always the first

Upselling and cross-selling are strategies for increasing sales, but if you do well, you can also increase customer loyalty and increase repurchase rates.

So, you should understand the customer’s needs and achieve this value by providing other products or features to improve the customer experience.

To put it simply, your means of sales promotion really helped the customers, and they felt that the choices you provided brought them great convenience.

However, if the customer thinks that your means of sales increase has nothing to do with their demand goals, and the choices you provide are not upgraded or invisible, this will cause bad customer experience.

Putting customers in the first place means that you are simply marketing and not selling, but giving customers the direction and choice of sales.

Do not overuse

If the promotion can bring convenience to customers, they are very willing to accept it, but if the promotion is excessive, it will make customers feel resentful, and no one will like to over-promote.

Excessive marketing also hurts the brand image on Shopify store, so even if it is sales, focus on improving the customer experience. Don’t give customers too many choices, too many choices will cause them to “choose difficult problems.”

It is recommended that you focus on promoting the most relevant and attractive products that customers purchase, and three or four will suffice.

Don’t be too expensive

The customer may choose a product with a higher value, but if it is too expensive than the product he originally intended to buy, he will easily give up.

Under normal circumstances, the value of the additional sales of goods should not exceed 1.25 times of the original goods, that is, the value of the additional sales is less than 25%.

If the original product is $100 on Shopify store, then the additional item is preferably less than $125. The up-sell value is less than 25%, which has the opportunity to increase the average order value without scaring customers away.

Demonstrate the value of upsell products

The sales of goods are simply listed, and they are not very convincing. Also let customers believe in the value of these products, it is recommended to add recommendations or customer reviews on the additional page, or send an email to list the value of the product to enhance their shopping enthusiasm.

Promote product lifecycle

Customers can be remarketed according to the life cycle of the product on Shopify store. For example, if you sell daily necessities and use up in 3 months, then you can send a sales letter to the customer after 3 months to give the customer a reminder. It makes it easy for customers to recall your brand and products, which increases the chances of repurchasing.


If the goal is to increase the value of a single purchase, then the more products the customer buys in the shopping cart, the better.

There are some incentives that can also be used for the purpose of sales promotion:

Set a consumption amount, and you can get free shipping when you reach it.

You can give a free gift card, discount or free post when you have a certain limit.

You can enjoy discounts when you purchase a few pieces.

About upsell, it can be divided into upsell before purchase and upsell after purchase, that is, it can be used for additional sales before the customer checks out, or can be added after the customer checks out.

The same is true for cross-selling, but what timing is best for using these sales strategies? Where can I use it? Let’s take a look at the details in the following.

It is most common to make upsells and cross-sells on product pages. For example, you might like, or recommended for you, seller recommendations, more to love.

If you are using shopify, the add-on product feature may be built into the theme of shopify.

At the same time, shopify’s theme store also has some software that can be used for upsell and cross-sell, such as OneClickUpsell, CartHook, Sweet Upsell, Product Upsell, etc.

Upsell and cross-sell during checkout

As shown in the figure, after I add a laptop to the shopping cart, I will jump to a cross-sell interface. The most common combination of this product is the following product portfolio (similar to bundled sales). This is to use cross-selling to increase the value of customers’ orders, and to provide customers with comprehensive product services.

Upsell and cross-sell in email

The first thing I want to say is that you must pay attention to email marketing as a shopify seller, because compared to social media, content marketing, and pay-per-click advertising, email marketing is the marketing method with the highest return on investment, and the return on investment reaches 4300%.

In email marketing, the open rate of purchase receipts is as high as 71%, which is much higher than the average open rate of emails. Since the purchase receipt email has such a high degree of participation, it is very suitable for sales promotion.

Try downsell when customer intends to leave the product page

Down-selling is not about recommending more expensive products to customers, but increasing sales by providing customers with more affordable and convenient downgrades.

The most common example is to update a fast 3C product. If the customer can’t afford the latest version of the Apple phone, you can recommend him a lower-priced product, such as last year’s model. This way customers have the opportunity to buy.

The downside of the downsell strategy is that it is both for the sake of customers and for making their sales methods more diverse and adaptable.

Stimulate customers purchase to increase sales

In fact, in addition to providing customers with related products or advanced (low-level) products, you can also set a consumption amount, reward for the amount of consumption, or provide free shipping services, which can also increase the average order value. In Shopify, you will often see a full-fledged activity, which is the means to stimulate customer spending.

The example is that you can get a free gift when you spend $50 or more, which is also a stimulus.

The plug-in Sales Motivator on Shopify can be used to set up such consumer stimuli. If the customer’s spending reaches a certain amount, you can choose to give them discounts, free shipping or free gifts.

The effect of these sales incentives is obvious, and sales can even increase by 15%. As long as you set up an automatic pop-up window, you can easily increase sales by existing customers.

The above are the strategies How to use upsell cross-sell and downsell to increase Shopify sales, you are welcome to leave your comments.

How to create best seller product marketing video for Shopify

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Everyone knows that if you want to increase the conversion rate for Shopify store, the product listing is definitely very important, so if the product is not only a picture and text, if you add a video introduction, the conversion rate will be greatly improved. Video marketing is nothing new, it has existed since the film and television era, but it has been a big success in the era of smartphones and social media.

While social media marketing plays an important role in any corporate marketing strategy, trends indicate that video is influential in all types of social media content. It turns out that social media videos are shared 12 times as often as images and text, and 64% of consumers buy products after watching branded videos on social media. Looking at emerging trends and statistics, video marketing should be the primary marketing tool for any marketer or business approach. Social media provides a great platform for businesses to take advantage of this growing trend of watching videos. Which types of product videos are most popular with clients?

You can use the following different types of videos on social media to create the best seller product video marketing for your Shopify store:

DIY videos

DIY video makes it easier for viewers to understand how to use products and services. These instructional videos include hands-on instruction or help the audience to do something independently.

These videos make it easy to showcase your product while helping your audience better understand the product. DIY videos are very appealing and can motivate viewers to find more information.

Product video

Product videos let consumers know about your products or services. Compared to text, viewers are more likely to understand and absorb the built-in information when watching videos.

The product video can include a solution video that tells the viewer what your product or service is, what it does for the viewer, and how to solve the problem for the viewer. The product can also be a demo video that demonstrates what the product is and what it can do with the product.

The third type of product video is a trailer, and the trailer can give a rough idea of the product and its functions. Product videos can be used to highlight product features, benefits, and uses. Trailers of product videos are essential when new products or services are introduced in the market because they help increase exposure and familiarize consumers with the product.


Vlog is equivalent to a video version of the blog. Vlog can be used to showcase your expertise and provide interesting information to your audience. Vlog also provides regular interaction with your audience to make them interested in your business and its products or services.

Vlog is a great way to re-use existing materials like blogs, popular social media posts, etc., and provide additional content for your social media without having to do much work. Vlog is very popular on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, etc. You can also post these on your Shopify store.

Customer review video

Customer review videos are important to Shopify sellers because they are more of a viewer’s attention because it presents product information and value from the perspective of the end user. These videos will show customers the connection between them and your brand or store personal experience.

At the same time, the audience will talk about who they are, why they use your products and how their products change their lives. Peer review helps to instill trust in the audience and transform them into customers, which can have a major impact on your brand awareness and return on investment.

Influencer video

As the name implies, this type of video is characterized by social media influencers from all walks of life, who may be chefs, business and technical experts.

For any Shopify sellers, it is a good strategy for influencers to talk about and recognize your brand or product in the video. Producing compelling videos with great coffee can give you a powerful influence on your target audience.

