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How to dropship streetwear from Taobao and 1688

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Streetwear is always leading the fashion in worldwide countries, no matter boys, girls, men and women who love to wear the trendy fashion clothes and accessories to be the one attract eyeballs on the street. Thus streetwear is a profitable niche for dropshipping business as it has very large of target clients and relatively higher profit margin.

Why choose streetwear for Shopify dropshipping?

Based on our experience, there are many reasons for you to choose streetwear for Shopify dropshipping business.

1>Higher quality. When you dropshipping clothes the quality issue will not only affect your user experience but also take lots of time and money as well as human resource to deal with the after sale jobs, while streetwear usually have higher quality than general fashion clothes no matter men and women streetwear, it has far more less after sale issues;

2>Higher profits. Compared to general fashion clothes, the streetwear is more personalized and attractive, thus it usually has higher profits than general apparel;

3>More precise clients. Compared to the fashion clothes facebook ads, the streetwear might have higher conversation rates for the Reddit, Ins, Facebook and Youtube influencers, and streetwear is easily to spread on clients social networks;

4> No IP Infringement issue. Compared to brands streetwear like Anti Social, Palace, Champion, FOG, Vlone, Vetements, CDG etc. the streetwear has no famous brands thus it doesnt have infringement risks in the customs.

after the 4 main reasons, you may wonder how to find streetwear dropshipping suppliers, actually there are many of the streetwear dropshipping suppliers on Taobao and 1688 with high quality and original streetwear design.

Taobao 1688 streetwear dropshipping supplier

To help you easily dropshipping streetwear from China Taobao and 1688, 86Deal listed some streetwear dropshipping suppliers for you as a reference:































In addition to the Taobao streetwear dropshipping suppliers, you can also try to find streetwear dropshipping suppliers on 1688, however, what’s the difference between them? The streetwear on Taobao is more personalized and higher quality, thus the price is a little high, and many streetwear suppliers on Taobao has original design which is more attractive when you walking on the street. The streetwear suppliers on 1688 usually for wholesale, thus it is cheaper and the streetwear accessories is better to dropship via 1688. The following are the streetwear dropshipping suppliers on 1688 for you as a reference:




















You can also search the streetwear dropshipping suppliers on Taobao and 1688 yourself, there are many dropshipping suppliers available for the streetwear clothing, necklace, rings, sneakers, socks, scarf, caps etc.

86Deal provides one step streetwear dropshipping service to help you order and ship from China to clients overseas, our dropshipping service include:



Quality inspection(return/exchange)

Chinese label and promotional cards removing


Label and packaging customization

Pick and pack

Shipping label printing

Tracking upload

You are welcome to inquire streetwear dropshipping from Taobao and 1688, we can help you source and filter the best streetwear dropshipping suppliers for your business.

How to find 1688 private label suppliers for cross border dropshipping and wholesale

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Private label is a business model widely spread on the online shopping platforms like Amazon, eBay and Shopify, where the online sellers source products from supplier who manufactures with their own materials and formulations but then labels the products with the seller brands. For online sellers there are at least 4 advantages of private label for dropshipping.

Once we started dropshipping business, Aliexpress is no doubt the first choice to start with, however, when you plan to private label the products Aliexpress isnt the best choice due to the cost is too high which will cut the profit margin for the dropshipping business, then 1688 the biggest Chinese B2B website is the best platform for private label suppliers include nearly all products suitable for dropshipping business.

How to find best seller products for private label dropshipping

When you plan the private label dropshipping business, the real challenge is not to find a product that you can label privately, but to find a product that can make money for you. Consumer demand, competition and costs play a role in the profitable program for private labels. Such product research is your first step and how you can begin.

How to choose right dropshipping private label products? When you doing the private label product research, you can filter the trending products on Amazon, Aliexpress platform then check the product keywords trending on google trends. Find the best seller products in sub-category of Kitchen, electronics, sports, cosmetics and skin care, tools, clothing and fashion accessories, bags, shoes, toys, car accessories.

How to find private label suppliers on 1688

Alibaba is one of the most largest wholesales platform, in Alibaba, you can find many different kinds of private label drop ship products. But for Alibaba, you need to contact manufacturer or private label products suppliers.  1688 is Alibaba Chinese platform which is a very good platform for private label suppliers at small orders although it is in Chinese, it reduces your stock risks.

Let’s take women fashion clothes for example. You want to private label a women dress, if you are good at Chinese you can search keywords 女装连衣裙贴牌 on 1688 directly, if you are not good at Chinese then you can use google translator or find a 1688 order fulfillment agent to help you inquire.

Since there are millions of women dress styles with hundreds of thousands suppliers on 1688, you may use photo search to find out suppliers produce the same style dress then you can filter 1688 suppliers with your private label requirements.

The next step is quotes and sample private label products.

After you found the 1688 suppliers for the private label products, it is time to request quotes and samples. These four things should be covered with quotes:

Private label prices for MOQ
Private labeling or packing charges
Shipping fees to your Chinese order fulfillment warehouse
Delivery time and payment terms

After the above things confirmed with 1688 supplier, then you need to provide them logo brand design, label and packaging design files in CDR/PSD/AI format, they will help you contact printing factory to produce them. The private label packaging can range from simple labels to paper sleeves, hanging cards or boxes, which depends on your supplier’s abilities and what your brand wants as well as your budget. Since this is an important element in the process of private labels, it should be part of your initial discussion with the 1688 suppliers.

Once you confirmed the sample of the private label products, the supplier will produce the private label products, meanwhile you can talk to your Chinese agent whether fulfill orders in China warehouse or ship to overseas warehouse which close to clients.

Although we take private label women dress for example, you can also find 1688 cross border suppliers trending products for dropshipping and wholesale , you may also find different product category suppliers which offers private label service at small order volume.

If you are not good at Chinese and not have enough time when communicate with 1688 suppliers you may find a 1688 agent to help you source and communicate with suppliers. Moreover, 86deal also offer private label dropshipping service for small quantity orders at cost effective service fee.

5 tips for private label dropshipping on 1688

If you contact 1688 private label supplier personally for more detailed information about the products and suppliers instead of applying 1688 dropshipping agent, there are a few tips for private label dropshipping on 1688.

Tip 1. work with reliable 1688 suppliers

How to find reliable private label suppliers on 1688? If you are new to 1688 you can follow the following index to judge them, years of experience, qualifications, business license which you can see on the home page and contact page, then product sales, user reviews, respond rates, re-purchase rates which you can check on the product page. Then you can communicate with them with your requirements and questions, a reliable supplier is key to the success of your business.

Tip 2. Sample order before bulk wholesale

No matter how good quality and service the supplier promised, start with samples from 2 to 3 similar suppliers and filter suppliers based their quality and price. Then you can bulk wholesale private label products to reduce the after sale trouble which will not only hurt user experience but also your brands.

Tip 3. Private label logo as well as packaging design by your team

You should design the private label logo package yourself, if you are not good at it then outsource to professional design team, make sure the design simple, clean and impressive. Then send to the private label supplier with PSD/AI/CDR format with label and packaging material.

Tip 4. Payment terms

Since it is the first time you work with 1688 private label supplier, you should negotiate with them about the payment terms after checked sample. Try not to bank transfer directly in case anything wrong could make you loss money.

Tip 5. International shipping

Mostly 1688 suppliers do not ship via international courier, you may need to find shipping agent to help you ship the products in two ways. One is find a fulfillment agent to help you ship products to clients directly, another is to ship via air, sea or train from China to your destination country in one shipment, you can calculate the shipping cost then choose the right shipping agent for international shipping.

Private label products could help you get higher profit margin, and you can launch exclusive promotion in the holidays to build brands loyalty. on 1688, you can easily find private label suppliers at small orders for dropshipping and wholesale business, you are welcome to inquire 86Deal private label dropshipping service if you are planning to dropship and wholesale from China 1688.

