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Top 16 free and paid apps for Shopify dropshipping 2019

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We know that using shopify to open a store is now a very straightforward process especially for dropshipping business. However, the shopify store itself has limited functionality, so we sometimes need to add some plugins or apps for more features to facilitate the store marketing purpose to increase sales. Here we list the Top 16 free and paid apps for Shopify dropshipping in 2019 to help you increase customer experience and sales, all of them can be easily found at the Shopify apps store.

Bundle Upsell

$47/month, one week free trial period. (a little expensive)

Bundle Upsell is mainly to recommend some products related to the products in the customer’s shopping cart. For example, if you have a pair of running shoes in your shopping cart, I will recommend sportswear for you, recommend sports headphones and so on. In this way, customers are encouraged to spend more at one time.

Beeketing Checkout Boost

$20 per month, 15 days free trial period. This plugin can add some buttons for social sharing on the billing page, as well as some gifts, discounts, and a countdown to make the customer settle.

Plug in SEO

It has free and paid version. 7 days free trail. Plug in SEO can monitor Shopify store traffic in real time, as well as some problems with the store, and regularly report website SEO performance. All SEO optimization factors are continuously detected, including page name, title, meta description, website loading speed, blog structure, content freshness, and more. It could help you increase free traffics in long terms.

Sumo List Builder

This plugin is mainly to help us collect the user’s mailbox information. I have said before that the importance of email marketing is no longer repeated. The app could help you capture the visitor emails in the most delightful way and increase order value with discounts or coupons.

Yotpo Reviews

Yotpo allows us to show more user-generated content, which is the user reviews. If a product in the store has a lot of reviews, it can directly increase the trustworthiness of this product; if these evaluations are better, you can even increase sales directly. Let’s take a look at the features of this plugin:

Send tracking email to customer, request evaluation

Show reviews in a small section

Fully autonomously controllable

Helping to drain from Facebook and Twitter

Show product reviews at Google shopping

And the above mentioned are just the features provided by the free version,

A praise can increase sales by 10%.

Therefore, this plugin I recommend everyone to use when designing the store.

MacAfee Secure

Free, paid versions are available. This plugin is mainly used to protect our customer information. After installing this plugin, a safely certified banner will appear on our website, increasing the trust of our customers in our store. Of course, this is definitely not just for good looks, the role is also real, MacAfee Secure can check our website for viruses, to ensure the security of the site.

Product Recommendations

$9.99 a month, one week trial period. It is true that a store with product recommendation is much better than a store without any recommendations. Because there are product recommendations, customers will stay longer in the store and browse more products, so they are more likely to buy. And my favorite thing about this plugin is that it’s very flexible. We can choose to recommend products by type, or you can choose to recommend them by hot sale. The products that users have recently viewed, new products, or similar products are similar to the products they are looking at. In short, everyone chooses the most useful for themselves.

Persistent Cart

$3.99 a month, with a one-month trial period. I don’t know if you have those kind of shopping experience. When you shopping for a longer time and all the shopping carts in front are gone. That’s really annoyed and it will definitely lose a lot of orders. This plugin is to allow our store to avoid this situation. It automatically associates the customer’s shopping cart with his account to prevent customers losing their shopping cart, so there is no chance that the shopping cart will disappear.

One Click Social Login

$4.99 a month, half-month trial period. With this plugin, users can log in to our website directly with a social account without having to re-register, completely simplifying the user registration process. Social accounts that can be logged in include:

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Amazon, Google+, Instagram, Meetup.com, Outlook and Yahoo.

This is not only convenient for users to register, but also convenient for us to record user information.

Audience Push to Facebook

Facebook ad redirects, especially tracking those users who have visited our store but eventually abandoned the purchase. The benefit of this plugin is that it can be used to redirect ads to customers who have visited our store for a long time, thus establishing a long-term relationship with customers. We can also choose which objects to send ads to, including those who have registered for our website, have entered the checkout interface, shopped once or more times.

Edit Order by Cleverific

$19 a month, 14-day trial period. When we usually shopping online, did you find that you have filled in the wrong address just after placing an order, or the color is wrong, and you have chosen one more and so many wrong mistakes? So in order not to let our own customers encounter such things, it is necessary to modify the order. This plugin, as long as it has not been shipped, can be modified directly through this plugin. This is for the user experience, but also can reduce the return rate.

WishList Plus

It has both free and paid version. Two-week free trial period. Many users sometimes come to browse our stores, but just look at it and don’t really want to buy it. Maybe it’s because there is no money, or there is no need. But if I like it, I still want it. So this plugin is to allow this type of customer to add a wish list, and users can even add a wish list without even logging in, so we know which products are more popular. And we can also sync this wish list to different devices, and even give these users occasionally emails to remind them that they have not bought anything they like.


Cross-border dropshipping have one of the biggest concerns, and sometimes the biggest trouble – logistics. Sometimes the freight is too high, which will cause the customer to abandon the purchase or directly cause us to lose profits. Easyship is a plug-in for shipping that I personally like, which gives us discounts on shipping rates for over 100 logistics companies (including FedEx and UPS). And he even calculated the tariffs along with other fees to be charged, so there would be no expenses that we didn’t know, and it would cause losses. There are a lot of automatic functions, we can set the rules ourselves, such as UPS with less than one kilogram of goods, or choose the lowest price every time.

Pre-Order Now

$14.99 a month, two weeks free trial period. Sometimes when a hot item being sold out, but there are still many customers who want it, and the result is the item can’t be bought, so they will choose other brands and we will lose some customers. In this situation, the customers are lost, and this part of the customer will basically not come back. So how to avoid this embarrassing situation? With Pre-Order Now, you can directly pre-sell the product, even if it is not available yet, or is currently sold out, no stock, you can directly pre-sale.

Tidio Live Chat

Both free and paid versions are available. In general online shopping, the real time customer service will increase user experience, and any problems can be solved immediately. This plugin is an automatic customer service plugin I like very much, and it has many useful features:

See who is browsing our website, you can go straight to say hello;

The problem will be automatically answered within 10 seconds;

Support mobile terminal;

Support for multiple languages.