How to add video into Shopify product listing?

First of all, you can’t directly add local videos, which are introduced by third-party video sites.

The easiest way is to insert a video reference code starting with <iframe by clicking the video icon above the content editing erea. Here is an example of the most commonly used YouTube video.

Step 1: Click on the “Insert Video” button

Step 2: Right click on the code

Step 3: Insert the code into the text box and click on “Insert Video”

Done! Preview the page to see the display.

For new starters, what if they can not make the 5 types of product videos listed above? How to find product videos for Shopify store? The following ways for you as a reference.

Vendor or supplier

As the product video plays very important role, the vendor and suppliers also pay attention on it, they pay money to professional video making agency or company to make professional product videos, you can check and confirm with your suppliers if they provide product videos for you, also you can source products on Taobao, 1688, Aliexpress as well as other platforms for the product videos.

Social platforms

In addition to the B2B and B2C platforms, the social media also have many kind of product videos made by Shopify sellers, influencers. You can search product keyword on YouTube, Facebook, Tik tok etc. In order to avoid IP issue, you can modify a little with video editing software.

A good product video can not only help you to explain what kind of feature it has and how to operate, but also help you to make a pre-sale introduction.

7 value logic on best seller products for Shopify dropshipping

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The best seller products usually occupy at least 60% sales and 80% profits on the Shopify store. Each Shopify seller wants to select the best seller products to make profits, but how to find the best seller products for Shopify dropshipping business? Here we list 7 value logic for Shopify product selection.

Visual Value

Practical Value

Percieved Value

Emotion Value

Niche Value

Trend Value

Hotspot Value

Visual Value

The visual value isnt means beautiful, because aesthetics is a matter of opinion, but a sense of surprise that makes the user shine. Each Shopify seller knows that a product can be hot sale or not the “Aha! moment” is very important. It determines whether you can keep users.

The same word as the novel, and the novelty is like a story. This kind of product that can be surprisingly visually has at least two advantages in marketing:

Easy to create impact video ads

According to Tubular insights data research shows, products that use video ads grow 49% faster than products that don’t use video ads. After watching video ads, customers who place orders are 64% more likely than those without video ads.

Free influencer marketing opportunity

There are many pet influencers on instagram and Facebook. For small and medium-sized bloggers, as long as your product is interesting enough and gives a sample to them, you will be happy to advertise for you without paying extra marketing fees. The reason is that small and medium-sized vloggers also need traffic, and evaluating some novelty and fun things will also increase their own exposure.

For example, this eye-catching cat is also an influence, and received nearly 6000 likes.

Practical Value

Different subdivisions, different types of practical value are different, here I only select the mobile phone accessories field to give a few examples based on practical and hot sale.

This case appeared in Oberlo’s official tutorial video, which sold for $160,000. Oberlo is a widely used dropshipping plugin, and its official endorsement is still somewhat credible.

The car phone holder is not really a new product, but according to a recent product sourcing report, it was still one of the most consulted products until 2019.

This product is very practical, especially for the current mobile addicts.

When people living in the North, switching songs in the middle of the morning was very convenient, instead of always removing the gloves and using the phone.

Percieved Value

The best seller products mentioned above are really useful and practical, and it is understandable that such products become hot sale product. But in real life, such innovation product sometimes does not have that much. After all, PMF (Product market fit) is not so well grasped, a popular acceptance of innovation explosions, there are still ten unsuccessful products that fail to innovate.

More companies and Shopify sellers are another set of logic in product development – sales oriented, results oriented. Whether the products really have any adverse effects, this is not what they are entangled, they are concerned about the value of this product in consumer perception.

There are two core elements here.

A user seems to feel valuable

B The value promoted by the product is difficult to quantify in the short term.

In this case, the beauty seller Tatiana (the first model that is the model, yes, both the model and the seller), she ran this website at 23, and had already earned more than 40,000 usd at that time (Shopify + Amazon FBA)

The main product is this thin waist artifact, look at the video click rate of her own youtube channel, you know that this is not an exercise~

Fitness people know that to lose weight, relying on a healthy diet, persistent exercise, good regular sleep, etc. Is it related to a piece of cloth on the waist? But the promotion point of this product is not as simple as “waist”, but “Waist trainer”. Tatiana has made herself a slimming influencer and she has done influencer marketing, which saves huge marketing costs.

Emotion Value

The website focuses on father and son T-shirts, and a thick father and son came to the fore once we opened it. The expressions, postures and postures of adults and children are very tacit, the picture is very infectious, and it is easy to resonate with the users. Not only the seller’s own model show is very good, but after creating such a shop atmosphere, the customer feedback buyer The show is also full of warm positive energy.

This model is slightly different from the previous ones: they are the “Print on demond” model, which provides manufacturers with design styles (possibly designed by themselves or crowd sourced website design), but only one sample is used for Shoot the product display and add additional production according to the customer’s order.

Niche Value

The pet vest is not new, but the vest has sold over 3,000 in the past December 2018.

At first glance, nothing special, but this vest offers 8 different sizes from ultra-small to oversized, while the average store has only 4 to 5 sizes.

Therefore, when the webmaster was marketing, he avoided the super-competitive ordinary size, but aimed at the ultra-small size of the Chihuahua and the giant Great Dane.

In the case of emotional resonance case above, the niche strategy was also used, and the mother and child T-shirts were not used, but the whole station was focused on only the father and son T-shirts.

When to expand the upsell category, when to put a niche through, this is also very particular knowledge.

Trend Value

Usually there are two routes for the hot sale products:

Product test strategy

Prepare before a product hit viral status, If the product has the five-point gene described above: there are novel visual effects, super-practical value, user cognitive value, easy to form emotional resonance, subdivided niche field is not thoroughly understood, have certain potential to test.

Trend and selling strategy

But a product is already being hot sale, and it may not be able to follow up because the market may not be so saturated as long as the overall trend is going up.

In fact, it is a quartz stone placed in a common water bottle, which is said to have various effects on health (see the third product percieved value above). This product is not a new product, it was a few years ago, but in 2018, I don’t know what caused the trending sale, and the search index began to rise. Some people observed this trend and took the opportunity to get involved.

Stainless steel straws are also not new, but according to research companies, stainless steel straws are still repurchasing high products in December 2018. A Shopify seller who observed the growth of this product through Google Trend Analysis Tool, and then look at Aliexpress, has been very competitive (has sold 15,000).

At this time, he still did not give up, continue to investigate the reasons behind this growth, and found a shocking news – some states in the United States began to ban the use of disposable straws.

So even if it is already hot sale, he can still earn a lot of money.

The Shopify seller first observed the data and then found the factual support. This multi-dimensional mutual verification method improved the accuracy of the decision.

Hotspot Value

Selling products is just like writing an article. If you can put on a hotspot, you can naturally bring a lot of free traffic to yourself, resulting in a miracle effects. However, there are still differences between e-commerce and self-media. For e-commerce, hotspots are divided into three levels. The average person only uses the first layer:

Single hot spot

They will follow a phenomenon-level IP hotspot and provide the corresponding peripheral products. In the pursuit of film and television hotspots, I am convinced of the brain of the big seller: “Speed and Passion” is on fire, and some people are selling Van Diesel window stickers and have pretty good sales.

Of course, I don’t recommend that shopify beginners are too keen to chase a single IP hotspot for three reasons:

No precipitation

High requirements for rapid response to operations

You don’t know how long this gust is blowing. If your shop is set, but the wind is scraped or turned, it is very embarrassing.

