The best private label product categories suitable for Shopify dropshipping

The best private label product categories suitable for Shopify dropshipping

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Along with the dropshipping business growing, more Shopify sellers thinking about build their own brands for marketing and higher profits. Private label is the best way for Shopify sellers to build their brands. To start private label dropshipping business we need to distinguish the concept of different modes first.

White label: This is the white label product we usually say. The specific operation form is that the Shopify seller buy the finished product directly from the supplier/manufacturer and then stick their own label. This means that you directly sell products that are developed, and serviced by third parties.

Private Label: It can also be called its own brand. The specific operation form is that you contract with the supplier/manufacturer to customize the product according to your needs (you can provide specifications, parameters and design style), and then stick your own brand to sell.

These two forms of sales have many similarities and are easily confused, but as a seller, you must be clear about the difference between the two modes. And pay attention to the difference between the Wholesale (wholesale) model, because all three involve suppliers and bulk purchases, in order to obtain cost advantages.

Which product categories are most suitable for Private Label dropshipping

The private label dropshipping related to your product’s sensitivity, creativity and market research capabilities. In fact, anything can be sold as a private label. But if you study it carefully, you will find that many of the most popular private label products can be found in these market segments.

Clothing and accessories

Apparel categories are the most suitable areas for private label dropshipping business. Consumers are keen to discover different products from different apparel brands to create a unique sense. Just open a wardrobe, you can count hundreds of clothing and fashion segmentation products, and even a full set of clothing designed for outdoor play, seaside leisure and so on.

Popular private label products:

Women’s Yoga Pants (63,000 Amazon searches per month)

Ladies’ hiking shoes (26,000 Amazon searches per month)

Tactical backpack (36,000 Amazon searches per month)

Maternity wear (12,000 Amazon searches per month)

Women’s denim shorts (36,000 Amazon searches per month)

Raincoat (30000 Amazon searches per month)

Cosmetics & Skin Care

The cosmetics and skin care category is a big industry. According to statistic data, the market size of the skin care industry will reach 180 billion US dollars by 2020. Moreover, the profit of this industry is quite considerable, especially with the pursuit of health and pure natural products by consumers. This change is a very good opportunity for private label sellers. It is time to make changes to seize business opportunities.

You can develop these products in this category:

Cruelty-free makeup, it refers to cosmetics that are not used for animal experiments. 25,000 Amazon searches per month

Organic sunscreen (11,000 Amazon searches per month)

Natural deodorant (28,000 Amazon searches per month)

Charcoal toothpaste (35,000 Amazon searches per month)

Coffee Scrub (5,000 Amazon searches per month)

Tea tree oil (130,000 Amazon searches per month)

Anti-aging cream (11,000 Amazon searches per month)

Hair care products

Everyone has a unique hair care needs, a huge market with an unlimited customer base. From bald topping to natural curls – there is endless space for application.

Hair care privae label products:

Hair shampoo (12,000 Amazon searches per month)

Beard Care Oil (61,000 Amazon searches per month)

Hair mask (26,000 Amazon searches per month)

Hair band (21,000 Amazon searches per month)

Hair growth vitamins (11,000 Amazon searches per month)

In addition, the electronics product are also suitable for private label dropshipping.

How do I find creative private label products for Shopify dropshipping?

Brainstorming product ideas

Keep an eye on popular new products every time you go out shopping or looking for something in the store offline and online.

Consider specific product attributes

What kind of private label products should you sell on Shopify? If you are just starting out, you can start with products that meet the following qualities/properties: small size, light weight; no seasonality; convenient production and sales, and no regulatory risk; simple and uncomplicated.

Conducting market research

Use keyword analysis to query product popularity on Google trend; analyze Amazon’s top product rankings and products with the most bad reviews; industry analysis.

Research suppliers and factories

With good product ideas, you should start researching suppliers and producers; search for domestic and foreign producers on a large scale; after looking for suitable products, ask suppliers and producers; if possible, choose 3- 5 suitable suppliers, one to compare product quality two to make further choices.

How to source private label suppliers or factories from China?

It might be the most frequently asked questions by many Shopify sellers who want to dropshipping from China with private labels. As the biggest manufacturer country in the world, there are plenty factories and suppliers which you can source via 1688, the biggest B2B platform in China. With the rapid private label requirements on cross border dropshipping business, more and more suppliers and factories provide private label services for certain MOQ.

How 86Deal serve private label dropshipping from China?

86Deal could help small business sourcing private label suppliers or manufactures on 1688, in addition, we can also help to customize logo sticker, label as well as packaging to ship from China to clients overseas directly.

To start private label dropshipping from China, you will need to provide the logo design, label or packaging design in PSD or CDR format together with your requirements in details, then 86Deal will help you source supplier or factory which offer private label service and negotiate the details.

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