How to get free&paid traffics from Quora to Shopify store

How to get free&paid traffics from Quora to Shopify store

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What’s Quora? Maybe some shopify sellers are a little strange. Quora is a question and answer SNS website, a high quality knowledge question and answer community. In addition to being a knowledge quiz community, Quora is an incredible marketing platform and an ideal marketing channel for brand building. In addition to the simple question and answer settings, there are some advanced parts of Quora, you can find out.

· You can target your questions to specific Quora users and ask them to answer questions with others in the community;

· You can post content on Quora, just like LinkedIn’s publishing platform;

· You can search for specific questions or topics related to your business and receive notifications of new issues in accordance with them;

· You can spend points to submit questions to more people.

Why consider Quora as free traffics source for Shopify store?

Quora’s mission is to share and grow knowledge online. Knowledge exists in many places, such as books, magazines, podcasts, and the entire Internet. Much of the knowledge is actually empirical, subjective, and consists of many opinions that are correct.

Quora uses advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence to connect knowledgeable people with people who need knowledge in a question and answer format. It can provide users with the right questions and the right answers at the right time. You can even write a question and clearly answer it to the right person.

When you use the platform, Quora will learn more about your expertise and experience and send you questions that you may be able to answer directly. It then presents the conversation to other experts who can improve and support your answers. As a result, each user gets a highly personalized feed, and as you use the site more often, the feed becomes more granular.

From an advertising perspective, Quora offers an opportunity to engage and influence users at the moment they are interested in researching and evaluating products. They have the right mindset to listen to different opinions to consider.

Shopify pointed out that the platform is different from Facebook and other social media platforms. Quora is built around demand-driven questions and answers. Users access these platforms to pass the time or contact friends. Your potential customer asks Quora about your business information, your competitors or your product or service. The platform talks about your brand in front of them in a simple way by simply answering questions.

How to get free traffics from Quora to Shopify store?

Quora has more than 300 million unique visitors per month, and half of them are in the US, which means that nearly 40% of US users use Quora every month.

There are many ways to access Quora. The platform is available as a website and mobile app that anyone can access. Queries on Quora also match well with Bing and Google, so many people discovered Quora through natural search. Quora users can also subscribe to personalized email summaries at selected intervals, including selected questions and answers.

Questions about Quora are usually answered within 24 hours, especially if you ask someone for an answer or use the “Ask to Answer” option. Since a variety of issues are constantly posted on the site, problems without these metrics can last for days or weeks and may even be completely ignored.

Quora covers a wide range of topics and industries in B2C and B2B. In 2018, Quora released an infographic of followers and questions about a particular topic. In 2018, 16 million people focused on the topic of “higher education” and raised more than 600,000 related issues. There are 7 million fans on topics related to “cars,” and 83 million fans on “entertainment” related topics. There are more than one million questions in each session. The “commercial” category alone had 59 million fans and 1.4 million questions during the year.

Quora offers almost all the categories you can think of, allowing you to focus on specific topics so that you can see any conversations about them. You can also focus on specific issues privately or publicly. When you follow and answer more questions about a topic, your Quora feeds and notifications will adjust to your specific interests and specials.

No matter which industry product you sell or if you are interested in learning more about this industry, Quora will let you speak out in front of users.

Three key elements of Quora marketing

Quora has three key elements: building thought leadership, using content marketing, attracting and influencing potential customers through advertising.

Building thought leadership

Quora’s question and answer format is an ideal choice to build a reputation as an industry thought leader in order to gain credibility. Seeking questions and providing the best answers is the best way to provide value and position your thought leaders on Quora, some of which have reached 60 million answer views. Below each question, the answers are sorted by the most relevant or best answer, similar to Google’s search results.

Be the first to answer questions, not only for rankings but also for getting exposure to you and your brand. Quora also presents the “Most Concerned Writers” badge on a monthly basis and awards the “Best Writer” award each year to highlight its most active contributors.

As the first or second person to answer the question and give the best answer to any question, you can almost guarantee that your answer is at the top.

Once you have answered 20 or 30 questions about the same topic, you will appear as an expert and be invited to answer. This creates a snowball effect, and you actually meet users who are actively looking to know your company or product, and these users are looking for the best answer.

Active participation in Quora’s most popular questions will bring benefits and allow you to get more exposure outside of the site.

Content marketing

Quora provides you with a platform to post and zoom in on your blog or other content that may not get the exposure you want. Unlike social media posts, content on Quora is indexed by Google. The content you post on Quora will appear one year later, two years later, or even 20 years later.

Shopify sellers can write an original reply or copy and paste the information from your website. Then add a link to bring traffic to your Shopify store. It is recommended to use a 100 or 200 word segment and guide the user to “If they want to read more information” or “Get more information”, please visit

If you wish to reuse or enlarge an existing copy or text, refill or reference any copy-and-paste material with quotes or parentheses. This helps Quora’s AI system to identify content quality from the duplicates, the original answer, which is usually tagged and deleted.

Quora advertising influence

Once you’ve built your Shopify store on Quora and created the content, you can pay to promote your answer. You can choose to increase the answer you or someone else writes and set the scope of the ad around it.