Product Compare

$5/month, one week free trial period. Sometimes you encounter two products are very similar and don’t know which one to choose. The role of this plugin comes. You can compare two products together to help customers make decisions. The clients could share the compare list to friends and ask for help before ordering.

Ok, the above are the Top 16 free and paid apps for Shopify dropshipping 2019,Here I would like to remind everyone don’t put all the plugins installed, pick the ones that you think are useful for your dropshipping business. You can uninstall the apps without any practical meaning. Installing so many plugins will definitely affect the speed of the website.

10 free useful marketing apps for Shopify dropshipping

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When we launch the shopify dropshipping business it is necessary to apply apps for the marketing purpose. There are many free and useful Shopify apps available to help you optimize your Shopify store. Here we collected 10 free and powerful apps for Shopify dropshipping business.

Privy – Free email popups

Mailing list marketing is a very important measure that Shopify sellers should pay attention to. Its main function is to collect the target customer’s mailbox and pave the way for subsequent remarketing. Privy provides pop-ups to collect mailboxes, use coupon codes, and increase the convention rates.

SEO Image Optimizer by Booster Apps

Role: Picture SEO optimization. E-commerce platform, the general text content is relatively simple, the content is repeated, and the high-quality text description is rare. Therefore, optimizing the picture is more important. Image seo is one of the important things that Shopify sellers must do to attract free traffics.

Product Reviews

Everybody knows the importance of product reviews for Shopify store convention rates. A very effective way to promote on the Amazon platform is to increase product evaluation to improve ranking and conversion rate. Shopify does not rank this metric, but a detailed and reliable review can greatly increase product conversion rates. In addition, Product reviews can also improve Google search rankings for free traffics, reflecting rich text in search results – showing metrics in search results.

Social Sharing Buttons

This app is for social sharing. If your product is attractive enough, sharing can lead to an increase in direct traffic and SEO rankings. In particular, Google’s weight in social sharing has become increasingly important in recent years.

Facebook Store

The most powerful part of Shopify is the combination of many social Facebook sites. This plugin allows your product to be purchased on Facebook, which is a great place for Facebook promotion to increase traffics and sales for your store. To understand that most of Shopify’s promotion is currently done on the Facebook platform.

Google shopping

In addition to Facebook store, you can also link your store to Google Merchant Center and sync your Shopify products to Google Merchant Center for free traffics.

Better Coupon Box

Coupon is always the most effective way for Shopify store marketing in Europe and the United States. The power of this plugin is to let customers submit emails or join Facebook fans in exchange for coupons.


The app sign show in the lower right corner of the website, the online store is trusted – providing encrypted information protection. Increase user confidence and increase conversion rates.

Tracking & Delivery Updates by AfterShip

Aftership is a company that provides package tracking services. Its automatic query system includes mainstream express and small packages. Make your customer service easy to track the status of its packages. Improve the shopping experience and reduce customer service workload. These emails are annoying if the customer asks where your package is.

Auto Currency Switcher

This plugin is useful if your Shopify store is international and has customers from many different countries. Automatically switch the currency unit of the customer’s location.

The above are the 10 useful marketing apps for Shopify dropshipping business for you as a reference, you are welcome to comment and share your ideas.

10 ways to select hot sale products for shopify dropshipping

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Product selection is the key to Shopify dropshipping business. Your store may succeeded or failed by product selection. Good products can effectively increase store conversion rate. The following are 10 ways to select hot sale products for shopify dropshipping.

  1. Instagram

Instagram is not only food and clothes pictures, it also has some product inspiration. Because everything here is based on images, searching for inspiration is very convenient and fast. Here are a few search methods you can try:

Hashtag – if you already have ideas about the product or the market, you can try to search for the relevant hashtag. Another good idea is to search for hashtags that have hints of buyer interest and intent, like #want and #buy.

Product Curation Accounts – There are many pictures of Instagram content in PO products. You can go to search for these accounts. For example, Instagram will find products from 90,000+Shopify stores.

2. SNS forum

Reddit is the largest social media news site. Its positioning is the cover of the network, and its influence is very large. It has thousands of sub-communities. You can find a lot of inspiration in these sub-pages. If you already have an idea about which market to enter, it is very useful to join a corresponding community.

Some reddit channels specifically focused on products on the daily life, such as:

Buy It For Life – A plate made for durable, good quality products.
Shut Up And Take My Money – A fun, innovative, and used product that everyone really wants to buy.

There are also some sections that are indexed as Amazon products, you can take as a reference for shopify product selection:

  • The Best of Amazon
  • The Best of Amazon Canada
  • The Best of Amazon UK
  • Find It On Amazon

If you are active on Reddit and pay close attention, then you will find some interesting posts like this:

l Reddit,What is One Product Under $20 That You Recommend Everyone To Buy?
l What $100 Item Has The Single Greatest Ability to Increase Quality of Life?

Reddit has always been a very valuable source of inspiration, so don’t ignore this method for your Shopify dropshipping product selection.

3. Online consumer market

The online consumer market is also a very rich resource for shopify product selection. You need to start by searching for some hot products, then slowly spread them out and find some interesting categories.

eBay – eBay is the largest online auction site.
eBay Market Research – Looking for some of the most popular product categories.
Amazon – Amazon is the largest online retailer
Amazon Bestsellers – Amazon’s best-selling product, updated hourly
Amazon Movers and Shakers – Amazon’s fastest growing product within 24 hours of sales, updated hourly.
Kickstarter – the biggest crowdfunding site.
Kickstarter Discover – Browse all projects based on some metrics such as heat.
Etsy – Etsy is a market for handmade goods.
Etsy Trending Items – See what Etsy’s current trend products are.
The difference between Aliexpress – AliExpress and Alibaba is that his wholesale quantity is not as big as Alibaba.
AliExpress Popular – the most popular product on AliExpress.

