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China 1688 Pick and Pack Order Fulfillment Procedure for Shopify Dropshipping

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In order to provide better user experience as well as improve order fulfillment efficiency and lower down order fulfillment cost, more and more Shopify sellers outsource the order processing works to Chinese pick and pack fulfillment company to pack and ship orders from China to clients directly. Let’s explain the procedure of the pick and pack fulfillment service and its advantages for the Shopify dropshipping business.

Pick and Pack fulfillment procedure

Shopify integration

Once Shopify seller choose 86Deal pick and pack fulfillment service, the seller need to invite us create an admin account to authorize us login Shopify dashboard to check the orders integrate Shopify with our warehousing system to update Shopify orders day by day for order fulfillment.

The integration is very simple and it doesnt need to modify anything on the dashboard, it is very safe, we just need the authorization to install an Shopify ERP app to update the daily orders to prepare order fulfillment.

Shopify orders

The shopify orders here indicate that orders paid by clients, due to Shopify has some interface issue on certain payment gateway, some clients paid orders still showing suspending status or unpaid status will be not shown in our warehouse system, thus we also need the shopify seller to check daily paid orders and update us manually those paid order but shown as suspending or unpaid in case we delayed the order fulfillment.


In addition to the suppliers provided by shopify seller, we also provide sourcing service to new products at high quality with affordable price. Once we started sourcing, we will help Shopify seller confirm the supplier credits, product price, stock, color and size as well as other product details, and source 3 to 4 alternative suppliers with similar price to compare, and give suggestions to help Shopify sellers make decision.


When the Shopify store list new product on Facebook ads, we usually inquire different suppliers and if the suppliers are located in Guangzhou or near Guangzhou, such as Foshan or Dongguan city, we usually contact the supplier and make an appointment to visit the factory then confirm the goods wholesale price with supplier and confirm stock as well as goods delivery time before order them.

If the suppliers are far away from us or we do not know the supplier well, we will suggest Shopify seller to make sample at the beginning, once the product arrived our warehouse we will take photos and videos on each part of the products to confirm with Shopify seller. After that we will order products in bulk based on the Shopify store orders.

Quality inspect

86Deal warehouse receive many packages from different suppliers in China, the warehouse people will match the tracking with each Shopify store order then check the goods quality such as product packaging, damages, flaws, stain, color, size, quantity etc. Sometimes we will need to measure the clothes size match EU or USA size or not.

In the quality inspect step we will also need to help Shopify sellers to remove labels, remove Chinese words and supplier advertising booklet, replace packaging if necessary. After that 86Deal warehouse will repack the products.

However, Quality inspect doesnt equal test service, for example, some Shopify sellers sale earphone, Bluetooth speaker as well as other 3C digit goods, once they arrived our warehouse, we can only check the packaging and its surface, thus we do not know if all of them work normally or not.

The quality inspect is very important for shopify dropshipping business, many shopify sellers chose order fulfillment service instead of Aliexpress due to it could greatly improve customer experience and lower down the after sale argument due to the quality issue and branding purpose.

Return exchange

If the products we received has any brokens, flaws, stains we cannot remove, or in wrong color size we will notice the Shopify seller and contact the supplier with photos or videos to show them the spot to negotiate the return or exchange procedure, get the product returning information and pack the goods to ship to the suppliers and upload tracking to 1688 Taobao platform. Although the goods returning procedure usually takes more than 1 week, it saves trouble after clients received them.


Once the warehouse staff checked the goods if they are in good quality condition, they will repack them (use branding or blank packaging) and stick labels to put them on the shelf ready to ship.

Currently 86Deal warehouse offers 180 days free warehousing service, we will show Shopify seller the product ID and stock in our warehouse, after 180 days we will notice them, if shopify seller do not need them anymore we will help them donate or destroy the abandoned products.

Order printing

After warehouse staff upload the products on the shelf and scan the product label, the related product quantity size and color will be uploaded to warehouse system as product stock, then warehouse people in charge of the order printing will check orders and stock respectively and print the orders for shipping.

Pick and Pack

Warehouse staff pick up the products on the shelf base on the printing orders, after the product label being scanned, the product stock will be deducted automatically.

The next step is consolidate packing. One of the biggest advantage to apply an order fulfillment agent is the consolidate services for orders from different suppliers, if you dropship from aliexpress you can hardly launch the cross promotion in the Shopify store as people need to receive many packages in one order, which will not only waste time and shipping but also affect the user experience.

86Deal consolidate packing service allows Shopify sellers launch cross promotion during holidays to increase store sales, the warehouse will pick up different products from different suppliers and pack them in one package(packaging and label also can be customized) to ship to the clients.

International shipping

Currently mostly dropshipping business use ePacket shipping from China to overseas countries. However, ePacket only supports 37 countries and regions shipping from China, it mainly covers Southeast Asia, Middle East, EU and North America countries.

You can check ePacket shipping rates and its restrictions. In order to facilitate dropshippers overseas, 86Deal also cooperated with native courier companies for general goods small packages shipping from China directly to USA, UK, Germany as well as other countries, we can also help Shopify sellers dropship cosmetics, built-in battery, cream products from China, please inquire if you are interested.

Tracking upload

After our warehouse printed orders, each order will be assign a China post ePacket tracking number, once the warehouse finished packing, we will click shipping and upload the tracking to Shopify store, then the orders will be marked as fulfilled. Usually the second day the package can be tracked.

The Shopify order fulfillment ended here, but did 86Deal after sale service end here? Of course no, we will need to continually track the package status if the clients haven’t receive in long time. Meanwhile, we also help Shopify sellers handle the package return works.

Package return

Since Shopify usually do not need clients fill in phone number and ePacket usually leave phone as an optional option, thus most orders do not have phone contact, during the package delivery the courier may not reach the clients on time, thus they will return the package to our warehouse.

Another situation is the clients do not satisfy the products they ordered, they want to return them and refund. In this case Shopify seller could tell them 86Deal warehouse address in English format and ask them to mail back, please be sure

not to declare the goods actual value as they may have tax in China customs, for example, a client ordered $100 product and he wants to return and refund, be sure to confirm with him the declare value should be under $30,else we may receive tax bill from China customs and we maybe forced to abandon the packages;

not to forget to ship all the items in the order. Some people ask for refund all money while they only ship part of them, so Shopify seller need to confirm what item they want to refund and negotiate with them for the best result for both of them.

After we received the package returned from clients, we will recheck the product and pack to upload to shelf for shipping.

That’s 86Deal dropshipping order fulfillment procedure for shopify sellers, in addition to the services mentioned above, we also provide some add on services to help Shopify sellers improve the order fulfillment efficiency and
focus on store marketing.

86Deal Shopify Pick and Pack Fulfillment FAQ

How long time is the processing time and delivery time shipping from China to USA and EU countries?

86Deal warehouse order fulfillment processing usually takes 24 hours once the goods received from suppliers. During holidays it may delay 1 day. If the products being checked there has flaws, stains, broken or incorrect size color, it may delay around one week to return and exchange.

As for delivery time, usually the package can be tracked the 2nd day after we shipped, ePacket usually takes 5 to 12 days to EU countries, 7 to 20 days from China to USA, please inquire if you need ePacket alternatives for small packages shipping from China.

If you need more faster and stable shipping please check the China usa direct line and EU direct line on 86deal.

How much you charge for dropshipping order fulfillment service?

86Deal offers one stop dropshipping order fulfillment service include sourcing, sample/purchasing, quality inspecting, warehousing, order printing, pick and pack, ship and tracking upload services as well as other add on services, unlike other order fulfillment companies charge fees on each services the order applied, 86Deal charge one time fee per package include all the services, which could greatly decrease the order fulfillment cost for Shopify sellers.

Due to different dropshippers have different service requirements, our service fee is different based on the product category, sku quantities, service requirements as well as add on services like private label, gift cards, customized packaging etc.

We do not have MOQ order quantities for small business dropshippers, just the order fulfillment service fee would be higher as our warehouse and human cost cannot be decreased. We would like to help small business grow bigger and bigger. Once the order quantity grows, our service fee will be decreased gradually. For example, if you have 5 orders or below per day, the service fee would be higher, if you have 10 orders daily, 50 orders daily, 100 orders daily or more the service fee will be more and more cheaper.

Can you suggest the best selling product of your clients?

Sorry we can’t. We respect each clients business we served, the best selling product belongs to their secret. However, we can give you suggestions when sourcing the product niche and tell you the best selling product in your niche on 1688 wholesale platform.

What goods is the best to dropship from China 1688?

We suggest you find trending goods via different platforms like amazon, Aliexpress and google trend. Once you decided the goods niche then we can help you source the products on 1688 via the following rules:

Light weight and volume. It means less international shipping cost via ePacket, no matter you offer free shipping service or user pay for shipping, free or less shipping fee means higher conversion rates in your Shopify store.

Lower wholesale price with good profit margin. Once you decide the goods niche, you can check the wholesale price on 1688, check the product price on different platform to calculate cost then select the one with good profit margin.

With your order fulfillment service can I customize private label or packaging for my business?

Of course you can customize the label and packaging. You just need to send us the label and packaging design file for us to inquire the printing factory, then pay for the printing fee and shipping fee to our warehouse. We charge fees to stick the label, it depends on how much time we spent to replace the label.

In addition to Shopify which platforms you also supported for pick and pack order fulfillment?

Besides Shopify, we can also help dropshippers fulfill orders on eBay, Amazon, Woocommerce, Magento, Lazada, Shopee etc. We just need you authorize us login the platform dashboard to check and update daily orders, please inquire 86Deal for more details.

How to start to apply 86Deal order fulfillment service dropshipping from China?

There are basically two ways for order fulfillment. CSV order files and Shopify integration.

To start fulfill orders for Shopify store, we will need admin access to login Shopify Dashboard to authorize app update daily orders from Shopify to start the dropshipping order fulfillment work. Which is very simple, fast, accurate for the order fulfillment. If your daily orders above 30, we strongly suggest you integrate with our system for us to update daily orders to ensure order fulfillment efficiency and accuracy.

However, if you are worry about the security, you can also export orders from your store to send us via email, we will the goods photos on each order and the shipping information so that we can start fulfill orders and return tracking number. If you choose the second method, be sure to inquire am order fulfillment xls files from 86Deal with all the information in details.

What platforms you support for order fulfillment from China in addition to Shopify?

In addition to Shopify, 86Deal also could fulfill orders from Woocommerce, eBay, Amazon, Lazada, Magento, Shopee, Shopyy as well as other platforms, you are welcome to send email inquiry.

12 social media marketing trend for dropshipping 2020

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Over the past decade, social media has evolved into a thriving multifaceted community where more than 3.2 billion people are active every day around the world. More than 90% of millennials regularly use at least one of these platforms, and more than 85% of Gen Z learn about new products through social media. It’s not hard to see why nearly three-quarters of ecommerce marketers consider social media to be an effective part of their business. With the end of this decade, there is no doubt that social media will play an increasingly important role in our lives for the foreseeable future. So, how should companies, brands and even ordinary users look forward to the future of social platforms? Here is a breakdown of some of the social media marketing trends we will see in 2020.

The disappearance of the Instagram Like button

It’s no secret that brands and ordinary users often follow the number of likes, comments and followers on social media to measure popularity and brand awareness. But this has actually had a negative effect and hindered the free flow of participation. Instagram is the latest of many social media sites trying to weaken the importance of likes. Users will not be able to see the number of likes received by other Instagram posts, but will still be able to see the number of likes of their posts.

