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4 ways to reduce 40% bounce rates of your Shopify store

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The high bounce rate is catastrophic for Shopify sellers. If people leave immediately after visiting your page, Google will automatically assume that the content on the page is meaningless, and this will affect your page rank. In addition, a high bounce rate means that very few people will shop in your store. If the bounce rate is continually high, your money invested on the ads will be wasted and it is not far for the store being closed. Fortunately, according to the chart below, a typical e-commerce store has a bounce rate of 45.68%, which is at the end of the industry’s website bounce rate ranking.

How should you optimize it in the face of excessive bounce rates? Here are 4 ways to reduce 40% bounce rates of your Shopify store.

Segment visitors/shoppers

If you run a cross border eCommerce business on Shopify, you can segment visitors by geographic location. Assuming you are a fashion seller, it is ridiculous and impractical to show different types of winter coats to visitors from hot weather in West Africa.

Another consideration for geo-targeting audiences is the importance of localizing content, changing the language of your website to a language that visitors can understand. If the time of the website is only 2 o’clock in Australia, you will send a “good afternoon” greeting to visitors from India on the website. This cannot be called a qualified localization service. The time difference between Australia time and India is 5 hours, so 2 pm in Australia is actually the morning time in India.

In the following example from the website design platform Duda, visitors who visit the “Contact Us” page during business hours can make a reservation by clicking the button directly. Conversely, if they visit after work hours, they can fill out a form and make an appointment.

Personalized services also include product recommendations based on the products that customers will purchase from your website. For example, a customer who buys a cell phone or laptop may also need a phone case or foil, a USB cable, and other accessories that you should let them see in the product recommendations.

In addition to your own ideas about personalized services, you can also access as many e-commerce stores as possible and draw some inspiration from them to lower down the bounce rates of the store.

Product page SEO

In your Shopify store, the product page is almost the most valuable page of the entire site. It’s important to do SEO optimization for it, especially if many of your visitors are from search engines. One of the best ways to optimize SEO for a page is to use rich summary information, as shown in the following image:

When people see the price, availability, ratings, and number of reviews they want to buy, most people decide if they want to visit the store. In general, your website visitors are those who might be interested in the product page after seeing this information, so this will automatically improve your bounce rate.

A study shows that adding video content to your product page increases the average order value by 50%, and customers are 65% to 85% more likely to buy from you after watching the video. When you use video and high quality product images on the product page, you are likely to convince visitors to buy your product. This is good for your business, good for your bounce rate, and ultimately good for your store SEO.

Simplify the shopping experience

Perhaps you would think that “simplifying the shopping experience” has long been a commonplace, but in fact there are still many Shopify stores that inadvertently make the shopping experience for visitors or shoppers difficult.

One study showed that 11% of the shopping cart abandonment rate is because shoppers think the checkout process is too complicated. According to the chart below from Sales Cycle, the abandonment rate of shopping carts in some industries is as high as 83.6%.

So what factors can cause shoppers on the site to lack a smooth shopping experience? They include but are not limited to:

• Unexpected distribution or import costs

• Concerns about payment methods and website security

• lengthy forms and chaotic checkout process

• You need to create a new user account before shopping, ie, you can’t shop in the visitor mode

If you want to curb this situation, remember that your Shopify store should be clear about all the shopping-related information. As people’s attention becomes smaller and smaller, if shoppers have to spend too much time figuring out your checkout process, you will lose them, especially when they are making a shopping comparison and opening up several store tabs of the same product.

However, once customers show their intention to buy, but they leave the site without buying, you can use a pop-up window to attract their attention. For example, you can give them discounts in the pop-up window.

Or for those who add items to their shopping cart but leave without purchasing, you can send them an email with shopping cart items. There are two purposes for doing this: you can contact them in the future, and they are less likely to give up the shopping cart to leave.

Email Shopify shopping cart

According to a study by e-commerce tool Barilliance, the conversion rate of “email-me-my-cart” (sending the content containing shopping carts) is significantly higher than other types of mail, including common shopping carts.

Segment your email subscribers

Email segmentation is a valuable personalization strategy that can be applied across all industries. In other words, you can use the email segmentation strategy whether you are in real estate, software, retail, entertainment or any other industry.

Segmentation means grouping your mail subscribers by their preferences, behavior, geography, demographics, or interests. As shown in the pop-up window of Live Chat (online customer service software), this is a typical breakdown. To be sure, visitors who are only interested in receiving podcast notifications will not receive emails about new blog posts three times a week, and vice versa, unless they choose both.

In addition, you can subdivide the subscriber based on their mail activity. For example, you can segment based on whether they have the following behavior:

• Turn to marketing campaign page

• Click on the campaign link

• Participate in marketing activities

When you send emails to users based on their preferences, your bounce rate will decrease. Why is that? Because the content of the email you send is what they really care about, not something that is provided randomly, or you just send the email when they need it. So they are more likely to click on the links in the email, visit your website and take action. Some indifferent subscribers may still not visit your site, but that doesn’t matter because they only increase your bounce rate.

The above are the 4 practical ways to reduce 40% bounce rates of your Shopify store. Fortunately, the high bounce rate is not irreversible. If you follow these suggestions, you can not only reduce the bounce rate, but also get more sales. When you eliminate the friction points in the entire shopping experience, the Shopify store bounce rate will decrease. What are you waiting for?

5 useful product selection skills for Shopify cross border eCommerce

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Do you know What kind of products are suitable for Shopify cross-border e-commerce? Somebody says operating the cross border eCommerce is just like playing card games, 30% on your skills, 70% on the luck. To some extent it makes sense. After all, successful people are a minority. How those successful people select the best selling products for cross border eCommerce?

What kind of product is suitable for cross-border e-commerce?

It is a very popular questions on quora and the eCommerce groups, I think the following tips can be used as a reference:

(1) The product market potential is huge and the profit point is relatively high. The profit margin of products for cross-border e-commerce is basically 50% or even 100%.

(2) Suitable for international logistics, the product is relatively small in size, light in weight and not easily broken.

(3) Simple operation. Those products that need to be guided for installation do not suitable for cross border e-commerce, as subsequent complaints and customer service costs are very high.

(4) Simple after-sales, basically do not need any after-sales products.

(5) Have their own independent product design, including product research and development capabilities, packaging design capabilities.

When you launch the cross border eCommerce business, you should pay more attention to market feedback, and customer experience on your products. You need to pay attention to the situation of users using products, and do more user research and surveys. Only in this way we can accurately grasp the user’s thinking and know the user’s needs. This is an indispensable step in your product selection procedure. Secondly, your thinking can’t be limited to the platform. Like the fingertip gyro and fingertip monkeys, the platform can’t sell because of the infringement, but you can consider turning to Shopify to earn the maximum profit in a short time.

Shopify product selection idea

Let’s see a story first. There are three hopeless students in a class, which occupy the last three counts. For each exam, the teacher will ask the three of them to sit together so as not to interfere with other students. In one exam, the third-ranked student from last compared the test papers of the other two students, The two students are very disdainful. We are worse than you, can you still copy us? Once the exam result came out, the third-to-last score student was actually a reversal and suddenly ran a big chunk. The other two students are very surprised and dont know why this happened. The third-to-last student answer was very simple. All of our test was so bad that our answer was basically wrong. I ruled out the answers of the three of us. The rest is the correct one.

Actually it is the product selection idea for cross border eCommerce.

During the cross border eCommerce procedure, we must find a reference from a good example, and learn useful information from bad reviews. Only in this way can we break through.

Shopify product selection skills

Determine the product line

When we creating a product line, we can simply refer to such a ratio, 20% of them are traffic products, 20% of them are high profit margin goods, that is, the core goods combined with other normal goods (supplementary SKUs).

(1) Traffic products: refers to the goods that bring traffic to the Shopify stores with no profits(the profit is expected to be 0% to 1%). The discount space can be set at 30% to 50%, for example, “Black Friday” A festival can bring huge traffic to your store.

(2) Profit products: As the name suggests, it refers to profitable goods from the source of profits. The flow of such goods is not much, but its profit is high, and the discount space can be reserved 5%-20%.

According to the sales constantly adjust and optimize, you should understand the dynamics of competitors in these categories, and pay attention to the changes of competitors’ SKUs, price changes, and keep the competition at any time.

Product selection Starts with the brands

Brand is a key factor. A good brand can bring more sales and attention, and even drive sales of other brands and items in the store. Therefore, the brand cannot be ignored. If you focus on sales, it is definitely keeping a close eye on popular categories and items. To stabilize the money and profit, you can pay more attention to some unpopular categories and long tail non-standard items.

As the platform is now more and more limited, it is certain that Amazon’s future branding is an inevitable trend. Now many sellers say that they are branding. In fact, it is just a trademark! Can you imagine that you have a brand without your own official website? That’s the future of Shopify store.

Product selection starts from holiday

(1) Valentine’s Day: jewelry and accessories, watches, bags.

(2) Easter: clothing, beauty makeup products, gardening products, outdoor products.

(3) Mother’s Day: fashion, jewelry, watches, bags, greeting cards, consumer electronics, water sports products.

(4) American Labor Day: clothing, beauty and beautification products.

(5) Halloween: sporting goods, plush toys, pumpkin lights, Cosplay costumes.

(6) Thanksgiving: plush toys, gifts, household appliances, beauty cosmetics, kitchen gadgets.

(7) Christmas: shoes, heating equipment, fashion accessories, jewelry, ski equipment, electronic products.

Product selection starts from habits

Shopify product selection can be based on the lifestyle habits of the target market. For example, in the United States, there are about 200 million adults between the ages of 18 and 65, and 60% of them meet the outdoor consumer group. You can develop swimsuits, goggles, flashlights, tent lights and other products for cross border eCommerce business.

Product selection starts from season

The season also needs to be analyzed. Winter is coming to develop warm products such as hats, gloves and scarves. Prepare cooling products such as mini fans, notebook ice pads, radiators, etc. before the summer. Most of these products will be developed and put on shelves one month in advance. The seller needs to stock up or confirm supplier in advance, the other is to pay attention to the control of logistics time.

In addition to the product selection advice listed above, there are several large social networking sites where you can choose hot spots and topics for product selection.