Promoting answers on Quora is a great way to expand your Shopify store influence. You can use it to generate an immediacy, generate leads, bring traffic to your own website, and more. In order to promote an answer, you must create an advertising account on Quora, just like you create an account on Facebook to promote a post. You can define your target budget and promotion period, and you can also build your target audience and location.

Quora offers different types of targeting. It allows advertisers to serve content context-based ad placements that target everyone interested in a particular topic. There are also behavioral targeting and keyword-based targeting based on what the user has participated in in the past. You can’t use keywords in your answers, you can only use keywords in your questions.

When you ask for an answer, the attached question is also highlighted. Questions and answers will appear in pairs and appear as an organic post in the feed. The only difference is that it will be marked as “sponsor”, followed by the brand name or company, and only the promotional answer will appear, with no other answers.

Promoted Answers is just an ad unit provided by Quora. In addition, advertisers can create image and text ads. Creative advertisers turn their title into a question that more naturally matches the text-based format of the Shopify store.

Quora is primarily text based, but supports ad thumbnails. The platform does not currently support native video. However, you can upload or link to a YouTube or Vimeo video in the answer or recommended answer.

How to promote Shopify store on Quora?

1> Create personal profile

Quora certifications are basically real names, so you can’t name yourself a brand name. Improve the basic information, try to be as real as possible, and write in your most specialized areas.

2>Don’t answer too many questions

Some Shopify sellers just started creating their own accounts, they started searching for their own industry keywords, and then they saw questions about the keywords, they immediately answered the questions, and then gave their own Shopify store URL. This kind of practice has no effect at all, because many of these answers will be deleted.

The quality and quantity of answers on Quora is important. The average active user has to answer 3-7 questions per week. Anyone who exceeds this number will be reviewed for violation of the Quora policy, which will result in your answer being deleted and the account suspended.

Even if the account is suspended, the user can view the historical answer record of the blocked account. Shopify sellers operate for a period of time after opening an account. Don’t just register for an account and be considered as marketing purpose.

3>Enrich answer content

On Quora, creating unique answers is necessary to increase your exposure. Shopify seller can ensure that all the tools provided by Quora are used. The answered questions that can be added: hyperlinks, photos and special text (bold, italic and underline), plus quotes and coupon codes!

Some users simply answer a question and quote a blog post they wrote earlier, which Quora allows. But it’s worth noting that Quora’s answer must contain 50% of the original content.

5 tips to take advantage of Quora get traffics to Shopify store

1> Create a Quora document

Every time you leave an answer, a part of your bio can be displayed at the top, which is a good opportunity to expand your brand. Quora will display the first 50 characters of your profile as a label above your answer. It is recommended to mention your brand name as much as possible at the beginning and make the most of your 50 characters. Your bio can contain clickable links and even @ -mentions from other users.

To set up bio for a specific topic, click on the profile page. In the right column you will see a list of “Understanding” topics. Next to each topic is a link to “Describe your experience.” Click here to set bio for a specific topic.

After that, continue to complete your Quora configuration file as much as possible.

· Add a detailed “About Me” section;

· Add your area of expertise;

· Add your interests;

· your city;

· Connect with your other social media accounts.

All of this helps users find you on Quora, and it’s easier to find people when they are looking for Quora users to answer their questions.

If you are a newcomer to Quora, take some time to quickly review the answers and vote for the answer that catches your eye. Upvotes will appear in your public profile immediately, which may be a good sign of your activity on the site.

2>Create a Quora page

Just like Wikipedia, anyone can create a page on Quora about anything. This provides a great opportunity for your business to build a Shopify store page.

First search for your Shopify store name in Quora. In the results page, if you don’t see the name listed as the topic, you can view it in the right column below the Add Question box and click the Create Theme link.

You can choose to name the theme and add a brief description. Once your theme is online, you can ask the Quora community user to view the topic. This is especially useful for wondering if they should invest in a service. For you, this is a great way to add some social proofs and recommendations to Quora for your Shopify store brand.

3> Discover new headline ideas

Just as you can do some headline searches by entering keywords in Google search, you can do the same for Quora. Enter your keywords in the Quora search and on the search results page you will see how people ask questions about your chosen keywords and how you build the content.

The most popular question answer and support is a signal of the value of the title wording, which can help you write the title of the next blog post.

4> Analyze Quora data

Quora provides free analysis for all users, showing you the following details:

· views;

· Upvotes;

· share times.

And display statistics for each of the following categories:

· The question you asked;

· The answer you gave;

· The blog post you wrote;

· All the content you contribute.

5> Format the answer in a compelling way

If you can include some visual effects in Quora content, there may be a big chance. Many top Quora users add images to their answers to help support their views, which are very appealing.

In addition to the photos, we suggested that the seller can also add some custom formatting to your answer to help it be more readable and hope to get more Upvotes. Here are some suggested formatting tips:

· title or italic title;

· a number or bulleted list;

· Hyperlink text;

· @ -mentions Quora user or theme.

Once you know more about Quora, it is a great way for you to build your brand and attract high quality free&paid traffics to your Shopify store.

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