This idea is called “Instagram Decompression” as a way to also help combat fake likes and followers. These false likes and fan numbers can make brands and influencers look more influential than they really are. However, if the likes really disappear, marketers, brands and influencers will need to find ways to adapt to these changes.

Less emphasis on “vanity indicators”

Canceling the Like button on Instagram is part of a broader trend that downplays the use of “vanity indicators” on social media.

For social media marketers and influencers, this should mean it’s time to start digging into actionable metrics, such as the ratio and quality of social media user engagement. Smart marketers will notice this and start researching user statistics and related user data to better understand how to target potential customers.

Video story content becomes hot

Video content remains one of the most important trends in the social media world. In fact, according to social media reports, video will account for 82% of all Internet traffic by 2020. As social media platforms look for ways to further optimize video content, marketers will increasingly use video as part of their overall strategy for specific markets.

Pay close attention to how this format reshapes marketing strategies. It will emphasize creative, engaging stories that grab users’ attention in seconds. Brands need to have a keen eye for how video stories appeal to users (especially on platforms that don’t have a Like button).

TikTok is more popular

The emphasis on video means that video-driven platforms such as TikTok, Lasso, and byte will continue to be welcomed. Among these platforms, TikTok is currently the leader in the field of social media, especially in the Gen Z community.

TikTok has shaped this trend well because it provides fertile soil for influencers, including micro influencers.

TikTok is increasing user engagement with its engaging, fresh, and interesting content that doesn’t focus too much on hard sales. In short, TikTok is the opposite of Instagram because it eschews Instagram’s well-known over-planned and filtered outlook on life.

Social Media Audience Segmentation

Whether we’re marketing a product or building a brand for ourselves, we focus on audiences to post social media posts. The problem is that we do n’t always have a good grasp of positioning and we do n’t adapt information to specific audiences. This one-size-fits-all approach misses the opportunity for audience segmentation.

Segmentation means strategically dividing audiences into different groups based on personal preferences. Segmentation goes beyond basic demographics, allowing you to target and build harmonious community awareness with specific audience members. In the years to come, market segmentation will be the dividing line between the smartest social media strategy and those that are only temporary.

Personal video marketing has strong momentum

Audience segmentation is closely related to the growing personalization of social media marketing. It makes sense to combine market segmentation with marketers’ love for video, which will lead to personalized video marketing.

Social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, have pushed brands to produce video content through advertising stories, in part because these ads often get higher click-through rates than traditional news ads. Twitter also entered the competition with a 6-second video ad. Personalized content will take this trend to the next level.

Social shopping seamless integrated into social platforms

In the past 10 years, social platforms have played an important role in developing e-commerce into a multi-billion dollar industry in the United States. In fact, social shopping is now an important part of social media.

Users want to reach brands and products through social platforms, the trick is to create high levels of interest through creative and engaging storytelling (often relying on video and influencer marketing). Another thing that must be done is to create a frictionless shopping experience so that customers don’t have to leave social media sites to buy products.

There is no doubt that this trend will continue to expand in the new year. Find more and more browseable posts, stories and links on all social media sites. Although TikTok hasn’t been used in this way, the platform may soon develop and retailers will begin to find ways to make this platform a shopping platform.

Fewer public interactions, more private interactions

As our social media buddy list becomes more and more inconvenient and concerns about information privacy grow, more and more users are turning to private groups and messaging programs to connect with others. Communication programs like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram allow us to create more intimate groups where users can safely share private and detailed information with others.

This trend is actually a return to direct communication and has great potential. In fact, instant messaging software has surpassed social networks as the connection tool of choice for many users. Currently, the most popular instant messaging app has close to 5 billion monthly active users. This is more than the global users of traditional social networks.

Audiences want more valuable connections

As people become more cautious about posting in public social media, and interactions are moving away from the public eye, marketing needs to change.

Brands must find ways to build a more private and intimate connection with their audience without excessive harassment. It’s likely to boil down to building a brand community or a group that is related to your brand message, but also easy to accept direct messaging.

For example, in a 2018 Facebook survey of 8,000 people, 69% of those surveyed said that direct communication with the company helps them have more confidence in the brand. Other platforms, such as Instagram, provide a “List” feature that allows users to share posts and stories with a selected group of friends. Marketers should give audiences more valuable connections and feel like they are in a unique and intimate environment.

Real content is key to social sales

Users are more skeptical than ever before in attracting potential consumers to e-commerce social shopping. Before they close the deal, they want to hear the insights of real people. This is the key to user-generated and enterprise-generated content. The key is that the content must be authentic.

User-generated content, such as customer reviews, provides some evidence that the product may be worth trying. Business-generated content is broader and can include videos, pictures, or blog posts that may hint at the company’s mission and values, and the overall benefits of the product or service.

The marketing power of micro influencers cannot be underestimated

When it comes to internet influencer marketing, it’s time to go beyond that old adage “either grow bigger or give up”. For the impact on social media, brands should consider the influence of micro influencers.

Although it is likely that there will always be a market that serves big-name influencers, don’t underestimate the influence of micro influencers. They have a smaller and clearer audience. Internet celebrities at this level provide greater personalization and stronger audience engagement. Not only that, but users are more likely to focus on influencers they think they can connect with, rather than brands without personality.

Social media is a channel to build trust

Shopify sellers should keep in mind that social media is more than a marketing and advertising platform. It is a great place to build trust and build relationships with your audience. Social media provides a great opportunity to communicate brand value and interact with potential customers.

To do this, Shopify sellers must find a way to talk freely, show the human side of the brand, increase transparency, and build confidence in the audience. Focus on fun, simple engagement, respond to customer communication, and find meaningful ways to show social responsibility and deeper social interaction. Doing this can help you stay ahead of the game on social media.

The above are the social media marketing trend in 2020, read and apply into your marketing strategy if you are planning to take advantages of the social media marketing for your dropshipping business.

31 sub-categories 650 product niches for Shopify dropshipping 2020

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For new shopify sellers, one of the issues that often gets confused is how to choose a segment niche to focus on the product. There is no so-called “perfect” niche in the actual market, and some hot-selling categories are not easy to replicate, because the market may have reached saturation. On the contrary, it is more profitable for sellers to choose some niche markets that are less competitive. Thus this article we collected 31 sub-categories and further subdivides them into 650+ product niches for you as a reference.


Needless to say, the fashion category has always been one of the hot niche markets. In addition to clothes, shoes, and accessories, fashion also includes many sub-segments, including:


·Belt Buckles


·Collar Tips

·Fascinators & Headpieces

·Gloves & Mittens

·Hair Accessories

·Handbag Accessories



·ID & Document Holders

·Key Chains, Rings & Finders

·Organizers & Day Planners

·Scarves & Wraps

·Shoe Charms

·Sunglasses & Fashion Eyewear





Medical health

Healthcare is another promising niche market with many profitable products and huge profit margins. There are many sub-segments in this category:

·Over-The-Counter Diabetic Aids

·Ear Care Products

·Feminine Care & Hygiene Products

·First Aid Products

·Foot Creams & Treatments

·Hand Sanitizers

·Hot & Cold Therapies

·Medical Monitoring & Testing Equipment

·Over-The-Counter Medicine

·Pill Boxes & Pill Cases

·Sexual Wellness Products

·Sleeping Aids

·Smoking Cessation Products

·Squeezable Stress Relievers

·Daily Living Aids

·Mobility Furniture & Fixtures

·Mobility/Walking Equipment

·Orthopedic Products & Supports

·Acupressure Supplies

·Acupuncture Supplies

·Aromatherapy Supplies

·Alternative Remedies Detox Pads

·Electrotherapy Devices

·Herbal Remedies & Resins

·Homeopathic Remedies

·Ion Foot Baths

·Iridology Supplies

·Light Therapy Devices

·Magnetic Therapy Devices

·Neti Pots & Cleansers

·Self-Help Audiovisuals

·Titanium Therapy Devices

·Electric Toothbrushes

·Standard Toothbrushes

·Air & Water Dental Flossers

·Children’s Oral Care Products

·Dental Floss & Flossers

·Denture Care Products


·Tongue Cleaners

·Toothbrush Replacement Heads


·Teeth Whitening Products

·Sexual Wellness Body Enhancing Devices

·Condoms & Contraceptives

·Sex Lubricants & Lotions

·Sexual Fantasy, Fetish & Sex Accessories

·Sex Toys

·Sexual Remedies & Supplements

·Contact Lens Care Solutions

·Contact Lens Cases

·Eyeglass Cases

·Eye Drops & Wash

·Eyeglass Cloths & Sprays

·Eyeglass Frames

·Eyeglass Straps & Cords

·Eyepatches & Eyeglass Patches

·Low Vision Magnifiers

·Prescription Glasses

·Reading Glasses

·Eyeglass Replacement Lenses

·Dietary Supplements

·Dietary Supplement Accessories

·Supplemental Energy Bars, Shakes & Drinks

·Herb & Botanical Dietary Supplements

·Dietary Sports Supplements

·Vitamin & Mineral Health Supplements

·Weight Management Supplements

·Appetite Control, Suppressants

·Body Fat Analyzers

·Weight Management Detox & Cleansers

·Weight Management Fat Burners

·Meal Replacement Drinks

·Weight Management Scales

·Weight Loss Kits & Accessories

·Weight Loss Program Foods

·Weight Loss Supplements


Jewelry has always been a high-margin category, which is a market segment specifically for women. Although the category is equally competitive, its many subcategories are still positive:

·Engagement Rings

·Engagement & Wedding Ring Sets

·Wedding & Anniversary Bands

·Bridal & Wedding Party Jewelry

·Fashion Anklets

·Body Jewelry

·Fashion Bracelets

·Fashion Charms & Charm Bracelets

·Fashion Earrings

·Fashion Eyeglass Chains & Holders

·Fashion Hair & Head Jewelry

·Fashion Jewelry Sets

·Fashion Necklaces & Pendants

·Fashion Pins & Brooches

·Fashion Rings

·Fashion Toe Rings

·Fashion Wristbands

86Deal could help you dropship jewelry products from 1688 to overseas with higher profits margin.

Men’s clothing

At present, the potential of the men’s clothing market cannot be ignored, and more and more men are beginning to pay attention to dressing. Men’s clothing is a market segment in itself, and there are many market segments:

·Men’s Casual Shirts

·Men’s Dress Shirts

·Men’s T-Shirts

·Men’s Athletic Apparel

·Men’s Blazers & Sport Coats

·Men’s Coats & Jackets

·Men’s Jeans

·Men’s Pants

·Men’s Shorts

·Men’s Sleepwear & Robes

·Men’s Socks

·Men’s Suits

·Men’s Sweaters

·Men’s Sweats & Hoodies

·Men’s Swimwear

·Men’s Underwear

·Men’s Vests


Shoes are another niche market that is universal across the globe. No matter where you sell, you will find a huge market for shoes. Different countries, regions, and occasions contain different popular styles, and their sub-categories include:

·Baby Shoes

·Boy Shoes

·Girl Shoes

·Women’s shoes

·Men’s Shoes


There are many different types of watches on the market. You can even distinguish by style:

·Antique Pocket Watches

·Modern Pocket Watches

·Pocket Watch Tools & Parts

·Pocket Watches

·Key Ring Watches

·Necklace Watches

·Nurse Watches

·Ring Watches

·Watch Batteries

·Wristwatch Bands

·Watch Boxes, Cases & Winders

·Watch Parts, Tools & Guides

Electronic product

Electronics are also one of the hot niche markets today, and they include many subcategories, including electric toothbrushes, electric shavers, and mobile phone accessories.