Comprehensive hotspot

The systemic thinking Shopify seller could come to the second layer:

Bring together all the hotspots to create a comprehensive website with a wider coverage, they also know how to use people’s pursuit of video star IP, but not only stick to a hot spot, but put all these hot spots together to make a systematic website. The advantage of this is that it will not be killed by a single hot spot, nor by the change of hotspots, but more inclusive, and can continue to evolve according to market changes.

Platform hotspot

Not only systematic thinking, but also long-term strategic thinking ability, overall vision, people who have deep insight into the development of the industry, they are looking for platform hotspots. After all, a film and television IP always has its life cycle. When a popular star is always angry, when a platform is fired, its vitality is very tenacious.

The earliest players who laid out Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Ins, Pinterest are very successful now. Of course, it is not necessary to rush into the new platform when it comes out. This kind of discerning vision is not necessarily the case for professional venture capitalists. It requires a little luck.

The above are the 7 value logic on best seller products for Shopify dropshipping. For this business logic in the Shopify dropshipping business, this article only talks about a very superficial fur. But you can take advantage of the 7 value logic when you select products for Shopify business. You are welcome to leave your opinions below.

The best private label product categories suitable for Shopify dropshipping

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Along with the dropshipping business growing, more Shopify sellers thinking about build their own brands for marketing and higher profits. Private label is the best way for Shopify sellers to build their brands. To start private label dropshipping business we need to distinguish the concept of different modes first.

White label: This is the white label product we usually say. The specific operation form is that the Shopify seller buy the finished product directly from the supplier/manufacturer and then stick their own label. This means that you directly sell products that are developed, and serviced by third parties.

Private Label: It can also be called its own brand. The specific operation form is that you contract with the supplier/manufacturer to customize the product according to your needs (you can provide specifications, parameters and design style), and then stick your own brand to sell.

These two forms of sales have many similarities and are easily confused, but as a seller, you must be clear about the difference between the two modes. And pay attention to the difference between the Wholesale (wholesale) model, because all three involve suppliers and bulk purchases, in order to obtain cost advantages.

Which product categories are most suitable for Private Label dropshipping

The private label dropshipping related to your product’s sensitivity, creativity and market research capabilities. In fact, anything can be sold as a private label. But if you study it carefully, you will find that many of the most popular private label products can be found in these market segments.

Clothing and accessories

Apparel categories are the most suitable areas for private label dropshipping business. Consumers are keen to discover different products from different apparel brands to create a unique sense. Just open a wardrobe, you can count hundreds of clothing and fashion segmentation products, and even a full set of clothing designed for outdoor play, seaside leisure and so on.

Popular private label products:

Women’s Yoga Pants (63,000 Amazon searches per month)

Ladies’ hiking shoes (26,000 Amazon searches per month)

Tactical backpack (36,000 Amazon searches per month)

Maternity wear (12,000 Amazon searches per month)

Women’s denim shorts (36,000 Amazon searches per month)

Raincoat (30000 Amazon searches per month)

Cosmetics & Skin Care

The cosmetics and skin care category is a big industry. According to statistic data, the market size of the skin care industry will reach 180 billion US dollars by 2020. Moreover, the profit of this industry is quite considerable, especially with the pursuit of health and pure natural products by consumers. This change is a very good opportunity for private label sellers. It is time to make changes to seize business opportunities.

You can develop these products in this category:

Cruelty-free makeup, it refers to cosmetics that are not used for animal experiments. 25,000 Amazon searches per month

Organic sunscreen (11,000 Amazon searches per month)

Natural deodorant (28,000 Amazon searches per month)

Charcoal toothpaste (35,000 Amazon searches per month)

Coffee Scrub (5,000 Amazon searches per month)

Tea tree oil (130,000 Amazon searches per month)

Anti-aging cream (11,000 Amazon searches per month)

Hair care products

Everyone has a unique hair care needs, a huge market with an unlimited customer base. From bald topping to natural curls – there is endless space for application.

Hair care privae label products:

Hair shampoo (12,000 Amazon searches per month)

Beard Care Oil (61,000 Amazon searches per month)

Hair mask (26,000 Amazon searches per month)

Hair band (21,000 Amazon searches per month)

Hair growth vitamins (11,000 Amazon searches per month)

In addition, the electronics product are also suitable for private label dropshipping.

How do I find creative private label products for Shopify dropshipping?

Brainstorming product ideas

Keep an eye on popular new products every time you go out shopping or looking for something in the store offline and online.

Consider specific product attributes

What kind of private label products should you sell on Shopify? If you are just starting out, you can start with products that meet the following qualities/properties: small size, light weight; no seasonality; convenient production and sales, and no regulatory risk; simple and uncomplicated.

Conducting market research

Use keyword analysis to query product popularity on Google trend; analyze Amazon’s top product rankings and products with the most bad reviews; industry analysis.

Research suppliers and factories

With good product ideas, you should start researching suppliers and producers; search for domestic and foreign producers on a large scale; after looking for suitable products, ask suppliers and producers; if possible, choose 3- 5 suitable suppliers, one to compare product quality two to make further choices.

How to source private label suppliers or factories from China?

It might be the most frequently asked questions by many Shopify sellers who want to dropshipping from China with private labels. As the biggest manufacturer country in the world, there are plenty factories and suppliers which you can source via 1688, the biggest B2B platform in China. With the rapid private label requirements on cross border dropshipping business, more and more suppliers and factories provide private label services for certain MOQ.

How 86Deal serve private label dropshipping from China?

86Deal could help small business sourcing private label suppliers or manufactures on 1688, in addition, we can also help to customize logo sticker, label as well as packaging to ship from China to clients overseas directly.

To start private label dropshipping from China, you will need to provide the logo design, label or packaging design in PSD or CDR format together with your requirements in details, then 86Deal will help you source supplier or factory which offer private label service and negotiate the details.

How to get free&paid traffics from Quora to Shopify store

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What’s Quora? Maybe some shopify sellers are a little strange. Quora is a question and answer SNS website, a high quality knowledge question and answer community. In addition to being a knowledge quiz community, Quora is an incredible marketing platform and an ideal marketing channel for brand building. In addition to the simple question and answer settings, there are some advanced parts of Quora, you can find out.

· You can target your questions to specific Quora users and ask them to answer questions with others in the community;

· You can post content on Quora, just like LinkedIn’s publishing platform;

· You can search for specific questions or topics related to your business and receive notifications of new issues in accordance with them;

· You can spend points to submit questions to more people.

Why consider Quora as free traffics source for Shopify store?

Quora’s mission is to share and grow knowledge online. Knowledge exists in many places, such as books, magazines, podcasts, and the entire Internet. Much of the knowledge is actually empirical, subjective, and consists of many opinions that are correct.

Quora uses advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence to connect knowledgeable people with people who need knowledge in a question and answer format. It can provide users with the right questions and the right answers at the right time. You can even write a question and clearly answer it to the right person.

When you use the platform, Quora will learn more about your expertise and experience and send you questions that you may be able to answer directly. It then presents the conversation to other experts who can improve and support your answers. As a result, each user gets a highly personalized feed, and as you use the site more often, the feed becomes more granular.

From an advertising perspective, Quora offers an opportunity to engage and influence users at the moment they are interested in researching and evaluating products. They have the right mindset to listen to different opinions to consider.

Shopify pointed out that the platform is different from Facebook and other social media platforms. Quora is built around demand-driven questions and answers. Users access these platforms to pass the time or contact friends. Your potential customer asks Quora about your business information, your competitors or your product or service. The platform talks about your brand in front of them in a simple way by simply answering questions.