1688 cross border suppliers trending products for dropshipping and wholesale

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The traditional hotsale season comes soon, professional Shopify sellers already worked on the hotsale season trending products and sourcing dropshipping suppliers to make big money in the next 3 months. Here we listed the trending products include clothing, accessories, bags, sports and outdoors, 3C digitals, children’s wear,toys, men’s clothing, shoes, cosmetics, home textile decoration, car accessories, stationary supplies, household appliances, home decor, pets supplies, hardware tools, baby products, Crafts&gifts as well as lighting dropshipping suppliers on 1688 cross border eCommerce market.

Before that you can take a look Tutorials how to dropship wholesale from China 1688 cross border market if you are new to 1688 dropshipping and wholesale. 86Deal provides one step 1688 dropshipping order fulfillment service to help you dropshipping from China to overseas countries.

1688 Trending women clothes dropshipping supplier

Women dress https://xuanzai.1688.com/

Women shirts https://shop1478536856021.1688.com

Women dress& shirts https://mardelly.1688.com

women shirts https://shop1394211761636.1688.com

Women dress & shirts https://yunjoe.1688.com

Women t shirts https://wubixiezhiyi.1688.com

Women dress https://cuilangxuan.1688.com

Women shirts https://shop24911531w9151.1688.com

Women jacket https://shop1423500310394.1688.com

Women dress https://ounaya.1688.com

Women cheongsam https://jxgzfsc.1688.com

Women shirts https://shop992h589s7a889.1688.com

Women shirts https://shop247o6a7d56769.1688.com

Wome shirts and coat https://shop9160434036d51.1688.com

Women shirts and dress https://shop1473698689024.1688.com

Women coat and sweater https://shop1423500310394.1688.com

Women dress and pants https://shop1487584195946.1688.com

Women jeans and shorts https://jubaiyoupin.1688.com

Women jeans https://xiulifashion.1688.com

Women jeans and shorts https://shop770d7311du839.1688.com

Women jeans and shorts https://07600jeans.1688.com

women underwear https://shop82915v376v2m5.1688.com

women dress and pants https://shop1430758697429.1688.com

long sleeve shirts https://shop1458147430038.1688.com

women jackets and hoodie https://shikenuli.1688.com

women shirts jacket and coat https://1618fs.1688.com

women coat and PU leather clothing https://shop1457973979284.1688.com

Women hoodie and PU leather clothing https://nxhfashion.1688.com

Women coat and jacket https://shop1418808921872.1688.com

Women leather jacket https://shop1402333071504.1688.com

Women suit https://shop1406134812281.1688.com

Women jacket and suit https://yiwuhancy.1688.com

Women evening dress https://shop62490n4311879.1688.com

Women evening dress https://gzylsm.1688.com

women wedding dress https://shop1439829917960.1688.com

Women cheongsam https://qjgz520.1688.com

Women sweater https://shop1426178999488.1688.com

Women sweater https://shop144l08387or64.1688.com

Women sweater https://hechuangfushi.1688.com

Women windbreaker https://shijianlvtu.1688.com

Women windbreaker https://shop1455866782131.1688.com

1688 Trending accessories dropshipping supplier

Jelwery accessories https://yumfeel1.1688.com

Bracelet https://shop1466096566171.1688.com

Necklace https://shop1409071342559.1688.com

Rings https://ywps925.1688.com

Rings https://jingyusp.1688.com

Buddha beads jewelry https://qq1351056.1688.com

1688 Trending sunglasses dropshipping supplier














1688 Trending sports&outdoors product dropshipping supplier

Bikini https://shop1467998182459.1688.com

Fishing https://yudaofishing.1688.com

Fishing https://yjhwdj.1688.com

Sports knee pads https://13505279448.1688.com

Bikini https://shop658sf66i02220.1688.com

Yoga https://diqian.1688.com

Lure https://shop52592099118y6.1688.com

Fishing https://shop81682155931f6.1688.com

Life jacket https://changtong.1688.com

Fishing sets https://whhcdyj.1688.com

Fish finder https://szfishfinder.1688.com

Fish finder https://maotewang.1688.com

Yoga https://ywjhwt.1688.com

Yoga fitness https://dobetters.1688.com

fitness clothing https://haoqian.1688.com

Sports wear https://ymxfushi.1688.com

Yoga and sports wear https://shop1433506957276.1688.com

Sports wear https://qunjianzhiyi.1688.com

Outdoor jacket https://wsdtrade.1688.com

Diving suit https://divesail.1688.com

Sports wear https://arsuxeo2018.1688.com

Sports kneepad https://shop1393952356154.1688.com

Sports kneepad https://13505279448.1688.com

Outdoor https://wilderness.1688.com

Mountaineering https://shop782a29960h358.1688.com

1688 Trending 3C electronics product dropshipping supplier

Bluetooth earphone https://guoquandz.1688.com

Wristband https://shop1704x4x405987.1688.com

Mobile phone holder https://shop1466593241700.1688.com

Mouse https://gzjunxingcheng.1688.com

Gaming keyboard https://qcjy888.1688.com

wireless keyboard https://shop1458147376222.1688.com

Notebook bracket https://juenke1680.1688.com

bluetooth speaker wireless charger https://buick09.1688.com

converter https://zmt1688.1688.com

type c to USB https://haoweidz.1688.com

earphone https://shop1352913072578.1688.com

earphone https://shop1420770527419.1688.com

earphone https://18922767676.1688.com

game controller https://shop2ii19187o3904.1688.com

gaming suit https://sixiansm.1688.com

phone case https://15220229227.1688.com

wireless charger https://lbt168.1688.com

data line https://shop6027537955450.1688.com

Selfie https://shop1469724452496.1688.com

1688 Trending children clothes dropshipping supplier

girl 3 to 6 years old https://shop31818007y6m12.1688.com

girl party dress https://shop1397581101098.1688.com

Boy shirts https://27pifa.1688.com

girl party dress https://shop1416242538397.1688.com

girl coat and dress https://shop1433437561856.1688.com

Baby jeans https://hanliuchonger.1688.com

Party dress https://shop1416242538397.1688.com

Baby Onesies https://jingyue1688.1688.com

Baby clothes https://shop1404233857742.1688.com

Baby clothes https://shop1398186097335.1688.com

Baby clothes https://ziboyunfan.1688.com

children jacket https://ranmengfushi.1688.com

Girl dress T shirt https://hzmeichun.1688.com

down jacket https://licaitongzhuang.1688.com

down jacket https://songruifushi.1688.com

coat https://20dream.1688.com

Parent-child https://shop1465232161739.1688.com

Parent-child https://didiai.1688.com

Parent child https://shop640688g3i1928.1688.com

Hoodie https://shop1491584801020.1688.com

Hoodie https://katong6688.1688.com

suit https://shop1464628181704.1688.com

Suit https://shop1460134082314.1688.com

1688 Trending consumer products dropshipping supplier

Silicone lunch box https://yjtansung.1688.com

Stainless steel straw https://gdfuliya.1688.com

Tableware https://jyjunyuan.1688.com

Storage bag https://yingshangxb.1688.com

Insulated bag https://srlcyh.1688.com

Crisper https://shop26270kz290254.1688.com

Mat https://suhone.1688.com

Fresh cover https://svnsilicone88.1688.com

Baken tools https://shop1437582783425.1688.com

