China USA direct line

ePacket alternative for small packages shipping dropshipping from China to USA in 5 to 8 days.

ePacket is a cost effective for cross border eCommerce small package shipping from China to overseas. However, along with the USA withdraw the Universal Postal Union, ePacket delivery became unstable and usually takes 2 to 3 weeks or even more time. Thus ePacket shipping from China to USA affects both the sellers and user experience with high refund rates. The small package direct line shipping from China to USA is a very good ePacket alternatives for cross border eCommerce dropshipping from China as it is faster and more stable.

Small package direct line shipping from China to USA

Weight/KGShipping cost (RMB/kg)Processing fee (RMB/shipment)Delivery time
(work days)
0~0.140185 ~8

Weight restriction: 30kg max per shipment.

Volume restriction: length< 60cm, length*width*height<60cm*40cm*40cm, length+(width+height)*2<=213cm.

Shipping cost sample:

a 50 grams package shipping from China to USA costs 20 yuan=40 yuan*0.05+18 yuan;

a 2.5 kg package shipping from China to USA costs 170 yuan= 50 yuan*2.5+45 yuan.

Advantages of the small package line compared to ePacket shipping from China to USA

1> Package can be tracked in 24 hours after shipped from China, 5 to 8 days delivery;

2> First leg ship via DHL, deliver via USPS;

3>Show USPS shipping label instead of China shipping label;

4>Warehouse located in East and West USA for faster delivery;

5> Weight and volume restriction allows more goods categories dropshipping from China to USA.

China USA shipping line service description:

1> Shipping weight: Compare package net weight and volume weight (volume weight = length * width * height / 8000) and select the bigger one as the shipping weight;

2> Package return: Due to unacceptable reasons such as recipient rejection, address error, and recipient relocation, it will be returned to the export easy US warehouse, will be charged 10 yuan/shipment;

3>Goods category restriction: general goods only. Liquids (such as perfume), knives, powders, medicines, flammable and explosive dangerous goods, tobacco and alcohol, cash and securities, infringing products and other contraband, batteries and sensitive products are rejected;

The United States can’t ship wear glasses, you should ask supplier provide Children’s products need CPSC, human body contact FDA certificate if you need to ship them;

4>Brand infringement instructions: Brands involving associations, organizations, etc., and authorized goods and logos must provide a power of attorney; (US Intellectual Property Enquiry Network:; http://iprs.cbp. Gov/index.asp)

Design, brand, and infringing products containing international cartoon characters will be rejected; (such as Bluetooth, HDMI, lights with CERR and other products)

5>Additional fee: The actual weight of a single package is less than 10kg, and the circumference is L+(W+H)*2 between 213-274cm, and an extra large surcharge is required, that is, the freight is charged as 10kg shipping weight;

If the size of a single package exceeds the normal service range, the package will be returned or supplemented with a super high surcharge, and the relevant fees and liabilities will be charged.

6> Delivery: door to door delivery for both residential & commercial addresses; military addresses such as APO/FPO and PO BOX addresses can be delivered;

Doesnt support Amazon FBA warehouse address;

7>Declared value: Do not accept goods above 800 US dollars, do not accept the same recipient name and the same address, the accumulated package declaration value of the day exceeds 800 US dollars; if the tax occurred will be charged by clients;

The China USA small package line is a great ePacket alternatives for small package dropshipping from China to USA, however, it is only suitable for general goods, you are welcome to inquire 86deal for goods dropshipping from China to USA.

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