·Binoculars & Monoculars

·Binocular Cases & Accessories


·Telescope Parts & Accessories

·Binoculars &Telescopes

·Camera & Photo Accessories

·Camera Drones

·Camera Drone Parts & Accessories

·Camera Manuals & Guides

·Digital Cameras

·Digital Photo Frames

·Film Photography Equipment

·Camera Flashes & Flash Accessories

·Camera Lenses & Filters

·Photo Studio & Lighting Equipment

·Camera Replacement Parts & Tools

·Camera Tripods & Supports

·Video Production & Editing Equipment

·Vintage Movie & Photography Equipment

·Accessory Bundles for Camera and Camcorder

·Camcorder and Camera Batteries

·Camera Battery Grips

·Camera Cables & Adapters

·Camcorder Tapes & Discs

·Camera & Camcorder Lights

·Camera Cases, Bags & Covers

·Camera Chargers & Cradles

·Camera Cleaning Equipment & Kits

·Camera LCD Hoods

·Camera Memory Cards

·Camera Memory Card Cases

·Camera Memory Card Cases Readers & Adapters

·Camcorder Microphones

·Photo Albums & Storage Equipment

·Camera Remotes & Shutter Releases

·Camera Screen Protectors

·Camera Straps & Hand Grips

·Underwater Camera Cases & Housings

·Camera Viewfinders & Eyecup

·Camera & Photo Accessories

·Camera Lenses

·Camera Lens Filters

·Auxiliary/Conversion Camera Lenses

·Camera Lens Filter Rings & Holders

·Camera Lens Adapters, Mounts & Tubes

·Camera Lens Caps

·Camera Lens Hoods

·Camera Tripods & Monopods

·Camera Stabilizers

·Camera Tripod Heads

·Vehicle Electronics & GPS

·Car GPS Units

·Car GPS Accessories & Tracking

·12-Volt Portable Appliances in Consumer Electronics

·Car Alarms & Security

·Car Audio in Consumer Electronics

·Car Video Monitors

·Car Audio & Video Installation Equipment

·Car Electronics Accessories

·Marine Audio in Consumer Electronics

·Car Radar & Laser Detectors

·Cell Phones & Accessories- Electronics

·Batteries- Cell Phones & Accessories

·Cables & Adapters- Cell Phones & Accessories

·Cases, Covers, & Skins- Cell Phones & Accessories

·Cell Phone Accessories- Cell Phones & Accessories

·Cell Phone Parts- Cell Phones & Accessories

·Cell Phones & Smartphones- Cell Phones & Accessories

·Chargers & Cradles- Cell Phones & Accessories

·Headsets- Cell Phones & Accessories

·Screen protectors- Cell Phones & Accessories

·Smart Watches

·Cables & Connectors

·Computer Components & Parts

·Desktops & All-In-Ones-

·Drives, Storage & Blank Media

·Enterprise Networking & Servers

·Home Networking & Connectivity

·Keyboards, Mice, & Pointing

·Laptop & Desktop Accessories

·Laptops & Netbooks

·Manuals & Resources

·Monitors, Projectors & Accessories

·Power Protection, & Distribution

·Printers, Scanners, & Supplies

·Software- Computer & Tablets

·Tablet & eBook Readers

·Tablet & eBook Readers Accessories

·Tablet & eBook Readers Parts

·Vintage Computing


Whether it is a simple game on a smartphone, or a powerful console game or console game, consoles and peripheral products are growing rapidly. Here are some game segments that can bring you huge revenue:

·Prepaid Gaming Cards

·Replacement Parts & Tools

·Strategy Guides & Cheats

·Video Game Accessories

·Video Game Memorabilia

·Video Game Merchandise


This niche is mainly for newborn babies and toddlers, and you can sell many different toys and accessories to newborn parents.

·Baby Gear

·Baby Activity Centers

·Baby Gyms & Play Mats

·Baby Jumpers

·Baby Swings

·Baby Bouncers & Vibrating Chairs

·Baby Playpens & Play Yards

·Baby Play Shades & Tents

·Baby Walkers

·Baby Monitors

·Baby Proofing

·Baby Thermometers

·Baby Bed Rails

·Baby Car Window Signs & Decals

·Baby Hearing Protection Earmuffs

·Baby Safety Gates

·Baby Shopping Cart Covers

·Toddler Safety Harnesses

·Baby Scales

·Baby Bath Tubs

·Bath Tub Seats & Rings for Babies

·Baby Bathing Accessories

·Baby Bathing & Grooming Gift Sets

·Baby Health & Grooming products

·Baby Shampoos & Soaps

·Skincare for Babies

·Baby Towels & Washcloths

·Baby Wipe Warmers

·Baby Wipes

·Baby Changing Pads & Covers

·Baby Cloth Diapers

·Diaper Bags

·Diaper Covers

·Diaper Disposal Supplies

·Diaper Stackers

·Baby Disposable Diapers

·Baby Swim Diapers

·Nursery Bedding Sets

·Crib Pillows

·Nursery Blankets & Throws

·Nursery Bumpers

·Crib Netting & Canopies

·Cribskirts & Dust Ruffles

·Decorative Nursery Pillows

·Crib Duvet Covers & Sets

·Crib Duvet Inserts

·Nursery Mattress Pads & Covers

·Crib Pillowcases & Shams

·Nursery Quilts & Coverlets

·Nursery Bed Sheets & Sets

·Nursery Sleeping Bags & Sleep sacks

·Nursery Boxes & Storage

·Nursery Lamps & Shades

·Nursery Mats & Rugs

·Nursery Mobiles

·Nursery Night Lights

·Nursery Picture Frames

·Nursery Wall Décor

·Nursery Wall Letters

·Nursery Window Treatments

·Bedside Sleepers

·Baby Dressers

·Nursery Bassinets & Cradles

·Nursery Changing Tables

·Nursery Crib Mattresses

·Baby Moses Baskets

·Nursery Furniture Sets

·Nursery Rockers & Gliders

·Baby Bibs & Burp Cloths

·Baby Food

·Baby Booster Chairs

·Baby Bottle Feeding

·Baby Bottle & Food Warmers


·Baby Cups, Dishes & Utensils

·Baby Food Grinders & Blenders

·Baby High Chairs

·Baby Pacifiers

·Pacifier Clips & Cases

·Baby Teethers

·Potty Training

·Pregnancy Pillows


·Baby Feeding Supplies

·Bath Accessory Sets

·Bath Caddies & Bathroom Storage Equipment

·Bathmats, Rugs & Toilet Covers

·Medicine Cabinets

·Bathroom Mirrors

·Non-Slip Bathroom Appliques & Mats

·Bathroom Scales

·Bathroom Shelves

·Shower Curtains

·Shower Curtain Hooks

·Bathroom Soap Dishes & Dispensers

·Tissue Box Covers

·Toilet Brushes & Sets

·Toilet Paper Storage & Covers

·Toothbrush Holders

·Bath Towels & Washcloths

·Bathroom Tumblers

·Wall Hooks & Hangers

Bed linings

Bedding also sells well. Some novel and popular products are particularly popular.

·Bed Pillows

·Bed Skirts

·Blankets & Throws

·Bed Netting & Canopies

·Comforters & Bedding Sets

·Decorative Bed Pillows

·Duvet Covers & Bedding Sets

·Mattress Pads and Feather Beds

·Pillow Shams

·Quilts, Bedspreads & Coverlets

·Sheets & Pillow cases


Furniture is an important part of interior decoration, and consumers like to choose some stylish and practical furniture to design and decorate their homes.

·Armoires & Wardrobes

·Bar Carts & Serving Carts

·Bar Stools

·Bean Bags & Inflatable Furniture

·Beds & Mattresses

·Bedroom Furniture Sets

·Benches & Stools


·Cabinets & Cupboards

·CD & Video Racks


·Home Office Furniture

·Dining Furniture Sets

·Dressers & Chests of Drawers

·Entertainment Centers & TV Stands

·Futons, Frames & Covers


·Ottomans, Footstools & Poufs

·Screens & Room Dividers

·Sideboards & Buffets

·Furniture Slipcovers

·Sofas, Loveseats & Chaises


·Trunks & Chests

·Vanities & Makeup Tables

Home Decoration

In addition to exquisite furniture, highly aesthetic home products are also one of the must-buy products for consumers to decorate their houses. Such goods are usually lower cost and have considerable profit margins.

·Afghans & Throw Blankets

·Decor Baskets

·Home Decor Bookends

·Decor Bottles

·Decor Boxes, Jars & Tins

·Decor Candles

·Candle Holders & Accessories

·Home Decor Clocks

·Decor Decals, Stickers & Vinyl Art

·Decorative Fruit & Vegetables

·Decorative Plates & Bowls

·Display Easels

·Door Decor


·Decor Figurines

·Floral Decor

·Picture Frames

·Decor Globes

·Home Fragrances

·Indoor Fountains

·Key & Letter Holders

·Decorative Masks

·Message Boards & Holders

·Home Decor Mirrors

·Home Decor Pillows

·Home Decor Plaques & Signs

·Plate Racks & Hangers

·Home Decor Posters & Prints

·Shadow Boxes


·Art Tiles


·Wall Pockets

·Wall Sculptures

·Wall Shelves

Home renovation

Consumers often buy tools such as electrical wires and solar panels to repair or improve their homes. This niche market requires sellers to invest a lot of money, but it also provides huge profit margins.

·Building & Hardware Supplies

·Electrical & Solar Supplies

·Home Heating, Cooling & Air Filtering Equipment

·Home Security Equipment

·Home Plumbing & Fixture

Household and cleaning supplies

Home and cleaning supplies are a must for all buyers who want to keep their homes clean and sterile. All you can do is provide them with all the items and household items they need. This niche is quite profitable, as most of these are repurchased monthly or weekly.

·Carpet Shampooers

·Carpet Steamers

·Carpet & Floor Sweepers

·Cleaning Supplies

·Cleaning Towels & Cloths

·Home Organization Supplies

·Laundry Supplies

·Mops & Brooms

·Household Paper Products

·Trash Cans & Wastebaskets

·Vacuum Cleaner Bags

·Vacuum Cleaners

·Vacuum Parts & Accessories

·Vintage Vacuums


·Bar Tools & Accessories

·Baking Accessories and Cake Decorating


·Dinnerware & Serving Dishes

·Drink Containers & Thermoses

·Flatware, Knives & Cutlery

·Kitchen, Dining & Bar Glassware

·Kitchen Islands & Kitchen Carts

·Kitchen, Dining & Bar Storage Equipment

·Kitchen Tools & Gadgets

·Kitchen & Dining Linens & Textiles

·Small Kitchen Appliances





·Microwave Ovens


·Parts & Accessories

·Range Hoods

·Ranges & Stoves


·Washer & Dryer Sets

·Washing Machines

·Water Filters

Pet supplies

Pets are already considered a part of the family, and owners are willing to pay high prices for high-quality pet products, which bodes well for retailers and brands in the market. Some novel and cool pet supplies can help you attract a large audience.