4. B2B wholesale market

There is no better way to get inspiration from the B2B market place. This method has been very popular in the ecommerce circle, and this method is very important. Wholesalers and manufacturers’ supply sites, such as Alibaba, it can bring you thousands of potential products and inspirations. Under such a quantity, you are easily lost in it, so remember to take it slowly.

Alibaba – You must have heard of Alibaba long time ago. It is one of the largest e-commerce companies in the world. Alibaba connects consumers around the world with sub-species producers and wholesalers. With thousands of millions products, you can find almost everything you need on Alibaba.
Although it is almost universally recognized that Alibaba is the largest online wholesale and manufacturer database, there are some other similar sites that you can go up to.

Global Sources

5. Photo SNS website

A website like Pinterest can be a gold mine for product selection inspiration. Many images contain interesting, novel products with consumer trends. With the social content inside, you can almost instantly understand the heat of the product.

Pinterest – It is the fastest growing social networking site with more than 50 million monthly active users.
Polyvore – It is a new way to discover and shop. His global community has created more than 80 million puzzle pieces to share across the web.
Fancy – It describes themselves as a combination of stores, magazines, and wish lists. Use it to find gifts for different occasions and share your favorite things.
Wanelo – It is opened up as Want – Need – Love, which describes itself as a community born for global shopping, product collection, and Pinterst stores.

6. Product and Trends Reviews Website

Product reviews and discovery sites can be a great place to inspire shopify product selection. Websites like Uncrate and Outblush can help you discover daily product trends. The best way to get inspiration is to see the new and interesting products that other entrepreneurs bring to the market every day.

Here are a few very popular consumer product blogs that you can take as a reference.

  • Uncrate
  • Outblush
  • Abless This Stuff
  • Cool Material
  • Gear Moose
  • Werd
  • HiConsumption
  • Firebox

Don’t stare at the big popular sites, you also need to find those market segments. Think about what type of products and markets you are particularly interested in, and then look for product evaluation blogs for these markets.

7. Market leader

If you know the market you want to enter, then you can use a variety of tools to find the leaders in the industry. People who care about the right people on social media can bring you good inspiration. There are quite a few online tools that can help you find reds in specific industries on the web:

  • FollowerWonk
  • LittleBird

8. Online consumer trend publication

Online Consumer Trends publications are a great place to start your search. These publications can help you find the feel of the selection, which has many trends in consumer products on the market, as well as products that other entrepreneurs have launched on the market. Subscribing to these publications can also help you reach out to new products and markets. In this way, you can better use your imagination to think about your new products, new services, and new experiences.

Trend Watching – This geography company searches for the most probable consumer trends and simplicity in the world. Treds Watching has a team of thirteen experts in London, New York, São Paulo, Singapore, Sydney and Lagos, constantly searching for reports on global trends.
Trend Hunter – Trend Hunter is the world’s largest and most popular trend community. With 137,000 members and 3,000,000 fans worldwide, he is the source of inspiration for entrepreneurs. The founder of Trend Hunter, Jeremy, said that like many of us, I used to be an entrepreneur in my heart, but I don’t know what I want to do. I chose the job that I thought would take me to find my entrepreneurial path, but after searching for years, I was still looking for inspiration. That was when I founded Trend Hunter, a place where people look for inspiration and share inspiration.
Springwise – Millions of business ideas around the world operate in their unique way, with their own style, in their unique market. It’s not always possible to travel around the world to find inspiration and take it home. At this time, Springwise comes in handy. Springwise will travel around the world to find new business ideas, trends and stories. They have daily and weekly news and you can subscribe to this information for free.

9. Local community

Sometimes you don’t need any new ideas at all. Traditional retail stores have more time than their e-commerce counterparts. You need to pay more attention to the trends of these retail stores and then apply the experience to e-commerce, which may help you find a profitable and unique business approach. Go to your community and write down the novelty or interesting retail concepts people are talking about. Local newspapers may also bring you some good and useful information.

10. Start with what you already have

Before you start surfing the Internet for in-depth surveys, it’s best to think about the ideas you already have. Also go to this is a product or inspiration that has existed in your mind for a few years, maybe it is in an unfinished business plan in a folder on your computer. Maybe you have thought about it and gave up this product or idea before, but it is very only available to get it up again. Maybe you will think it is a good idea at some point. When you do the list, you can consider the following three questions:

What products and markets you are very interested in and enthusiastic about?
What products and markets your friends are very enthusiastic and interested in?
What pain points do you have in your own life?

When looking for ideas for new products, make sure you don’t see the product itself. This may be a bit of a cliché, but in the popular, hot-selling market, fierce competition is a reality. To be successful in Shopify dropshipping business, it is very helpful to choose from a few different and unique perspectives. So be sure to try to see the potential of these products through the product itself, and think about whether the product has new markets, new features and new usages.

Don’t give up on small markets or products with fewer varieties. While those small niche markets will be much smaller than potential customers in the large category, the accuracy and easing of the target audience compensates for this shortcoming. A relaxed competitive environment makes it easier for you to get a good position in Google. At the same time, advertising costs will be relatively low.

The above are the 10 ways to select hot sale products for shopify dropshipping, you are welcome to leave your comments if you have new ideas for shopify product selection.

How to select goods for shopify dropshipping|25 hotsale goods with thousands of reviews on Amazon

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Selecting hotsale goods is really a headache for shopify sellers, sellers good at goods selection know practical selection method to find popular products, but the question is which products of which platforms are worthy of reference and still have good competitiveness and market potential in the next year? Will consumers buy these bestsellers? 

The key to the answer to this question is “product reviews.” A good product not only has a good performance in sales, but also has a good performance in terms of comments. Sales are the first weapon to attract customers’ attention, and positive review is the ultimate weapon for sales convention. Therefore, a product can only have greater sales space and market potential if it meets these two indicators.  The following has compiled the top25 hotsale goods on Amazon (US station). Each product has thousands of positive reviews, which are very popular among consumers. Shopify sellers can use these products as a reference for the 2019 dropshipping goods selection. 