How to get free traffics from Quora to Shopify store?

Quora has more than 300 million unique visitors per month, and half of them are in the US, which means that nearly 40% of US users use Quora every month.

There are many ways to access Quora. The platform is available as a website and mobile app that anyone can access. Queries on Quora also match well with Bing and Google, so many people discovered Quora through natural search. Quora users can also subscribe to personalized email summaries at selected intervals, including selected questions and answers.

Questions about Quora are usually answered within 24 hours, especially if you ask someone for an answer or use the “Ask to Answer” option. Since a variety of issues are constantly posted on the site, problems without these metrics can last for days or weeks and may even be completely ignored.

Quora covers a wide range of topics and industries in B2C and B2B. In 2018, Quora released an infographic of followers and questions about a particular topic. In 2018, 16 million people focused on the topic of “higher education” and raised more than 600,000 related issues. There are 7 million fans on topics related to “cars,” and 83 million fans on “entertainment” related topics. There are more than one million questions in each session. The “commercial” category alone had 59 million fans and 1.4 million questions during the year.

Quora offers almost all the categories you can think of, allowing you to focus on specific topics so that you can see any conversations about them. You can also focus on specific issues privately or publicly. When you follow and answer more questions about a topic, your Quora feeds and notifications will adjust to your specific interests and specials.

No matter which industry product you sell or if you are interested in learning more about this industry, Quora will let you speak out in front of users.

Three key elements of Quora marketing

Quora has three key elements: building thought leadership, using content marketing, attracting and influencing potential customers through advertising.

Building thought leadership

Quora’s question and answer format is an ideal choice to build a reputation as an industry thought leader in order to gain credibility. Seeking questions and providing the best answers is the best way to provide value and position your thought leaders on Quora, some of which have reached 60 million answer views. Below each question, the answers are sorted by the most relevant or best answer, similar to Google’s search results.

Be the first to answer questions, not only for rankings but also for getting exposure to you and your brand. Quora also presents the “Most Concerned Writers” badge on a monthly basis and awards the “Best Writer” award each year to highlight its most active contributors.

As the first or second person to answer the question and give the best answer to any question, you can almost guarantee that your answer is at the top.

Once you have answered 20 or 30 questions about the same topic, you will appear as an expert and be invited to answer. This creates a snowball effect, and you actually meet users who are actively looking to know your company or product, and these users are looking for the best answer.

Active participation in Quora’s most popular questions will bring benefits and allow you to get more exposure outside of the site.

Content marketing

Quora provides you with a platform to post and zoom in on your blog or other content that may not get the exposure you want. Unlike social media posts, content on Quora is indexed by Google. The content you post on Quora will appear one year later, two years later, or even 20 years later.

Shopify sellers can write an original reply or copy and paste the information from your website. Then add a link to bring traffic to your Shopify store. It is recommended to use a 100 or 200 word segment and guide the user to “If they want to read more information” or “Get more information”, please visit XXX.com.

If you wish to reuse or enlarge an existing copy or text, refill or reference any copy-and-paste material with quotes or parentheses. This helps Quora’s AI system to identify content quality from the duplicates, the original answer, which is usually tagged and deleted.

Quora advertising influence

Once you’ve built your Shopify store on Quora and created the content, you can pay to promote your answer. You can choose to increase the answer you or someone else writes and set the scope of the ad around it.

Promoting answers on Quora is a great way to expand your Shopify store influence. You can use it to generate an immediacy, generate leads, bring traffic to your own website, and more. In order to promote an answer, you must create an advertising account on Quora, just like you create an account on Facebook to promote a post. You can define your target budget and promotion period, and you can also build your target audience and location.

Quora offers different types of targeting. It allows advertisers to serve content context-based ad placements that target everyone interested in a particular topic. There are also behavioral targeting and keyword-based targeting based on what the user has participated in in the past. You can’t use keywords in your answers, you can only use keywords in your questions.

When you ask for an answer, the attached question is also highlighted. Questions and answers will appear in pairs and appear as an organic post in the feed. The only difference is that it will be marked as “sponsor”, followed by the brand name or company, and only the promotional answer will appear, with no other answers.

Promoted Answers is just an ad unit provided by Quora. In addition, advertisers can create image and text ads. Creative advertisers turn their title into a question that more naturally matches the text-based format of the Shopify store.

Quora is primarily text based, but supports ad thumbnails. The platform does not currently support native video. However, you can upload or link to a YouTube or Vimeo video in the answer or recommended answer.

How to promote Shopify store on Quora?

1> Create personal profile

Quora certifications are basically real names, so you can’t name yourself a brand name. Improve the basic information, try to be as real as possible, and write in your most specialized areas.

2>Don’t answer too many questions

Some Shopify sellers just started creating their own accounts, they started searching for their own industry keywords, and then they saw questions about the keywords, they immediately answered the questions, and then gave their own Shopify store URL. This kind of practice has no effect at all, because many of these answers will be deleted.

The quality and quantity of answers on Quora is important. The average active user has to answer 3-7 questions per week. Anyone who exceeds this number will be reviewed for violation of the Quora policy, which will result in your answer being deleted and the account suspended.

Even if the account is suspended, the user can view the historical answer record of the blocked account. Shopify sellers operate for a period of time after opening an account. Don’t just register for an account and be considered as marketing purpose.

3>Enrich answer content

On Quora, creating unique answers is necessary to increase your exposure. Shopify seller can ensure that all the tools provided by Quora are used. The answered questions that can be added: hyperlinks, photos and special text (bold, italic and underline), plus quotes and coupon codes!

Some users simply answer a question and quote a blog post they wrote earlier, which Quora allows. But it’s worth noting that Quora’s answer must contain 50% of the original content.

5 tips to take advantage of Quora get traffics to Shopify store

1> Create a Quora document

Every time you leave an answer, a part of your bio can be displayed at the top, which is a good opportunity to expand your brand. Quora will display the first 50 characters of your profile as a label above your answer. It is recommended to mention your brand name as much as possible at the beginning and make the most of your 50 characters. Your bio can contain clickable links and even @ -mentions from other users.

To set up bio for a specific topic, click on the profile page. In the right column you will see a list of “Understanding” topics. Next to each topic is a link to “Describe your experience.” Click here to set bio for a specific topic.

After that, continue to complete your Quora configuration file as much as possible.

· Add a detailed “About Me” section;

· Add your area of expertise;

· Add your interests;

· your city;

· Connect with your other social media accounts.

All of this helps users find you on Quora, and it’s easier to find people when they are looking for Quora users to answer their questions.

If you are a newcomer to Quora, take some time to quickly review the answers and vote for the answer that catches your eye. Upvotes will appear in your public profile immediately, which may be a good sign of your activity on the site.

2>Create a Quora page

Just like Wikipedia, anyone can create a page on Quora about anything. This provides a great opportunity for your business to build a Shopify store page.

First search for your Shopify store name in Quora. In the results page, if you don’t see the name listed as the topic, you can view it in the right column below the Add Question box and click the Create Theme link.

You can choose to name the theme and add a brief description. Once your theme is online, you can ask the Quora community user to view the topic. This is especially useful for wondering if they should invest in a service. For you, this is a great way to add some social proofs and recommendations to Quora for your Shopify store brand.

3> Discover new headline ideas

Just as you can do some headline searches by entering keywords in Google search, you can do the same for Quora. Enter your keywords in the Quora search and on the search results page you will see how people ask questions about your chosen keywords and how you build the content.

The most popular question answer and support is a signal of the value of the title wording, which can help you write the title of the next blog post.