·Backyard Poultry Supplies

·Bird Supplies

·Cat Supplies

·Dog Supplies

·Fish & Aquariums

·Horse Supplies

·Reptile Supplies


Toolboxes can be said to be human “good friends”. It is very profitable to sell a pre-configured toolbox or a bunch of tools because they can generate good profits.

·Home Air Compressors

·Home & Garden Air Tools



·Home & Garden Hand Tools


·Measuring & Layout Tools

·Power Tools

·Safety & Protective Gear

·Tie Downs & Straps

·Home Tool Boxes, Belts & Storage Supplies

·Welding & Soldering Tools

·Wet/Dry & Shop Vacuums

·Tool Manuals & Guides

Yard and garden

Horticulture is a very profitable industry. Many people like to plant plants, vegetables or flowers on their balcony or courtyard. Therefore, they are willing to pay for some garden supplies. You can sell lawn care, craft supplies, outdoor decorations and much more.

·Bird & Wildlife Accessories

·Garden Decor Items

·Garden Fencing Supplies

·Garden Structures & Shade Equipment

·Gardening Supplies

·Lawn Mowers, Parts & Accessories

·Outdoor Cooking & Eating Equipment

·Outdoor Lighting Equipment

·Outdoor Power Equipment

·Patio & Garden Furniture

·Plants, Seeds & Bulbs

·Outdoor Ponds & Water Features

·Pools & Spas

Boxing and Wushu

Boxing and Wushu products are also in great demand. Whether as a hobby or a self-defense tactic, everyone needs the right equipment to practice.

·Boxing Gloves

·Martial Arts Gloves

·Martial Arts Weapons

·Protective Gear

·Training Equipment & Supplies


Bikers will want the best gear, including some safety gear, decorations or basics.

·Bicycle Accessories

·Bicycle Components & Parts

·Bicycle Electronics

·Bicycle Frames

·Bicycle Maintenance & Tools


·Books & Video

·Car & Truck Racks

·Cycling Clothing

·Cycling Shoes & Shoe Covers

·Electric Bicycles

·Helmets & Protective Gear

·Sunglasses & Goggles

·Vintage Cycling


Healthy and recreational outdoor sports are becoming more and more popular. In addition to cycling, fishing is one of them. Its demand is also great in some markets, you can sell some good quality fishing gear and get considerable profits from it.

·Baits, Lures & Flies

·Books & Videos

·Clothing, Shoes & Accessories

·Fishing Equipment

·Fishing Trips

·Novelties & Gifts

·Reel Parts & Repair


·Rod Building & Repair


·Tackle Craft


Fitness and running

With the acceleration of people’s work today, most of them have unhealthy diets and irregular schedules, often in a “sub-healthy” state. More and more people have begun to focus on fitness and running. And so on. You can make a fortune by selling products in this market segment.

·Cardio Equipment

·Clothing & Accessories

·Fitness & Running

·Fitness DVDs

·Fitness Equipment & Gear

·Fitness Technology

·Gym Bags


·Strength Training

Women clothing

The century-old problem surrounding women is probably “Why my wardrobe never wears clothes”. One of the reasons is that different years and seasons have different fashion trends. And the preferences for styles, fabrics, and colors of clothing are ever-changing. This makes women’s clothing a particularly demanding market. All you can do is provide them with good choices and let them choose every one of your products.

·Women’s Coats & Jackets

·Women’s Dresses

·Women’s Hosiery & Socks

·Women’s Intimates & Sleepwear

·Women’s Jeans

·Women’s Jumpsuits & Rompers

·Women’s Leggings

·Maternity Clothing

·Women’s Pants

·Women’s Shorts

·Women’s Skirts

·Women’s Suits & Blazers

·Women’s Sweaters

·Women’s Sweats & Hoodies

·Women’s Swimwear

·Women’s Tops & Blouses

·Women’s Vests


Golf is an enduring sport. This is a high-end niche market, and many buyers will buy expensive and high-quality products.

·Golf Accessories

·Golf Clothing, Shoes & Accessories

·Golf Club Components

·Golf Clubs & Equipment

·Golf Training Aids

·Vintage Golf Equipment


If it is the hunting season, it is certain that people will invest a lot of money in high-quality hunting equipment. Hunting supplies and equipment are expensive enough to make your mouth water. So if you know how to connect with these audiences, be sure to enter the field.

·Blinds & Tree stands

·Books & Videos

·Bow Hunting

·Clothing, Shoes & Accessories


·Game & Trail Cameras

·Game Calls

·Gun Parts

·Gun Smithing & Maintenance

·Gun Storage

·Holsters, Belts & Pouches

·Hunting Accessories

·Hunting Dog Supplies

·Knives & Tools

·Range & Shooting Accessories

·Reloading Equipment

·Scopes, Optics & Lasers

·Tactical Gear

·Vintage Hunting

Indoor games

Indoor sports include table tennis, snooker, darts, etc. You can either become an indoor game seller or just focus on a specific game and its accessories, but this market segment definitely has great potential.

·Air Hockey/空气曲棍球



·Indoor Roller Skating

·Ping Pong


Outdoor sports

Outdoor sports require a lot of special equipment, tennis, cricket, football, etc. all require specific equipment. If you can provide high-quality products for such sports, then this niche market is profitable.

·Air Guns & Slingshots



·Camping & Hiking

·Climbing & Caving

·Disc Golf



·Go-Karts (Recreational)

·Hang Gliding & Paragliding

·Inline & Roller Skating


·Scooters & Hover Boards

·Skateboarding & Longboarding

·Sky Diving

·Track & Field


Team sport

Selling team sports products means having the opportunity to sell large quantities of equipment to the entire team instead of individuals, such as football helmets and team jerseys.

·Baseball & Softball/棒球和垒球







·Field Hockey


·Gaelic Sports


·Ice & Roller Hockey

·Indoor Roller Skating







Tennis can be counted as an outdoor sport, but the sport contains a lot of things, so you can also make a considerable profit through its large number of market segments.

·Tennis Apparel

·Tennis racket

·Tennis shoes

·Tennis skirt

·Tennis bracelet

·Tennis grip

·Tennis balls

·Tennis bag

·Tennis chain

·Tennis Racquet Stringing Machines

·Tennis Nets & Ball Hoppers

·Racquetball Gear

·Pickleball Gear

Water sports

There are many consumers who like extreme water sports like surfing or kayaking. Of course, this can not avoid that they need some important equipment. If you sell this high-quality goods, this niche market will bring you a lot of profit.

·Fins, Footwear & Gloves

·Kayaking, Canoeing & Rafting


·SCUBA & Snorkeling

·Stand Up Paddle boarding



·Swimwear & Safety

·Wakeboarding & Waterskiing

·Wetsuits & Dry suits


Yoga and Pilates

Fitness can be further segmented into other market segments, such as yoga is generally considered a mature market segment in this field. Yoga can be divided into several sub-fields.

·Mat Carriers & Bags

·Mats & Non-Slip Towels

·Pilates Accessories

·Pilates Rings

·Pilates Tables

·Yoga Props

·Yoga Straps

Hand made model

The hand made model are also one of the profitable markets. You can sell some popular models, such as superheroes, game characters, cartoon characters, and so on. Collectors usually pay high prices for their favorite products without thinking.

·Animals & Dinosaurs

·Anime & Manga

·Comic Book Heroes


·Historical Figures



No matter what kind of product niche you are choosing for dropshipping, 86Deal could help you find the best dropshipping and wholesale supplier from 1688 for higher quality and profits.

How to make the best return policy for Shopify dropshipping

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It is very common for clients to return products in the online shopping business, according to research 30% consumers chose to return in 2019. But it is interesting that consumers who return are often the most loyal customers. 82% of returning consumers are repeat customers, while 95% of consumers who are satisfied with the return process say they plan to continue buying from the seller in the future. So what kind of return policy will allow you to not only lose customers, but also gain loyal customers? How to develop a reasonable return policy, customers will feel satisfied, and solving key issues is vital to motivate them to make their first purchase and eventually purchase again. This article will introduce the basics refund strategy, focus on the elements that customers want to see, and some specific strategies that can be used to optimize the customer experience for Shopify dropshipping.

Return period

Often, the first thing you need to mention is how long a customer can return a purchase.

For example, British menswear brand Standout put this information at the top of the return policy page. In this way, consumers do not need to do a lot of digging to find the return period.

According to extensive research, 30 days is a good number, and 53% of consumers consider this to be the ideal return period.

As you can see from the chart above, only 5% of customers return goods after 30 days, so this is sufficient for most sellers.

Return cost

In addition to the expiration date of the return, consumers also want to know that they need to bear less for the return.

Therefore, it is recommended to put the return fee after the return validity period.

Allbirds, an environmental footwear brand, does just that.

It can be seen that Allbirds provides customers with free returns. This is very important. After all, 79% of consumers do not want to pay shipping costs for returns.

While this may make your profit margins significantly less, increased long-term customer loyalty and increased repeat customers often make up for this. Therefore, it is advisable to organize all aspects of costs to determine whether this is feasible for your finances.

Receipt Policy

Some brands have strict policies that require customers to have a receipt to return, without exception.

However, retrieving electronic receipts via email is usually easy, so this should not be a problem for customers. Other brands’ policies are more relaxed, as long as customers can provide other information to determine the source of purchase, no receipt is required. Either way works, but it’s important to let customers know what your receipt policy is.

Nordstrom solves this problem well on its return page. They say receipts allow them to find orders faster, but are not required, as long as they can find records of sales or customers willing to provide them with personal information.

Letting customers know that your receipt policy can reduce them and your time.

Damaged Product Returns Policy

The primary reason for 20% of e-commerce customer returns is product damage. This shockingly high number illustrates how important it is to have a return policy for damaged products.

Milani Cosmetics was straightforward, saying they would refund customers or replace any damaged products. Customers would need to email photos of the damaged products first.

Include this information on your return policy page, and if customers receive a damaged product, they know what to do.

Product return condition requirements

With regard to product return conditions, different types of companies can make vary requirements.

For example, Zazzle, which customizes T-shirts on demand, allows customers to return goods under any circumstances without any special regulations.

Other Shopify dropshippers have a policy that products must be unopened to comply with the return policy. They also point out that accessories cannot be returned.

The return condition for clothing brand Oak Hall is that the product must not have been tried on, washed or damaged.

So this is another important factor you should include when writing your refund policy.

Being frank about the conditions of return and specific products that cannot be returned can increase transparency and tell customers what they need to know. This can be a great help in building trust and rapport.

Where will the refund be returned

Another common question is how customers will be credited to their account after receiving a refund. Will these refunds be credited to the debit or credit account they used to pay for the order? Will they receive a gift card? Can they receive cash?

To ensure a good customer experience, you need to be very clear about which options are available. For example, Nordstrom states that all refunds will be credited to the customer’s original form of payment or Nordstrom Gift Card.

This brings us to an important point.

Exchanges and other forms of exchange

In some cases, customers want to get their money back and that’s it.

However, many people will be interested in exchanging items or earning store points, as Nordstrom offers with gift cards. In fact, 28% of consumers prefer to replace returns with exchanges, while 35% of consumers tend to get instant credit.

So you need to mention the replacement policy and whether this is what you provide. This is what women’s clothing brand GitiOnline thought of from the beginning.

They also made it clear that a small percentage of items purchased through deep discounts cannot be returned. There may be friction with customers if no similar exceptions are mentioned, so keep this in mind when incorporating this information into your refund policy.