Trend Watching: A professional team of 30 people in London, Singapore, Sydney and other places, reporting the latest trends in the world.

Springwise: Provide new company ideas, trends and stories every day, and subscribe for free.

Pinterest: A fast-growing social photo sharing site that contains the latest and most interesting and popular products, and if you have a market, you can get first-hand information.

Fancy: A website that combines shops, magazines and wishlists, use Fancy to discover gifts for any occasion and share your findings with your friends.

Wanelo: is a global shopping community that displays products and stores in a similar way to Pinterest.

Reddit: is one of the largest social media news aggregates that cater to a variety of different web needs and themes.

Product selection tools: Topsy、FollowerWonk、LittleBird

These tools can help you discover opinion leaders in a particular industry area.

Will you feel that it is so tired and troublesome to choose a product for cross border eCommerce? This is indeed the case. Compared with work, entrepreneurship and self-employment itself are very hard work. Since you have chosen the cross-border e-commerce, how can you succeed if
you are not tired and work hard?

How to select best selling back to school products for Shopify dropshipping

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According to the National Retail Federation, the total spending of K-12 schools and universities in the United States reached nearly $83 billion in 2018. In addition, consumers spend more on the back-to-school season (including the college back-to-school season) than on Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Valentine’s Day. From this data, the period before the back to school and the back-to-school season are undoubtedly a major sales opportunity that Shopify sellers can’t miss.

According to data from the American Retail Federation, about one-third of consumers start to buy back to school products two months before the start of school, and nearly half of them start buying three weeks to one month in advance. This means that some consumers will start shopping from the beginning of June 2019, and will see a shopping peak from late July to mid-August 2019.

Now that the peak for the back-to-school season is coming, are you ready for the product selection? If you still have no clue and don’t know how to start, then let’s take a look at the following recommendations. Maybe you can catch the Shopify best selling product on the back to school season.

Electric pencil sharpener market

Nowadays, stationery has gradually become more multifunctional and automated, and its simpler and more convenient operation and cool appearance have been loved by many consumers.

As is known to all, developed countries such as Europe, America, and Japan have a large demand for life stationery. After long-term development and accumulation, they have dominated the global stationery industry. In terms of consumer demand, such as student pencil sharpeners, about 80% of consumers in the domestic stationery industry use hand-cranked pencil sharpeners, while in Europe and the United States, for example, about 70% of consumers in the United States have used electric pencil sharpeners.

Hair straightener market

In school, when students are most dressed up, after all, a good image can not only give the lecturer a good impression, but also attract the opposite sex! Of course, dress yourself up from scratch.

According to a report by North Click E-commerce data analysis company One Click Retail, Amazon’s daily necessities and beauty products have grown by 38% this year. The growth of the North American market during the same period was 6%. The overall health care market will reach the $5.5T scale by 2025.

Backpack market

During the school year, there will definitely be a sinking backpack with you! A knowledge backpack!

With the changes in lifestyle, the development of urbanization and the rise of tourism, the development of the global luggage market has been promoted. The increase in the number of people travelling and going to school, as well as the frequent travels at work, have further contributed to the demand for luggage.

It is understood that the global compound growth rate of the global luggage market will reach 6% in 2016-2020.

Bedding market

For some students living on campus, it is very necessary to purchase some bedding products. Soft textiles can help you sleep quickly, let you feel the feeling of home, and eliminate the fatigue of the day.

It is understood that the annual international demand for home textiles is 100 billion US dollars, of which North America, the European Union and Japan are the traditional home textile consumer markets, accounting for about 45% of the market share, higher in previous years, because emerging markets are growing. Russia, ASEAN, South Asia, and the Middle East have grown faster.

According to the survey that when parents choose back-to-school products for their children, they pay more attention to creativity, self-expression and personality in terms of product appearance, rather than focusing on traditional fancy notebooks or T-shirts. 69% of respondents prefer products that express their child’s personality, and more than a quarter of respondents said they would follow the latest shopping trends. In addition, 82% of parents want to instill values of creativity and personality in their children. For this reason, Etsy’s trend expert IsomJohnson believes that personality and creativity will continue to be involved in all child-related fashion trends.

The back-to-school season is a sales season that Shopify dropshipper should not miss. As a Shopify seller, are you ready for the best selling product selection for the back to school season?

How to get massive free and paid traffics from Reddit to Shopify store

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Traffics means money to dropshipping business, lots of Shopify sellers distressed for how to attract traffics to the store especially new sellers. In this article we will introduce how to get massive free and paid taffics from Reddit to Shopify store.

Reddit is a social platform which is very popular among people in the world. We all know that reddit currently hundreds of millions of visitors per month, global website ranks 21st, and US website ranks 13th,
Ranked 6th in the social platform, such high traffic means business opportunities to the Shopify dropshipping business.

Basic knowledge on Reddit

Reddit registration and interface, the current reddit registration is very simple, just enter the mailbox and user name as well as the password would be okay to register a Reddit account. We need to know the three basic terminology concepts of Reddit, Upvote, Downvote and Karma.

Upvote: Like feature, you can like a good post, and others can also like your post.

Downvote: If you don’t like a post you can click on it.

Karma: It represents your level at Reddit. The more posts and comments like you got, the higher the karma value.

How to get taffics from Reddit to Shopify store

For example, if you are selling pet product on Shopify, search for “pet” in the search box, you can see a lot of very hot posts.

Then I just found a group here, there are more than 20 million team members, online 35,000 people.

Then you can join the group to post, comment and interact with others in the group, later you may get target traffics from the Reddit group.

There has also another way for you to find target product group or post in Reddit. You can google site: product keywords, you will find lots of search results for you to find those kind of product groups, it is very practical and have very high convention rates if you post or comment high quality content related to the products.

After you joined the Reddit group, you can create post, there are three types of posts currently : Post, image&video, Link.

Post: Here you can write a title and text description, then add a picture or video to attract visitors.

Image&Video: Write the title directly, then upload the image or video

Link: Write the title, then enter the URL, note that many external links are not allowed to be published.

In general, we use more posts, insert pictures or videos, and when I insert the link, it prompts, the link must be the URL of the following websites, basically video websites or pictures. Then this is actually very simple, you just need to make a youtube product video, then insert your video URL here, you can do content marketing in the video to guide visitors into your website.

We have seen that this group section supports imgur url. Imgur is also a very large traffic website. We can also put the product link on this website. Let’s take a look at the specific operations.

Imgur website can upload pictures without uploading, upload pictures, and then add the title and description of the picture. Of course, your product link can be placed in the description, you can automatically generate the image URL, so you can upload this website to reddit, when the user clicks on the link to see the picture, you can see the description of the picture and our product link.

Imgur itself is not a place that is very suitable for e-commerce website drainage, because it is basically all funny, spoof-like pictures, we just use its generated URL.

Of course, this group section supports the url in these websites. There are many groups that don’t support it. I suggest that new Shopify sellers just enter the group and don’t just post advertisements casually, but observe, you can quickly look at this group first. Check how other people post link in the group, and then see how they get traffics from Reddit.

Like many very popular groups, it generally allows members with high karma points to send a post with a URL. Karma points are a system of points created by the reddit platform. The higher the score, the more active you are. The more time you spent on Reddit. At present, if your post got a lot of people likes, then you will get more karma points, and you can answer other people’s questions, and then get more karma points.

It should be noted here that the rules of different group sections are different. It is recommended that Shopify sellers first study the rules of the group section.

It’s not recommended to publish some casual product images, etc., because many popular sections have a lot of people submitting posts every minute. If your post is not attractive enough, it will quickly disappear into the ranking. Instead, you need To post high-quality posts, enough to attract others to interact, a high-quality post is worth 100 general posts, so the secret of Reddit marketing is here, ordinary posts can be sent, but high quality The post must be worked hard to be able to have it.

Reddit traffics are generally good and have higher convention rates, but it may be difficult for newcomers in the early stage, but in fact every social platform is like this. There is no such thing as just starting to drain, and a lot of traffic comes in, each The social platform has its own rules, and the existence is reasonable.

How to ad on Reddit

Reddit’s advertising URL:

The types of Reddit ads are: brand display ads (charged by thousand impressions), traffic (pay per click), conversion (pay per click), video viewing (according to per view), app download (pay per click).

Audience positioning, you can locate in detail the small section of each subdivision, you can locate the country, the type of device (computer or mobile).

The bid for cpc can be controlled by itself. It is usually set to start at $0.1, and the ad will appear at the top of the interest section you are running.

Reddit ads VS Facebook ads

Stability: certainly reddit is more stable, facebook personal accounts are generally difficult to survive.

Advertising effect: In fact, the competition level of reddit advertisement is much smaller than facebook, the effect may not be as good as facebook, because reddit’s advertisement can’t deliver post type, can’t form share forwarding, etc., thus forming a viral spread, but not saying All the products are not as good as facebook advertisements. The advantage of reddit advertisements is that it is easier to locate the audience. You can directly locate the interest section. The advertisements will only appear when the user enters the interest section, so the user will The click-through rate of an ad will be higher than that of facebook. If your product is more profitable and it is easier to find a section of interest on reddit, then you can go to it.Competition: reddit competition is obviously much smaller, because many people do not know.

Reddit Marketing Tools for Shopify

This Google Chrome plugin is highly recommended: Reddit Enhancement Suite. You can use the plugin to log in to multiple accounts directly, track the posts you are interested in, color-code the users you are interested in, and view the specific values of clicks or dislikes that you can’t see at the front end. More than 2 million, the evaluation is also 5 stars praise, if you want to get reddit traffics, you can install to have a try.

The whole process of Reddit’s promotion and marketing are listed above. Whether it is free or paid traffics, you can just have a try, because the cost is not high. Of course, I have to do it well. I still have to take care of it. Many people always It’s too naive to think of relying on one post or picture to get traffics. It’s just a simple matter, and everyone doesn’t have to work hard. If you word hard on high quality content post on Reddit, it is a very good way to help get stable and massive traffics to your Shopify store.