4> Analyze Quora data

Quora provides free analysis for all users, showing you the following details:

· views;

· Upvotes;

· share times.

And display statistics for each of the following categories:

· The question you asked;

· The answer you gave;

· The blog post you wrote;

· All the content you contribute.

5> Format the answer in a compelling way

If you can include some visual effects in Quora content, there may be a big chance. Many top Quora users add images to their answers to help support their views, which are very appealing.

In addition to the photos, we suggested that the seller can also add some custom formatting to your answer to help it be more readable and hope to get more Upvotes. Here are some suggested formatting tips:

· title or italic title;

· a number or bulleted list;

· Hyperlink text;

· @ -mentions Quora user or theme.

Once you know more about Quora, it is a great way for you to build your brand and attract high quality free&paid traffics to your Shopify store.

How to import product from 1688 to Shopify for cross border dropshipping

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There are more and more Shopify sellers switch suppliers from Aliexpress to 1688 for cross border dropshipping business due to there are more rich products with quality suppliers and manufacturers with more lower price. However, the product description are in Chinese and many Shopify sellers do not know how to import product from 1688 to Shopify. In this article we will introduce 3 tools to help you import product photos, vi-rants and description from 1688 to Shopify for cross border dropshipping.


That’s the way most Shopify sellers used for cross border dropshipping. Shopify seller select products on Aliexpress and import to Shopify store via Oberlo, then source the same product supplier from 1688, due to the product information in English thus dropshippers do not have to translate nor proceed product photos via photoshop.

Import product from 1688 to Shopify via Shopmaster

With Shopmaster Shopify sellers can easily import products and virants from 1688 to Shopify. It could help you find winning products based on your store niche and list in Shopify store to sell worldwide countries.

However, due to 1688 is in Chinese, all its product info and photos might have Chinese description, you may need to find people who know Chinese or use google translate to modify product information and processing photos with Photoshop before release the product in Shopify store.

Import product from 1688 to Shopify via Importify

Smiliar with Shopmaster, Importify also could help you import product from 1688 to Shopify for cross border eCommerce purpose. Firstly you need to install Importify Chrome plugin, then search products on 1688, and go to the product url, after you find the right product prefered to add to Shopify, press the add button at the top left corner of the browser, then you can edit product information such as title, description, price then add to your store.

Of course, for the photos include Chinese characters, you need photo processing before adding to your store.

No matter which way you choose to import product from 1688 to Shopify, it is the very first step for your dropshipping busiess. When you select products on 1688, you need pay attention to the following aspects:

No fakes and counterfeit goods

Skip any famous branded products to avoid accidental resale of counterfeit goods. Unless you establish a legal partnership with a related brand, you will not be a licensed distributor, and even if the product is legal, the risk of selling a product with any other person’s logo is not worthwhile. Therefore, you don’t have to be obsessed with whether the product has a recognizable logo, such as electronic accessories or clothes.

ePacket delivery

Provide ePacket delivery as a shipping methods in your Shopify store as ePacket delivery is not only the most economical but also one of the quickest ways to ship small items to the US and Europe.

When you choose ePacket as free shipping method for cross border eCommerce, be sure to choose light weight goods with relatively high profit margin.

Product with more than 100 sales

Products with a large number of orders can explain that, first of all, the market has demand for this product; secondly, suppliers are more reliable than the industry average. When looking for new products, you can filter from products with a large order quantity.

Supplier credits above 4.5

There are 4 indexes in 1688 for buyers to judge the credits of the suppliers. They are product description, respond speed, delivery speed and repurchase rates. Among the 4 indexes the repurchase rates is the most important one for you as a reference. Usually we choose the suppliers that have at least 25% to 30% repurchase rates. Unlike Amazon and Aliexpress, 1688 is a B2B platform thus there has very few product reviews.

Product with low wholesale price but high profit margin

Products with low prices (such as between $5 and $20) can make your marketing costs more floating. Because the price of these products may be between $20 and $100. For example, an approximately $20 running shoe on AliExpress will eventually be sold for $80 to $100 with a profit margin of $60 to $80.

High quality, unbranded product photos

When you import product from 1688, be careful to make sure the photos come from your manufacturer, not from other retailers. And make sure the product photos in high quality and unbranded or without Chinese description, else you may spend too much time to processing the photos.

1688 dropshipping procedure

Although the product price is much more cheaper on 1688, however, mostly Shopify sellers will encounter the language, product sourcing, payment, after sale and shipping issue, thus a reliable 1688 dropshipping agent is necessary to assist you fulfillment the Shopify orders. For example, 86Deal offer one stop 1688 order fulfillment services to help Shopify sellers dropship from china:

● Sourcing

● Sample/purchasing

● Quality inspection

● Label/ads removing

● Repacking

● Package return(goods with flaws or damages)

● Private label and packaging customization

● Shopify order printing

● Pick and pack

● International shipping

● Tracking upload

● Package return(from overseas to China)

You can take a look at the 1688 dropshipping procedure in details.

Once you have completed the previous sales, it’s time to start researching how to grow your direct sales business and earn more money. In the end, you will clearly identify which suppliers are reliable. You should consider establishing a reliable relationship with them, which will give you a more favorable price and order priority order.

The biggest benefit of dropshipping from 1688 is that you can quickly verify that the store’s ideas and products have the potential to meet market demands. If you are not sure if you have the ability to sell a product, add it to your store and test it. If there has no response, you simply remove the product from the store and start testing others. Because you don’t have any inventory pressure and there is no upfront cost, the risk of investment is small.

Tutorial|How to get free traffics for Shopify store

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Many small business sellers asked on Quora does Shopify dropshipping dead in 2019? Why is so difficult to do Shopify dropshipping in 2019? Because there is no traffics for Shopify store, unlike the platform, there may be orders on the new product update. If the Shopify store wants to do well, the traffics must be considered first. Speaking of Shopify traffics, the most common traffic methods for Shopify store are nothing more than these: SEO, SEM, SNS marketing, EDM marketing, press release marketing, affiliate marketing, etc. The following is divided into two parts to highlight how the new stores get the first batch of visitors. How to deploy SEO to bring more traffic to Shopify store.

How to get the first visitor traffics to Shopify store

The Shopify store traffics generally comes from two parts, one is paid traffics, the other is free organic traffics, the traffic brought by advertising is the most direct and most effective traffic, free traffic may not be so direct and fast, it takes time to accumulate and precipitate. But free traffic can’t be ignored. First, these traffic is free. Second, these traffic is long-lasting. Here are a few free methods for getting free traffic to Shopify store.

SNS marketing

SNS is Social Network Services. The most popular SNS platforms are Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Linkedin, Instagram, etc. SNS marketing is to get traffic from these social platforms.

SNS marketing has a lot of routines, but the essence is still “eyeball economy”. Be more specific, it is to share good and interesting content to people who might interested. Good content is attractive content, and it ensures that people are not offended; people who are interested in your content, maybe your fans, or potential fans.

How do you send the content to the people you need? First of all, we must determine our own positioning, publish different content on the social media platform according to different positioning, and thus be a loyal fan of our own brand.

If your positioning is marketing, you should generally post advertising posts, new products, offers, and more on social media. Suitable for most e-commerce products, its delivery effect is good, but you need to accumulate your fans in a short period of time. If you want to accumulate fans in the short term, you will inevitably need to use paid advertising.

If your positioning is a service category, you should generally share pre-sales and post-sales information and services on social media. Generally, B2B companies use more.