Return processing time

The time required to process a return is also an essential element, as processing time can seriously affect the entire customer experience. More specifically, slow returns processing makes customers more reluctant to introduce your brand to others or buy from you again.

The survey found:

77% of consumers are unlikely to recommend a brand that takes a long time to issue a refund;

● 40% of consumers will no longer repurchase from the brand;

● 40% of consumers will limit purchases from the brand.

So, not only should you specifically mention the return processing time, as Milani does, you should also do your best to speed up the process.

If you want to know how long consumers are willing to wait on average, here are some data we found:

72% of consumers are willing to wait 5 days;

● 24% of consumers are willing to wait for 10 days;

● 3% of consumers are willing to wait for 20 days;

● 1% of consumers can wait more than 20 days.

So it is best not to exceed 5 days. If the processing time does not exceed 10 days, you may be in a relatively good condition. However, if it is more than 20 days, you are likely to encounter problems.

How to get a return label

Finally, you need to let customers know where they can find the return label. Don’t let them spend a lot of time looking for return labels and printing them. So do your best to make things easy.

Standout provides a very easy to find link on their returns page.

All the customer has to do is click on the link, and the page will guide them through a simple three-step process so the customer can print the return label at home.

3 strategies to improve the customer experience

The details of what should be included in a return policy have been described above. Let ’s quickly highlight some key strategies that will make it as easy as possible for customers to complete the return process.

Easy to understand

A big cause of friction during the return process is overly professional legal terminology. So be sure to use simple and understandable language.

Focus on simplicity

Customers do not want the process of finding important information about the refund policy to be too complicated. Therefore, the simpler the return process, the better for both parties.

Ross Simmonds, the founder of Foundation Marketing, said: “Ask yourself if you have a serious problem with a product, or have a valid reason to change it, are you willing or willing to go through the refund process yourself? If the answer is no, then It’s time to rethink your approach and create a better customer experience. “

This is a great way to evaluate your return process and find out if it needs any adjustments.

Make it easy for customers to find the refund page

Finally, customers should have no difficulty finding the return page.

A quick search or an obvious link is recommended to direct customers to the return page. For most brands, this means placing a link to the refund policy page in the footer.

As a Shopify seller, return products may not be your favorite thing, but handling returns is part of any product-based business. This is especially common for e-commerce companies.

After all, nearly one-third of products ordered online are returned, and the return rate in physical stores is less than 9%. That’s why making a refund policy is something to consider fully, rather than simply piece together. So, even if quite a few of them want a refund, you should be able to cultivate a sense of loyalty and increase repeat customers. In addition, this can give you an advantage over the main competitors in the Shopify dropshipping business.

As an order fulfillment company in China, 86Deal also provides product return service in addition to the order fulfillment service to help you save time and money, you are welcome to inquiry 86Deal order fulfillment and return service.

9 steps to select the best niche products for Shopify dropshipping 2020

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According to the survey, 42% of Shopify sellers failed because they didn’t find what the market really needed. If you unfortunately belong to the 42% , then you can take a look this article, it will show you how to find the best niche product within 9 easy steps in 2020.

What’s niche product?

It is a market segmented by the advantages of enterprises. This market is small and has not been satisfactorily served. Thus select niche products in this market have a profitable foundation. To find and position a niche market, the following points need to be clear first:

  1. Who is my customer? Are they mass or segmented?
  2. What services/products do my customers need?
  3. What services do I provide to my customers? What haven’t been done? What else can I offer?
  4. Is the product/service I can provide really needed by customers? Is there any other company doing it? If so, what are their advantages and disadvantages? If I do, what are my advantages and disadvantages?

The niche markets can be further divided. For example: industry → pet niche → dog care, child niche → dog care> dog training, grandson niche → dog care> dog training> dog training Skills can be easily accessed. The following are 9 steps to help you find your niche market.

Step 1. Choose a niche market that interests you and releases your passion

If you enter a niche market that you like and can make you passionate, making money is easy.

For example, if you like fishing, you will know which reel will sell well, and what copy to use to impress consumers and let him place orders online.

If this is the market you are interested in, then you will know the relevant communities and groups, and you can easily choose a good time to promote your products.

Of course, the niche you like are not all profitable. Therefore, it is recommended that you choose at least 5 niche for screening in subsequent steps.

Step 2. Check value of niche markets

Before entering any niche market, you need to have a clear understanding of the market value. This will help you make the decision: whether to enter this market.

For example, entering the market segment of anti-aging equipment will reach USD 43.331 billion by 2026, with a compound annual growth rate of 8.6%, which will bring you more confidence. If you don’t know the most profitable niche markets for 2020, we will share the 79 most profitable niche market products for dropshipping business in the next article.

Step 3. Check the past and current trends of niche market

Before entering any niche market, you must analyze its trends. It’s very simple. Using Google Trends is enough.

Just enter your niche keywords in Google Trends.

For example, the keyword I entered is home decor. As you can see from Google Trends, this niche market is a good choice because of its stable trend.

You need to use Google Trends to judge the stability of the niche market. It is best not to choose a niche market that is seasonal or popular in certain period.

Step 4: Identify the pain points in the niche market

You must identify a pain point in your niche market.

If you can solve this pain point, it will bring considerable income. For example, some users are looking for “how to stop panic.” This is a serious question. But if you can come up with a solution, don’t worry about no sales.

Step 5: Is there a suitable product for sale in the market?

In your niche market, are there suitable and sufficient products for promotion and sales?

You must have a “yes” or a clear “yes” answer to this question.

To get product ideas, you can brainstorm in many ways, such as Amazon’s bestseller list.

This operation is very simple. Open the best seller sales chart, then enter your market segment and sub-segment, and see what easy-to-promote quality products can be sold in your market segment.

Step 6: Check the user’s willingness to pay (comment)

If you decide to enter a niche market, you must have a clear answer to the following question: “Are users willing to pay?” The answer can only be “yes”.

You can determine by the number of user reviews and ratings.

Step 7: Analyzing competitors

Use google to see if a niche-related website already exists. In this way you can analyze any niche marketAnalyze competitors’ websites for opportunities they missed. In addition, the content or products you create provide more value than your competitors. Just browse through your competitors’ content, get inspired and provide added value, it’s easy!

Step 8: View Online Advertising in Niche Markets

An important way to measure the effectiveness of a niche market is to see if anyone is willing to advertise it. If you find that there are search keyword advertisements in the search process, this shows that this niche market is likely to be profitable.

Step 9: The audience loves it

The target audience has a high degree of affection and strong relevance, which will bring you rich profits.

You can use Facebook’s Audience Analysis to analyze audience likeness. If you answered “yes” to almost 85% -95% of the questions, then you can have a cup of coffee and start your niche market business.

9 websites to find niche markets for Shopify dropshipping

If you’re struggling to find a niche market for affiliate marketing, dropshipping, or online stores, these 9 simple tools can help you.

No.1 (best for dropshipping and affiliate marketing)

Trustpilot is a Danish-based customer review company that was founded in 2007 by Peter Holten Muhlmann and has more than 700 employees.

The company’s main purpose is to collect real buyer reviews that have spent money on online purchases. Every month, more than 29.4 million online users visit to view products and services from different brands.

With the help of these customer reviews, can Trustpilot help me find the best profit opportunities for my e-commerce business?

The answer is yes, even if you have zero knowledge of e-commerce business, it is easy to find a profitable niche market.

No.2 for dropshipping

This website allows you to see how many people are viewing a product on eBay in real time. The products that everyone is watching are generally what users are interested in and want. The Ebay platform is the world’s leading e-commerce platform, with monthly traffic of 810 million.

Therefore, there is a product that is popular here, indicating that it is likely to be popular elsewhere. In just a few minutes of searching on the platform, you can easily find the best-selling products and profitable niche markets.

No.3 is best for dropshipping and affiliate marketing

Empire Flippers is a marketplace for buying and selling websites. On this platform, you can find the most profitable niche websites through monthly sales and get inspiration from them.

No.4 Google Trends-Past and Current Trends

Google Trends is the best platform to understand global and regional trends. Just enter keywords to learn about global trends in products and specific areas, then write your location in the search term options.

No.5 for dropshipping and affiliate marketing

Amazon is the largest e-commerce market in this era. You only need to check Amazon’s sales charts page, you can easily find multiple ways to make money on Amazon and find the best-selling products and services. Amazon’s best-selling products page ranks the best-selling products in each niche market and updates the ranking daily.

No.6 for Dropshippers

AliExpress is an international version of Taobao. You can find small retailers in China to buy products at reasonable prices. It is one of the best platforms for sourcing your products.

Similar to Amazon, AliExpress also provides a variety of market segments, which are further subdivided into multiple sub-segments.

On this platform, you can quickly find the best products to sell online in any market segment.

Finding a niche that makes money is not as difficult as building a rocket. However, this is not easy. You need to continue to explore and find your audience’s needs, then you will make more money from 2020.

2020 Top25 Oberlo best seller products for Shopify dropshipping

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Does dropshipping still profitable in 2020? What kind of products should I choose for dropshipping? Choosing a product can be a headache for Shopify sellers, all of us don’t want to choose the wrong product. So how will you choose popular products or evergreen products? Cheap or expensive products for Shopify dropshipping business? Based on Oberlo statistics, there are 5 products categories are the most profitable.

Based on the most popular categories, Oberlo further digs to find the top 5 market segments in each category, forming a huge list of 25 market segments, these market segments currently have great potential. So, whether you’re just starting out shipping and want to choose a proven niche, or you want to add some popular products to your current catalog, you can find the Top25 Oberlo best seller products for Shopify dropshipping in 2020.

Home and Garden Supplies

From September 1st to November 18th 2019, the most profitable category for Shopify sellers are home and garden products. In fact, it earns sellers almost 54% more than the jewellery and accessories that follow. Although home and garden products are not the largest ordering category, these products usually sell for more than many other products.

Pet supplies

Of the household and garden supplies, the highest-selling category is pet products, and the total transaction volume is much higher than other niche products on this list. It’s no surprise that people like to spend money on pets, and this trend seems to continue. By 2025, the global pet care market is expected to reach nearly $ 270 billion.

Popular products in this market segment include cat litter pads, pet beds, car seat covers, flea combs and chew toys.

Kitchen, dining and bar supplies

Kitchen, dining and bar supplies are the second most profitable market segment. Although the hot products in this field are mostly practical products, such as knives and food storage supplies, there are also some novel products, such as automatic mixing cups, which are very popular. This should be kept in mind when we enter the holiday shopping season.

By far the most popular product in this category is a versatile can opener, which proves that finding a unique product that solves a problem is a great way to find a successful product.

Home textiles

It turns out that there is a huge demand for sofas and chair covers, and in the past few months, consumers have created a lot of sales for Shopify sellers. In addition, memory foam cushions and pillows are also very popular.

Holiday & Party Supplies

Considering that the list is compiled based on data since September 1, it’s no surprise that Halloween products dominate this market segment. To date, giant decorative spiders are the largest source of revenue for this segment, but other products such as foil roses also generate a lot of revenue for many sellers, which shows that you can sell very well without having to link romantic products to Valentine’s Day it is good.

Housework supplies

Household items such as microwave cleaners, brooms and cleaning gloves are also popular from September to November. The products in this market segment are very practical and very popular.