Pros and Cons of China warehouse virtual warehouse overseas warehouse for Shopify order fulfillment

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Once the Shopify orders growing day by day, the order fulfillment efficiency became very important to shopify sellers, from one side they need improve the order delivery speed, from another side they need to control the order fulfillment cost. For most Shopify sellers, it is a good choice to outsource the order fulfillment works to professional order fulfillment agent, basically there are 3 kinds of warehouse order fulfillment solutions, China warehouse, virtual warehouse overseas and warehouse in destination countries. In this article we will analyze the Pros and Cons of China warehouse, virtual warehouse, overseas warehouse for Shopify order fulfillment.

China warehouse order fulfillment

as the name suggested, the shopify orders will be fulfilled from China to clients overseas. The order fulfillment procedure listed below:

China warehouse order fulfillment procedure

You can also check China 1688 Pick and Pack Order Fulfillment Procedure for Shopify Dropshipping in details.

Pros of China warehouse order fulfillment

1>Minimize inventory and reduce capital usage. You can wholesale hot sale goods and retail other goods to lower down goods stock;

2>Increase profits margin. Compared to Aliexpress, goods on 1688 is far more cheaper while the quality is the same, that means you can increase profits margin by wholesale the hot sale products from 1688;

3>Decrease order fulfillment cost. Although the human cost in China continually increasing, it is far less than the developed countries, you can save time and money by outsource the order fulfillment works;

4>Better for brand marketing. When you dropship from Aliexpress, your clients may often receive goods with promotional ads in the package, which will affect repeating purchase, the Chinese order fulfillment agent could help you customize label and packaging as well as promotional cards to help you continually marketing your store to attract repeating purchase.

Cons of China warehouse order fulfillment

1> Longer delivery time. The goods need to ship from supplier to agent warehouse then ship to clients overseas, the whole procedure takes long time if yo don’t stock items in agent warehouse;

2> Chinese shipping label. Although the China order fulfillment agent could help you remove the promotional ad cards and labels, the shipping label still shown the goods shipping from China, which will affect the user experience;

Overseas warehouse order fulfillment

Similar to Amazon FBA, if your target clients located in the USA, then you apply the USA warehouse order fulfillment service. In this mode you ship the goods to 3rd party USA warehouse via air or sea. When clients order the goods, the USA warehouse will pack and ship directly to clients in USA. In this way the delivery time can be improved a lot.

The overseas warehouse order fulfillment fee includes: first leg shipping fee +warehousing fee and service fee+shipping fee.

Pros of overseas warehouse order fulfillment

1> Fast delivery. The order fulfillment only takes 2 to 5 days in different countries;

2> Increase customer experience and product exposure. Faster delivery also means better user experience, if you have other platforms in addition to Shopify, overseas warehouse could help you increase products exposure based on platforms rules for more traffics;

3> Less restriction on goods category. Owing to mostly goods imported to destination countries via sea, there has less restrictions on goods volume and weight as the shipping fee reduced; Which means you can extend the goods category in your store;

4> add on service. Faster goods return and exchange service will help you increase the customer satisfaction.

Cons of overseas warehouse order fulfillment

1> Goods stock. Once you applying overseas warehouse order fulfillment service, you need to stock goods to meet their requirements;

2> Financial pressure. If you have more goods categories the stock will face great financial pressure, meanwhile you need to invest more on marketing and ads, once the goods have large stock there will have great financial pressure;

3> Higher order fulfillment cost. The overseas warehouse charges on each service they provide such as warehousing, pick&pack, goods return and exchange etc.

4> Does’t fit for new stores with unstable traffics. If you are new sellers and the store traffics is unstable, it has big risks.

Virtual warehouse order fulfillment

Virtual warehouse is an improvement way for overseas warehouse order fulfillment. It is also shipping from china but faster than China warehouse order fulfillment but cost is lower than overseas warehouse order fulfillment. Let’s take USA market for example to check the virtual warehouse order fulfillment procedure:

1> Chinese virtual warehouse agent pick and pack then print USA second leg shipping label via ERP and stick on the package;

2>Consolidate the small packages into one big carton box and ship to USA warehouse via DHL, FedEx or UPS;

3>The agent will help you clean customs and deliver to USA warehouse;

4> The warehouse receive package and split small packages deliver via USPS;

Compared with China warehouse order fulfillment, due to the increase in the weight of the package, there will be a certain advantage in the price, but the delivery time is slightly slower than overseas warehouse. Compared ePacket shipping from China, because the head-end is express delivery, the timeliness has been greatly improved. It may take 10 to 15 days before, now it takes only 5-8 days.

Compared with the traditional overseas warehouse model, it saves the cost of purchasing and warehousing. It does not need to invest a large amount of funds in the early stage to place large quantities of goods in overseas warehouses, and it will not generate storage costs due to inventory backlog. The price is infinitely close to ePacket with higher service quality and local shipping advantages.

Pros of virtual warehouse order fulfillment

1> Local shipping label for better user experience. The tracking shown local shipping information, but the goods actually shipping from China with faster delivery compared to ePacket;

2>Save purchasing, inventory and warehousing cost. There is no need for up-front input costs for large-volume purchases of goods placed in overseas warehouses, and there will be no storage costs due to inventory backlog;

3>Increase average sales. Since the goods tracking are initially displayed as local shipping info, the customer can increase the selling price of the product and increase the profit;

4> Reduce uncontrollable risks. Such as: pre-investment cost risk, overseas unsalable risks, and risks arising from changes in platform policies.

5> Reduce delivery time. Compared to shipping from Aliexpress or China order fulfillment warehouse, the virtual warehouse order fulfillment could greatly reduce package delivery time.

Cons of virtual warheouse order fulfillment

1>Virtual overseas warehouses do not have the real recognition of the platforms such as Amazon and eBay, but it is suitable for Shopify;

2>Slower transportation time and high logistics cost are not conducive to improving the shopping experience of consumers compared to overseas warehouse order fulfillment.

With the virtual overseas warehouse order fulfillment, there must be other advantages or risks in the actual operation process, each Shopify seller should make judgments according to their actual situation. Currently the mainly virtual warehouse order fulfillment service are available for USA, Canada, UK, Germany, France and other EU countries.

The above are the Pros and Cons of China warehouse virtual warehouse overseas warehouse for Shopify order fulfillment, as a Shopify seller you may know which order fulfillment way is the best for you, if you are planning to outsource the order fulfillment works, please feel free to contact 86Deal with your requirements in details.

Pros and Cons of 8 Shopify alternatives for dropshipping

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Which shopping cart system is the best for dropshipping? It might be the most frequently asked questions for new starters. In the past 4 years Shopify should be the hottest saas shopping cart for dropshipping, what Shopify alternatives available for cross border dropshipping? Here we list the Pros and Cons of 8 Shopify alternatives for dropshipping business.

Wix – Simple, beautiful, and affordable

Wix was originally a website builder that allowed you to create websites by dragging and dropping. Most importantly, it also has the ability to allow you to build an online store.

Advantages of the Wix store

Like Shopify, the self-built platform is easy to use and very fast to set up. No coding knowledge is required, and you can use a user-friendly editor to drag and drop content to any location on your website. The cool thing is that they have more than 500 templates specifically for online stores, and even provide stock images that you can use right away.

Of course, Wix offers a full-featured shopping cart that offers all the features you need. There are hundreds of apps on the official app market that can further improve your site. In addition, the service is fully hosted, so there is no need to worry about this part.

Disadvantages of the Wix store

What you need to remember is that Wix is not a pure self-built platform. It is first and foremost a website building platform that can sell things. Therefore, e-commerce features may require a little programming skills. Wix offers different packages. Their payment plan is $5 to $25 a month. You need at least the basic plan to get the online store feature.

SiteBuilder – the best for beginners

It is similar with Wix.

Advantages of SiteBuilder

SiteBuilder is very easy to use. Their drag and drop interface is intuitive, simple and comprehensive. SiteBuilder has everything you need to get started – domain, hosting, analytics, SEO and ample e-commerce tools. It has unlimited bandwidth and storage space.

It is very cheap! $92/month entry price, their after-sales support is very friendly.

Disadvantages of SiteBuilder

Even though SiteBuilder comes with hundreds of templates, only about 100 are suitable for e-commerce. Similar to Wix, their e-commerce options may be limited to advanced users. There are hardly any advanced marketing tools, payment options and logistics attachments.

SiteBuilder has 3 major programs, all with a 50% trial discount for 1 year. For online stores, you must follow the e-commerce program.

BigCommerce – best for small businesses

BigCommerce offers hosted e-commerce solutions that can be used as a complete SaaS platform or as a shopping cart for other types of websites. It may be most similar to Shopify. Both of them are often mentioned at the same time.

Advantages of BigCommerce

BigCommerce has excellent store management features. It offers a wide range of tools and features such as promotions, unlimited product variants, options for handling returns, coupons and discounts. Another highlight is the flexible shipping option, which allows real-time quotes and rate calculations.

In addition, BigCommerce integrates with Amazon, eBay and social networks. This allows you to sell in many different sales channels. It also has many marketing tools

Multiple APIs help make it customizable and flexible. BigCommeerce also has a large app store that can scale to meet a variety of needs, such as email marketing, automation and product promotion. You can also get more than 40 payment processing options, no transaction fees!

Disadvantages of BigCommerce

BigCommerce is lagging behind in template products. And users can only get seven free templates to choose from. Advanced topics can also be a bit expensive.

BigCommerce has no native POS functionality in other solutions and offers sales restrictions for your program. Advanced features such as access to abandoned shopping cart protection programs are relatively expensive.

BigCommerce pricing plan cost is between $29.95 and $249.95. With annual payments, you can save some money for higher plans. The business has an option, but you need to query. In addition, the cost of the topic is between $145 and $235. While all plans give you everything you need to get started, with more options, you get more options, such as advanced customer segmentation and product filtering. At the same time you can use the 15-day trial version to determine if it is right for you.


Another cloud-based hosting option for building online stores. It has been around since 1999 and has handled more than $28 billion in sales during this period.

Advantages of Volusion

Volusion is a drag-and-drop website builder with in-page editing. It offers comprehensive website search, many responsive topics (11 of which are free) and customizable capabilities.

In addition, it has solid e-commerce and product management tools such as rich text product descriptions, local implementation options, subscription options, loyalty programs, and more. It is also integrated with many payment providers and has no transaction fees.