If your positioning is a professional technology product, you should generally share product out-of-box evaluations, competing product analysis, etc. on social media. Generally, 3C products are suitable for sharing these contents on social media. There are many evaluation communities and websites in China. Fans in such communities generally have strong purchasing power.

If your positioning is a hotspot, you should generally share industry hotspots, news, and more on social media. Because it is generally a hotspot, it will bring a lot of traffic, and use these traffic to quickly drain and realize the realization.

If your positioning is entertainment: you should generally share pan-entertainment content on social media, suitable for sharing fishing, custom, and modified content.

EDM marketing

Many Shopify sellers still don’t pay much attention to email marketing. Email is the mainstream communication tool in our daily life. Many people use email every day, so email marketing is also a very important marketing method. Regularly produce beautiful and attractive email content as well as promotional ads, send it to customers, and set the email content to jump to the Shopify store.

Affiliate marketing

The Shopify seller pay a certain commission on the affiliate platform and issues the goods. The members of the affiliate platform receive the tasks such as browsing assigned by the alliance platform. If the member is interested in this product, they will receive the coupon code to purchase the goods, and the seller will pay the alliance platform according to the preferential code. commission. Before the affiliate marketing, the public number article has also been discussed in detail. You can click on the high conversion traffic channel that the article cannot ignore.

Commonly used affiliate marketing platforms



Shopify store SEO deployment

SEO is a search engine optimization method that makes the basic elements of the website suitable for search engine search principles and is more user friendly, which makes it easier to be indexed and prioritized by search engines.

What is the role of SEO? In short, it is divided into two types, allowing more users to find what they want faster; it also allows customers with needs to find you first. As a seller, the more concerned is how to let the customer in need find you first, then you need to understand the customer’s needs and think about the problem from the customer’s point of view.

SEO label writing specification

Usually the label is divided into three parts: title, keyword, and description. First of all, you have to say in the title section, “Who are you, what do you do, what are the advantages?” Let people know you at first sight, so In order to retain a valid user in the first step. The title generally does not exceed 80 characters; secondly, the keywords should truly cover your products and services. Generally no more than 100 characters; finally, in the description here, the supplementary title is clearly expressed information, generally no more than 200 characters.

Title + description

It is worth noting that the title + description is generally an introduction to the search engine search results. So the title and description must fully express the characteristics and advantages of your product and brand.

Product keywords

The setting of keywords is also very important, because most users buy products without directly searching for your products, and usually search for the keywords that you want to buy. Keywords are generally divided into the following four categories. We recommend that the target keyword should be brand + product, so users can find your product regardless of search brand or search product, thus improving the hit rate.

Target keyword. You prefer users to search for that keyword to access your Shopify store;

Long tail keyword. Target-based traffic, able to bring traffic to your store;

Hot search keywords. Keywords with high search volume and high search heat based on target keywords;

Related keywords. All relevant keywords based on target keywords.

How to choose keywords for Shopify store? Take the example of the target keyword we use most often. First of all, we must dig out all the relevant keywords, and select keywords that are directly related to the store itself, and determine the target keywords by analyzing the selected keywords’ heat and competitiveness. Generally, we analyze and determine the target keywords through keyword analysis tools, search engine guide words, search engine related searches, weight index, and analysis of keywords of competitors.

Commonly used keyword analysis tools:

(Free) MozBar: https://moz.com

(Paid) SimilarWeb: https://www.similarweb.com/

Link anchor text

What is the anchor text? A keyword, with a link, is a link anchor text. The key word with the link is the anchor text. The anchor text plays a fundamental role in the SEO process. Simply put, SEO is constantly making anchor text. The page pointed to by the anchor text link is not only the best way to guide the user to visit the website, but also to tell the search engine that who is this page.

Insite anchor text

Publishing the text in the store is conducive to the spider quickly crawling the webpage, increasing the weight, increasing the user experience, reducing the jump out, and facilitating the search engine to judge the original content. The more effective links you have on the entire site, the higher your ranking.

External links

What is an external link? The external link in SEO is also called import link, referred to as outer chain and reverse chain. Is a link to your website by other websites. How do I know how many external links a Shopify store has?

1.Google Search Console



How do I post external links for Shopify store? You can publish external links through friendship links, self-built blogs, press release articles, forums, and Q&A platforms. Here are a few things to note:

A url corresponds to a keyword;

The external chain website is related to itself, such as fishing rods and baits, wigs and wig care solutions, but it is best to not compete;

Find more quality websites, big portals (like New York Times, BBC, WDN News);

Content diversity, a post should not be repeated;

The frequency is natural, two or three articles a week can be;

Don’t cheat, you can’t use the hidden link, two-way link, etc. to release the outer chain;

Don’t send out the chain for the outer chain, the “good” content can really retain the customer.

ALT label

Edit the ALT tag in the product or image management. When the user searches for the relevant image, you will see the image source and image description. This will increase the keyword density of your website and thus increase the weight of your store.

Page update status

If the store updates the content frequently, it will speed up the inclusion of this page. In addition, you can add some “latest articles” section and message function on the website. Don’t just sell products for selling products, which can increase the user’s stickiness on the one hand, and speed up the collection speed of the website on the other hand.

Search bounce rate

The higher the bounce rate, the more search engines will think you are a junk website. There are two reasons for the high bounce rate. The user experience is poor and the advertising effect is poor. The user experience is generally improved by the following five aspects:

Optimize website opening speed

The content of the website is neat and tidy.

The material attracts the eye

Guided function is perfect

The search logic is normal and the product classification is clear.

The poor performance of advertising generally improves through these two aspects. The first one is real propaganda, to ensure that your product is real, don’t hang the sheep and sell dog meat. The second is to accurately target the audience. If your product is good, push it to someone you don’t need, and he won’t go to buy your product, so the bounce rate will definitely be high.

Pay attention to the following points when doing SEO for Shopify store:

Do not delete the product, unless the product is a problem, the previously released product has been included in Google. If the product is deleted, the corresponding search weight will disappear.

Festive marketing static page production It is recommended that holiday marketing be done on the same page. Whether it is black 5 or net one, all activities are done on the same page, which is beneficial to improve the search weight of this page.

Page deletion and redirection, no matter what the activity, you can modify the relevant chain and activities in the background of the website, so even if it is a new activity, his search weight will be higher.

Review. the review of the website is equivalent to the inner chain. If your comments are updated frequently, users will search for related products and your comments will appear, which will increase the search volume of your store.

The above are the methods of how to obtain free traffics for Shopify stores. When you are planning to run a Shopify store, you must first deploy free traffics, lay the foundation of the website through free traffic, and then introduce accurate traffic through paid advertising. In this way, it isn’t hard to make money for your Shopify dropshipping business.

Shopify product selection|39 Amazon winning products with 2000+ reviews 2019

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When we select products for Shopify store, the consumer preferences must be a priority factor to consider. In order to help Shopify sellers better understand the consumer’s mind, the following we will list 39 best selling products on Amazon’s 2000+ products reviews for you as a reference on Shopify product selection.

Coffee machine

This product uses a permanent filter that eliminates the need to waste filter paper, demonstrating its environmentally friendly design philosophy. Its matching stainless steel travel mug is designed to fit in most cup holders. Plus, it’s perfect for small offices or small kitchens, and it takes less than 4 minutes to brew coffee.

Vogek Desktop USB Extender

This product has a total of 6 USB ports, and its smart charging technology will automatically identify any devices connected, and adapt to the optimal charging speed, and its LED indicator will show whether it is connected correctly.

Physix Gear Sport Socks

The product is a mixture of nylon and spandex that helps the user’s foot stay comfortable during the day’s activities, and it also has the function of venting, moisture wicking, and does not make the user feel overheated. The product can also help relieve inflammation and even help treat other foot problems such as heel tingling.