Kichen supplies https://shop52055m701j177.1688.com

1688 Trending underwear dropshipping supplier

Erotic underwear https://yemili66.1688.com

Lace underwear https://szafqk.1688.com

Mens underwear https://shop1433868951703.1688.com

Sports underwear https://qwh123.1688.com

fitting lace underwear https://shop549rn57470317.1688.com

Silk pajamas https://tbg1688.1688.com

Bras https://shop1484240412446.1688.com

Nubra https://shop1466528694231.1688.com

Invisible bra https://dgzjfs.1688.com

Pajamas https://shop46582799bu7t1.1688.com

Dancing dress https://shop1396976384823.1688.com

Body shaping underwear https://shop1460998075395.1688.com

Shaping underwear https://hengruizz.1688.com

Fitting underwear https://shop1387472067453.1688.com

Streetwear socks https://shop408j1a0507496.1688.com

Cotton socks https://yingkexuan888.1688.com

Candy socks https://aker2009.1688.com

Long leg socks https://shop1388854487285.1688.com

Men’s shaping underwear https://hengruizz.1688.com

Abdominal belt https://shop1449680163290.1688.com

Abdominal belt https://ymeier1018.1688.com

1688 Trending toys dropshipping supplier

Decompression toy https://shop1458666039654.1688.com

Fingertip gyro https://shop1431622632969.1688.com

Fishing toys https://shop6702299g32454.1688.com

Plastic toys https://shop1466010579600.1688.com

Early learning toys https://habibitoys.1688.com

Jumping ball https://shop1491821113080.1688.com

Bubble toy https://robin010640.1688.com

Water toys https://shop6702299g32454.1688.com

early learning toys https://hytoys123.1688.com

Blocks and balance bike https://shop1461343128744.1688.com

Chess card https://xuhumowanhang.1688.com

Game card https://shop48l2599355ld1.1688.com

board game https://wanbangtoys.1688.com

Board game https://shop295265bb3i186.1688.com

Blocks https://maigutoys.1688.com

Drone https://globaldrone.1688.com

Transformer car https://sttiansong.1688.com

Remote control car & drone https://shop29fs528890878.1688.com

Anime toys https://kangzhidongman.1688.com

Electric doll https://shop1433782948166.1688.com

Electric doll & blocks https://czd83toy.1688.com

Electric pet https://shop2885u8001t0b6.1688.com

Electric pet & car https://bonlytoys.1688.com

Toy model https://shop915a01a717024.1688.com

Simulation toy https://shop8999155585099.1688.com

baby toys https://ylbbaby.1688.com

Teether toys https://shop1442249636090.1688.com

Rattle https://dongke8yan.1688.com

Play mat https://youbeitoys.1688.com

early learning toys https://dgbdsm168.1688.com

Wind chimes https://1988919.1688.com

Walker https://jgmtoys.1688.com

Walker https://jietengtoys.1688.com

Cloth book https://shop1431622632969.1688.com

Cloth book https://maicao.1688.com

cloth book https://shop1434560200438.1688.com

Hanging bell https://shop1380637631589.1688.com

hanging bell https://lovelybaby1688.1688.com

Deciduous teeth box https://shop1421858491884.1688.com

wooden toys https://musormy.1688.com

Rocking cradles https://shop8j78199195181.1688.com

Rocking cradles https://kisslovey.1688.com

Play mat https://shop7225989b34142.1688.com

Montessori toys https://sixiren.1688.com

Music mat https://shop4y30108566918.1688.com

Musical toys https://iqangel.1688.com

baby doll https://shop8m2d945472w29.1688.com

baby doll https://dearbei.1688.com

Plush doll https://shop995mb16184324.1688.com

Plush doll https://shop1430153347846.1688.com

Plush toy https://yzynwjlp.1688.com

Block puzzles https://shop1948y0t332253.1688.com

Montessori wooden toy https://ouyiwanju.1688.com

Puzzles https://yhymwj.1688.com

Intelligence maze https://maigutoys.1688.com

wooden toys https://shop1419439256884.1688.com

Beaded beads https://liushijian168.1688.com

Rainbow circle https://15coolpy.1688.com

Abacus https://yunhezhiyou.1688.com

Sketchpad https://tongyiertoy.1688.com

Graffiti board https://shop1442335880798.1688.com

wooden block https://ouyiwanju.1688.com

Lego blocks https://shop1461343128744.1688.com

Blocks building https://shop375p34h9c7695.1688.com

1688 Trending bags wallets dropshipping supplier

backpack https://bjlr199.1688.com

notebook backpack https://leiyingfunction.1688.com

Crossbody bag https://shop1432737155466.1688.com

backpack https://leiyingcanvasbag.1688.com

Photography bag https://gzxungou.1688.com

Musical instrument bag https://aidymusic.1688.com

Sports waist pack https://yipinu.1688.com

Wallets https://mdnpjc.1688.com

Cards wallet https://mdnpjc.1688.com

Business leather bag https://bullcaptain.1688.com

Leather bag https://joyir1688.1688.com

Men’s bag https://qingmaishangmao.1688.com

Casual business bag https://qingmaishangmao.1688.com

Canvas bag https://shop9c3315145c916.1688.com

Shoe bag https://duofenpifa.1688.com

Travel bag https://katypaul.1688.com

Phone bag https://shangcaimingshuo.1688.com

Anti-theft backpack https://bjlr199.1688.com

Men & Women wallets https://shop1444755324367.1688.com

Key case https://gzzhennishi.1688.com

Women bag https://zhenlida.1688.com

Women bag https://shop62f386679y255.1688.com

Jelwerly bag https://shop1435337875384.1688.com

Mami bag https://laizhecomer.1688.com

Mami bag https://meiyingxb.1688.com

Cosmetics bag https://lianshangff.1688.com

School bag https://shop1442940488413.1688.com

Trolley bag https://xieyusm.1688.com

Anti-lost bag https://shop81359d69621w8.1688.com

Children cartoon bag https://shop748oq9028l253.1688.com

1688 Trending men’s clothing dropshipping supplier

Men’s Suit https://senyufushi.1688.com/

Streetwear jeans https://shop7493z764o1983.1688.com

Men’s Jeans Jacket https://lixiangkui96.1688.com

Ment’s trousers https://huadaerte.1688.com

Ment’s pants https://gong1996.1688.com

Casual pants https://majiji.1688.com

Men’s Jacket https://yibicheng.1688.com

Men’s windbreaker https://jianyijituan.1688.com

Men’s downjacket https://shop316rg249e7925.1688.com

Men’s hoodie https://shop6s3014466s464.1688.com

Beach Shorts https://swanfashion.1688.com

Men’s Suit https://meiqiufushi.1688.com

Men’s vest https://15067588682.1688.com

Polo T shirts https://shop4u20107495815.1688.com

Sports suit https://feisailangchi.1688.com

Men’s sweater https://shop1491498679794.1688.com

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Men’s suit vest https://hzhuangcheng.1688.com

Streetwear hoodie T shirts https://shop1408121479994.1688.com

Coat jackets https://ztlang.1688.com

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Men’s T shirts https://18621578528.1688.com

Men’s T shirts https://shop1t034b5807v69.1688.com

Men’s Jacket https://shop3pl1918535111.1688.com

1688 Trending shoes dropshipping supplier

Slippers https://michen1688.1688.com

Winter slippers https://0574ms.1688.com

Winter slippers https://baolishoe.1688.com

summer slippers https://5333000.1688.com

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Boots https://shop1466960600292.1688.com

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Snow boots https://shop1411663677978.1688.com

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Rain boots https://jhcdsj.1688.com