Marketing options include SEO features, social sales, market integration for Amazon and eBay. Please note that some of them only apply to higher plans.

Users can also get 24/7 support via live chat and phone (the latter offers a higher plan). In addition to a comprehensive knowledge base of articles, guides, and more, there are other things.

Disadvantages of Volution

Unfortunately, Volusion’s pricing is not reasonable because they have a set bandwidth limit. If you run out of it, you must pay for additional traffic. Especially because their default bandwidth is relatively low.

An additional fee must be paid for SSL, which is required for any online store. Other competitors offer it for free. Volusion’s advanced templates are a bit expensive.

In addition, the platform does not offer blogging features. You can only include links to other blog sites in the menu. This is actually a shortcoming in the digital world that runs on content marketing.

Opening a store on Volusion will cost you $29 to $299 a month. A 10% discount is paid annually. You must call the service to change to an annual plan. In more expensive plans, you get more products, broadband, better support and other features. Each plan has a broadband limit (1, 3, 10 or 35GB). Any traffic other than this will cost you $7/GB. This can be done very quickly. You should also not forget the transaction fees for payment processing. There is also an investment in SSL certificates. Volusion offers prices directly between $89 and $995. Of course, you can also get your own for free. Also, if you want an advanced theme, you need to budget $180.


Similar to Wix, Squarespace is also a website builder that uses drag and drop. Their initial focus was on making visually appealing websites. Recently, the site is investing more energy in e-commerce and letting its users sell products online. So far, they have begun to become a mature e-commerce platform.

Advantages of Squarespace

Simple and intuitive user interface which is perfect for beginners. The website templates they offer are elegant, beautiful, sophisticated, and all have mobile responsiveness. The focus on design also makes Squarespace particularly suitable for selling products that require high quality images.

In addition, there are all standard options, such as product variants, inventory management, unlimited products, coupons, shipping, engineering. The platform is also integrated with Shipstation to deliver and deliver superior customer service.

They provide a number of data points to optimize your website and conversions, including sales, revenue, traffic sources, and more. Marketing tools include SEO settings, social media, blogs and abandoned checkout recovery. SSL is built into the platform.

Disadvantages of Squarespace

In addition to the shortcomings, Squarespace has some limitations in functionality. For example, it has limited payment options (Apple Pay and PayPal only) and lacks important options for more complex stores and a large number of products or variants.

In addition, the app has no market to add more features. Your ability to customize your site through tags and tags is also very limited. The platform is only integrated with a few third-party tools and services.

You pay the Squarespace fee each month. To start selling, you need to purchase at least a business plan, which is $18 per month if you charge annually, or $26 per month. Please note that there is a 3% transaction fee for each transaction.

Please note that if you use one of the e-commerce programs ($26 to $46 per month), you can abandon the latter. You can also get other features that run the online store, such as label printing, accounting and auto-recovering abandoned shopping carts.


Magento is an e-commerce platform for WordPress. It is an open source software that you can download and install on your own server. At the same time, it also offers a hosted cloud version, a bit like and

Advantages of Magento

As a self-hosting solution, Magento gives you a lot of control. With technical knowledge, you can change whatever you want in terms of functionality and design and choose your own server environment.

You can benefit from Magento’s many features and options. Membership subscriptions, regular payments, discounts, and the ability to adjust each user’s content are just the tip of the iceberg.

You can expand your website through the market. There are plugins and themes for a variety of uses, from customer support to marketing, to transportation and website optimization. – In fact, it involves personal code and programming skills.

The platform is also very powerful in terms of multilingual websites. You can create separate sites for different languages. There is also a strong community behind it that constantly improves the platform and develops new themes and plugins. This also means a lot of support and available expert advice.

Disadvantages of Magento

For the Community Edition, all the shortcomings of the self-hosted platform apply. Be prepared to handle updates, security and everything else to make sure your store is up and running. Possible to be hacked

Although Magento has a lot of features, it can cost a bit of resources. This will require you to invest time and money to optimize.

Other than that, the platform is written in PHP, so if you want to make changes, you need to have the necessary knowledge or hire someone to do it.

Magento Community Edition is the first free e-commerce platform on this list. That’s right, you can download and use it without paying a penny.

As with many other self-hosted solutions, it also brings costs, especially for hosting. Advanced plugins or templates and occasional development work can also be factors. If you don’t want to deal with most of the above, there is a hosted version. As mentioned earlier, it is not cheap.


We will continue to focus on the open source e-commerce platform. OpenCart can be downloaded and installed on your own server. The service also provides a cloud version of its solution.

Advantages of Opencart

This e-commerce platform has everything you need to create and manage a store. Unlimited product and product categories can be set for digital and physical items. It comes with product reviews and ratings and supports multiple currencies.

The interior gives you an overview of every important data point in the store, and you can even build and control multiple stores from one interface.

In addition, the platform is highly customizable with thousands of themes and plug-in extensions. It also integrates hundreds of payment gateways.

As a self-hosting solution, it has all the benefits of managing your site on your own server. A large support network from dedicated communities and documentation can help you solve problems.

If you choose a cloud version, you can start using it in a few minutes. You can also access separate themes and plugin storage and meet all your hosting, security and backup needs.

Disadvantages of Opencart

You must also address these shortcomings when you have the benefits of hosting your own website. OpenCart is not always easy to customize, and adding new modules can be expensive.

In addition, its native marketing capabilities are very limited. For example, the default SEO feature is not very good.

Self-hosted software itself is free. Keep in mind that it comes with the usual peripheral costs. In addition, the cost of extensions and themes may increase your budget by an average of around $100.

You can also choose a cloud-hosted version that costs between $30 and $200 a month – half if you pay a year in advance. It also includes a free SSL certificate.

Zen Cart

Advantages of Zen Cart

Because it has a GPL license and resides on your own server, Zen Cart is also fully customizable. As with other solutions, you can make any changes you want, even if you have available extensions. The solution also enjoys a good reputation for security and scalability.

In addition, it offers a number of configuration options for the product, including coupons, gift certificates and multiple product images. In the marketing department, you can take advantage of the built-in SEO features and the ability to send HTML emails from within the platform.

Disadvantages of Zen Cart

A serious drawback of this e-commerce solution is that the front-end and back-end have an outdated user interface that is unfriendly.

Zen Cart can be difficult to install and upgrade. There is no specific support, and its ecosystem is very small, making it difficult to get extensions and templates. The e-commerce platform only offers a small number of payment options.

As with the other examples in this list, the software itself is free, but you need an infrastructure budget for running and maintaining, including SSL certificates. Especially if you don’t have web development skills, you can expect help and budget. Extensions and themes can also be part of the cost.

When looking for the best e-commerce self-built platform for yourself, you can choose different types. Although there are several ways to differentiate between platforms, one of the main differences is their type of hosting.

Self-hosting – means you downloaded a piece of software and installed it on your own server. This gives you a lot of control over your website. It also puts all your responsibilities together to ensure it is secure, updated and manually changed. Open source e-commerce solutions often have this model.

Hosting – Another way is to use software hosted by someone else. The SaaS (Software as a Service) solution is the most typical example here. Benefits: reduced technical overhead, fast start-up, and beginner-friendly. The most common is the more cost.

Mixed – The following options provide the possibility to incorporate a shopping cart into other platforms (such as WordPress). This is also known as Business as a Service (CaaS) and can be a viable and cheaper option.

Of course, there are other ways to distinguish e-commerce platforms. Many of them depend on your individual needs. You may want to consider:



3.Easy to use


5.Business choice

6.Mobile function


8.After sales support

What is the e-commerce self-built platform that is best for dropshipping?

A standalone e-commerce platform can be a great solution for launching an online store. They provide all the necessary features and professional features to make online sales a success. However, choosing the best e-commerce platform is not easy. There are many factors in the market that need to be considered and there are many benefits. By knowing your needs and requirements in advance, you can better find the right one from the top three above. I recommend Wix, SiteBuilder, BigCommerce and Shopify. At the same time, these are all used versions, you can use it first to understand that it is more suitable for yourself.

Top 10 Aliexpress alternatives for shopify dropshipping from China

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Many sellers think that drop shipping must be accompanied by AliExpress. Today, I will tell you directly, no, just because AliExpress has a wide range of goods by many product categories with low prices. It is very suitable to provide product resources for Shopify, so it has always been emphasized. If you have AliExpress or want to make AliExpress products, you can consider the AliExpress + Oberlo plug-in to achieve zero inventory dropshipping business. So, where is the core of the drop shipping business? Let’s look at the pictures together and then help you analyze them.

This red building above is the factory or your supplier. Does it Aliexpress exclusive? So the essence of drop shipping lies in: zero inventory management, a supplier on behalf of a generation, we establish an shopify store, and then earn the product price difference so called profit margin. Therefore, this third-party supply channel can be a lot, can be AliExpress, can be Amazon, can be Taobao, can be 1688, can be any channel, as long as he is willing to ship you, as long as you have enough profit margin.

Here 86Deal will sort out the most comprehensive website summary of the whole network, let everyone have more supply of goods, so that our Shopify store has supply diversification with diversified categories to make profits.

Dropshipping from 1688

1688 takes the wholesale and procurement as the core business, through professional operation, perfects the customer experience, and comprehensively optimizes the business model of enterprise e-commerce. At present, 1688 has covered 16 major industries such as raw materials, industrial products, clothing and apparel, household goods, and small commodities, providing a series of supply services from raw material procurement-production and processing–spot wholesale.
On April 12, 2018, Alibaba 1688 held a summit in Guangzhou, and the first day of the first-line Alibaba 1688 cross-border exclusive market platform, the first time the transcript was disclosed: as of the end of March, nearly half a million SMEs passed the 1688 cross-border platform. It provides services for AliExpress, Amazon, Wish, eBay, Lazada and other platforms in 220 countries and regions. Within one year, the transaction scale and buyers of cross-border exclusive markets have increased by more than 4 times.

Dropshipping from DHgate

DHgate is a large wholesale platform where registered sellers can upload their products. This allows others to source products from small and medium-sized factories or wholesalers. The site began in 2004 and their goal is “buy globally, sell globally”.