Baebody Retinol Moisture Cream

This face cream product has more than 3,400 reviews and the overall rating is four stars. In addition to retinol and other popular skin care ingredients this year, the highlight of this product is the user-friendly pressure pump design, as well as the product features for all skin moisturizing and brightening.

Ekogrips oven glove

This oven glove has more than 3,300 comments. The rating is as high as 4.4 stars. The reason why this product is popular with consumers is the safe material: no toxic chemicals such as BPA, but the Ekogrips silica gel approved by FDA, heat resistance up to 425 degrees. It can be used directly in an oven, boiling water, or dishwasher.

iPrimio Cat Litter

This best-selling product received a five-star rating from 3,872 consumers. The highlight of this product is the ergonomic design and the use of sturdy cast aluminum and non-stick coatings to help consumers clean the litter box faster and easier. In addition, the perfect size design can be stored directly in the litter box and does not scoop out excess clean litter.

CamKix Smartphone Camera Remote Controller

This product has 4017 reviews and a rating of 4.3 stars on Amazon. The product’s selling point is the convenient voice-activated camera function, and the effective distance is within 30 feet, which is perfectly compatible with various devices to meet the needs of ordinary consumers for self-portrait or professional shooting.

Aroma Rice Cooker

This rice cooker has 3810 product reviews and a product rating of 4.3 stars. In addition to programming digital controls and six automatic functions, the large capacity of this rice cooker 20 cups of rice and the 15-hour appointment delay feature also attract many consumers.

Elizabeth Mott Cream

This cream has 1898 reviews on Amazon and has a rating of 4.5 stars. This product is specially designed for the needs of oily skin people to maintain their makeup without leaving makeup.

Care Me Electric Exfoliator

This four-star award-winning product has more than 1,900 comments on Amazon. This product perfectly satisfies the lack of time for the beauty of the foot, and the powerful motor can solve the problem of dead skin in just a few minutes. Up to 40 minutes of use time is also very practical.

Lock Laces Accessories

This shoelace accessory has 4.7 stars on Amazon and more than 1,600 comments. This patented product has sold more than 3 million pairs worldwide. The highlight is that the unique elastic structure perfectly fits the curve of the foot and converts the strap shoes directly into a pedal. This easy-to-wear product is also popular with arthritis patients, disabled elderly, autistic children and runners of all ages.

JOTO Waterproof Phone Case

This review of more than 24,000 4.4 star reviews is deeply loved by consumers. This product perfectly solves the pain points of outdoor or underwater photography users: the 6-inch large size meets almost all mobile phones, and it also supports the touch screen function of the mobile phone while being safe and waterproof.

Herstyle shampoo

With over 2,200 reviews, this 4.2-star acclaimed product contains Moroccan essential oil extracts that restore dryness to dry hair, better word of mouth and effects are the reasons for the popularity of the product.

Proraso Shaving Cream

This shaving cream has more than 2,000 reviews and has a product rating of 4.5 stars. In addition to the skin-protecting properties that these products offer, this natural product also brightens the complexion.

Sweet Home Bed Suit

The number of comments on this product is surprisingly more than 30,000, and the rating is 4.4 stars. The highlight of this popular product is the ultra-fine anti-wrinkle and anti-fading fabric, which also maintains a good price/performance ratio (selling less than $25).

Kona 360° BBQ Cleaning Brush

This product has more than 2,500 reviews and a product rating of 4.7 stars. The highlight of this grilling brush is the moderately sized and 360-degree rotatable handle, which improves cleaning speed and durability over conventional products.

Etekcity hanging digital luggage scale

More than 3,700 reviews for this 4.6 star review. This product meets the needs of travellers weighing baggage, with 110-pound capacity, high-precision readings and portability features that make it popular.

YAMIU Shoe Bag

This 4.8-star rated product has more than 1,500 reviews. Its highlights are lightweight heavy-duty nylon and custom-sealed zippers that keep the shoes clean and dry in gyms, wardrobes and more.

Lamora Beauty Eye Brush Set

This eye shadow brush scored 4.7 stars and has 5000+ comments. The highlight of this product is pure handcrafted and easy to use.

Thirty 48 Boat Socks

The number of comments on this pair of socks is over 2,000 and the product rating is up to 4.7 stars. In addition to the silicone non-slip design, this breathable material can also eliminate athlete’s foot and other issues, meeting the needs of most consumers.

Tend Skin Solutions

This 4.3-star aftershave skin care has 2,378 product reviews and is the number one men’s aftershave product. This product solves the pain points of men’s accidental cuts, skin irritation, hair ingrowth, and redness of the skin.

OMOTION Desktop Phone Stand

The 4.9-star cellphone desktop stand has 3,654 product reviews, and its highlight is the perfect compatibility with all sizes of devices, including 10.1-inch tablets or heavier devices. In addition, the design of aluminum material and non-slip silicone pad makes it more practical.

Panda schedule planner

This schedule planner has a score of 4.4 stars and has 1162 comments. The highlight is the scientific time planning page, perfect for work, study or research.

Venture Pal Backpack

With a score of 4,483, this backpack with a score of 4.4 stars has earned a reputation for its high-quality tear-resistant, waterproof material and durable comfort. In addition, its use for a large capacity of up to a week is also a highlight.

Ikee Acrylic Storage Box

The storage box has over 5,700 reviews and a quality rating of 4.3 stars. Its selling point is that the storage space of different sizes perfectly meets the storage needs of a protective product or desktop debris.

RENPHO Handheld Massager

The 4.3-star handheld massager has 1221 comments, and its 3,600 massagers per minute are a good way to relax your muscles and relieve pain.

Still dont know how to select goods for shopify dropshipping? The above products are part of the most popular products on Amazon in 2018, it may give you some ideas.