Rain boots https://jhcdsj.1688.com

High heels https://shop1383238483342.1688.com

Women sandals https://qiyuanxieye.1688.com

Women sandals https://shop1479833033444.1688.com

Women’s leather boots https://meibaxieye.1688.com

Martin boots https://shop1459443826746.1688.com

Dorky dad shoes https://fengzuxie.1688.com

Long shoes https://13928389601.1688.com

Women’s sneakers https://shop1439830137781.1688.com

women’s sneakers https://shop1400604898423.1688.com

Women slippers https://shoeswholesaler.1688.com

Women slippers https://yuanhaiyan880805.1688.com

Canvas shoes https://mrweng8411.1688.com

women canvas shoes https://shop1480006141403.1688.com

Mum shoes https://shop704pj7580s222.1688.com

Mum shoes https://jiasuers.1688.com

High heels https://shop1493311913294.1688.com

Women high heels https://shop1383238483342.1688.com

children shoes https://tleoshoes.1688.com

Children boots https://shop1439484750708.1688.com

Light shoes https://gengsenmaoyi.1688.com

Children shoes https://linjiaxiedian.1688.com

Men’s shoes https://shop1482425547218.1688.com

Men’s leather shoes https://chaosha.1688.com

Men’s shoes https://shop1407430906338.1688.com

Sports shoes https://zuweimy.1688.com

Men’s boots https://ruimeng168.1688.com

Leather shoes https://shop1375894409864.1688.com

Men’s canvas shoes https://x666636.1688.com

Men’s canvas shoes https://shop1355765307832.1688.com

Tutorials how to dropship wholesale from China 1688 cross border market

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Alibaba’s Wholesale Platform 1688 launched a cross-border supply source market for cross-border e-commerce sellers in 2017. The cross border market (kj.1688.com) is mainly targeted at small and medium-sized dropshipping and wholesale businesses opened on AliExpress, Amazon, Wish. Shopify as well as other cross-border e-commerce platforms and provide high-quality supply chain resources and data analysis. Currently, the main product categories are fashion clothing accessories, bag and luggages, toys and maternal babies, home textiles, digital home appliances, sports outdoor, pets and gardening, cosmetics, Auto accessories and security products.

Advantages of dropshipping wholesale from 1688

Mostly small business dropshipping from Aliexpress complaint 2 aspects, one is that the goods price are too high for low profit margins, another is the shipping delivery took too long time. Would be even more slower and expensive if dropshipping wholesale from 1688?

Firstly, 1688 is the supply market for Aliexpress suppliers, which means there will be more goods suppliers and factories with more goods SKUs on 1688 compared to Aliexpress, the dropshipping wholesale price of the goods would be much more cheaper. Furthermore, it doesn’t require big MOQ compared to Alibaba English website which is perfect for small business dropship and wholesale.

Secondly, if you stick to the traditional dropshipping procedure, the delivery time might be 3 to 4 days more than Aliexpress, however, if you wholesale best selling products in your store, the goods wholesale price would be much more cheaper and the delivery time should be also faster than Aliexpress delivery. We will explain more details on how to speed up dropshipping delivery time from 1688.

However, 1688 is in Chinese and currently only support mainstream payment in China currently, Compared to Aliexpress, small business who want to dropship and wholesale from 1688 will have a few problems.

5 main issues overseas small business dropship wholesale from 1688

Language issue. Since 1688 is in Chinese, for overseas small business who do not know Chinese it is a big obstacle to search goods with product keywords and communicate with 1688 sellers. To solve the language issue, you may use google translate the product keywords and product description page, but it isnt that accurate, thus it can be translated for you as a reference. The second way is to find a Chinese friend or 1688 agent to help you source and negotiate with suppliers on 1688.

Payment issue. Unlike Aliexpress you can pay via paypal and credit cards, those payment ways are not work on 1688. Currently 1688 accept Alipay and Union Pay as well as China bank debit cards. Even you can pay on Taobao with your Alipay international credit cards doesnt work on 1688. How to pay for the goods on 1688? Try 1688 agent or recharge Yuan to your Alipay balance account, you will be able to order goods from 1688. Another way is to pay via USD, but it is only for big sellers wholesale from 1688 currently and only restricted to those suppliers has Kuajingbao account.

Shipping issue. The international shipping is another big issue for small business dropship wholesale from 1688 as it is mainly deliver in China. You can find an agent to help dropshipping from China via ePacket and small package direct line.

After sale issue. In another words it is the quality issue, in order to keep their products competitive to get traffics, low price is always the best strategy for 1688 suppliers. However, goods with low price also means low quality material. Although mostly 1688 suppliers offer 7 days return and exchange policy, it takes at least 1 month for the goods shipping from China and returned by the clients from overseas which surpassed the 1688 return and exchange policy. Thus, the Quality inspection or sample service should be applied when small business dropship wholesale from 1688.

Here refers to other frequently asked questions, how to source quality goods at low price on 1688? How to find reliable suppliers on 1688?

How to select reliable 1688 suppliers for dropshipping

9 questions to select a reliable dropshipping supplier on 1688

How to dropship from 1688

That’s the most frequently asked question by many small business overseas, in previous article how to dropshipping from 1688 via Shopify we shared the basic dropshipping procedure.

Of course we do not restrict only to Shopify shopping cart, if you have Woocommerce, Shoppee, Lazada and other shopping carts we can also integrate with our ERP system to fulfill the orders.

China 1688 Pick and Pack Order Fulfillment Procedure for Shopify Dropshipping

How to wholesale from 1688

Compared to dropshipping order fulfillment, wholesale from 1688 is relatively easier, except the order fulfill works, the other parts are procedure are the same. All those works can be done by a reliable Chinese shipping agent.

Sourcing ->Sample/Purchasing->Quality inspection->Consolidate packing->Packing list and invoice->international shipping->delivery.

Advantages to outsource dropshipping order fulfillment wholesale works to 1688 agent

There are many advantages for you outsource the dropshipping order fulfillment and wholesale work to 1688 agent.

increase order fulfillment efficiency. Once you have more and more daily orders, the order fulfillment efficiency will become important to improve the user experience, the faster the better. If you fulfill the orders yourself, you will get more people in the warehouse and training them to speed up the order fulfillment work, compared to the agent, they will be more professional on how to improve the order fulfillment efficiency;

Reduce order fulfillment cost. The agent could help you reduce cost in 3 ways if you are dropshipping from China. Firstly the agent could help you source the same goods with cheaper cost compared to Aliexpress dropshipping. Secondly the agent could help you consolidate multiple items in one order to save international shipping cost; Thirdly the agent human cost is much lower compared to overseas human source overseas, which means the order fulfillment cost will be also lower;

Improve user experience. In addition to order fulfillment, the agent could also help you inspect the goods quality, remove supplier labels, promotional cards, repacking and consolidate shipping them which will reduce the after sale works and improve clients satisfaction.

Assist your marketing. The agent warehouse could help you customize label and packaging, thanks card, coupon card to help you execute the marketing strategy.

Focus on product selection and store marketing. When you launch the cross border eCommerce, all you need to do is to pay more attention on the goods selection and marketing strategy, these two aspects will affect your business. Thus outsource the order fulfillment work will help you focus on the core works.

Save human cost. Once your business grows, you will need to recruit more people and hire bigger warehouse if you want to fulfill the orders yourself. Which means extra human cost will affect your profits margin.

86Deal 1688 dropshipping order fulfillment and wholesale service includes:

● Sourcing

● Sample/purchasing

● Quality inspection

● Label/ads removing

● Repacking

● Package return(goods with flaws or damages)

● Private label and packaging customization

● Shopify order printing

● Pick and pack

● International shipping

● Tracking upload

● Package return(from overseas to China)

Along with 1688 cross border market opened more quality resources for dropshipper and wholesalers, there will be more and more small business dropship wholesale from 1688 in the future, what you think?

Trending product selection websites and tools for Shopify dropshipping

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The tips we want to share today is how to select trending products for Shopify dropshipping business. In fact, regarding to the Shopify product selection, I think it is the most extensive and operability sales channel, but lots of dropshipping clients still do not understand how to choose product for dropshipping, they always think that the product selection is too difficult for them.

Why we need choose product for Shopify dropshipping? Just to find the demand, because the demand can find the market, so the final trend of the product selection is to find the demand! Thus we can’t go to the people to ask, but it can be summarized through many other channels, what our customers need, what we offer on Shopify.

Actually the product selection on Shopify is simpler than the other platforms like Amazon, eBay, Wish etc. as they usually refer to the platform rules. Compared to those platforms, there are few rules on Shopify. Therefore, there are many options on goods category for the product selection. No matter what, you still need to research and discover the customer needs, and then choose the right product for dropshipping business.

As we know that it is always difficult to choose products for shopify shop. If you do seo, you should determine it according to the product keywords and competitor strength, but if I don’t want to be so complicated, then how to choose products? Especially if you are doing dropshipping business, There are many trending product websites and tools are very important for you as a reference during product selection.