There are also many categories on the DHgate, such as electronic products, accessories, cosmetics, clothing, jewelry, toys and so on. All support dropshipping business.

Dropshipping from SheIn

The feature of SheIn is that they serve sellers and individuals. They mainly focus on women’s fashion and accessories. The advantage of SheIn is that they are chasing the trend and sometimes even leading the fashion trend. You can make shoes, bags, clothes, etc. If you want to open a store related to women’s clothing. You can also send a copy through SheIn.

Dropshipping from LightInTheBox

LightInTheBox is also a well-known domestic website with a large inventory. Their website is easy to pass. There are also frequent spikes in some products. LightInTheBox products are also sold globally. If you need a lot of wholesale products, you can get a good price.

Dropshipping from Banggood

Banggood is an excellent cross-border e-commerce provider in Shenzhen. If you want to buy wholesale, be sure to join their wholesale plan because they can give you an exclusive price.

You can also get samples from their website (for people who buy a single item). In addition, the product range is also very rich. The quality of some of their clothes is really good, mainly for the elderly and children.

Dropshipping from Zaful

Zaful’s popularity in overseas is far greater than China, and the brand has also been on the silver screen of Times Square in New York. Zaful offers affordable fashion items for women. Their products are very priced and you can feel this on their website. They also recently included men’s fashion collections.

Dropshipping from TBDress

TBdress is a wedding and women’s clothing-based website that uses personalized push features to push different customers to products they might like. At the same time, it also provides a one-off business for domestic and foreign sellers. In addition to the web version of TBDress, you can also access them through the iPhone and Android apps.

Dropshipping from DX

DX is a website dedicated to gadgets and electronics for dropshipping and wholesale business. But like all other Chinese wholesale platforms, they also work with some well-known brands to sell their products.

If you are planning to do Shopfiy dropshipping or wholesale of small things, go pick and choose from DX.

Dropshipping from Tomtop

The product range on Tomtop is complete. Its advantages categories include clothing, electronics, and household items. The wholesale business of the products is relatively mature, offering an even discount rate of up to 20%.
Bulk packages can also be shipped free of charge if they meet the requirements. The company also has its own distribution facility. The site is also great for ordering makeup and beauty related products.

10 most popular free source websites for Shopify dropshipping

Dropshipping from Gearbest

The technology of manufacturing products in China is becoming more and more mature. Therefore, some websites are dedicated to providing these electronic products, gadgets and high-tech products to the world.

Through the online e-shop, Gearbest sells the most popular products such as domestic drones, mobile phones and watches worldwide. Clothing and apparel accessories are also an important part. If you want to buy these products wholesale, it is highly recommended that you pick them up. Because there are many boutiques made in China.

Dropshipping from Aliexpress

AliExpress is one of the best dropshipping website in China. It operates a wide variety of products, from clothing, cars, books, electronics, entertainment, health, family, children to sports. All suppliers are verified so you can rely on their authenticity. But like Wholesale Central, it’s not the website owner who provides a one-of-a-kind service. Instead, it is a supplier or manufacturer registered as an AliExpress member, responsible for processing a one-off order. You need to carefully select and talk to your suppliers to make sure they are correct.

Dropshipping from Thomasnet

Thomasnet is considered to have the best service and quality products. The company is involved in test equipment and measuring equipment, electrical equipment and systems, fasteners and hardware, fluid and gas flow equipment, material handling and storage, and mechanical power transmission. If you want to buy other items such as clothing, home decoration, etc., you need to log in to another free website. All suppliers are verified so they can be trusted. The Search tab allows you to easily find the vast majority of content. You can log on to his website for more information.

Dropshipping from Wholesale Central

Wholesale Central is one of the top B2B sites with access to wholesale suppliers and products. They provide powerful purchasing tools to help dealers find a large number of proven wholesalers, importers, distributors and manufacturers. A variety of popular deals and offers can attract customers. You don’t need to sign up to search for the site, but you can only see more details from the vendor when you sign up and become a member. At the same time, the listed suppliers and manufacturers are not all a single supplier. So you need to study and check carefully.

Dropshipping from Worldwide Brands

The company provides direct access to wholesale suppliers, so there is no profit share. You need to know that this one-generation website charges members for the fee, and the supplier needs to share the cost when the product is priced. There are more than 16 million certified and high quality products. You have access to all major catalogues such as healthcare, clothing, music and musical instruments, industry, collectibles, tools and hardware, vehicles, crafts and supplies.

Dropshipping from Oberlo

The main feature dropshipping from Oberlo is that you can purchase from AliExpress. With Oberlo, users can access not only thousands of suppliers on AliExpress, but also product images, details and prices they offer.

Dropshipping from Doba

Doba is one of the more comprehensive delivery companies because it not only provides a detailed list of manufacturers and wholesalers, but also provides an interface that makes it easy to capture the products you need without having to work with multiple agents. Cooperation. Doba can export data to Amazom, eBay and other platforms, but the page is too messy, the product category is less, the product sku is less and the price is more expensive, the advantage is that it can be shipped overseas.

If you want start Shopify dropshipping but do not want to dropship from Aliexpress, the above are the Aliexpress alternative websites you can consider to dropshipping from China.

4 Product Selection Strategies and Skills for Cross-border Dropshipping

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The favor of foreign online shoppers for “Made in China” goods has led many small and medium-sized sellers as well as individuals seek business opportunities and invest in cross-border e-commerce industries. As the saying goes, “70% of the cross border dropshipping success based on product selection and 30% on marketing operation.” Product selection is a very important part of cross-border e-commerce business. Good product means half of the dropshipping business being succeeded. In contrary, if the products are not good, it will waste a lot of manpower and resources, not only do not operate well, but also easily punch the enthusiasm of the dropshipper. The right direction is often more important than the method, and the choice determines the direction of cross-border e-commerce, just like the helm, only the right direction, it is possible to reach the other side. Successful product selection of cross-border e-commerce sellers requires strategic skills. In this artical we will share 4 product selection strategies and skills for cross-border dropshipping.

Find trending products via big data from cross-border e-commerce platforms

The purpose of the product selection is from the perspective of consumers, while the cross-border e-commerce platform provides a lot of data about consumers. Through the analysis and mining of these data, we can find products that consumers need, the product selection skills listed as follow:

Take advantage of platform information to understand foreign market demand. Take the DHgate as an example. There are industry dynamic columns on the seller channel page. This column has detailed introductions and trending product analysis of an industry. For example, when choosing the maternal and child toy industry, the first thing to see is the latest products. It is a new product release platform created by DHgate. The industry manager carefully selects the hot products that are urgently needed by overseas market. Followed by industry information, it includes cross-border e-commerce maternal and child toy industry buyers structure and appeal analysis, the female roleplay toy in the industry increase year by year, and entity + virtual leads the United States New York Toy Fair guide children to play with AI. Next is the industry report, you can see 2019 maternal and child industry category planning, toy industry products and categories as well as the toy industry report”, through the analysis, you can find new exotic toys and female character toy demand has great potential.

Analyze buyers’ hot and potential needs with the platform built-in search function. Basically, each cross-border e-commerce platform has a search bar, the demand can be judged through product keyword search volume. Take AliExpress as an example, open the AliExpress buyer page, below the search box will display mechanical keyboard, camera drone, rings for women, cat eye sunglasses, 3d printer and many other product keywords, refresh the page, every time The words will be different. These words are popular product keywords. In addition, enter the product keywords in the search box, such as sandals, the box will automatically pull down a series of hot search words related to the core words and the corresponding search results, such as sandals women, sandals girls, platform sandals, shoes women sandals and gladiator sandals Women and so on. It can be judged that women’s sandals and sandals with waterproof feature are in great demand.

Explore the potential needs of buyers with a variety of data analysis tools. Commonly used tools are in-site data tools and off-site tools. Cross-border e-commerce platforms will have their own on-site data tools, such as eBay plus, Amazon’s four rankings, AliExpress’s data latitude, wish’s cross-border merchant data analysis platform and DHgate data think tank.

A tool commonly used is Google Trend. Google Trend is a Google-based search analytics product that analyzes Google’s billions of search results worldwide and tells users how often a search keyword was searched for Google at various times. In short, see what people are interested in on the web through Google Trends. Take the super-explosive fingertip gyro in the dropshipping industry as an example. Enter the keyword fidget spinner, you can see the trend curve. The curve starts to rise in January 2017, and it starts to soar in March. It peaks at the end of May and then slowly falls back. August It has almost fallen back to the level of March. Through the graph, you can judge whether the product has demand and whether the demand is rising or falling. If it is rising, it must pay attention on time.

In addition, VOTOBO is also a good analytics website that monitors the hot-selling and soaring rankings of eBay, AliExpress, Wish and Amazon in real time, and can be emailed to view hot product data analysis under specified product keywords.

Using the overall concept of the hot sale product to develop its derivative product market

The existing market consists of two oceans, the Blue Ocean and the Red Sea. The Red Sea represents a fierce, brutal and bloody market in which there are many competitors and limited profit margins. The Blue Ocean is a market with little competition and demand and profit potential. For the dropshippers, it is necessary to avoid the Red Sea market and look for the Blue Ocean market.

The overall concept of the product consists of five levels: core product, tangible product, additional product, desired product and potential product. It is recommended that new dropshippers research the expected products and potential product levels of the hot sale products, looking for gaps to seek for profit margin. For example, there is an hotsale Bluetooth headset S530 on the Wish platform, which is sold by many businesses. By analyzing the user evaluation of the product, it was found that many people had insufficient power capacity. From the expected product level analysis, the hot sale product did not meet the customer’s expectations very well. The capacity of the power is a blank, you can fully develop the new upgraded S530 Plus, the capacity is larger, the upgraded Bluetooth headset is more cost-effective, attracting users who originally purchased the S530 but suffer from insufficient capacity, and are uniquely competitive.

Similarly, there is a “Mens Sketeton Mechinial Watch” on the Wish platform, which sells well. The cumulative sales volume is as high as 90,000 pieces, since this watch is so popular, why not continue to dig deep into the demand for this product and explore the potential product level? Each person’s wrist is not the same thickness, the table is not suitable for the size of the watch, naturally there is the need to adjust the length of the strap, then the splitter is a very promising explosion of peripheral products.