1688 cross-border market aimed at inventory free mode for small business dropship from China

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1688 transforms the goods and capabilities of China’s traditional industries with supply chain gatherings from offline aggregation to online precipitation, becoming a digital supply chain that is readily available to all cross-border e-commerce merchants wholesale and dropship from China. Wang Hairu, vice president of Alibaba Group and general manager of Alibaba’s China Domestic Trade Department, said on 2018. In his view, the global digital supply chain innovation is imperatively based on the traditional B2B, B2C market.

In August 2018, the 1688 cross-border dedicated team went to Thailand and Vietnam to inspect and found the international dropshipper group. The Chinese people in South East countries order goods from China 1688 and sell on Lazada, eBay, Shopify and Facebook to the people in South East countries as well as consumers in the EU and North America.

Liu Wei, general manager of the 1688 cross-border department, said that when he actually went to Southeast Asia, he discovered that in the countries and regions along with the “Belt and Road”, China’s supply chain system and e-commerce infrastructure became a business language, connecting global consumers. It helps small and medium-sized sellers in countries along the route, or SME (small and medium-sized enterprises) to obtain profit opportunities via dropshipping or wholesale.  For example, they visited a local raincoat manufacturer in Vietnam and found that their raincoat fabrics were purchased from 1688. They even purchased the finished umbrella products directly on 1688, and then retail or wholesale via e-commerce.

“There was a saying that moving China’s manufacturing industry to Southeast Asia might pose a threat to China,” Liu said. “However, the entire supply chain and value chain are not as worried, or you earn, or I earn. Instead, we link Chinese fabrics to local factories in Vietnam by digital means.”

So, what are the cross-border business groups selected on the 1688 platform? Liu Wei said that it is mainly divided into two categories:

One category is large traditional cross-border sellers operating on platforms such as AliExpress and Lazada. Every day, they explore products according to the behavior of consumers in various countries, and put hundreds of goods on the e-commerce platform for money measurement and sales. It is a very efficient organization form of supply chain and business opportunity mining.

The other type is the 90s (even after 95) entrepreneurs with diversified and more extreme business models. Most of these people are able to serve overseas consumers through Facebook, AliExpress, Lazada, etc., and earn a net profit of $1,000 a day.

Digital supply chain empowerment small business dropship and wholesale from China 1688

Liu Wei said that for these small and medium-sized businesses doing cross-border business or dropshipping, if they are Taobao sellers or Tmall sellers, you can find the source offline. But cross-border goods, they can not find the source of goods offline like Taobao sellers, because China does not have a wholesale or dropshipping market to sell cross-border sources, their supply chain system has three core pain points:

Firstly, the traditional logistics methods based on shipping and land transportation are too slow in delivery. For example, AliExpress sellers need a very efficient small parcel network to enable Chinese goods to appear at the doorstep of overseas consumers for 2-3 days. Therefore, Cainiao International and Ali Platform are building a global intelligent logistics network for this purpose, and empowering the whoelsale and dropshipping merchants in logistics delivery.

Secondly, the wholesaler and dropshipper overseas cannot be effectively coordinated with factories and suppliers in China. Today, Taobao and Tmall have a complete set of flexible supply chains and collaborative networks. When the Taobao seller saw the clothing of the influencer live broadcast, they can re-design and remodel sampling within one week, and the Taobao on-line sales within two weeks. With this domestic foundation, the 1688 cross-border exclusive supply will also provide China’s supply chain e-commerce adaptation and flexible production for overseas small b merchants, and ensure that products comply with 3c certification.

It is worth noting that there is already a “global factory” project on the 1688 cross-border supply market, and more than 20,000 factories have completed deep certification, such as whether to do OEM or custom for global brands, whether it has been overseas Brand and overseas store services. In addition, the 1688 cross-border exclusive supply will examine the strength of the factory, including whether the manufacturing capabilities match, whether the product quality meets the European standard or the American standard, and whether it is a cross-border seller on the fast-tracking service.

Thirdly, currency circulation is difficult between countries. The seller received the US dollar in the AliExpress platform. In the past, it realized the settlement of foreign exchange through TT, money order and international bank transfer, thereby purchasing and paying logistics costs. But today, cross-border payment and settlement infrastructure needs to be upgraded. Therefore, the 1688 cross-border exclusive offer launched cross-border payment service to help sellers purchase directly on the 1688 platform in US dollars.

In addition to solving these three most important pain points, we also have a variety of technical services, functional tooling services to facilitate cross-border e-commerce businesses, so that businesses can put more energy on the service terminal consumers. “Liu Wei added.

The data shows that so far, there are 50 million digital goods per day on the 1688 platform, maintaining fast, real-time updates. In addition, the 500,000 sellers on the platform are selling, obviously not for the Chinese consumers. For wholesaler and dropshipper overseas who buy these products, 1688 is not just a source platform, but an integral part of the digital supply chain.

So what does the digital supply chain mean?

Liu Wei said that the sellers who dropship or wholesale on 1688 used the “photo search” function very frequently. They would go to Vietnam and Thailand to directly compare the prices with the price on 1688 and then purchase them. During the field trip, it was found that the supply price on 1688 was basically 1/3~1/2 of the wholesale market in Thailand and Vietnam, which is very attractive for small and medium-sized merchants to dropship or wholesale on 1688.

“The digital supply chain sounds very advanced technology. The practical application is to take a photo with a mobile phone. It is so simple to find a Chinese factory in the Ali terminal market with “photo search” function, and it is so simple to purchase at a Chinese factory. However, this has changed greatly. The way small and medium-sized merchants do business and the way they buy goods.” Liu Wei explained.

For example, last year, based on the digital supply chain, 1688 cross-border special supply has been tested and successfully tested the first global inventory free model. American consumers buy a necklace at AliExpress. The seller does not need to put the necklace in the warehouse and does not need to send the parcel. Instead, the 1688 cross-border exclusive factory directly ships to the US consumer to realize the online digital operation.