Trending products on Aliexpress

Aliexpress is a powerful cross border eCommerce platform and mostly small business overseas dropshipping from Aliexpress directly. You can take a look at the Flash Deals channel, there are lots of weird, creative little things are especially cheap. So does the weekly and monthly best selling goods.

Trending product on Amazon best sellers

You can also go to Amazon best sellers, amazon is still dominant in Europe and America market, of course, the price above amazon is more expensive, so when you see trending products on Amazon, you can go to Aliexpress or 1688 to find the same product, the price will definitely a lot cheaper for dropshipping.

Trending products searching by Buzzsumo tool

Buzzsumo allows you to query which hottest posts on the social platform are currently available, and you can also enter the product keywords to find the hottest posts, for example, If you find a post about pet clothes is very popular, click to see this product is still rarely sold in the market, then congratulations, you can immediately find the source of goods on Aliexpress or 1688 and then advertise on Facebook and other social platforms to test the goods. However, Buzzsumo is a paid tool.

Oberlo trending product

Oberlo shouldn’t be strange to Shopify seller. You can collect the AliExpress products to the shopify store with one click on Oberlo. It was paid before. Now it is all free, but what is the relationship between Oberlo and the Shopify product selection?

apps.shopify.com/oberlo, enter the app download page, you can see thousands of comments, in fact, each comment is the URL of the commentator store, you can click on the arrow below to look at the places and see what products they are selling on Shopify and take as a reference.

Currently there is no separate product selection tool for Shopify, but we can also take advantage of the trending product websites to understand user preferences, follow product trends, and understand user preferences to select some of the less competitive Niche products for Shopify dropshipping.

Trending product websites

Check out the latest trends on the site to help you better understand your potential users.









Product review sites generally know more about users, and it’s a good idea to focus on the product topics that people are passionate to discuss.











And these sites also update very cool products regularly:







In short, the Shopify product selection is always a method and thinking, this article not telling you what to sell, but telling you how to find a good way to sell, that is, to teach you how to fishing. So, I hope everyone can find the best selling products for your Shopify dropshipping business.

2019 Top 19 google trending goods on for Shopify dropshipping

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How to select goods for shopify dropshipping to make profits in 2019? Hot sale goods at low prices is absolutely the way for cross-border shopify sellers to make profits. For online retail, hot sale product trends and market demands are always changing. But under the monitoring of big data, these trend can be traced. In this article we listed top 19 low cost products worth Shopify sellers investing in 2019 based on google trends. These products combined the purchasing demand and low investment thresholds to help you start the dropshipping business in 2019.

Popcorn Sweaters & Cardigans

Popcorn sweater trending

The name “popcorn” is derived from the appearance of the knit texture. Pinterest data shows that the Pins of the popcorn cardigan has grown by 1395%. And Google Trends also shows that the search volume of this product has soared. It is not difficult to imagine that this product will become the dark horse of the 2019 clothing category. Sellers can also publish relevant trends and posts through social media to display products in the most advantageous way.

Popcorn sweater price 1688

The price of popcorn cardigans on 1688 starts at $4.5/pcs, and some suppliers offer a discount when orders exceed 100 pieces.

Hemp Oil

Hemp oil produced by cold pressing is a popular product with its rich vitamins and anti-aging and moisturizing properties. It can be seen from Google Trends that the heat of hemp seed oil is gradually rising and will continue until 2019.

hemp oil search trend

Shopify sellers can consider selling cannabis seed oil beauty products, such as masks, soaps or shower gels, to make full use of people’s love for pure natural ingredients. The unit price of hemp seed oil is not very low, but it is still a very good goods niche in 2019.

Balayage Products/ Balayage

Balayage Products search trends

As we can see from Google Trends, Balayage seems to have replaced ombré as a style that is popular in 2018 and is bound to be hot in 2019. Balayage hair coloring is characterized by a natural gradient of color effects. On the goods selection for shopify dropshipping, hair dye is not the only product that can be sold. According to this trend, the demand for related products such as post-treatment care products and hair dyeing tools will increase. Therefore, hair dye kits, hair conditioners, color care shampoos and other products are worth considering. The hair dye kit is one of the cheapest of the Balaage products for dropshipping in 2019.

Stove Cover

Stove cover searching trend

The stove cover solves the problem of grease or food debris staining the cooking surface. As can be seen from Google Trends, this product demand increasing year by year. It is understood that the product supports re-use and dishwasher cleaning, which meets the pain points of stove cleaning in daily home. For shopify seller, the biggest advantage of the lid is the price and weight. It is low cost, low weight and easy to transport, with a single cost of less than $1. For sellers of home-based goods, this is a trend product worth considering.

Felt Letter Boards

Felt Letter Boards google trend

Felt letter boards size can be customized and come with a single felt letter to allow customers to create text on the felt board at will. The felt letter board can be used for home decoration, or it can be placed in a public place such as a coffee shop to provide information such as Wifi. As can be seen from Google Trends, its popularity is generally on the rise and continues to rise.

The biggest selling point of felt letter board is DIY customization, so sellers selling handmade products can consider starting the felt letter board of different colors, materials and sizes to provide customers with more personalized service.

Baby Monitor

According to statistics, by 2025, the global market for baby products will reach $121 billion. Parents and elders often want their children to have the best products, which leads to a growing demand for maternal and child products. The heat of the baby monitor is also in sync with this trend. Baby monitors help parents take care of their children anytime, anywhere to keep their children safe, and it also simplifies everyday housework.

baby monitor searching trend

Although the price of baby monitors is the highest in the list, its price is still low in the field of electronic products, so shopify sellers can consider this affordable product. The price of baby monitors currently on the market varies by function.

Wi-Fi Security Camera

Wi-Fi Security Camera google trends

The wireless networking gadgets has become a trend, such as the security camera. No one wants to take care of the wires, so the heat of wifi and Bluetooth devices is not surprising. At the same time, this is reflected in the fact that wifi security cameras are getting more and more attention. A camera with wifi can make your life more comfortable and comfortable, especially in terms of security.

For Shopify sellers who are selling security cameras, they need to introduce a camera product with wifi to keep up with the trend. Sellers selling home appliances can also consider adding this product.

Dryer Balls

Dryer Balls google trends

From the Google trend, the searching trend of dry balls has been rising. Because for many consumers, a one-time purchase of a $5 dry ball can save a few dollars a month in electricity costs. Dry balls (wool) are mainly used in dryers to quickly dry clothes. The dry ball becomes heavy after being filled with water in the dryer, which can prevent the clothes from sticking together, so that there is more hot air circulation between the clothes, which can improve the drying efficiency, save time and electricity.

It is worth noting that the cost of dry balls is very low, usually a single wholesale price of less than $1, which is very affordable. In addition, with the increasing global environmental protection voice, this product has become the best-selling product in 2018.

Car Air Purifier

Car Air Purifier google trends

As can be seen from the Google Trends, the global search for air pollution and water pollution is increasing, and the search volume of on-board air purifiers is increasing, reflecting the relevant needs of consumers. In this case, the car air purifier has become a promising product.

Although the cost of the car air purifier is not very low, it is still affordable for the shopify dropshippers. 1688 currently has a wholesale supply of car air purifiers starts at $5. And as demand continues to expand, the price of this category will continue to decrease. In terms of technological innovation, there are more choices in appearance, which are closer to the daily life of consumers. Some purifiers can be plugged directly into the car’s cigarette lighter, and some can even be used as a mobile power source.

Bluetooth Earbuds

Bluetooth Earbuds google trends

As can be seen from Google Trends, the search trending of Bluetooth headsets has gradually increased, thanks in large part to the technological innovation that has enabled Bluetooth headsets to rise from a niche product to the mass demand. Bluetooth headsets can avoid problems such as tangling and inconvenient movement. At present, the cost of Bluetooth wireless headsets is gradually decreasing, and battery life and sound quality are also improved, and it is expected to be more popular in the dropshipping market.