The first choice for using this strategy is to find the hot sale product, and then analyze the overall concept of the explosion and look for a blank area. For example, summer is coming, and products such as swimwear and sunglasses are bound to be hot. Using the sunglasses as a keyword in the AliExpress search, find the results of 19907, choose to display by orders, the first order quantity is 35061, and the order quantity ranked tenth is 12561. There is no doubt that the first product is a hot sale product, browse the product details page, the product is priced at $3.06 each, titled “UVLAIK Night Vision Sunglasses Men Women Goggles Glasses UV400 Sun Glasses Driver Night Driving Eyewear”, from the title It can be judged that this product is available in both men’s and women’s models. The product is both eye-catching and suitable for night driving.

From the detailed description of the product, we found the following information: the lens material of the product is resin, the frame material is alloy, the lens has four colors of yellow, red, black and silver, and the frame has four colors of gray, black, gold and silver, frame and lens. There are 8 products in different color combinations, including 5 yellow lens products and 1 color lens product. View customer reviews for a total of 1205 reviews, giving a score of 4.6 out of 5, and browsing 1 to 3 stars for evaluation. Summarize useful information: packaging is too simplistic, of poor quality, color is not correct (not transparent yellow), slow and functions are not as described at night.

How to find the gap for the hot sale products? First, look for blanks from the use of objects, the glasses are for men or women, then can you develop the same product for children or pets? After all, people in the west still like to keep pets. Those who buy this kind of glasses will have an expectation that their children or pets can bring the same glasses. In the AliExpress platform, we found 931 search results, which were displayed in the Orders ranking. The first order volume was 1762, and the tenth order volume was 187. From this, it can be judged that the competition in the market is not intense. In order to determine whether there is demand in the market, look at the first transaction record, only 50 sold on May 30 and 31. In addition, the shape of the lens of the product is a perfect circle, which is different from the explosion of the previous analysis. In the search results of the pet glasses, no glasses like the explosion are found. Therefore, it is a blue ocean market to use pets as a target to develop hot sale products for your dropshipping business.

Secondly, looking for the blanks from the colors and materials. Browse the Sunglasses search results and find that the black, red, yellow and blue colors of the lenses are the mainstream colors, which are popular, but the analyzed hot sale products are not blue. The second and third hot sale sunglasses are the main blue lenses, but the shape and material of the frame are different from the first one. Browse other products and find two popular shapes and borders on the second page. Similar, but the color of the lens is blue, the sales quantity are 5421 and 4599, respectively, the price of each piece is 8.88 US dollars and 11.57 US dollars, the frame material is stainless steel and aluminum. In addition, both products are beautifully packaged. It can be seen that these two products are products developed by other sellers based on the material, color and price on the basis of the first hot sale product, and they are sold very successfully.

Thirdly, think about it. Since sunglasses are so hot, what about the sunglass case market? Searching for the sunglasses case on AliExpress, we found 15564 results, the first sales volume was 3112, and the tenth sales volume was 920. Among the top ten product advertisements, there are five products with similar appearances and small boxes with ropes. Searching for the same keywords in the GHgate, there are only 122 products, the first product sold 17,250 pieces, 500 pieces from the order, is a simple cloth bag. The top 12 were all similar bags, and the thirteenth appeared in the fourth line of AliExpress. The first-ranked product of AliExpress was found on the second page of the Dunhuang website search results, and sales were low. The mainstream of the GHgate glasses box is a style, that is, cloth bags, and this is still to be sold wholesale. Therefore, the glasses case is a blue ocean market.

Follow cross-border e-commerce rules to avoid infringement of selected products

The identification of infringing products on each platform is similar, and the types of infringements that sellers often encounter are mainly divided into several types:

The first is trademark infringement. Did not get the official authorization of the product brand, use the other party’s trademark or LOGO. For example, the more popular Peppa pig infringement incident, the seller only sold a Peppa pig puzzle worth 12 dollars, the account was frozen, the store also has 10,000 dollars in payment. As long as there are pics of the pigs on the product, such as the plush dolls of the pigs, the cake molds, the clothes ornaments printed with the pigs, the toy cars, etc., it is possible to be accused. In addition to the product, the occurrence of the Peppa pig trademark in the attribute and description is also an infringement. Therefore, for a well-known brand of products, unless you have the authorization of the brand, you can not sell, do not appear brand name in the description of the advertisement.

The second is the patent infringement. The invention patent means that the inventor applied for patent protection for the invented product, and the seller could not produce and sell without authorization, that is to say, the imitation product could not be sold. For example, once a very popular balance car involved in patent disputes. The owner of the balance car patent, the American brand olowheel authorized the patent to the local Razor, Razor sent a letter to Amazon, Amazon took the off-the-shelf product, frozen the seller account, hundreds of sellers involved in and suffered losses.

The third is the appearance patent infringement. Appearance patents refer to new designs that are aesthetically pleasing to the shape, pattern, color, or combination of products and are suitable for industrial applications. More than 60% of the appearance patents are considered to be infringing fakes. For example, last year’s hot-selling fingertip monkey, this toy was submitted on April 12, 2017, and was approved on August 22. Brand Wowwee settled in the autumn, and traced the legal responsibility. A large number of sellers’ fund accounts were frozen, and even the stores were closed one after another. Hundreds of sellers received letters from overseas lawyers, with a frozen amount of over 10 million usd.

For dropshippers, you should carefully check whether the products you want to sell are infringing. First, use keywords to search on the platform to see if there are similar or similar products. If so, check the product for trademarks and patents or use Google’s map search to analyze. If you can find many products with LOGO, And similar to the products sold, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the product is infringing. Secondly, search for Baidu or WeChat in China with the Chinese corresponding to the keyword to see if you can find some information about the product and find out whether the product is infringing.

Once again, consult a few suppliers to see if their products are developed independently, whether there are patents, and the legitimacy of the supply channels. Finally, you can go to the patent website of the market country to inquire, take the US appearance patent inquiry as an example, enter the US Patent Office website; in the open webpage, select Quick Search or Advanced Search; After the page, select Application Type to 4 (design) and then retrieve it with other information.

Improve the profit margin by utilizing the characteristics of the product portfolio

It is impossible for every seller to sell only one product. When selecting a product, it must have a product portfolio thinking, rather than selling what it is. There are two main ways to use the product portfolio strategy: the first product portfolio is to determine the store’s traffics and profit products. The so-called drainage model, which is a product that provides traffic to the store, has high exposure, high click-through rate, and low general profit, and is not a major source of profit. It is recommended to set about 5 pieces per store, and the profit margin expectation should be set at 0 to 1%. The discount space for the drainage product is set at around 30% to 50%. The profit is a product that can provide profit for the store. The sales volume is driven by the drainage, and the flow is not much, but the profit of the product is high, and the reserved discount space is set at 5% to 20%. In this combination, it is necessary to make the associated sales of the traffic products and profit products.

The second product portfolio is bundle sales. Take the popular sports camera on the Wish platform. The price of this sports camera is between $10 and $20. Given that many people do not have the supply chain advantage or the patience to find cumbersome accessories and combine them, As well as big sellers who often specialize in their own superior categories, they are not interested in such a combination of products that require a lot of energy but whose profits may not be as good as their own. This gives many small and medium sellers a chance to take advantage of them. The accessories of the explosive sports camera (including charger, bracket, lens, etc.) are sold together. After the combination of low-priced accessories, the unit price has reached $43. With the advantages of convenience and affordability, it is often able to attract a large number of users, so small and medium-sized businesses selling such combination products can usually earn considerable profits.

Take the children’s toy alloy car as an example to illustrate the specific application of the product mix strategy. The product has the characteristics of low unit price, many styles and light weight. The average selling price in Aliexpress is about 5 dollars per piece. If a single item is free of shipping, the net profit will be close to zero. In order to increase the profit of the business, there are the following practices. The first quantity is matched, and the minimum order quantity for free shipping is set. The minimum order quantity is set to 4, and the buyer can freely choose the style of the alloy car, and the profit is greatly improved. The second type is a combination of similar products. Four alloy cars are selected as a set of toys and packaged for sale. The third type is a heterogeneous product portfolio, which sells products in the form of a blessing bag, and puts the toy car together with a lightweight toy product such as a ball or a small doll into a blessing bag. From the psychology of consumer psychology, parents are more willing to spend money for their children. When buying toys, they often don’t just buy a toy. Reducing the unit price of each toy and selling the toy combination can constitute a competitive advantage and increase the profit of the business.

In addition to the 4 product selection strategies mentioned above, it also needs to take into account the product life cycle. It is generally recommended that sellers enter the market in the growth period of the product. It is not recommended in other time periods. Because of the investment period, customers do not know much about the products, and the sales volume is low. In order to expand sales, a large amount of promotion expenses are required. During the saturation period and the recession period, the sales growth was slow until the decline, the competition was fierce, and the profit margin was limited. The life cycle of a cross-border e-commerce normal product is 1 year, and the product life cycle with less competition may be 2-3 years. If a product cycle is 1 year, it has been sold for 8 months. At this time, it is not recommended.

For seasonal and festive items such as swimwear, sandals, Christmas trees and string lights, the product life cycle is shorter, and the sales season is only 2-4 months, which means sellers need to come in the peak season. Enter before, layout three months in advance. The life cycle of a product can be obtained through sales history, price trends, and ranking trends. If a product, its price is getting lower and lower, the ranking is getting lower and lower, the sales history shows that there is a transaction record in the previous year, then the product is coming to an end.

At the same time, the product selection needs to be suitable for its own situation, choose the products and industries that are familiar with them, and avoid products with potential safety hazards. In addition to the infringement, the balance car and the fingertip gyro are also concerned about the safety hazards. Once the platform is identified as a safety hazard, it may be removed from the shelves, and even severely. In the selection of toys and 3C and other safety incidents, it is best to carefully check whether the supplier has obtained the relevant certification. You can also check the Ultimate product selection tutorial for shopify dropshipping.