Jewellery accessories

The jewellery and accessories category is usually one of the highest-income categories, and it generated significant revenue for Shopify sellers between September 1 and November 18. Although this category earns less than home and garden products, it sells more products, suggesting that although jewelry may not generate that much revenue, it is a very popular category.

Necklaces and pendants

This niche market has performed well for many years, probably because there are too many different products to choose from and it is relatively cheap to buy from suppliers. Many profitable necklaces have clearly unique selling points, such as brand-name necklaces or constellation necklaces; others have sweet information, making them the perfect choice for friends or partners to buy for loved ones.


Following the necklace are bracelets and bangles. Over the past few months, a variety of popular items have been snapped up, including those set with colorful gems and amulets, and bracelets that appear in pairs-best for couples or best friends.

Jewelry set

This is an interesting niche because it includes necklaces and bracelets that you might think of, through key chains and novelty pins. Basically, everyone has something suitable for them, which may contain many products suitable for impulse consumption.


Rings are a popular niche market and cheap, but if you have the right products and suppliers, they can easily sell for higher prices, and profits can even be as much as 200% to 800%. And, because of the low price, rings can also be ideal for cross-selling if you have accessory products.

Wedding and engagement jewelry

Anything related to weddings can be more expensive, so the top 5 in this market segment makes perfect sense. Jewelry in this market segment includes items with romantic messages, typical “diamond” engagement rings, and lovely rose motifs.

Beauty and health products

The beauty industry is valued at more than $ 532 billion globally, and it’s easy to understand why beauty and health products are the third largest source of revenue for Oberlo sellers. These products can be quite expensive, especially those that really help solve common problems.

Health care

No matter good or not, almost everyone has their own place to improve or improve, which is why healthcare is the highest paid segment in this field. Anti-snoring clips, slimming patches, posture correctors, and muscle stimulators are the products with the most revenue and orders.


Skin health is a major issue for many people, so it’s no surprise that skin care is a profitable niche market. From defects to aging, there are many products in this market segment that address people’s main concerns. The best-selling products of the past few weeks include pore cleansers, wrinkle and powder-stimulating light removers, and anti-wrinkle facial pads.

Hair care and styling

As the third largest niche market in this field, it is clear that many people are prepared to spend large amounts of money to keep their hair healthy and beautiful. Among the hot products in the field, hair care is much more important than ponytails and hairpins. Products like ion hair brushes and fluffy combs are very popular, even temporary hair dyes.

Beauty Essentials

Beauty essentials come down to products like cosmetics and false eyelashes. These products are very suitable for display in video demos to show the effect of their work or to sell with the help of influencers.

Oral hygiene

The beauty and health of teeth is often a big concern, and many people want to have shiny white teeth. With that in mind, it’s no surprise that products such as dental bleach and dental washing tools have generated huge sales for sellers. At the same time, biodegradable toothbrushes are another big hit product.

Consumer electronics products

Although it ranks 4th in the highest-paid categories in the past few weeks, it is interesting to note that consumer electronics have the least sales in all 5 categories. For example, although consumer electronics sales are 66% lower than jewelry and accessories, its profits are only 19% lower. All of this is to say that the price of consumer electronics may be higher than any other category on this list, so although you may not be able to sell that many products, you can still make a fortune.

AI electronics

The biggest niche market for consumer electronics is smart electronics. This is not surprising, as smartwatches are currently very popular and dominate the entire market segment. Whether it is a waterproof Bluetooth watch, a heart rate monitor, an activity tracker, or all of the above products are very sought after and have generated nearly 66% of revenue.

Home audio and video

Mini projectors and projector screens have won this market segment. These two products constitute a perfect bundle sale, generating a lot of sales in the past few months.

Cameras and photos

Mini cameras and beauty lights make up most of the sales in the camera and photo market. Most people have great cameras on their phones, so you have to be creative when considering selling photos-related products, so products like beauty lights and security cameras are ideal.

Accessories and parts

The next is a niche for accessories and parts, which seems to be a very marginal product. In this market segment, it is photography bags that can bring the most sales and income. This makes perfect sense, as photographers will not hesitate to pay high prices for products that protect their expensive equipment and cameras.

Portable audio and video

Practical products are extremely profitable products in the portable audio and video niche market. Products such as instant voice translators and voice recorder drives are selling well, as are accessories that improve or decorate AirPods cases. With the release of the new AirPods, this could be a timely product.

Women clothing and accessories

Women’s clothing and accessories are the 5th profitable category for dropshipping. This category has always been a big category, ranking first in both 2017 and 2018. From September 1st to November 18th, sellers of women’s clothing and accessories ranked 5th in revenue and 4th in order quantity.


Underwear is a very popular niche market in Oberlo. In fact, nearly 50% of revenue comes from this category.

Tops and T-shirts

The second largest sales revenue niche in this category are tops and T-shirts. This can be a niche market, as long as you really find products that are related to your interests or tastes.


Leggings are a huge market in the pants niche market, and it’s no surprise that regular leggings, hip-up leggings, and reflective leggings are all very popular. However, in addition to the impact of leggings, plaid patch pants have become a very popular choice in addition to tights.

Jackets and coats

It is easily to predict that this niche market will only grow in the coming months as winter approaches. Jackets are usually more technical clothing (such as hoods, linings, zippers, belts, and pockets), and you can sell them for a higher price. In fact, the price of jackets is almost three times that of women’s and accessories.

Hoodies and sweatshirts

If jackets are selling well in the coming months, sweaters and sweatshirts will surely be very popular. Just like T-shirts, there are many different colors and types of sweatshirts to choose from, which means that everyone has their own style and design.

The above are the Top25 Oberlo best seller products for Shopify dropshipping in 2020.

Although the data gives some insights, it also states that it doesn’t tell us everything. For example, there may be better performing niche groups in the underperforming category than some in this list. As we mentioned, these numbers will only last 11 weeks, not the whole year. Because some niche markets are more seasonal than others, they may peak at other times-such as swimwear or winter clothing. Hopefully after going through all of these niche markets and products, something will catch your attention. But it is worth remembering that the niche market you choose should not be based solely on how much income you can get, it should also be your interest.

Top10 SNS marketing agencies for Shopify dropshipping

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The days restricting media to traditional marketing channels, and marketing through social media is more cost-effective. There are many Shopify sellers choose social media for fast money, however, not all of them have the skills or time to launch specialized social media marketing campaigns. They prefer to work with social media marketing agencies to promote their brand. In some cases, this may involve corporate social account operations, or it may involve PPC social advertising. With the rapid development of social networks in the past few years, we will find that many institutions are serving social media. In this article, we will list the top10 social media marketing agencies.

Social Media 55

Social Media 55 is a digital marketing and social media management agency. They have become experts in micro-positioning digital marketing and can provide clients with a variety of marketing services.

Social Media 55 recognizes that social media is now one of the powerful marketing tools that enables real-time communication with target audiences, but the challenge for some companies is the ability to develop and maintain these channels.

Social Media 55 social media solutions can meet businesses of any size. Their “custom” style options are designed to maximize the ability of customers to communicate with their target audience.

They divide social media marketing services into:

Influencer marketing

Social media management;

Social media advertising: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, SnapChat and YouTube;

SnapChat marketing;

Facebook marketing.

Social Hire

Social Hire is a professional social media company. They specialize in providing social media services for small businesses and recruiting teams, helping clients build organic connections with their ideal customers, business partners, and more on social media. At the same time, Social Hire is committed to transforming their already established audiences, making them potential customers, event participants, and more. To that end, they have developed a successful social media strategy for their clients’ businesses from the start.

Social Hire takes its huge customer reviews and Google’s five-star ratings very seriously.

All plans include research related content, sharing on Twitter, LinkedIn company pages, Facebook fan pages, and Google My Business. Additional services provided by Social Hire include tracking active users, support and promotion, monthly blog posting, creating social profiles, tracking 24-hour social activities, social media advertising, researching and tracking goals, monitoring and responding to social profiles, hosting webinars , Research influencers, and more.

LYFE Marketing

LYFE Marketing is a comprehensive social media management company. They provide social media services, search engine services and website design services. They create and manage better performing social media campaigns for clients on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Instagram.

They provide the following services:

Social media management services;

Social media advertising services;

Website design services;

Search engine optimization services.

Since 2011, LYFE Marketing has conducted more than 2,000 social media marketing campaigns. They brought 983,287 leads to their customers through digital marketing.

Their social media marketing services can help customers increase brand awareness (followers), engagement and website exposure (traffic).

They follow 5 steps for social media marketing:

(1) Designate a dedicated social media manager for your account;

(2) Develop a social media strategy for your business;

(3) develop content calendars and advertisements;

(4) Growth optimization and daily maintenance;

(5) Report and communicate.

Thrive Internet Marketing Agency

Thrive gets more than 100 five-star reviews on Google, more than 50 on Facebook, and more than 30 on Clutch. They also often provide letters of recommendation, apparently believers in word-of-mouth marketing.

Thrive is a full-service digital marketing agency that has been providing a wide range of services to clients in various industries since 2005. They believe they can take your online image to a new level including your website design, copywriting, keywords, social media image, and more.

One aspect of their job is social media marketing. Their social media marketing services include the following activities:

Identification and evaluation of target audiences;

Develop and implement effective social media marketing strategies;

Update news and articles regularly;

Continuous monitoring of social media, including endorsements and responses;

Continuous research, tracking and adjustment of online trends and resources;

Get attention and support in blog communities and forums;

Target specific keywords, phrases and topics related to your brand;

Improve your strategy with analytics and data tracking tools.


KlientBoost can help companies make more profits through intelligent digital advertising and creative conversion rate optimization. They divided the service into three main parts: pay-per-click (PPC), conversion, and design. Much of this work involves optimizing the presence of customers on social media.

KlientBoost’s area of expertise is social advertising. KlientBoost can help you advertise more effectively on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. In addition, they have designed custom landing pages that match PPC advertising.

KlientBoost believes that when you test ads and landing pages at the same time, Facebook ads will perform better. In addition to Facebook ads, they often help customers design and test landing pages. It also helps them achieve their goals faster.

Higher conversion rates from landing page tests have also made KloutBoost more aggressive in Facebook ad bidding in order to continue to get more conversion rates from the right audience.

KloutBoost also provides its customers with custom dashboards with PPC channels, and customers can officially update PPC channels on Mondays.


WebFX is a company that provides comprehensive online marketing and SEO services, providing innovative online marketing solutions for large and medium-sized enterprises worldwide. Their social media team is an expert in creating and executing social media management programs that can deliver the right message in front of the audience you need.

They provide 5 levels of social media management services:

(1) Provide 1 social network for $ 900 per month, 15 social posts, 6 custom pictures, and 2 campaigns per month;

(2) Provide 2 social networks for $ 1,300 per month, 30 social posts, 8 custom pictures, 3 campaigns, 2 blog posts, and ad reviews every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday monitor;

(3) Provide 3 social networks with a monthly fee of $ 1500, and provide 45 social posts, 10 custom pictures, 4 campaigns, 2 blog posts, and daily advertising comment monitoring;

(4) Provide 4 social networks, which cost $ 1,800 per month, provide 60 social posts per month, 12 custom pictures, 5 advertising campaigns, 4 blog posts, 1 contest per year, and daily advertising review monitoring ;

(5) Provide 5 social networks, which cost $ 2100 per month, provide 75 social posts, 14 custom pictures, 6 advertising campaigns, 4 blog posts, 1 contest per year, and daily advertising comment monitoring .