Shopify sellers can visit 1688 to find out what the average consumer can accept, although not very cheap, but the price of Bluetooth headset is still less than 10 dollars. And some experts believe that the mobile phone accessories category that the product belongs to will be a hot niche market, and its demand will continue to increase in the next few years.

Touchscreen Gloves

Touchscreen Gloves google trend

As can be seen from Google Trends, touch screen gloves are ushered in almost every winter. Because of the cold and low temperature environment in winter, it is often the case that the finger numbness cannot click on the screen, so the touch screen glove becomes a hard demand. The touch screen glove enables the user to touch the screen of the phone through the conductor built into the fingertip of the glove without exposing the finger.

At the same time, the cost of touch screen gloves is also very low, as low as $0.25 per pair on 1688.

Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Cold Brew Coffee Maker google trend

As can be seen from Google Trends, consumer interest in searching for cold coffee makers has increased over the past three years. This is mainly because chilled coffee has gradually become one of the trends in the coffee industry. In addition to strong demand, chilled coffee makers are also very easy to sell, usually made of glass or food grade transparent plastic, which does not pose much difficulty in transportation.

At the same time, the price of chilled coffee makers has continued to drop, and shopify sellers can purchase on 1688 for less than $2, the price of the cold coffee pot is also related to the material, and the price of the plastic material is relatively lower.

Vape Cartridge

Vape Cartridge google trend

Electronic vaporizers (also known as atomizers) have become popular in overseas markets in recent years, and the latest trend in e-cigarettes is the use of vape cartridges, which can be used in eVape pens or Traditional electronic cigarettes. Some cartridges are prefilled with vaporized liquid, others can be filled with any liquid of your choice. It can be seen from Google Trends that the product has received great attention since 2018, and the popularity has continued to rise in 2019.

Another advantage of the Vape Cartridge is the lower unit price, which is around $1. If shopify seller budget is not high and eagerly to sell popular products, then this product must not be missed.

Microfiber Towel

Microfiber Towel google trend

As can be seen from the Google Trends, the search for lightweight, absorbent, and affordable microfiber towels has steadily increased. With the advancement of related manufacturing technologies, the price of super-fiber fabrics has been declining, and it has also been applied to daily care from decontamination cleaning.

The price of microfiber towels on 1688 has fallen sharply, and the current standard size is as low as $0.10. And there are many related products of fine fiber, the seller can extend to cleaning cloth, mop, tweezers and so on.

Selfie Ring Light

Selfie Ring Light google trend

With the gradual diversification of smartphone accessories, self-timer ring lights have gradually entered our daily life, and the google trend has steadily increased in recent years. This product can contribute to the excellent lighting experience when the user takes a selfie, making the film even better. These products are very popular for Ins fans.

The unit price of this product is also less than $2 on 1688, shopify sellers can think about it.


Shapewear google trend

Shapeware have been popular for many years and their heat will continue until 2019. There are many styles to choose from, such as flat angle, triangle, vest, long sleeve, underwear, and integrated. There are also corsets on the market specifically for postpartum recovery.

Compression Socks

Compression Socks google trend

Compression socks can enhance the blood flow of the lower limbs, thus effectively preventing varicose veins and reducing problems such as edema and pain. This product is ideal for office workers or other long-term standing, travellers, sports people, etc., who are a large group of potential customers. As can be seen from Google Trends, the popularity of the product has also been rising.

In addition, the cost of compression socks is not high, and the unit price is less than $2 on 1688. With the popularity of health, I believe this product will be more popular.

Waterproof Backpack

Waterproof Backpack google trend

As the tourism industry continues to develop, the demand for outdoor products is also rising. As can be seen from Google Trends, the search for waterproof backpacks is gradually rising. At present, outdoor products tend to be more practical, so waterproof function has become an important indicator. For the shopify seller, the waterproof backpack is light and easy to transport, and the cost is also low.

Fitness Tracker Watch

Fitness Tracker Watch google trend

Also with the hot tide of health industry, the fitness tracker watch is also one of the hot sale healthy care product. These bracelets monitor user health indicators at any time and track athletic data. It can also be seen from Google Trends that the heat of the health monitoring bracelet has been rising. In addition, these bracelets are lightweight and easy to transport as electronic devices, and are less expensive than similar products.

The above are the Top 19 goods which are low cost with high searching demands in the past few years based on google trending big data, you can take them as a reference for your shopify dropshipping goods selection in 2019.

How to start risk free cross border dropshipping business with Shopify Oberlo on Aliexpress

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Everyone knows that whether it is AliExpress or Amazon, or even Taobao and Tmall of the China domestic e-commerce, as long as it involves cross-border e-commerce of physical products, the supply chain of your entire product, from finished products, warehousing, and store design, In particular, the requirements of the capital chain are very high. In addition, you have to face the various rules of the platform, and you will be closed if you don’t pay attention. Is there a relatively risk-free cross-border e-commerce entrepreneurial model? Yes, that is dropshipping from China.

This cross border dropshipping mode is very simple, that is, the AliExpress product is transported to the independent station you created with shopify through oberlo app, and then sell the goods to worldwide customers. However, any seemingly simple thing in the Internet world is sometimes not so easy to do. Although the dropshipping model is very simple, you don’t have to worry about the goods, you don’t have to worry about the turnover of funds, but there has high demand for the traffics to your store. Because your order comes from your standalone station, the amount of your order is determined to some extent by the traffic of the independent station that imported your shopify. Let’s see the steps how to start risk free cross border dropshipping business with Shopify Oberlo and Aliexpress.

Step 1: Find your niche market and products;

Step 2: Establish a shopify store;

Step 3: Go to AliExpress and filter the suppliers and products.

Step 4: Use Oberlo to import selected products into your shopify store;

Step 5: Optimize shopify stores, including SEO for in-store product articles, social media SNS, Facebook and Instagram ads, and other free and paid traffics;

Step 6: The customer places an order at your store, and then you get the goods from the AliExpress merchant. If you get big orders, you can try to source and wholesale the same goods on 1688 to increase your profits;

Step 7: The customer receives the goods, pays the money, and you collect the money.

Indeed, with this cross border dropshipping mode does not even require you to make your own photos, just take the supplier’s photos directly. Some friends may ask: people can get goods on AliExpress with much cheaper price, why should you run your shopify store to get the goods? The reason is actually very simple: information asymmetry + pre-emptive.

So this puts high demands on your marketing ability to attract traffics, because you have to take the lead in putting your products in the store before they find the products on AliExpress, and you can use take advantage of your product relevant content to retain customers, increase the added value of the product, and thus earn more profits.

As for how to operate each step in detail, there are many video tutorials on Youtube and internet marketing forums, which are very popular and easy to understand. However, it should be emphasized that all the products you choose to add into your store need to enter the oberlo app first. After the editing is completed, you can import it into the shopify store. After final confirmation, you can post it to your website for public sale.

In addition, you need to pay attention to the following points when selecting products for cross border dropshipping:

Try not to choose reps brands, fake goods and other products. Because each country have very high requirements for intellectual property;

Free shipping strategy, so the goods should be light weight and small volume;

Select relatively high credit score supplier on Aliexpress, the product evaluation is at least 4 stars or more;

Choose products with lower prices but high profits;

The product picture should be confirmed whether it is unique to this supplier, not a picture of someone else who has stolen it.

After you set the payment methods on Shopify you are ready to start the risk free cross border dropshipping business with Shopify and Oberlo on Aliexpress. You are welcome to discuss with us if you are interested in dropshipping from China.

