How to create best seller product marketing video for Shopify

How to create best seller product marketing video for Shopify

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Everyone knows that if you want to increase the conversion rate for Shopify store, the product listing is definitely very important, so if the product is not only a picture and text, if you add a video introduction, the conversion rate will be greatly improved. Video marketing is nothing new, it has existed since the film and television era, but it has been a big success in the era of smartphones and social media.

While social media marketing plays an important role in any corporate marketing strategy, trends indicate that video is influential in all types of social media content. It turns out that social media videos are shared 12 times as often as images and text, and 64% of consumers buy products after watching branded videos on social media. Looking at emerging trends and statistics, video marketing should be the primary marketing tool for any marketer or business approach. Social media provides a great platform for businesses to take advantage of this growing trend of watching videos. Which types of product videos are most popular with clients?

You can use the following different types of videos on social media to create the best seller product video marketing for your Shopify store:

DIY videos

DIY video makes it easier for viewers to understand how to use products and services. These instructional videos include hands-on instruction or help the audience to do something independently.

These videos make it easy to showcase your product while helping your audience better understand the product. DIY videos are very appealing and can motivate viewers to find more information.

Product video

Product videos let consumers know about your products or services. Compared to text, viewers are more likely to understand and absorb the built-in information when watching videos.

The product video can include a solution video that tells the viewer what your product or service is, what it does for the viewer, and how to solve the problem for the viewer. The product can also be a demo video that demonstrates what the product is and what it can do with the product.

The third type of product video is a trailer, and the trailer can give a rough idea of the product and its functions. Product videos can be used to highlight product features, benefits, and uses. Trailers of product videos are essential when new products or services are introduced in the market because they help increase exposure and familiarize consumers with the product.


Vlog is equivalent to a video version of the blog. Vlog can be used to showcase your expertise and provide interesting information to your audience. Vlog also provides regular interaction with your audience to make them interested in your business and its products or services.

Vlog is a great way to re-use existing materials like blogs, popular social media posts, etc., and provide additional content for your social media without having to do much work. Vlog is very popular on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, etc. You can also post these on your Shopify store.

Customer review video

Customer review videos are important to Shopify sellers because they are more of a viewer’s attention because it presents product information and value from the perspective of the end user. These videos will show customers the connection between them and your brand or store personal experience.

At the same time, the audience will talk about who they are, why they use your products and how their products change their lives. Peer review helps to instill trust in the audience and transform them into customers, which can have a major impact on your brand awareness and return on investment.

Influencer video

As the name implies, this type of video is characterized by social media influencers from all walks of life, who may be chefs, business and technical experts.

For any Shopify sellers, it is a good strategy for influencers to talk about and recognize your brand or product in the video. Producing compelling videos with great coffee can give you a powerful influence on your target audience.

How to add video into Shopify product listing?

First of all, you can’t directly add local videos, which are introduced by third-party video sites.

The easiest way is to insert a video reference code starting with <iframe by clicking the video icon above the content editing erea. Here is an example of the most commonly used YouTube video.

Step 1: Click on the “Insert Video” button

Step 2: Right click on the code

Step 3: Insert the code into the text box and click on “Insert Video”

Done! Preview the page to see the display.

For new starters, what if they can not make the 5 types of product videos listed above? How to find product videos for Shopify store? The following ways for you as a reference.

Vendor or supplier

As the product video plays very important role, the vendor and suppliers also pay attention on it, they pay money to professional video making agency or company to make professional product videos, you can check and confirm with your suppliers if they provide product videos for you, also you can source products on Taobao, 1688, Aliexpress as well as other platforms for the product videos.

Social platforms

In addition to the B2B and B2C platforms, the social media also have many kind of product videos made by Shopify sellers, influencers. You can search product keyword on YouTube, Facebook, Tik tok etc. In order to avoid IP issue, you can modify a little with video editing software.

A good product video can not only help you to explain what kind of feature it has and how to operate, but also help you to make a pre-sale introduction.

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