PBJ Marketing

PBJ Marketing provides paid media, website design, brand strategy and a full range of digital marketing services, including social media advertising. They believe that social media as a marketing channel requires a strategic, data-driven approach to activating goals, messages, and KPIs to suit the brand’s audience and goals. In the short term, social media advertising campaigns are the ideal way to increase brand awareness, attract potential customers, and drive conversion rates.

They focus their social media ads on Facebook ads, Twitter ads and Instagram ads.

PBJ Marketing uses Facebook’s user data to provide powerful, conversion-centric audience positioning, elaborately craft Facebook ads, and deliver brand information to audiences more relevant to brand goals. PBJ Marketing uses a four-pronged approach to target a customized audience:

A / B testing;

Engaging advertising;

Audience targeting;

Analysis tracking.


SociallyIn helps brands achieve different aspects of their social media marketing strategy by deploying results-based services in social strategy, content production, community management, paid social advertising, influencer marketing, and more.

They divide services into creative and production, community management, social media strategies, and social paid advertising.

In film, capture, produce, draw, record, bake, build, incubate, write, invent, write, and draw all the social media content inside the client. They begin their social strategy by conducting in-depth meetings around the demographics of their attending social media events. The meeting helps creative teams brainstorm ideas and find content that resonates with their ideal audience.

Once their team has a certain understanding of the business and the brand, they start discussions around short themes. It can be a campaign, a seasonal holiday event, or anything in between. After a short discussion, they entered a brainstorming session, using different brainstorming techniques to come up with unique ideas for various social platforms. Once they are ready to launch the strategy, they continue to test, measure, and optimize.

If you choose community management, SociallyIn will use a community manager to represent your brand, keep the page fresh, and actively participate in conversations with fans. At the end of each month, they review their work, including engagement and fan growth. They even offer multilingual social media management in more than 36 languages.

Firebelly Marketing

Firebelly Marketing has been leading the success of social marketing since 2007. Their services include social media channel review, social media management and social advertising management.

Firebelly’s social media review service is an important step towards handling social accounts, and it can be used to guide your social media strategy.

Firebelly’s social media management services give you everything you need to succeed on your brand’s social media channels. This includes:

Content creation and publishing;

Community management

Insights and reports;

Manage social accounts like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat, and Twitter.

Firebelly has successfully managed more than $ 1 million in social media advertising spend. Their social ad management services provide targeted social media advertising to increase customer audiences, engagement, traffic and sales. It consists of three parts:

Audience and creative development;

Daily monitoring

Reports and recommendations.


Bad-Rhino focuses on delivering measurable results through customized social media marketing solutions. They take pride in creating and delivering tailored programs for each client.

They use the following social media processes:

Social media review;

Content creation and approval;

social recruitment;

Strategic evolution

Identify key strategies;


Monthly analysis.

Bad Rhino creates and implements custom strategies specifically for clients. They research the right social channels and create great content that every customer’s target audience will love.

According to Bad Rhino, social media advertising is the more cost-effective form of advertising today. They assign an advertising specialist to the client to run social media ads. They develop clear and concise advertising strategies for each business. Advertising experts write copy, write headlines, and create images for each campaign. They monitor advertising campaigns hourly, daily and weekly. If search results drop, they detect and pause poorly performing ads. In addition, they will launch new ads to maintain positive search results.

If you apply social media ads for Shopify dropshipping business and havent got good results, applying a professional SNS marketing agent is also a good idea worth to try. You can learn their marketing skills while keep your ads more cost effective.

2020 Google Trend Top12 potential best seller products for Shopify dropshipping

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2020 comes soon, have you sorted out your product selection ideas and found the potential best seller products for your dropshipping business yet? Do you want to continue to hold on to one product, or do you plan to try new niche products? Instead of clueless searching on the dropshipping platform, let’s take a look at what Google Trends data says.

Blackhead removal

If you are looking for a business idea with a low investment cost, you may want to start with a low-cost product that has a wide audience appeal. From the perspective of trends, blackhead removal products are one of the hot products in 2019, and the popularity is still growing.

Moreover, you can find that the topic of removing blackheads has never faded from the eyes of people from the beginning. Once it is on sale, I believe it will be a product with a longer life cycle. In addition, you can also use blackhead removal products to expand into other areas of skin care.

Back pain massager

Regardless of the student or office workers, most people are sedentary for a long time. Back pain is inevitable and the market is huge. The keyword “back pain” searches 246,000 times a month. Other secondary keywords such as “relief”, “remedy”, and “causes” are also highly searched. This shows that people have a strong interest and need to understand the causes of pain and ways to eliminate it.

Moreover, not everyone can afford to consume professional massager. Therefore, the use of a back massager to relieve pain symptoms has become the best choice for many people.

Photo printer

Although the network disk and the cloud are almost necessary, the hidden dangers of lost files and account security still exist. Therefore, turning photos stored on Facebook and Google Drive cloud storage into a collectible entity is actually the demand of many people.

Although the photo printer seems to be “fried rice”, in fact, the “retro”, “nostalgia” and “feeling” that are represented by “art young people” have once again pushed the photo printer to the ranks of popular items. Moreover, there are many peripheral products that can be derived around photo printers, which you can turn into series products or creative kits as your niche products.


With the deepening degree of globalization, cross-international communication has become almost “just needed”, and language is a barrier and tool that cannot be bypassed. Therefore, a huge niche market is formed around translation-derived products and services.

The term “Google Translate” searches nearly 277 million times a month, indicating that there are many users with translation needs. For example, sellers who want to expand their international business need to be localized, and one of them is to support local language websites and customer service. If you are an international traveler, you also need translation tools to express your needs during the trip. Therefore, voice translation products that can instantly translate multiple languages are good for dropshipping.

Reusable bags

With the increase of people’s awareness of environmental protection, in order to minimize the non-degradable waste generated in life, many people have started to use reusable environmentally friendly bags instead of plastic packaging bags to reduce plastic waste. And you can take advantage of environmental protection as a business philosophy to raise awareness. In addition to bags, you can also consider mesh bags for storing and storing agricultural products, toys, and more.


In recent years, “sports and leisure style” has become a hot element of daily clothing and work clothes, and it has swept the entire fashion industry.

Data show that by 2022, the size of the sports and leisure market is expected to reach $ 215 billion. This is quite impressive for a newer niche market, and it’s hard to crack in the short term.


Streetwear, which has been popular with “sports and leisure”, is another niche product that has grown steadily. Its market size has reached 300 billion US dollars, and it is expected to maintain a growth rate of 5% in 2020. Being able to occupy a place in the highly competitive fashion world fully illustrates the strength and potential of this niche product.

Moreover, the selection direction like streetwear is very suitable for brands and sellers who aim to create fashion lines for male customers, because men’s streetwear is now also a huge market.

You can take a look how to dropship streetwear on Taobao 1688, we also list the most popular streetwear dropshipping suppliers.

Women dresses

The competition in the women’s clothing category is even more fierce, but it is because the women’s clothing is indeed “fragrant”. And it has been observed that the top navigation bar of most fashion websites lists “Dresses” separately, and puts other clothing in the drop-down list of “Clothing”. It can be seen that in the evergreen women’s clothing category, the “skirt” is a perfect choice.

We also listed some reliable 1688 women dress dropshipping suppliers on 86deal, you can take a look if you are already in the field.


When it comes to work clothes, you can cut in from multiple directions.

Work safety: safety shoes, scrubs, goggles, etc.

Business wear: suits, ties, formal shoes and other men’s clothing.

Women’s commute: conservative dresses, blazer, shirts, etc.

It is not recommended to sell all of these niche products in combination, it does not make much sense because they all serve different audiences. However, there is plenty of room to expand from a single line to other vertical markets.

Plus size clothing

Plus size clothing is a category that is very likely to break out in 2020. Because in 2019, there have been many calls for inclusiveness and diversity of clothing. And, more and more retailers are expanding their product lines to serve customers of every size and shape. Plus-size clothing is a niche product that can be developed independently. You can directly target your marketing goals to audiences who need plus-size clothing.

However, out of respect and care for people with special stature, it is recommended not to name this category directly as “large size clothing”, try to use euphemisms and use keywords such as “plus sizes (XL ) “For SEO optimization.

Wireless earphones

It is reported that the wireless headset market is expected to maintain a 7% growth rate, and its current market share has reached 31% and will continue to grow. And, by 2025, the retail market size of the headset industry is expected to increase to $ 15.8 billion. For sellers, it is worthwhile to “share a share” in the headset market.

Posture corrector

It can be said that this category is also in line with the “sub-health” problem caused by the modern people’s habit of watching mobile phones and computers for a long time. Among them, the monthly search volume of the keyword “posture corrector” is close to 74,000 times. Market demand is obvious.

When we choose products for dropshipping it is very important to follow the trend, the above are the 2020 Google Trend Top12 potential best seller products for Shopify dropshipping, in addition you can also find the best seller products for dropshipping with similar way.

2020 Top 10 best seller winter products for Shopify dropshipping

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After the Big sale on Black Friday, many Shopify sellers might already aimed at the Christmas hot sale products. Here we want to talk about some best seller winter products from November to January 2020 for Shopify dropshipping, you may use for cross promotion, although they are looks ordinary, they might be hot sale in your store. The following are the 2020 Top 10 best seller winter products.

Fitness equipment

Why fitness equipment is very popular in winter?

Because many people set new fitness goals for themselves at the beginning of the year, this is why they buy new fitness equipment.

From google trend you can see The search frequency for the term “workout gear” continues to increase from December to January each year. More and more people are searching for fitness equipment online, which means more people are interested in buying these products.

Ski gloves

With sports as the theme in winter, it is easy to think of skiing, and ski gloves are also a must-have item. Now, as you can see in Google Trends data, these are seasonal products.

Every year from November to January the next year, searches for these products spike.Consider doing video marketing-show the durability and fashion of gloves, and let users feel how bad skiing and snowboarding would be without buying the ski gloves you sell.


It is normal to increase the demand for thick hats in winter, and the product is small in size and easy to ship. But relatively speaking, the entire category is very competitive, so make a distinctive hat. For example, The hot sale rabbit ear hat which is very popupar on Tiktok.

Eco Bag

With global warming and pollution of plastic waste intensifying, the use of disposable plastic bags has been banned in many countries. People are becoming more aware of how their shopping habits affect the world.

Therefore, shopping bags with characteristics and personality will gradually become popular. Just look at the global search for “eco bags” in the past 5 years.

The number of searches is only increasing. This means that more and more people are looking for these products.

And Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays usually involve extended family dinners. These dinners require strong preparation and need to save the remaining food. So the use of these bags will increase.

You can use some clever marketing activities to promote these products, and then a large number of buyers will flood into the store.

Alam Clock

Many people now use mobile phone alarm clocks, but many areas are still accustomed to having a dedicated alarm clock that can also be used for decoration.

And, many people believe that sleeping in the same room as a smartphone can negatively affect health, including interrupted sleep and low-quality sleep.

So, if you look at the Google Trends data below, you will find that this thing is fine for shopify dropshipping. Searches for alarm clocks have declined in the United States over the past five years, but searches for these products have increased each December.

Christmas decoration

If you have a store, you can put these products on your inventory without building a new one.