7 Frequently Asked Shipping Questioins For Shopify Sellers Dropshipping From China

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The shipping issue is one of the headache for shopify seller dropshipping from China. Lost packages, damaged products, hidden costs. The goods shipping from China to your customers is a complicated process and there are many things that can go wrong. Even if your package arrives safely, you may face a new set of challenges, including hidden costs and out-of-control costs. Fortunately, for you and your customers, 86Deal has a solution for each step for the cross border dropshipping business. After all, as a shopify seller, you need to make sure that these products are delivered to your customers. To help you quickly solve your biggest problems and reduce customer complaints, we have collected the 7 frequently asked shipping questioins for Shopify sellers dropshipping from China and related strategies to help you solve them.

Question 1. How to dropship products from China to overseas countries?

Even if your business target is the local market, you still have the opportunity to sell the goods from China to worldwide countries via Shopify. It seems difficult to dropshipping with a global deal – like dealing with unfamiliar suppliers, airlines, as well as tariffs and taxes it might happen, so that you want to avoid a global dropshipping.

Although this may seem complicated, the international shipping rates depends on various factors, including package size, weight, country of departure, country of destination, insurance, etc. Most major courier companies offer online calculators to give you an idea of the cost dropshipping from China. Some dropshipping fulfillment agent websites also support calculating logistics costs. For example, 86deal can help shopify sellers calculate logistics costs and pick the most suitable one.

The tax calculator gives you a better understanding of final pricing and logistics costs. In order to avoid any unpleasant surprises to your customers, you can add a reminder on your policy page to inform your customers that any international goods may be subject to local tariffs and taxes.

International freight also takes time to process. So the information on the package must be correct and easy to track.

Question 2. How to reduce damage for goods dropshipping from China?

For shopify sellers, sending parcel via China Post is not enough. Also need to consider how to safely ship your product especially they are fragile. Shipping requires you to follow specific packaging guidelines, as improper packaging can result in product damage.

The packaging requirements for international shipping are very different from the standard guidelines for parcels. While it’s a good idea to confirm your shipping requirements with your carrier, here are some general guidelines to help your goods reach a good condition:

Use a suitable tray: The tray you use for shipping should be made of wood or plastic and can withstand the pressure of being dragged. The goods should not exceed the weight limit of their pallets.

Choose durable packaging: The box you transport the product should be strong enough to withstand the weight of a large pile of packages stacked on it. Use only a new, securely sealed carton filled with bubble paper to fill the space.

Make sure the goods is safe: Make sure there are no more goods piled up on the cargo and use load protectors to protect against damage from chains, belts or other pallets. Both are aspects that need to pay attention.

Question 3. How to save cost for goods dropshipping from China?

ePacket is one of the most popular courier in the cross border ecommerce as it is economical. As a shopify seller, it is important to control the shipping cost, especially the international shipping cost. If you don’t know how to save the shipping cost, the good costs will be out of control, either eroding your profits or being passed on to your customers. There are some tips for you.

Compare other couriers with ePacket shipping from China: Along with the cross border business thrive in the recently years, there are many other small parcel courier services available for goods shipping from China to certain countries. The shipping rates and delivery speed is better than ePacket;

Comparing prices between order fulfillment agent: Each agent has a unique set of services and prices, so comparing prices is important to ensure you get the best deals. Go around and do your research until you find a service and price that matches your store’s needs. If possible, use the packaging provided by the agents to save your cost. The packaging offered by many China agents is tailored to their specific requirements. If possible, it is easy to avoid unnecessary costs by using the packaging materials provided by your order fulfillment agent in China.

Investing in flat rate transportation: Some major postmen provide envelopes and packaging based on the distance between the package and the destination. If your business frequently delivers packages to specific locations, then flat rate shipping may be a more cost effective option for you dropshipping from China.

Question 4. How to select the best courier dropshipping from China?

Different clients may have different requirements on goods dropshipping from China. Have the goods delivered through ordinary channels? Shipping is a key part of keeping your balance and your customers satisfied. If you set your standard shipping rate too low, you run the risk of losing money. If you set your shipping rate too high, you may be able to scare away customers who are unwilling to pay extra.

Applying regular delivery service means you have to deal with the entire process – including packaging, postage and shipping labels – so you need to manually set a rate, guarantee costs to retain customers. There are many different ways to calculate how much shipping your business should charge, so you must try to find a way to suit your store. Since international shipping costs are largely based on goods shipping weight and distance, one way to find the right shipping rate is to determine the average weight of your goods (depending on the weight of your product and the products that customers typically order) combination).

You can add the weight of all your products together, then divide by the amount, take the average weight, and multiply by the average number of items in a sequence. Average Order Weight = (Total Product Weight / Product) x Average Order Size Once you have found your average order weight, you can inquiry the shipping cost from China to different countries worldwide.

This is just one of the algorithms. If you do not have an order yet, you can directly refer to the product weight. If you feel that these things are too hard, you can apply 86Deal order fulfillment service, we will in charge of the whole dropshipping order fulfillment process of your shopify store, then you do not have to worry about the dropshipping logistic issues.

Question 5. How to communicate with manufacturers and suppliers in China?

Communication is the key part for shopify sellers dropshipping from China. Due to the language obstacle asking for help from manufacturers and suppliers can seem scary – emailing or phone someone you have never seen before – but it’s a key part of sourcing your product and making sure everything runs as planned.

If the Chinese supplier are not good at writing or speaking English it might affect the communication efficiency and sometimes cause huge loss for your dropshipping business. If you suffered the communication issues with Chinese manufacturers just find 86Deal as an agent to help you work on the dropshipping business.

Question 6. How to replace lost and damaged products dropshipping from China?

In the international shipping process, sometimes things happen completely beyond what you can control. Problems like damaged and lost products are the worst, so you need to think about how to deal with them quickly and efficiently to satisfy your clients. For shopify sellers dropshipping from China, buying transportation insurance is a great way to protect your business from lost and damaged goods. If you are transporting your product through courier service, then transportation insurance is usually relatively cheap, and once you send out the first package, you can feel at ease.

Transportation insurance is a small investment that saves you time, money, and frustration. Lost and damaged products are not just a problem for you as a shopify seller, but a very bad experience for your customers. In bad cases, a product may leave your customers waiting for days or weeks, which is not conducive to your long-term cooperation with customers. When things happen, you need to focus on providing the best customer service and getting customers back to your store.

Question 7. How to deal with inventory issues?

While most shopify sellers want their stores to become famous overnight, there may be some problems with selling more products than you might expect. Even if there is no sales out of control, your store will still encounter inventory problems. If you dropshipping from China directly, there might have ways to help you control the inventory issues.

For example, you can test the goods on shopify store by facebook ads, for the hot sale goods you can estimate sales and wholesale from China 1688 based on the daily sales to increase your profit, for the goods that has low convention rates you can retail from China Taobao or 1688 to lower down the inventory cost.

Dropshipping from China isnt easy for shopify sellers at the beginning, however, once you have solutions to your most common shipping problems should make things a bit easier. With these quick solutions, you can overcome the problems for goods dropshipping from China.

top 5 most profitable goods niches for shopify sellers dropshipping from China 1688 in 2019

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With the rapid development of cross border e-commerce worldwide, more and more people are considering investing in dropshipping business which allows people to purchase products separately from wholesalers or suppliers and then ship the products directly to the end customer. In addition, the dropshippers need to focus on a reliable platform and make the right choices to make profits. In this article we will introduce the 5 most profitable goods niches for shopify sellers dropshipping from China 1688 in 2019, you can take as a reference if you are planning to dropshipping from China via shopify.

2019 most profitable niche market for shopify dropshipping

Top 1. Sporting goods 

According to Google Trends statistics, we can see that people’s interest in sporting goods has increased significantly in the past three months, and it is also showing an upward trend in the future.

In addition, we believe that more and more people are concerned about their health, and most of them will exercise in the gym or outdoors. According to Statista, it’s easy to see that the total number of members in the US fitness center or fitness club from 2000 to 2016 is increasing.

As more and more people go to the gym, sporting goods should be potential niche products for dropshipping in the future. Yoga pants and other sporting goods not only have a protective effect on the human body, but also have a unique design and beautiful appearance to attract customers. In addition, sporting goods come in a variety of categories, including sports equipment, sportswear, sports supplements and more. It is believed that sporting goods should be a potential niche product for dropshipping.