In addition to serving Taobao, Tmall, and Alipay offline stores, 1688 also serves a large group of cross-border e-commerce sellers, wholesale and dropshipping merchants. In 2017, 1688 specifically set up a cross-border channel for globalization and the rapid development of cross-border e-commerce. With the help of the digital supply chain, Alibaba will further deepen cooperation with AliExpress in 1688 in 2018. The 1688 cross-border exclusive “Orange Wind Plan” can better integrate Chinese commodity supply chains and merchant selections.

On the one hand, 1688 and AliExpress share the platform data. Wang Hai said, “We hope to build cross-border logistics supply chain capabilities with Cainiao and AliExpress, let 1688 goods directly spread to the AliExpress platform, reduce the operation of merchants on AliExpress; also hope that in the near future Let AliExpress merchants really do inventory free business like the merchants doing Taobao business.”

On the other hand, 1688 launched a cross-border financial product that supports cross-border. Sellers can purchase directly with US dollars on the 1688 platform, no longer need to remit money to China to pick up goods. In addition, the other financial support and rights for the business will be further opened.

In fact, in the past year, the 1688 cross-border market and AliExpress cooperation are more biased towards strategic cooperation and offline docking. Until May of this year, 1688 completed the docking with the AliExpress system. Liu Wei said, “In the next 3-6 months, the 1688 cross-border exclusive supply will be linked to AliExpress and Lazada to build a local supply chain network to help digitize overseas businesses and even help Chinese sources and Chinese supply chains go to the overseas market.”

He said that now AliExpress sellers can see 1688 cross-border special offers in the AliExpress background based on their business categories and consumer behavioral insights, recommending 1688 cross-border products for them. In October of this year, sellers can complete the one-click distribution in the AliExpress background; at the end of October 2018, the 1688 cross-border exclusive supply market will provide joint sales support for AliExpress sellers.

“In fact, the 1688 cross-border exclusive supply market and AliExpress work together, is to change 1688 from an open market to AliExpress’s own business opportunity market.” Liu Wei said that now AliExpress sellers in 1688 cross-border The options have changed from the previous open market to personalized matching or private docking.

For example, AliExpress sellers can see the first-hand source of the 1688 factory through live broadcast, and these sources have not even appeared in the open market. He said, “This will be the most powerful weapon for the AliExpress platform and sellers in 1688. The cooperation does not affect sellers of other platforms to buy in the 1688 open market.”

2018 Top 8 hot sale dropshipping goods on 1688

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No matter which online business platform we operate, Amazon, eBay, Wish or Shopify, the elements we need to be successful are always similar. The goods with the highest weight is undoubtedly hot sale goods for dropshipping. Here we introduce the Top 8 hot sale dropshipping goods on 1688 in 2018 for you as a reference.

Shapewear dropshipping on 1688

According to research that by 2022, the shapewear market will grow to $5.6 billion. Separated from the concept of underwear, traditional underwear with a long history (yes, the European aristocrats began to have this concept in the Middle Ages), combined with today’s materials technology, has gradually entered people’s daily lives. Even the stores that sell fashion do not mind adding some tight-fitting clothing to help customers achieve “slim dreams.” In view of the fact that the shaping clothes can provide the female friends with the function of displaying the perfect lines under various conditions, the result of being sought after is naturally not surprising. At the same time, the status of the shaping clothes in the underwear industry is also still solid.

shapewear dropshipping 1688


The shapewear also has a significant advantage. Dropshipping sellers have a lot of freedom in defining their scope. According to the design characteristics of their chosen products, they can be characterized as underwear, ladies fashion, general clothing, etc. Different styles, colors, and then different classifications not only expand the range of dropshipping choices, but also reduce the pressure to compete with big sellers in similar products on 1688.

2018 shapewear dropshipping 1688


Mobile phone accessories dropshipping on 1688

The boom in mobile phone accessories industry has been going on for many years, it may start after Apple claims to redefine its mobile phone. By 2022, the capacity of the mobile phone accessories market will reach 107.3 billion. Mobile phone cases, cell phone buttons, screen protectors, cleaning and repair tools, chargers, headsets, mobile phone hooks etc. are very good dropshipping niches  in recent years are enough to improve that this prediction is not chaotic.

Due to the myriad variety of mobile phone accessories, a slight change in color, adaptation, pattern, etc. may be a new product. Therefore, it has great potential in the dropshipping market. The Amazon platform prohibits dropshipping sellers on behalf of the merchants. If the seller has to operate on the Amazon platform, either bear huge account risk or bring in huge inventory (the inventory is facing the risk of capital). The market for mobile phone accessories has been tested by time. It is certain that this is indeed a reliable and growing product line. In the future, it may even become a popular product in the same way as home decorations, fitness products, etc.


Phone accessory dropshipping 1688


When it comes to the corresponding dropshipping marketing techniques, you have to take them separately. Let’s take mobile phone case and mobile phone buckle dropshipping for example, they can be done with a high degree of personalization. The main emphasis is on visual impact components. All mainstream social networking sites are worth trying to promote, but in order to control costs, we recommend Facebook and Instagram. It’s okay, these two platforms mainly emphasize real-time sharing of photos, short videos and other life fun, and these are just the high-customized mobile phone case and mobile phone buckle. As for the protective film, earphones, chargers and other mobile phone tools dropshipping, there seems to be no special place for promotion, then you can try to combine these accessories with the phone case. If a customer purchases a mobile phone case, then he can recommend the model charger, protective film and other products.

phone case dropshipping 1688


Sportswear dropshipping on 1688

The fashion has been changing, but the status of sportswear has remained relatively stable. The so-called sports and casual wear refers to the clothing that meets the needs of people’s sports according to the uniform design. The biggest feature of this kind of clothing is that it doesn’t make people feel like going to the gym after wearing it. Among this type of products, we can choose from sports shirts, sweatpants, leggings, sports bras, vests, headbands, tights and even sports shoes for dropshipping. Each product may have countless styles on 1688. And the color is waiting for the sellers to discover.