Ultimate product selection tutorial for shopify dropshipping

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Dropshipping is a very popular ecommerce model currently. If you search for Dropshippig on YouTube, there will be a lot of video tutorials like “How to do Dropshipping via Shopify to make million dollars a month”. What’s dropshipping? It is a kind of e-commerce mode in which the seller opens the store online without having any inventory, and the supplier directly delivers the goods from the warehouse to the buyer after placing the order. For the dropshipper, the cost and risk is low, also the management is free and simple. Without inventory pressure, there is not much need to prepare funds. The most important thing to do Shopify dropshipping is the product selection. Only by choosing the right product can you get profit easily. In this article we will show the ultimate product selection tutorial for shopify dropshipping.

The product selection of Shopify dropshipping is better to meet 3 conditions:

Trending products

High marketing demand

Easy to ship

If the product you selected meets the above three conditions, then it is more suitable for Shopify dropshipping. In general, when you select product you can go to some e-commerce websites such as AliExpress, eBay and Amazon to view hot products, and to social media to see what is popular now. Then, calculate the profit margin and finally choose shopify to start dropshipping.

Product price for shopify dropshipping

The price of the product selected by Shopify Dropshipping is preferably between $15 and $200. Although the two price gaps are quite large, this is also a feature of Dropshipping.

Cheaper products mean small profits but quick turnover. Such products can lead to greater sales. These large sales volume can bring orders and customer evaluations to the store. Helps increase the credibility of the store. But the downside is that the profit is relatively low and there is some pressure on the inventory, the seller must ensure that there is enough inventory.

Products with more than $200 will have difficulty in sales. And, if the customer asks for a refund, it is also very difficult.

If you have daily 30 or above orders, the daily order fulfillment takes lots of time, you can start to outsource the order fulfillment works, thus you can focus on store marketing. You can take a look at China 1688 Pick and Pack Order Fulfillment Procedure for Shopify Dropshipping

If you choose order fulfillment agent to help you fulfill the orders, the product price would be better high than 20 usd, else your profits might be cut down. We suggest the product price above 25 usd.

Profit margin for shopify dropshipping

Dropshipping product margin must be at least between 20% and 40%. Ideally, the profit should be higher than 60%.

If your Dropship product retails for $200, then your profit margin may be 30%, so you can get a profit of $60, but if your product retails for $20, then the profit margin should be higher. Since profit margins need to take into account transportation, packaging, marketing and other costs, it is safer to choose a high-margin product.

Product Weight and size for Shopify dropshipping

The best choice for Shopify dropshipping is a product that fits into the size of the shoebox. Any product that exceeds this standard is likely to cause shipping costs to be too high. For those who want to do dropshipping, pay attention to the lighter and smaller the better the product, and avoid those fragile products. This product is prone to a large number of refunds and complaints.

Potential repeat purchase rate

This is a problem that many new e-commerce companies will ignore. Good products will bring repeat purchase customers. In the past few years, the subscription model has become more and more popular. From basic household items to luxury goods. The subscription model is a way or means for a company to obtain a stable income stream. As the traffics cost increase higher and higher, the product selection strategy also should be considered to help you increase potential repeat purchase rates.

Quality supplier

Product selection is just half of the Shopify dropshipping work, another challenge is to find quality suppliers. This is especially important for Dropshipping, because a trusted supplier is the one that ships the item to the customer after the order is placed.

The ideal dropshipping product needs to be a product that can be stably produced for a long time. In this way, the cost of the product will be reduced. Frequent replacement of products requires constant updating of the listing of the Shopify store, which is very time consuming and labor intensive.

What are the common mistakes made in the Shopify dropshipping product selection?

Mistake 1. Choose big brands and well-known design products for shopify dropshipping

Many people may feel that well-known brands have their own visibility, so there will be sales. Because of his fame, the demand is large and expensive.

But the truth is that it is difficult to profit from the products of these brands, because big brands are very cheap, and the profits of the products are extremely low. Unless your purchasing power can keep up with big stores, it’s best not to choose these brands.

Mistake 2. Select counterfeit products for Shopify dropshipping

Selling fakes can be very attractive because they are very marketable. However, this will lead you into legal disputes, which is not conducive to the long-term development of the store. Therefore, in the selection of products, we must be cautious of those products with unusual price advantages.

Mistake 3. Select a highly competitive product for shopify dropshipping

This is a common mistake made by many new Dropshipping novices. Because we may feel that selling well, competition and fierceness indicates that it has a market. But the truth is that the market share we can get from this product is small! It will force sellers into vicious competition.

So, how do you choose a good product for shopify dropshipping?

The product selection is a matter that needs to be studied and planned. Let’s take a look at the perspectives from which the selection can be made!

First, familiarize yourself with the best-selling products on Amazon, Ebay, AliExpress and other people platforms. This allows us to understand the market trends. Here we suggest a tool called SaleHoo. This website was previously used by “small business who are looking for Chinese suppliers on Alibaba?” This article also shared, is a website for dropshippers looking for suppliers.

SaleHoo Market Research Lab

SaleHoo has tens of thousands of products in more than 25 categories you can view:

The degree of competition between each product on Amazon and ebay

What is the average retail price of each product on the Internet?

Sales volume of each product

This makes it easy for users to research product competition on the market and help with the selection.

Social shopping sites

The social shopping site is an online market generated by the user’s evaluators, so what is popular now, you can basically find out here.

These sites can save dropshipper a lot of time to filter millions of items compared to Amazon and Ebay.

Study successful stores for inspiration

Study what those good shops are doing. How they select products, how they write listing, and store style and so on. Try to look at the online stores of big brands and small outlet stores so that you can see the different approaches companies take.

Finally, do a good job in the price market research of the product, as well as the degree of competition. Check prices for similar products on ebay and Amazon, it’s best to choose products that cost between $15 and $200. Research competitor products and product prices. If the same product is sold in more than 15 fairly mature stores, you may need to change one.

In addition to the Ultimate product selection tutorial for shopify dropshipping, 86Deal also listed other articals for product selection:

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How to dig best selling product in Shopify store

How to select and test products for Shopify dropshipping

5 ways to select hot sale products for Shopify dropshipping

10 ways to select hot sale products for shopify dropshipping

34 useful tips for Shopify dropshipping beginner

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There are lots of beginners who want to do shopify dropshipping business have no idea where to start, and there are various different dropshipping questions on the forum and quora, here we collected 34 useful tips for Shopify dropshipping beginner as a reference.

Choose a popular and reliable niche for dropshipping

It is the first step and key to your success on dropshipping business. It is risky to start a store with best selling products. First of all, most people find a trend in the peak, so your sales may not rise. Second, it’s hard to know if something is hot now, or if it will always be hot.

When you want to choose the right model for Shopify dropshipping, be sure to consider continuity. If you have a product that is currently hot, add it to your store as a product line to promote sales, but don’t build the entire store on a short-term basis. Focus on niche that can stand the test of time, such as fashion, fitness, pets, phone accessories, beauty or jewelry. Stick to a popular, stable niche market, and your business is more likely to survive in the first, second and fifth years.

2019 summer Europe USA Asia product selection tutorial for Shopify dropshipping

How to select and test products for Shopify dropshipping

5 ways to select hot sale products for Shopify dropshipping

Find a good competitor to imitate

It is important to look for quality competitors at the beginning. For example, if you want to be a customer-centric company, you can imitate Disney. If you want to master the brand art, you can imitate the Dollar Shave Club. If you want to create a large platform, you can imitate Amazon. Instead of copying their niche or style, just find the specific pattern you like and apply it to your own website. As for how to find a competitor, we will explain in the future blog.

Website visual design should be attractive

It is very important the entire site should be very visually appealing. The product page should have multiple product images showing different angles and uses. The home page should have a compelling banner image that allows customers to bring themselves into the product. Even your blog post should be very beautiful. There should be a few images in each post, GIF or even video to separate the text body.

Product catalogs should be accurate

If there are only 15 products in the early stage of the dropshipping business, all products can be classified into one large category. However, as the store develops, it needs to be more specific in the product category. Product categories such as female, male, and children don’t make much sense for search engine optimization purposes, but these categories are common on many websites. Even worse, some websites use female on all women’s fashions, and there are no subcategories at all. Most people don’t like to browse the entire store and find that they don’t have the dress they want in their store. Take a look at how Amazon classifies products so that customers can easily find very specific items.

Make product videos

Good product video can help increase conversion rates and increase store sales. There are two ways to use product video. First, you can add product videos to the product page to show different product perspectives or demonstrate how to use the product. Second, you can use product video as a marketing tool. Facebook’s video ads show a high level of engagement, clicks, and purchases. While creating video content can be time consuming, it will ultimately help you effectively increase sales. This also gives your brand a competitive advantage because many brands don’t have a lot of video content.

Encourage product review

Product reviews add trust to the dropshipping brand. When you get the first few sales, you should contact your customers or use the Shopify app, such as Product Reviews Addon, to automatically send messages to customers. Encourage customers to leave photo comments on the product page. If customers share your product on social media, they can leave a comment on your site and attach their photo. The more people who show products to potential customers, the more customers they can build. Knowing that someone else buys from your store and loves your product can help new customers convention rates.

Optimize store niche product keywords

Most Shopify sellers focus on short-term money-making strategies, such as Facebook or Google advertising or online marketing. However, the most important thing they ignored is the search engine optimization strategy. If you plan to run your website for a long time, then search engine optimization can help bring organic traffic. Don’t rely on a platform. You need to make sure that even if your advertising account is locked for a day, you can still make money in other ways. A search engine optimization strategy, if executed correctly, can help drive a lot of free traffic to the store.

Recover expired shopping cart

Try different APP and email formats. Although it is not possible to recover all abandoned shopping carts. However, even with a 1-5% success rate, it is good enough. According to Baymard, the average shopping cart abandon rate is between 60-80%. Although this probability is normal, you should do everything possible to generate conversions. Sending the first email within six hours of the customer abandoning the shopping cart can help with the conversion and then send at least 3 more emails. Additional discounts can be provided in the email to help with the conversion. Starting with a 10% discount, if the customer has not resumed the shopping cart, they will continue to offer a 15% discount.