In fact, no matter what you sell, you can find some Christmas decorations that fit the store. For example, if you run a women’s clothing store, you can add some novel Christmas earrings to the store. Or, for men’s clothing stores, you can add some Christmas-themed socks to the store. If selling home products, many different table decorations can be added to the store.

Take the time to find some products that fit the market and prepare for holiday shopping.

Plush toy

Plush toys are low in price and high quality, but you need to make features and more personalized, visual effects will promote impulse purchases, so marketing activities should be optimized.

The first choice for holiday gifts, to meet the tone of the entire store, consider adding some plush toys for shopify dropshipping.

Thermos cup

These products are perfect for those who go out in the cold winter weather.

The economy is not good, many people save money, bring hot tea and hot coffee to work, they are also in line with the pursuit of sustainable products, because people using these products may use fewer plastic cups when traveling. Environmental protection is popular, and less plastic products are used. Environmental concepts can be used in marketing copy

These products are promoted through video marketing campaigns, such as filming hot drinks to people outside in winter weather, targeting these Facebook video ads to environmentalists, low-carbon lifestyles, and fans of hot drinks that are popular in the area where ads are placed .


For some fashion stores, Shopify sellers also chose fashionable fur scarves as a startup product. Because you can add style, stylish and practical, warm and comfortable, convenient for delivery. If you already have a clothing store, adding a few stylish scarves is essential.

Winter boots

Honestly, Google Trends illustrates the popularity of these products.

Every winter, the search for these products doubles, because these are essential items in many buyer’s wardrobes, they seem to be very common and common, and they are low-value consumables, so make some products with the same characteristics. Meet the needs of specific populations, give them a reason to buy and buy. Therefore, you can attract the right buyers through marketing activities, supplemented by reasonable price promotion, then the sales will be smooth.

Using Facebook promotion is very effective. There will be more content about Facebook ad production and placement in the future.

How to find the best seller winter products for Shopify dropshipping in 2020? You may think about Aliexpress, oberlo, but 1688 would be definitely a good choice for you as it has more quality styles at cheaper cost.

86Deal provides one step 1688 order fulfillment service to help Shopify sellers save time and money dropshipping from China at low cost.

How to dropship streetwear from Taobao and 1688

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Streetwear is always leading the fashion in worldwide countries, no matter boys, girls, men and women who love to wear the trendy fashion clothes and accessories to be the one attract eyeballs on the street. Thus streetwear is a profitable niche for dropshipping business as it has very large of target clients and relatively higher profit margin.

Why choose streetwear for Shopify dropshipping?

Based on our experience, there are many reasons for you to choose streetwear for Shopify dropshipping business.

1>Higher quality. When you dropshipping clothes the quality issue will not only affect your user experience but also take lots of time and money as well as human resource to deal with the after sale jobs, while streetwear usually have higher quality than general fashion clothes no matter men and women streetwear, it has far more less after sale issues;

2>Higher profits. Compared to general fashion clothes, the streetwear is more personalized and attractive, thus it usually has higher profits than general apparel;

3>More precise clients. Compared to the fashion clothes facebook ads, the streetwear might have higher conversation rates for the Reddit, Ins, Facebook and Youtube influencers, and streetwear is easily to spread on clients social networks;

4> No IP Infringement issue. Compared to brands streetwear like Anti Social, Palace, Champion, FOG, Vlone, Vetements, CDG etc. the streetwear has no famous brands thus it doesnt have infringement risks in the customs.

after the 4 main reasons, you may wonder how to find streetwear dropshipping suppliers, actually there are many of the streetwear dropshipping suppliers on Taobao and 1688 with high quality and original streetwear design.

Taobao 1688 streetwear dropshipping supplier

To help you easily dropshipping streetwear from China Taobao and 1688, 86Deal listed some streetwear dropshipping suppliers for you as a reference:

In addition to the Taobao streetwear dropshipping suppliers, you can also try to find streetwear dropshipping suppliers on 1688, however, what’s the difference between them? The streetwear on Taobao is more personalized and higher quality, thus the price is a little high, and many streetwear suppliers on Taobao has original design which is more attractive when you walking on the street. The streetwear suppliers on 1688 usually for wholesale, thus it is cheaper and the streetwear accessories is better to dropship via 1688. The following are the streetwear dropshipping suppliers on 1688 for you as a reference:

You can also search the streetwear dropshipping suppliers on Taobao and 1688 yourself, there are many dropshipping suppliers available for the streetwear clothing, necklace, rings, sneakers, socks, scarf, caps etc.

86Deal provides one step streetwear dropshipping service to help you order and ship from China to clients overseas, our dropshipping service include:



Quality inspection(return/exchange)

Chinese label and promotional cards removing


Label and packaging customization

Pick and pack

Shipping label printing

Tracking upload

You are welcome to inquire streetwear dropshipping from Taobao and 1688, we can help you source and filter the best streetwear dropshipping suppliers for your business.

How to dropship Cosplay products from 1688 and Taobao

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Cosplay is short for Costume Play in English, Japanese Cosplay. It refers to the use of costumes, accessories, props, and makeup to play characters in animation works and games. People who play COSPLAY are generally called cosplay. The earliest Chinese translation of cosplay is from Taiwan, which means role play. Its form and content generally refers to using clothing, trinkets, props, and makeup to play agg (anime, comic, The character in the game) or some Japanese visual bands and some characters in the movie, the spider man that everyone known is cosplay.

Why I dropship cosplay products? Basically everyone who knows how to access the Internet knows that there are three major diffusers in Japan, Naruto, One Piece, and Death, the United States has Marvel, Captain America, Spider-Man, Iron Man, and X-Men. These works, from film and television to surroundings, are all over the world. As for the profession of coser, there are not many professional cosers in the world, most of them are amateurs, and the fan base is large, so this group is also very large. In addition, European and American countries have festivals like “Halloween” and various masquerades. Because of cultural relations, they like playing movie and animation characters very much. Therefore, the market for cosplay clothing is very considerable.Thus Cosplay is a good niche for cross border dropshipping, futhermore, the cosplay niche products usually sell high price for higher profits.

Because cosplay involves a variety of content, it can also do a lot of platforms and related content when doing promotion. On the website, you can put some articles related to information and skills, and then promote it to increase the site’s exposure. The content can be: how to DIY good-looking COS costumes, how to modify pictures, ps skills, posing skills, background selection skills, etc. You can even write the contents of the ball, such as how to use cosplay to surprise her husband Information soft articles such as children’s surprises can be published.

What are the best seller cosplay products for dropshipping?

Based on the hottest anime works we listed the following:

1> Naruto

2> Final Fantasy

3> Kingdom Hearts

4> Vocaloid

5> One Piece

6> Gintama

7> Fairy Tail

8> Code Geass

9> Black Butler

10> The Prince of Tennis

Also there are many other kinds of cosplay products, for example, clown,pumpkin, halloween style, witch,skull etc.

How to select cosplay products for dropshipping?

From the data of the big platform, we can see the age stratification of netizens who often use website shopping. For example, from the perspective of wish, people aged 90 ~ 00 are more than 60% of the age. Young people in this age are familiar with smart electronic products. It is the highest. In the game industry, people in this age group also account for the most. Therefore, when choosing products, cross-border e-commerce can also consider the game and animation peripheral product market.

In mobile games, gaming games generally have more male players, most of them are over 25 years old. Therefore, when promoting, these users can be selected for targeted promotion and marketing. In the product details of the website, you can also write instructions for players of this age. Game games are more commonly used in APPs in countries such as the United States, Italy, and the United Kingdom. In fact, customers over 25 years of age will do better business. Most of this customer base is already in a stable state of economy, and they can pay more for entertainment products. In addition to game games, there are similarly strategy games.

Female players focus on virtual games, such as growing up, treasure hunting games, and so on. Also choose products with an age range of 25 or above. For women of this age group, you can also pay attention to the surroundings of mother and baby products and children’s games and anime, because people above this age are mostly married and have children, and the average age in developed countries is higher. Some peripheral products can be bundled for sale, or special projects can be done independently. Looking for children’s animation periphery can refer to foreign animation ratings and other data, or download viewing rankings, you can also find many product categories.

Cosplay Wig

Cosplay Wig is divided into plastic brushed (this is the cheapest) and animal hair. Cosplay Wig is divided into a variety of types: Good: Cass and Malunsi are of good quality, feel smooth and easy to comb, and there will be no strong flashes. The former has thinner hair with a flying feel, while the latter has thicker hair and dangles. Poor: Hair that has been in poor contact is Korean silk, also known as pp silk or K silk. This kind of silk is not smooth, easy to knot, and the same length of wig. The price of Korean silk is almost one-half to one-third of that of card silk. There are Japanese silk, domestic silk, mixed silk, etc. Quality is somewhere in between.

Cosplay gadget kit

Especially refers to the uncolored model kit, which requires players to polish, assemble, and color a series of complicated craftsmanship, and it is more difficult than ordinary model making. The main material is resin.

Cosplay costume

For cosplay, the most important thing is not how the coser looks, but the production of the costume. Generally speaking, there are four ways to get cosplay costumes: they are sent by others, bought at specialty stores, do-it-yourself, or tailor-made.

Cosplay props

The coser use of props, accessories and costumes to play animated characters in cartoons, comics or games. Thus there are many popular props available.

How to dropship Cosplay products from 1688 and Taobao

Taobao and 1688 are the best platform for cosplay products dropshipping as there has anything you want to dropship at affordable price. How to dropship cosplay products from 1688 and Taobao? It is easy with google translate if you dont know Chinese well.

1> If you do not know products and supplier well, just search keywords cosplay on the search bar, you will see hundreds of thousands cosplay products, then you can take your time to select and compare;

2>If you want to dropship certain cosplay costume or props, use google translate into Chinese then search on taobao and 1688. For example, Halloween costume, you can google translate and search 万圣节服装 on taobao and 1688;

3> Next steps would be order and ship from Taobao and 1688, if you cannot pay directly or worry about the quality, you can find a Chinese dropshipping agent like 86Deal, we offer one step dropshipping order fulfillment service to help you ship the products to clients directly.

IP Infringement for cosplay dropshipping

Due to the strict restrictions on copyright in USA and EU countries, it is best to ask about copyright when choosing the source of supply. You can choose a more secure distribution, or you can purchase directly from copyrighted manufacturers. With copyright, a lot of disputes are avoided and it is more convenient for promotion. Of course, there is really no way to find a copyrighted manufacturer, and you can also make some related products, such as cosplay small objects, let customers DIY themselves, you can avoid copyright problems.

Because cosplay involves a variety of content, it can also do a lot of platforms and related content when doing promotion. On the website, you can put some articles related to information and skills, and then promote it to increase the store traffics. The content can be: how to DIY good-looking COS costumes, how to modify pictures, ps skills, posing skills, background selection skills, etc. You can even write the contents of the ball, such as how to use cosplay to surprise her husband Information soft articles such as children’s surprises can be published.

In addition to the release of store content and copywriting, the necessary paid promotion is sure. The early stage of external chain promotion is relatively hard. After an order is issued, you can try EDM email marketing or auction promotion. As a single type of product mall, the effect of paid promotion is definitely more direct than that of external chain promotion. Of course, the premise of paid promotion is best if the product has no copyright disputes.

In addition, due to cosplay restricted to certain people, you can also find Cosplay influencers on Ins or YouTube as well as Facebook group to promote your store.

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