Top.2 Pet supplies

According to Google Trends data, people’s interest in pets supplies niche has remained at a high level of 75 or more over the past 90 days. In addition, it shows an upward trend that may occur in 2019.

According to an annual study conducted by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), the cost of raising a medium-sized dog in the first year is more than $1,000 per year. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals divides these costs into two parts, a one-time pet fee and an annual pet fee. The high cost of pet fees each year is one of the main reasons why pet care has become a potential product niche in 2018. In addition, according to AVMA data, it is easy to understand that in the United States, more than 36% of people have dogs at home and 30.4% have cats. We can see that there are many people who feed their own pets and the annual cost of pets is very high. In summary, pets supplies niche should be a potential profitable niche market in 2019.

Top 3. Outdoor products

As we discussed above, we believe that many people have a strong sense of health and fitness. A common way people stay healthy is to go to the gym, and the other way is to go outdoors with family and friends like camping. Based on data from Google Trends, it is clear that camping search trends have increased over the past 90 days. Camping should be a popular way for people to hang out with friends and family outdoors.

Camping backpacks, camping lights, telescopes and other products can be sold on camping direct sales platforms. Obviously, before you start a dropshipping business, you can choose the type of product niche, you need to consider the products you really want to sell online. Entering the camping market is possible because camping as a huge market and high demand for people should be one of the most promising niche markets in 2019.

Top 4. Hair care products

With a quick glance at Google Trends reveals that hair care is one of the most common niches for people to start their own business. In addition, in 2019, high demand for hair care will last for a long time, or even longer.

We believe that when most people see the word “hair care”, the first thing that comes to mind is shampoo. Whether at home or in a beauty salon, people want to wash their hair for a number of reasons, such as oil, sweat, dust or pollen. Most people may have one or more shampoos because of the different types.

In addition, hair care products do not mean shampoo, it also includes hair conditioners, hair dyes, hair straighteners and so on. We can find that shampoos and other hair care products should be purchased repeatedly in daily life, which means that hair care can still be a hot spot for people to start a business, because people use it every day.

Top 5. Baby products

Google Trends shows that the search trend for baby products has increased dramatically in the 14 years since 2004. I believe parents are focused on product quality, including food and daily necessities, which means you need to work with a reliable logistics platform. In addition, it should be mentioned that the target customers in the baby products market are not babies, but parents and family members who buy baby groceries.

Most parents do not change after choosing a baby brand because it involves the health of the baby unless the product has quality problems.

Here are some common categories of baby goods:

a. Baby food;

b. Small accessories;

c. Baby clothing;

d. Baby diapers.

1688 Hot sale goods for shopify dropshipping

  • Sports clothing

People think that sportswear is very popular among customers, especially female customers, because most sportswear is comfortable to wear, they can not only wear it to the gym, but also wear at home. Yoga pants are one of the most popular sportswear on the market today. The picture below is one of the best-selling yoga pants in China. Because it is a wearable product for people doing yoga and other sports, its wide leg silhouette emphasizes comfort.

  • Pets products

The picture above is one of the best-selling pet beds in China 1688 cross border e-commerce market, and can be used by both dogs and cats. It is made of cotton and can be washed, so customers don’t have to worry about quality.

In addition, the pet bed is not only the only one with higher sales, but also equipped with a leash for pet training. The picture below is an 8 meter long stretchable training leash for medium dogs. It has a 3 meter long belt and a 5 meter retractable rope, and a button that you can press to brake.

  • Campfire

It is believed that there are so many camping products that are necessary for people to camp or hike. I will show you one of the most basic and important examples, that is, the camping lights in China 1688. The camping lights I show here are powered by 3*AA batteries. When you climb a mountain or walk in the mountains, it is very light in the bag. It should be noted that there are many camping products in the current direct selling market, so the choice of unique camping products and unique design can make your dropshipping business profitable.

You are welcome to inquiry if you are shopify sellers and you are planning to dropshipping from China 1688 to make your business profitable in 2019.

9 questions to select a reliable dropshipping supplier on 1688

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For cross-border e-commerce sellers who are not manufacturers themselves, the success of the business depends to a large extent on the reliability of the supplier, which is especially prominent for dropshipping sellers. While there are many ways to assess the quality of a potential supplier when you dropshipping from 1688, in the final analysis, sellers need to ask suppliers about the necessary issues to ensure supplier reliability. We listed 9 questions to help you select a reliable dropshipping supplier on 1688.

Question 1. Did you sell the products on 1688 to the end clients?

There are many 1688 suppliers sell their products to end customers in addition to dropshipping and wholesale sellers. In fact, these kind of suppliers can only be counted as retailers. And a true manufacture on 1688 is not directly facing the end customer. For dropshipping seller, if the 1688 supplier also sells the product to the end customer, the goods dropshipping cost must increase. Thus do not choose the suppliers on 1688 which sell goods to end clients.

Question 2. Will you do business with dropshipping beginners?

It is very important as most dropshipping beginners are new to 1688 suppliers, for them it is risky to cooperate with clients are new to dropshipping business as it usually takes too much time at the beginning, so when you choose suppliers on 1688 you need to confirm whether they offer dropshipping service for beginners.

Question 3. Do you charge a monthly fee?

In general, a high-quality supplier on 1688 does not charge a monthly fee to dropshipping sellers who do business with them. If this happens, then this supplier may be in financial trouble, so if you encounter such a supplier, you’d better looking for other supply resources.

Questions 4. What is your return policy?

Every cross-border e-commerce dropshipping seller will encounter the problem of returning goods, which is a big problem for dropshipping sellers, because all return and exchange needs suppliers to deal with. Therefore, when looking for a dropshipping supplier, you need to ask the supplier’s return policy, understand how the supplier handles the return problem, so that when the customer is not satisfied with certain products, the seller can respond quickly and provide a complete return process.

Questions 5. Do you have a minimum order requirement for dropshipping?

Some 1688 suppliers will only work with dropshipping sellers who have a certain number of orders. So when you are looking for a dropshipping supplier on 1688, you need to know what are the specific requirements on dropshipping, then you can plan according to your own situation, instead of being scared by this request and wasting a good supplier resources.

Question 6. Do you provide inventory data updates?

For consumers, the worst experience in the entire shopping process is to choose a good product but only after the order is placed, it is told that it is out of stock. In order to avoid this, a dropshipping seller must know if the suppliers provide inventory data in a timely manner when looking for dropshipping suppliers on 1688, and how often the data is updated.

Questions 7. What’s the dropshipping delivery time?

The goods delivery time affects the consumer experience directly and which is also a problem they are very concerned about, usually dropshipping delivery the faster the better. Of course, you should also concern about the shipping cost with the goods cost. As a dropshipping seller you cannot directly touch the product, it is necessary to know from the dropshipping fulfillment agent which courier is the best for 1688 dropshipping business and what’s the estimate delivery time which you can list on your shopify store.

Question 8. What’s the service charge?

This question is usually for the dropshipping fulfillment agent as mostly 1688 suppliers only ship in China. The whole dropshipping process on 1688 may include sourcing, bargain and purchasing, receiving goods, quality check, warehousing, labeling, packing and shipping. As a 1688 dropshipping fulfillment agent, 86Deal charges based on each package to lower down the cost for dropshippers.

Question 9. How to contact you once have any questions? 

The dropshipping business has been started long time ago, and the market is not very good because of the business platform and environment. However, high-quality suppliers on 1688 are still very easy to find, and there will inevitably be some problems in the dropshipping process. At this time, if the dropshipping seller does not know how to contact the supplier to solve the issue, it is easy for the consumer to lose patience. Therefore, a seller must be aware of the supplier’s contact information when looking for a dropshipping supplier on 1688.

The above 9 questions are a reference for you to select a reliable dropshipping supplier on 1688.

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