Furthermore, according to the dropshipping seller’s positioning of the store, the sportswear can also be used as a supplement to other products. For example, if the seller dropshipping fitness products, then this sports and leisure wear can not be used as a supplement to the purchase of fitness products. Customers who have bought a yoga mat will also need a yoga dress.

The target clients of the sportswear is usually young women. Then the platform that young people like and often use, such as Facebook, Instagram is very suitable as a place for advertising. At the same time, influence marketing can also be added as part of the marketing campaign. By working with certain platforms, we can use their influence to display the products in front of buyers.

sportswear dropshipping 1688


Eyelash serum dropshipping on 1688

In recent years, the products related to eyelashes are particularly bright on the online sales among the beauty products, and also show a growth trend in people’s search statistics. Whether it is eyelash growth liquid, false eyelashes or long eyelashes are very popular dropshipping niches. Just in case, a little introduction, eyelash serum is a beauty product that promotes the growth of eyelashes. Although the eyelash-related beauty products market is vast and can be independently established, the product categories are still a little scarce, and the limited product categories may become a limitation for sellers to expand their business. Therefore, it is safer to dropship such goods as a small category in the beauty category.

eyelash serum dropshipping 1688

If the seller’s ability is limited and cannot support a comprehensive beauty product dropshipping, but does not want to give up this potential stock, then it is best to package it when selling. That is to say, it is better to sell the three packages together than one. By selling in this way, the average order value can be increased. In the category of consumables, the difficulty of package sales is relatively small, especially for the packaging of similar products. After all, the individual purchase will not be purchased in time, resulting in the possibility of running out.

So when it comes to the marketing strategy of eyelash serum dropshipping, we can think about it this way. The purchasers of such products are usually purposeful searchers to pick up the favorite goods, rather than occasionally seeing advertisements like many consumers when they are idle on the Internet, and then they have a desire to buy. Therefore, a better strategy should be to improve your ranking in the search by optimizing search terms, optimizing your own pages, and so on. At the same time, post the before use and after use contrast photograph on social networks also works. There is no doubt that social recognition of products can increase sales.

Flame lamp dropshipping on 1688

We observed there has a strong increase in sales of this product on Oberlo. Although there are not many shops selling flame lamps, their average sales volume is quite impressive. If you want to find a product that has not yet entered but still has potential, consider the flame light. It is worth mentioning that this product, like the eyelash serum, can’t hold up a store alone, but if it is a home improvement product, a commodity store or a main product in a lighting store, it is perfectly fine. It is also a good idea to put the LED candle light and the flame light together as a complementary product.

More traffic may be derived from the search results, but the flame light is absolutely real and can lead to impulsive consumption. Pictures with dazzling effects can often stimulate people’s desire to buy. Therefore, platform drainage by emphasizing visual effects sharing is worth considering. If you combine the results of the search results of the lamps, and optimize the keywords, so that more people can see the attractive pictures, it is sure to take the sales to the next level.

flame lamp dropshipping 1688


Watch dropshipping on 1688

The annual sales of watches are about 1.2 billion, and this number is still growing slowly in recent years. Minimalism is the trend that has only emerged in recent years. There are also many types of watches in the watch industry, such as men’s watches, women’s watches, smart watches, etc. These types will also separate the market for simple watches. At the end of each year, the sales of watches are relatively good, but it is inevitable that the year-end will be unsettled.  For watches that are more attractive than usage, it is not wrong to use Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms that emphasize people’s visual sharing. At the same time, it is also a good idea to use influence marketing by celebrities. Through the typical outdoor style and the extravagant pictures, you can attract the attention of many people on social media.


watch dropshipping 1688


Portable projector dropshipping on 1688

The rise of the portable projector market is also a matter of recent years. It is estimated that by 2022, the market for portable projectors will reach $3.44 billion. Some tiny projectors can even be connected to a mobile phone, which is quite meaningful for sales people and some business people. If the seller intends to enter the market of portable projectors, then you can conduct product research from mini projectors, handheld projectors, laser projectors, and choose the one that suits for dropshipping.

For dropshipping sellers whose main products are small appliances, household appliances or outdoor products, portable projector is also suitable as a high point of profit. One of the best features of this commodity is its profit margin. If the seller can operate in a commercial manner, the profit per projector can even be more than $60.

If you take function as a selling point, people will pay more attention to the use effect. Therefore, it is more difficult to promote it through the form of image advertisement. In the marketing strategy, it should be based on search engine optimization, and at the same time, through some special drainage methods to improve their search results ranking. Of course, if the video can be used in the promotion advertisement, it is more helpful to directly display the performance of the product, thereby exerting a drainage effect.

portable projector dropshipping 1688

Night mask dropshipping on 1688

The night mask sales online can be described as going all the way up. The reason for this phenomenon is mostly because the eye mask gives many people a chance to have a good dream. However, it is a pity that the eye mask itself is difficult to prop up a store as a blast. But if it is a complement to other products, the eye mask can play a big role. For example, the seller’s main business is to travel outdoors, so eye masks, earplugs and other small parts are very suitable to add to their product list, although the profit is not necessarily a big head, but as a supplement to the loss of certain products can play benefit. This product works when it is associated with other products.

night mask dropshipping 1688

There are usually three types of consumers of eye masks: people who are sensitive to the sleeping environment; travel enthusiasts; people who are used to beauty (not often, good sleep is the basis of beauty). Their material requirements for the eye mask are generally high, and they cannot cause the face to be pressed out by the eye mask. For different groups, whether you should design different promotion programs depends on the dropshipping sellers’ own ideas.

The above are the hot sale dropshipping goods in 2018 are only for you as a reference, you can source them on 1688 for your dropshipping niche.

