China USA direct line

ePacket alternative for small packages shipping dropshipping from China to USA in 5 to 8 days.

ePacket is a cost effective for cross border eCommerce small package shipping from China to overseas. However, along with the USA withdraw the Universal Postal Union, ePacket delivery became unstable and usually takes 2 to 3 weeks or even more time. Thus ePacket shipping from China to USA affects both the sellers and user experience with high refund rates. The small package direct line shipping from China to USA is a very good ePacket alternatives for cross border eCommerce dropshipping from China as it is faster and more stable.

Small package direct line shipping from China to USA

weight(kg)Shipping fee(Yuan)
Weight(kg)shipping rates(Yuan)
0.900~265yuan/kg+15 yuan/shipment
Weight(kg)Shipping rates
2.001~1560 yuan/kg

The small package line shipping rates changed on monthly basis, please inquiry real time shipping rates.

Weight restriction: 15kg max per shipment, value under 800 usd.

Volume restriction: length< 66cm, length>66cm or length+2(width+height)>120cm, volume length*width*height/8000, charge 30 yuan per shipment volume fee;

8~12 days delivery.

products restriction: general goods, matching battery, built-in battery (need to be insulated, battery power is not more than 100W), powdered paste without alcohol, beauty products, such as: nail glue, lipstick, liquid foundation, powder , eye shadow, mask, nasal membrane, etc.; Bluetooth headset; weak magnetic products, such as: clothing, bags and other weak magnetic buckle; 100ml liquid-free beauty products without alcohol;

redelivery fee: 60yuan/kg+ 14 yuan processing fee;

Packages can be sent to APO/FPO/DPP US Battlefield Post Offices and non-US mainland addresses such as Alaska, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Guam, etc. (9th District). Each ticket will be subject to a remote surcharge at the following rates: MIN300g): 80 yuan / kg + registration fee 62 yuan /shipment, the specific zip code range:

Post code start withZone
006Zone 9
007 Zone 9
008 Zone 9
009 Zone 9
091 M
092 M
093 M
094 M
095 M
096 M
097 M
098 M
340 M
962 M
963 M
964 M
965 M
966 M
967 Zone 9
968 Zone 9
969 Zone 9
995 Zone 9
996 Zone 9
997 Zone 9
998 Zone 9
999 Zone 9

Advantages of the small package line compared to ePacket shipping from China to USA

1> Package can be tracked in 24 hours after shipped from China, 5 to 8 days delivery;

2> First leg ship via DHL, deliver via USPS;

3>Show USPS shipping label instead of China shipping label;

4>Warehouse located in East and West USA for faster delivery;

5> Weight and volume restriction allows more goods categories dropshipping from China to USA.

4 to 8 days UPS delivery for small package shipping from China to USA

Weight(Kg)Shipping rates(Yuan)
5.5~1058 yuan/kg
10.5~2053 yuan/kg
20~70kg46 yuan/kg
71~300kg46 yuan/kg

China USA shipping line service description:

1> Product restriction: general goods only, can not be imitation cards, charged, liquid powder paste flammable and explosive goods;

2> Delivery time 4 to 8 days;

3>starts 0.5kg to 300kg per shipment, irregular or overweight, over volume goods charge extra fee;

4>Volume length*width*height/5000, shipping weight is the bigger one between actual weight and volume weight;

5>This line is not allowed to be mailed to P.O.BOX address and cannot be taken to the Amazon address; if you need to ship to Amazon FBA warehouse please inquiry 86Deal;

6> Remote area charge 3.5 yuan/kg, min 30 yuan/shipment;

You are welcome to inquiry ePacket alternative small packages shipping from China to USA and EU countries.

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