15 practical apps to optimize Shopify store sales

15 practical apps to optimize Shopify store sales

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Sales are difficult. Especially if you are a new Shopify seller, you need to consider what products to sell, how to sell, how to build a website, etc., which are daunting. That’s why we recommend using Shopify to build an e-commerce store. It can reduce the hassle of web design, complex coding, and let the seller focus on what really matters: sales. The following are 15 useful apps takes the versatility of the Shopify store to the next level, helping you optimize conversions and drive sales.

Lucky Orange

This app can help you see how consumers are browsing the Shopify store. Watch each of their clicks, moves, and scrolls to help you understand the question: Why not implement more conversions? Whether it’s through session recording, dynamic heat maps or form analysis, you can analyze and improve your store like a professional. You can even contact them before they leave, or do a survey to build inventory.

Lucky Orange offers three ways to help Shopify sellers better understand the store’s visitors and help them grow his business:

Analyze customer behavior patterns. Lucky Orange provided Shopify seller with the information and analytics they needed, not just traditional data, to see where customers clicked and where they left the store. When a visitor clicks on Shopify store, the seller can view the visitor’s click record on the website in the behavior log. He closely monitors how visitors click between products and when to start the checkout process.

Ask visitors directly. Visitor behavior records and dynamic heat maps are critical to creating a strong customer experience on Shopify store. The seller took a more straightforward approach to exactly knowing which products a visitor would like to purchase and use it to predict sales and inventory.

Track ad performance. Shopify seller is able to verify and demonstrate the effectiveness of paid advertising campaigns and better understand how visitors from different traffic sources interact in different ways.

Shopify seller can look at the effects of advertising from a macro perspective, as well as look at specific behaviors and traffic sources from a micro perspective. Shopify seller compares visitor information from direct links to social traffic and other sources to determine how much money to spend on advertising campaigns to generate more optimistic visitor traffic.

Loox – Photo Reviews

With Loox you can create automated emails to ask customers for comments and offer discounts after they comment. When people see interesting comments, they are more likely to buy from your store. Loox allows you to import product reviews from other sources, send automated email comment requests, customize email times, view form issues, and create customer review pages.


If you can’t take professional product photos, Pixc can convert your product photos into professional, high-quality photos. Pixc has a credit system that can have two different options:

Basic options: delete/recolor the background, add borders, crop/reformat the image.

Advanced options: add shadows, delete models, add other file types.


Rewind is a backup application in the Shopify app store. Although Shopify backed up all the data, you can’t access it. If you or your developer make a mistake on the site, then using a backup application is critical. It can be restored to the last backup with just a few clicks.

Many Shopify sellers want to automate their business as much as possible. These applications are the key to automating part of the store so you can focus on the more important things. These apps can help you take good care of your customers when you are busy.


Recart no longer tries to focus on multiple channels at the same time, but provides real value to users. With Recart, you can recover your abandoned shopping cart, send a receipt and request product reviews via Loox integration.


Reamaze is a unique live chat app created for Shopify. It can respond to customers with all existing order details. You can use Reamaze via email, Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, Instagram, SMS, VOIP and live chat conversations. It can also send automated coupon codes, review requests, and save responses.

Most new Shopify sellers use Facebook or Instagram for organic traffic and paid advertising, but email marketing is also essential.The 2018 Social Media Usage Report shows:

68% of Americans use Facebook;

35% of Americans use Instagram;

90% of Americans use email;

Email marketing is a great way to increase customer retention and expand your audience.


With Omnisend, you can segment customers based on their shopping habits and email activity. You can then specify an email marketing campaign for each subscriber’s segmentation needs. Omnisend’s features are not limited to email, it can also target users who use FB Messenger, SMS, WhatsApp, Viber and other software. Importantly, it also allows these segmentation needs to be synced to Google and Facebook ads.


Privy converts website visitors into subscribers and customers. It can add an email list, reduce shopping cart scrap, and automate your email marketing. With Privy, you can create customizable pop-ups, banners, bulletin boards, run A/B split tests, and learn how small changes affect conversion rates, send newsletters, discard shopping cart emails, and order follow-up emails.

If you want to build a customizable website and landing page, here are two page builder applications to try:


You can easily create a Shogun page by dragging and dropping, also known as what you see is what you get. Once the page is created, you can measure specific page analysis such as clickthrough rate, add card rate, and form submission.


ReConvert is another simple page builder app that focuses on the thanks page. With ReConvert you can create pop-up offers, capture customer birthdays, track orders, create post-purchase surveys, and more.

Many Shopify sellers with the dropshipper model struggled with traffic issues after three to four months. A common reason is that there is no loyalty program, and if there is no subscription service or product, customers are more likely to leave and go to the competition. So how to solve it? You can reward customers with points.


Rise gift cards can send scheduled gift cards, create bulk codes and store points. With the Rise.ai solution, you can interact with existing customers, increase their loyalty and motivate potential customers.

Referral Candy

Referral Candy believes in the power of word of mouth marketing. This app provides the creation of customizable referral programs that track recommended sales and automatic reward payments.

If you’re lost in the Shopify app store and can’t capture the correct synchronicity between apps, there’s an all-in-one platform for your Shopify store.


Beeketing is the marketing application platform for Shopify. It offers three different apps to enhance your sales: email marketing, personalized recommendations and fast Facebook chat. In addition, it tracks customer behavior, analyzes customer interests, and takes action through the app.

Bold Commerce

Bold Commerce is an application platform for e-commerce owners and partners. More than 20 applications in pricing and promotion, recurring payments, checkout, customization, customer experience, order management, automation and partner categories.


Growave is another integrated marketing platform. It focuses on increasing traffic to sellers, interacting with customers, and driving sales. Growave has 10 different categories, including dozens of applications. Try it for free for 30 days.

When you start using the app on your Shopify store, you may be confused because there are too many options available. It is recommended that you check your marketing strategy and budget when deciding to install or purchase an application, as this will affect your application choices. If you are selling digital services, you may not need a photo review app. Set up the plan first, then execute it using these recommended apps to optimize Shopify marketing.

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