How to dropship lithium battery goods from China

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Have you ever met electronic goods like digital watches, blue-tooth speakers stuck at the airport when dropship them from China via China Post ePacket or other courier services? Have you ever rejected by the shipping agent when you ship lithium battery goods from China? Why? Because the lithium batteries being listed as contraband goods by IATA (International Air Transport Association) due to batteries are combustible and leaky items threat the flight security. Thus the Civil Aviation Administration of China issued the Notice on Strengthening the Safe Air Transport of Lithium Batteries in Packages shipping from China, which explicitly prohibits the air transport of items with batteries, especially lithium batteries. Because our mobile phones, laptops, and cameras are all equipped with lithium batteries, and mobile power is also a lithium battery for rechargeable batteries. In order to avoid accidents and protect the safety of passengers’ lives and property,  power bank is also a lithium battery for rechargeable batteries. In order to avoid accidents lithium batteries for electronic devices such as mobile phones or laptops are prohibited in packages shipping from China. How to dropship lithium battery goods from China?

In fact, the battery goods can be dropshipped from China, but it need to meet the airline’s requirements for dangerous goods shipping. For example, the battery goods need to be packaged respectively under certain quantities. Exceeded parts need to be divided in several packages and need to declare for customs clearance in details. Lithium batteries in portable electronic devices such as cameras, laptops, camcorders, etc., which are installed in equipment and have a lithium content of less than 100 wh (watt hours), can be carried around or handled; lithium content is 100 wh but not more than 160 wh. Lithium batteries must be approved by the airline and carried. Spare batteries must be individually insulated and can only be carried in hand luggage. Lithium batteries exceeding 160wh are strictly prohibited.

How do we ship lithium battery goods via international courier service? It based on each period, each courier service under the air freight rules whether it can be shipped battery goods or not. 86Deal specializes in serving domestic and international foreign sellers engaged in online platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Dunhuang, and Alibaba, and cooperated with Hongkong Post, China Post, Swiss Post, Royal Mail, Singapore Post and International Express DHL, UPS, TNT , FedEx as well as other line deals to provide professional logistics and supporting services for lithium battery goods dropshipping from China.

What do we need to pay attention to when ship battery goods via international courier service? As long as the supplier or shipping agent could provide a MSDS report for the battery goods and them are being perfectly packed separately, the lithium battery goods can be shipped via international courier service like DHL, FedEx etc.

There following are the packing requirements for the lithium battery goods:

  1. Each lithium battery need to be packed respectively, each box maximum pack 2 batteries; the inner box need to be sealed tightly and there’s no sound when shake the inner and outer box, single box battery weight cannot exceed 10 kg;
  2. The power bank must be packed according to the pure battery packing standard. Maximum 2 power banks in one box;
  3. Outer box packaging requirements: outer packaging must be tough and clean, plastic bags and file packs as well as other soft packaging are not allowed, carton ears cannot be cut;
  4. Document requirements: The waybills, checklists, MSDS and invoices are marked with the type of battery (lithium battery), type (PI965-PI968), power (current * voltage);
  5. All the batteries need to have a battery type, model, voltage and capacity, power can not exceed 100WH. The calculation method of the power: The capacity AH* voltage V is less than 100WH, dry battery is packed alone, one does not exceed 10 kg;
  6. The battery within 2.7WH does not limit the number of batteries but one package cannot exceed 2.5 kg;
  7. 2.7WH-20WH battery need to be packed in the inner box, an inner box of 8 batteries, can not exceed 10 kg;
  8. 20WH-100WH battery also need to be installed inside the box, an inner box can only hold 2 batteries, weight can not exceed 10 kg.

You are welcome to inquiry if you need to dropship lithium battery goods from China.


How to search hotsale goods on 1688

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Search goods on 1688 is a big challenge for dropshipper who do not know Chinese and 1688 rules well, not to mention how to search hotsale goods on 1688. To respond the one belt one road policy of the China goverment, 1688 as a B2B online platform it encourages more and more factories and suppliers provide high quality goods for the cross border eCommerce industry. Which means those goods with high quality and latest industrial design not only available for Chinese sellers but also for the eCommerce seller overseas. How to find those hot sale goods for dropshipping? We would like to share a few tips to help you source goods on 1688.

Due to 1688 is in Chinese language you need to translate goods name into Chinese then search on 1688, so the first tip is to translate niche goods into Chinese, for example, you are dropshipping lady fashion and focus on dress, you may need to translate dress into Chinese which is 连衣裙, please only translate the goods name instead of goods keywords, it doesn’t work.

The how you search hot sale dress on 1688? You need add more keywords and translate them into Chinese. The second tips is to add keywords hot sale, which in Chinese is 爆款, then you can search 爆款连衣裙 in 1688 and you will find there are still too many search results which might take long time to filter.

So the 3rd tips is add qualifiers to locate more accurate results for the dress. For example, you can cross border related keywords like 外贸(foreign trade), 跨境电商专供(cross boarder only),速卖通(Aliexpress), 亚马逊(Amazon),Wish, eBay  as well as 欧美(Euro America)keywords.  Then you will have the following keywords 外贸爆款连衣裙,跨境电商爆款连衣裙,速卖通爆款连衣裙,亚马逊爆款连衣裙,Wish爆款连衣裙,欧美爆款连衣裙 which might more accurate for your desired hot sale dress. In addition, you can also add time keyword like 2108, 夏季(summer)dress material keywords etc.

Then you are ready to select the right style and click the dress description, compare price, seller credits to select suppliers one by one. So basically it only takes 4 steps to search hot sale goods on 1688 for your store. No matter what kind of goods you want to dropship you can search the hot sale goods on 1688 via the 4 steps above.

However, search goods is only the first step for cross border dropshipping, the next step is how to pay for the supplier and fulfill the dropshipping order shipping from China to your clients. 86Deal is a professional dropshipping order fulfillment agent to help you ship goods from China to worldwide countries, our dropshipping fulfillment service include:

1688 sourcing service

Purchasing service

Stock service

Quality check service

Packing service

Label service

Shipping service

You are welcome to inquiry 1688 dropshipping fulfillment service via 18819358185@qq.com.


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