Sycees Smart Night Light

Unlike other night lights, this product has a built-in sensor that automatically turns on when the room is dimmed. Its design is very scientific and will not affect the normal use of the second socket in the immediate vicinity. In addition, the product uses LED bulbs, which have a life span of more than 10,000 hours.

Everlasting Comfort Memory Foam Cushion

Use 100% pure memory foam without any added ingredients. It combines ergonomic design to help relieve pain such as sciatica and arthritis. The product features a non-slip rubber sole that holds the seat cushion in place and even adjusts shape to hip temperature and motion. In addition, the product can also be used for machine washing.

Live Infinitely with filter cup

Up to 32 ounces water can be loaded, and the non-slip design on both sides of the bottle prevents the bottle from falling out of the hand. Its built-in filter design allows for a variety of fruit or tea, and it also features a leak-proof design.

Sport2People running belt

When people go out for running, the storage of items such as cell phones, keys, wallets, cash, and headphones becomes a major problem. This product has two pockets for storing all valuable items, which is a good way to eliminate this problem. The zipper on the pocket is specially designed so that it does not penetrate into the interior even if it comes into contact with water.

Cuisinart ice cream machine

A typical ice cream machine can take an hour to make an ice cream, and this product can be completed in 20 minutes or less. Its transparent lid design allows the user to see the progress of ice cream making without having to open it again. In addition, the product has a capacity of 1.5 quarts (about 1.4 liters).

Beckham Luxury Linens Gel Pillow

The inside of the pillow is filled with polyethylene gel fiber for a comfortable feel. It is resistant to dust mites, mold and fading, and is hypoallergenic. An Amazon buyer commented: “I used to spend hundreds of dollars to buy some brand-name memory foam pillows, but those pillows did not alleviate my neck pain, and this pillow did.”

AUKEY touch table lamp

This is a light-adjustable desk lamp with three brightness options. This product automatically switches between different light colors, including red, blue, yellow, green and purple. In addition, the user can turn the console lights on and off and brightness by touching.

Cabales Sports Underwear

Unlike other sports underwear that can cause itchy and inflamed skin, this product is made of smooth nylon and spandex, so that the wearer does not feel the discomfort of rubbing against the skin during exercise. The product is available in sizes ranging from XS-3X.

Rocketbook rewritable notebook

Traditional notebooks are “retired” after all the pages have been written, and this product (32 pages in total) can be wiped clean with a damp cloth or a wet tissue, allowing users to reuse them. More importantly, both the marker and the highlighter can be erased. In addition, users can also send the contents of the notebook to the cloud of Google drive, Dropbox, Evernote and Slack through the accompanying APP.

Chef’n Mini Fruit and Vegetable Machine

Buyers can pull the rope to break up the fruits and vegetables, which can be used to make garlic sauce, hummus, salsa or guacamole. Its small size makes it suitable for smaller spaces such as small kitchens, motor homes and even student residences. If you add fruit and ice, it can even be used to make smoothies.

WateLves wading shoes

This product uses a sleek fabric that allows the user to feel the discomfort of skin friction while walking. In addition, its non-slip rubber sole is soft but thick enough to protect the user from high temperatures, sharp objects or rocks.

Hair Serum Hair Care Serum

Aloe vera and argan oil help moisturize dry and damaged hair, and it also helps to improve bleached and dyed hair. Unlike other hair care products, the product does not feel greasy, and many commentators say it can last for months.

JavaPresse manual coffee grinder

Made of durable stainless steel, the product does not rust over time. Unlike other grinders, the product has a total of 18 different settings, so the user can control the grind of the coffee beans to create different flavors of coffee. In addition, it has almost no noise when used, so it does not disturb others.

Revlon one step hair dryer styler

It not only has the function of combing hair, but also helps to use it as a hair dryer (power 1100 watts). At the same time, it uses ion technology to reduce hair dryness and enhance shine. The product has two heats and speeds, as well as an air-conditioning option to choose from, and hair care style is no exception.

180 Cosmetics Facial Serum

This product is not only rich in nutrient-rich vitamin C, but also contains hyaluronic acid, which helps reduce edema and replenish moisture. The added retinol component also helps to promote the production of collagen in the skin, and a single dose can be used.

Perfect Curve baseball cap storage rack

Supports the use of the product behind the door without the need to take up valuable storage space in the cabinet. Its main frame is an adjustable belt, so it can be adjusted according to the door of various sizes, plus the belt and each hook are double-needle sewing, and the durability is also increased. The product can hold up to 18 caps at the same time and does not require any tools for installation.

Dental Expert Bamboo Charcoal Toothbrush

Made from mild bamboo charcoal bristles, this product does not irritate the gums. In addition, it can penetrate deep into the gaps that are not accessible to ordinary bristles and remove up to 99% of plaque.

Cooluli mini fridge

It’s small enough to fit on any tabletop. It’s only 4 pounds, but it’s not too small, so it’s easy to load canned soda and beer. It can also be placed on the dresser for storing skin care products such as lotions and masks, and its motor is quiet and energy efficient.

Takeya coffee maker

It has a capacity of 1 quart (about 0.946 liters) and can be used to make cold extract coffee. Its built-in compartment has a very high density to prevent powder leakage. More importantly, the product does not contain bisphenol A and is very environmentally friendly.

SIPWELL silk eye mask

It is breathable and has low allergenicity and does not irritate sensitive skin. The design and fabric used in it minimizes the friction between the face and the eye mask, eliminating the user’s discomfort during sleep.

In addition, the strap of the product is adjustable so that the user can adjust it according to his or her face.

Vont camping light

The built-in LED bulb has a lifespan of up to 10,000 hours, and the product itself is aircraft grade material with excellent durability and water resistance. The battery life of the product can be more than 30 hours, and the loop can be folded down for easy storage.

Flux Phenom magnetic mosquito screen door

This product comes with an assembly kit for easy installation. By using a magnetic design, one can turn it on and off without using a hand, and such a design is friendly to pets.

Super Natural Goods Natural Organic Deodorant

Traditional deodorant products may contain potentially harmful ingredients like aluminum, but this product does not contain any aluminum ingredients or synthetic fragrances. The formula is formulated with essential oils, so it has a hint of lavender and eucalyptus.

Cuisinart burger pressing mould

It can be used to suppress hamburgers and pies, can hold 3/4 pounds, and has a non-stick coating. In addition, it can be washed in the dishwasher.

LoveHome Waist Cushion

The curved back of the waist is designed to relieve low back pain. The inside is filled with breathable memory foam, which can be adjusted according to the shape of the body. In addition, there are two adjustable straps on the back of the product, which are tied to the seat back, chair, sofa cushion and wheelchair.

Roam bicycle phone holder

By attaching the product to the handlebar, the rider can easily use the GPS while riding. This product is suitable for most smartphones, and the silicone anti-slip pad inside the clip can effectively prevent the bracket from sliding or scratching the handlebar.

PowerLix handheld milk bubbler

This product can make milk into a delicate foam in 20 seconds or less, and the mixing head is made of durable stainless steel, no need to worry about rust. The handle design of the product is ergonomically designed to give a soft and comfortable feel when held.

Pumie pumice toilet brush

Made from pure natural pumice, it is effective in removing stubborn stains and cleaning dead corners that are difficult to clean.

Eve Hansen Vitamin C Facial Essence

Rich in vitamin C, it helps to eliminate dark circles, eye bags or acne scars and brighten skin tone. In addition, it also helps to shrink pores and firm the skin. More importantly, the product is formulated without any Paraben preservatives or sulfates and is not irritating to the skin.

