How to dropship streetwear from Taobao and 1688

How to dropship streetwear from Taobao and 1688

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Streetwear is always leading the fashion in worldwide countries, no matter boys, girls, men and women who love to wear the trendy fashion clothes and accessories to be the one attract eyeballs on the street. Thus streetwear is a profitable niche for dropshipping business as it has very large of target clients and relatively higher profit margin.

Why choose streetwear for Shopify dropshipping?

Based on our experience, there are many reasons for you to choose streetwear for Shopify dropshipping business.

1>Higher quality. When you dropshipping clothes the quality issue will not only affect your user experience but also take lots of time and money as well as human resource to deal with the after sale jobs, while streetwear usually have higher quality than general fashion clothes no matter men and women streetwear, it has far more less after sale issues;

2>Higher profits. Compared to general fashion clothes, the streetwear is more personalized and attractive, thus it usually has higher profits than general apparel;

3>More precise clients. Compared to the fashion clothes facebook ads, the streetwear might have higher conversation rates for the Reddit, Ins, Facebook and Youtube influencers, and streetwear is easily to spread on clients social networks;

4> No IP Infringement issue. Compared to brands streetwear like Anti Social, Palace, Champion, FOG, Vlone, Vetements, CDG etc. the streetwear has no famous brands thus it doesnt have infringement risks in the customs.

after the 4 main reasons, you may wonder how to find streetwear dropshipping suppliers, actually there are many of the streetwear dropshipping suppliers on Taobao and 1688 with high quality and original streetwear design.

Taobao 1688 streetwear dropshipping supplier

To help you easily dropshipping streetwear from China Taobao and 1688, 86Deal listed some streetwear dropshipping suppliers for you as a reference:

In addition to the Taobao streetwear dropshipping suppliers, you can also try to find streetwear dropshipping suppliers on 1688, however, what’s the difference between them? The streetwear on Taobao is more personalized and higher quality, thus the price is a little high, and many streetwear suppliers on Taobao has original design which is more attractive when you walking on the street. The streetwear suppliers on 1688 usually for wholesale, thus it is cheaper and the streetwear accessories is better to dropship via 1688. The following are the streetwear dropshipping suppliers on 1688 for you as a reference:

You can also search the streetwear dropshipping suppliers on Taobao and 1688 yourself, there are many dropshipping suppliers available for the streetwear clothing, necklace, rings, sneakers, socks, scarf, caps etc.

86Deal provides one step streetwear dropshipping service to help you order and ship from China to clients overseas, our dropshipping service include:



Quality inspection(return/exchange)

Chinese label and promotional cards removing


Label and packaging customization

Pick and pack

Shipping label printing

Tracking upload

You are welcome to inquire streetwear dropshipping from Taobao and 1688, we can help you source and filter the best streetwear dropshipping suppliers for your business.



December 6, 2019 at 8:40 pm

If I buy clothes from taobao would you ship it over? What is the difference between this website and superbuy?


    December 7, 2019 at 2:35 am

    86Deal mainl help small business overseas dropship and wholesale from China Taobao 1688 to their clients, we do not have personal business yet.

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