Optimize navigation bar

The navigation bar on the top of the store is a menu where you can list product categories such as home, fashion, jewelry, accessories, special discounts. The first and last item in the top navigation bar is the most clicked. While most people put home in the first place, adding a product category is actually more strategic. Customers like to browse discounted items, so it’s also good to put it in the end. No matter which product line or page you want to attract more attention, you should be in the first and last position.

Make sure customers can find relevant information

When you officially launched the store, you need to make sure that customers have access to everything they need to purchase a product. Contains shipping and return information so customers can understand these policies before purchasing. Make sure you have a contact page so that customers can easily reach them when they have problems or questions.

If you are doing cross border dropshipping business, you may also note the customs tax, shipping terms, delivery time etc.

Add Flash sale

A sense of urgency can help increase sales. One of the easiest ways to do this is to add a time-limited snap to your site. All products should have a countdown timer. The added product should be rotated once a week, so that there are always new product options to attract more customers. Add a time-limited panning area in the top navigation bar so people can easily find your limited time snapped up items. Place it in the last category of the top navigation because the first and last categories get the most clicks.

Store automation

Simplify your work with e-commerce automation tools. For example, Buffer help you automatically post to social media. Kit could automate marketing. Shoelace can automatically retarget ads. The more automated the business, the more time it will focus on creating sales or a free and flexible dropshipping lifestyle. Be a boss, not an employee. Don’t be a business person because it will consume your time. Be a person who has his own business, makes money, and lives in his own way.

Marketing is the most important thing for dropshipping

Marketing and advertising bring money for your store, so don’t waste your time optimizing the store day by day. Actively post on social media every day, at least once a few days to post. Next, contact the magazines and blogs similar to your product features. In addition, you can create Facebook or Instagram ads for the products. Regularly writing blog content can help improve your store ranking.

Test ads

To really get the successful operation of the dropshipping business, you need to do a lot of experiments. You need to create different ads for different products. Test different copies, formats, and images. A large number of ads are used to test different advertising dimensions, which ultimately leads to customers and orders. Once you’ve earned money through advertising, you can start improving your site. Many people have focused on improving the website in the early stage. But if you don’t know the customer’s reaction to the website and the product, it is no good to improve the website through your own obscenity. Don’t be self-righteous to speculate on your customers’ ideas. Without seeing the data coming back, it is impossible to know where things need improvement.

How to select and test products for Shopify dropshipping

How to use Facebook ads promote Shopify store

Start social networking when you running your store

Once you’ve purchased your store domain, you can start building your audience. You can start with posts on social media to increase your fan base so that when you launch your product, you already have a target customer. After the website is online, it is time to start collecting email addresses and start building external links. Doing this from the beginning will expand your customer base faster. By focusing on building social media, email lists and links, it seems to reduce investment in advertising in the long run. In the end, you can also promote your products to your audience through your own social channels.

Keep in touch with influencers

It takes a few months to find the most influential people to promote the product, and even then there is no guarantee that the promotion will be effective. Finding a better influencer is actually very difficult. Sometimes they give a high price, but the conversion rate is very low. You can take advantage of Famebit to distinguish the influencers.

Try multiple social networks

When it comes to social media, many stores make the same mistake: there is only one social platform. For example, some people may only post on Instagram and focus their customers on ins through Influencer marketing. Still others are completely marketing on Facebook because they find Facebook ads more effective. While using a combination of platforms can be a bit time consuming, it gives you a competitive advantage. About 3-4 social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter Youtube are the best. Don’t rely on one platform, because one day the platform may disappear and you have nothing left.

Marketing strategy in addition to ads

Advertising is very likely to be the most profitable way for your store. But you don’t want to limit marketing channels just by Facebook, Instagram or Google. Spend time optimizing traffic for the store through search engine optimization, popping products to blogs and popular magazines, content marketing, active posting on social media, email marketing, and more.

Marketing is more than just creating ads. Increase your organic traffic by optimizing your keywords, create a blog list related to your niche, contact them to mine your products, and more. Engage potential customers on social media by using hashtags, post multiple times a day and share valuable and interesting content. Create an email list and send promotional messages to customers on a regular basis. Establish a loyalty program to offer special discounts to loyal customers.

Retargeting ads have to run all the time

Publish a lot of content on your blog and show it in the web. When influencer shares content with its fans, the store’s traffic will increase dramatically. Use retargeting ads to show the most popular products to customers. In the early days of operating a store, there will be a lot of abandoned shopping carts, and by repositioning add to cards, you can try to win back lost customers. This method is much better than using an abandoned shopping cart app to send emails. Retargeting ads are usually less expensive and help promote conversions for customers who haven’t purchased for the first time.

Publish product to discount websites

For many online shoppers, product prices are important. They use tools and applications to find discount codes, saving more money. Give your product a high enough price so you can give customers a discount without losing money. Hire people on Fiver to submit your discount code to the most popular websites. Some stores include a discount page with a discount code for the store in their top navigation bar or footer. You can also use a discount code on social media such as “FB10” or “INSTA15”. There are specific discount websites, you can google yourself.

Build external links

To increase sales revenue while reducing ads cost, it is important to establish external backlinks. Do this by promoting your product on a related blog or magazine or writing a guest post on a blog. The more such traffic sources, the less you spend on advertising. For example, even if you write a guest post on another blog, you may not mention a particular product, but you may get a click on your site. Once someone clicks on your store, they can re-locate them with the best-selling products, which is much cheaper than trying to find new customers. After the store has been open for a long time, you can use this method to get some orders.

Create a blog to earn money

Open a blog for your shopify store can help you find new customers, increase customer loyalty and trust, and make more money for the store. With SEO and social media, your blog content will bring more traffic to the store. You can use retargeting ads to make money and let viewers see your products because they bring high quality traffic. Next, bring the best products to your blog as a gift for special occasions and holidays. You can also make money by embedding related product links in your blog.

Constantly update content to attract customers

When running a new store, publish content at a fixed time so that customers know when to come back. For example, if you add a new product every week, you should do it on the same day of the week so that customers can return to your site to view relevant content on a fixed day of the week. If you insist on updating your blog content, you should post the content on the same day. Once there is no fixed time, customer loyalty will be lost.

Spend more time on content marketing

It is impossible to increase the conversion rate by writing basic information such as products name. By writing a short paragraph detailing how the product benefits the customer, mentioning the feature, and explaining how to use the product, it would be better to convince the customer to make the purchase. For example, if you are selling a dress, you can mention how good the customer will look when wearing this dress for the next party, mentioning how the fabrics show their figure and recommending the shoe color or jewelry style to add points to the dress.

Make your content attractive

If you are doing Shopify dropshipping, you need to find a way to stand out from the competition. The easiest way is to create unique content. Publishing blog posts several times a week is a great way to build an audience and keep your site fresh and active. You can also upload videos to build your own brand. Luxy Hair has achieved great success by producing distinctive YouTube videos. Today, their YouTube channel has more than 2.9 million subscribers. Good content can bring huge profits.

Join Facebook group to get assistance and advice by other dropshippers

For dropshipping beginners, it’s best to join some e-commerce Facebook groups. Ask for feedback about your new store, tips on how to get sales, and share new tips you’ve learned. Become a member of the community, follow the trend, and build relationships with other sellers to become a more competitive seller. For example, Shopify Entrepreneurs, Ecommerce Entrepreneurs, and many other similar groups, please search for yourself.

Be kind to your clients

If you treat your customers in the right way, they will repeat purchase and introduce you clients. Be sure to keep in touch with your customers! Tell them you are very grateful to them! You can hold a “Customer Appreciation Campaign” to post new products and distribute VIP code during the event. Think of ways to do it, make them happy, and strengthen your connection with them.

Keep in touch with customers and understand their needs

Building relationships with customers is very time consuming but very important. Manually email each customer and ask them what they think about the product they are buying. If the customer wants our store to have any other type of product and suggests adding the blog content they want to see, you can provide a VIP in the email. Code thanks for their feedback as an additional reward for providing this information. Not everyone will respond, but once a customer responds, it will help us better understand our customers’ needs.

Loyalty plan

It is very important to build customer loyalty to your dropshipping brand to improve the Repurchase rate. You can offer multiple ways via discounts or gifts etc. to encourage old customers repeat purchase on your store and share with their friends.

Add upsell promotion

By upselling, you can not only increase the average order value, but also earn more profits per order, making your advertising spending cheaper. One tip: offer similar products as upsells, and if they buy now, they can give away gifts for free.

Share product reviews

When you getting the first few sales, ask the customer to take a photo with your product with their reviews. If you sell clothing or other accessories, collecting as many photos as possible from people using or wearing your products can help you get the customer’s favor. What the customer wants to see is the appearance of the actual product received, not the polished image. Contact your customers and let them share their photos with you on social media. If you pay the Reds to buy their photos, you can use them in your ad. Don’t run ads with customer-reported photos, but you can share them on your social platform as well as on your website. Remember to tag your customers when sharing photos.

Offer free shipping service

It is very important to test the different effects of free mail VS paid mailing. However, when you open a new store, it is best to provide free shipping to stimulate purchases. People are tired of placing orders in stores they don’t trust, so providing free mail will make customers feel less risky and willing to buy. About 50% of websites offer free shipping, which is where your store is better than other competitors. For example, AliExpress, many suppliers offer free shipping or ePacket, which is a low-cost courier service that does not have much impact on profits.

Dropshipping via ePacket

Too much shipping costs will scare away customers. If the price is too high, they may not buy it. If the waiting time is long, they may ask for a refund. These two issues can be solved by using ePacket distribution. This is one of the fastest shipping services in China and one of the lowest cost. Most products can be shipped for a few dollars.

Outsource order fulfillment jobs

When it comes to dropshipping business, there are things you can do better than others. Some things cannot be done better than others. Whether it’s a good product description, accounting, or marketing, you need to make sure you’re doing what you do best. Outsource the work you are least good at. If you have 20 to 30 order per day, it may took too much time for order fulfillment each day, then you can outsource the order fulfillment to save more time for store marketing.

86Deal offers one stop order fulfillment service include sourcing, purchasing/sample, quality inspection, warehousing, pick and pack, order printing, shipping and tracking upload as well as package return to China. you can check China 1688 Pick and Pack Order Fulfillment Procedure for Shopify Dropshipping for more details.

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