Luxe Bidet toilet flusher

It is worth noting that the installation process of this product is relatively simple, and the water can be supplied to the flusher by connecting with the toilet tank. The user can open the switch after the user to rinse the private part. Its pressure control knob also adjusts the strength of the water flow, and its water pipe is a stainless steel braided hose instead of a plastic water pipe.

Handy Laundry clothing wool drying ball

The highlight is that it can speed up the drying time of the clothes, effectively absorb the batt and thread on the clothes, and fluffy clothes to reduce wrinkles. More importantly, it is reusable.

Deco Brothers kitchen storage rack

Through this product, users can effectively store kitchen items and bid farewell to the chaotic state. The highlight of the product is the stackable and stretchable design, so users can not only stack the shelves upside down, but also extend the expansion space laterally.

Squatty Potty Toilet Aromatic Spray

Made from nano-mineral crystals, this product also contains essential oils without any toxic ingredients. Each bottle can be used up to 200 times, and the user only needs to spray some after the toilet to eliminate the bad smell.

QIAYA selfie light ring

This product can help fill light when the user takes a selfie, and take the selfie effect to a new level. The product is also available in three brightness levels, which can be selected by the user. It can be charged via USB, so don’t worry about the need to replace the battery. In addition, the product uses LED bulbs and has a lighting life of up to 10,000 hours.

Simply Fit Board Sports Twist Balance Board

ABS plastic can withstand up to 400 pounds, but the balance board itself weighs less than 5 pounds, so it’s very easy to carry while traveling. All the user has to do is to stand on the waist and twist the waist and tighten the abdomen to achieve fitness.

Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Machine

This product can be said to be a “lazy artifact”. Users only need to put the ingredients in order, it can make two delicious sandwiches in a few minutes. The product has a built-in timer so you don’t have to worry about overcooking. All of its components are detachable, so it is easy to clean.

The above are the top 39 Amazon winning products with 2000+ reviews in 2019, it might be different with your niche, but it can be a good reference for Shopify product selection, as a Shopify seller, you may half successful once you selected the right products.

8 tricks to quickly increase Shopify convertion rates

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Every dropshipper knows that shopify doesn’t have the natural traffics like other online shopping platform. The traffics needs to be acquired by Shopify sellers themselves. After a long time, it will gradually generate organic traffic to the Shopify store. In this point of view, let’s look at the world’s first sources of traffic, among which the first source is organic traffics.

As you can see the Shopify store Fashionnova which already has great organic traffics. There are many Shopify sellers complaint that the traffic is really expensive. Actually, it’s not the case if you can make some good content on YouTube/Instagram/Pinterest, etc., I don’t think it’s possible to do some paid traffic, more importantly, multi-channel traffic acquisition, which is also a long-term branding procedure which will became a trend that has already formed! Every channel should have your brand name.

So in this article we want to explain today is how to achieve a high conversion rate of traffics. First of all, we must make a clear statement: the conversion rate is high, clients buy, not they decide to buy or not, but you let him decide.

Many people may not understand, why do clients buy or not controlled by Shopify sellers?

First of all, the traffic comes in, most of them are keyword search, why should someone search for this keyword? It is because there has demand, otherwise it should be meaningless for them to search.

Secondly, it is a matter for customers to enter store or not. Buying or not buying is also their business. So what can we do? The answer is, let them have no reason to leave, let them not be willing to leave, sorry to leave!

For example, if you go to the barbershop to cut your hair, the service can be said to be from the first foot into the door and you will be treated like a god. When you finally leave, you will feel I am embarrassed to go without buying something. This experience does not require me to multi-render. Generally, some barbershops should have the same feelings.

Thirdly, the reason that customer buyers enter our Shopify store is the same as entering our physical store, so you have to wait for them, as a Shopify seller we need pay attention from the home page to the footer of the store. The following are 8 tricks to quickly increase Shopify convention rates.

Determine the store theme color and direction

The correct color can improve the conversion rates of the landing page, what direction your store focuses, what series is the main series, etc. After you have the direction, you can go down with the line.

For example, Blue color is the main color of PayPal and Facebook, determine the main series of your Shopify store, the color of the entire website, etc. It is recommended that the European and American styles / free and unrestrained / exaggerated style, more suitable for EU and USA clients.

Landing page color matching and panel design

This is also a prerequisite for your template. Generally, the headline below is the product, then various modules and small product categories.

Yes, it is to put the big discount directly in the most eye-catching place. For example, fashion nova use the main black and colorful, and their products are also a kind of EU USA women who are more unrestrained.

Discounts and promotional offers placed on the sliders, capturing traffic instantly

This is one of the best ways to keep clients in your store. When you enter the door, a free coupon will be available, then it shown you that there are discounts everywhere. You will not be tempted for the search purpose?

This is not an accident. The discounts are very common in Shopify store we seen. As long as the Shopify stores have better marketing strategy, they are all kinds of promotional activities every day. Because the Shopify stores are not like the B2C platform. Shopify stores are always available to receive coupons, discounts at any time, because the it is yours, you have the final rights.

Create a countdown promotion plugin

Without a sense of urgency, our buyers are easy to forget, we must always remind him to complete the order, so there must be a sense of time and urgency. At this time a good Shopify store, you have to set a countdown on sales! In addition, there is also a shopping cart that does not buy, we have a shopping cart offer supervised button, supervised payment to complete the order!

Discount coupon is everywhere

Buyers have to be heart-warming and feel that I have earned. The smart Shopify sellers will always be in the square where the peak of traffics, the audience will get 50% discounts, buy one get one free, the discount is definitely a good strategy, but I think more it is a compromise between the buyer and seller, a completed transaction. Letting our buyers calm down in a discounted shopping environment is one way to increase conversion rates.

Give priority to products that customers have purchased and reviewed

The front row display typesetting is also very particular. In the middle or the end position, give the buyer a reference for others to buy, so many people have chosen, I also want to see is the psychology. This is why many platforms such as the platform will be ranked according to sales volume and product heat.

Of course, some better product reviews will also increase the trust of customers, so that your buyers are 100% convinced.

Build membership system to improve repurchase rate

The membership model is not only mutually beneficial, but in the end it benefits the seller, because the customer has become your fans. At the footer of the store, you can invite people subscribe to become a member. Then You can send them an e-mail reminder that there are discounts, free shipping, new arrives, etc., they will eventually place order on your store.

With so many tricks, what if the customer still doesn’t buy?

Note that in all cases, it is impossible to convert 100%. There will always be some people who will not buy it, then you only need to do it yourself, that is, the sentence we shared with you before: he/she came to your store, buy or not it is his/her business. It is your business to do good service to keep them stay. And clients buy or not depends on your service, and there should be something in your store does not make him feel like to buy. Continue to refuel and perfect every step and process.

Orders = (product +traffics) × conversion rate

The order is assumed to be quantitative, then the variables are two, one is the traffics and the other is the conversion rate. Although the product is a variable in the formula, but the degree of influence itself is not the other two, it can be regarded as one of the quantification, then we increased conversion rate, the next step is to increase the flow of traffic again.

The advantages and disadvantages of Shopify store are very clear. One is that there are few restrictions on the rules and regulations, unlike the platform. The disadvantage is that there is no platform traffic, but he is always a long-term plan. At present, I have heard that many platforms have given up, and the Shopify brand stores that have not done well have given up because the platform has bottlenecks and Shopify brand store only will get bigger and bigger.

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