Tutorial|How to get free traffics for Shopify store

Tutorial|How to get free traffics for Shopify store

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Many small business sellers asked on Quora does Shopify dropshipping dead in 2019? Why is so difficult to do Shopify dropshipping in 2019? Because there is no traffics for Shopify store, unlike the platform, there may be orders on the new product update. If the Shopify store wants to do well, the traffics must be considered first. Speaking of Shopify traffics, the most common traffic methods for Shopify store are nothing more than these: SEO, SEM, SNS marketing, EDM marketing, press release marketing, affiliate marketing, etc. The following is divided into two parts to highlight how the new stores get the first batch of visitors. How to deploy SEO to bring more traffic to Shopify store.

How to get the first visitor traffics to Shopify store

The Shopify store traffics generally comes from two parts, one is paid traffics, the other is free organic traffics, the traffic brought by advertising is the most direct and most effective traffic, free traffic may not be so direct and fast, it takes time to accumulate and precipitate. But free traffic can’t be ignored. First, these traffic is free. Second, these traffic is long-lasting. Here are a few free methods for getting free traffic to Shopify store.

SNS marketing

SNS is Social Network Services. The most popular SNS platforms are Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Linkedin, Instagram, etc. SNS marketing is to get traffic from these social platforms.

SNS marketing has a lot of routines, but the essence is still “eyeball economy”. Be more specific, it is to share good and interesting content to people who might interested. Good content is attractive content, and it ensures that people are not offended; people who are interested in your content, maybe your fans, or potential fans.

How do you send the content to the people you need? First of all, we must determine our own positioning, publish different content on the social media platform according to different positioning, and thus be a loyal fan of our own brand.

If your positioning is marketing, you should generally post advertising posts, new products, offers, and more on social media. Suitable for most e-commerce products, its delivery effect is good, but you need to accumulate your fans in a short period of time. If you want to accumulate fans in the short term, you will inevitably need to use paid advertising.

If your positioning is a service category, you should generally share pre-sales and post-sales information and services on social media. Generally, B2B companies use more.

If your positioning is a professional technology product, you should generally share product out-of-box evaluations, competing product analysis, etc. on social media. Generally, 3C products are suitable for sharing these contents on social media. There are many evaluation communities and websites in China. Fans in such communities generally have strong purchasing power.

If your positioning is a hotspot, you should generally share industry hotspots, news, and more on social media. Because it is generally a hotspot, it will bring a lot of traffic, and use these traffic to quickly drain and realize the realization.

If your positioning is entertainment: you should generally share pan-entertainment content on social media, suitable for sharing fishing, custom, and modified content.

EDM marketing

Many Shopify sellers still don’t pay much attention to email marketing. Email is the mainstream communication tool in our daily life. Many people use email every day, so email marketing is also a very important marketing method. Regularly produce beautiful and attractive email content as well as promotional ads, send it to customers, and set the email content to jump to the Shopify store.

Affiliate marketing

The Shopify seller pay a certain commission on the affiliate platform and issues the goods. The members of the affiliate platform receive the tasks such as browsing assigned by the alliance platform. If the member is interested in this product, they will receive the coupon code to purchase the goods, and the seller will pay the alliance platform according to the preferential code. commission. Before the affiliate marketing, the public number article has also been discussed in detail. You can click on the high conversion traffic channel that the article cannot ignore.

Commonly used affiliate marketing platforms



Shopify store SEO deployment

SEO is a search engine optimization method that makes the basic elements of the website suitable for search engine search principles and is more user friendly, which makes it easier to be indexed and prioritized by search engines.

What is the role of SEO? In short, it is divided into two types, allowing more users to find what they want faster; it also allows customers with needs to find you first. As a seller, the more concerned is how to let the customer in need find you first, then you need to understand the customer’s needs and think about the problem from the customer’s point of view.

SEO label writing specification

Usually the label is divided into three parts: title, keyword, and description. First of all, you have to say in the title section, “Who are you, what do you do, what are the advantages?” Let people know you at first sight, so In order to retain a valid user in the first step. The title generally does not exceed 80 characters; secondly, the keywords should truly cover your products and services. Generally no more than 100 characters; finally, in the description here, the supplementary title is clearly expressed information, generally no more than 200 characters.

Title + description

It is worth noting that the title + description is generally an introduction to the search engine search results. So the title and description must fully express the characteristics and advantages of your product and brand.

Product keywords

The setting of keywords is also very important, because most users buy products without directly searching for your products, and usually search for the keywords that you want to buy. Keywords are generally divided into the following four categories. We recommend that the target keyword should be brand + product, so users can find your product regardless of search brand or search product, thus improving the hit rate.

Target keyword. You prefer users to search for that keyword to access your Shopify store;

Long tail keyword. Target-based traffic, able to bring traffic to your store;

Hot search keywords. Keywords with high search volume and high search heat based on target keywords;

Related keywords. All relevant keywords based on target keywords.

How to choose keywords for Shopify store? Take the example of the target keyword we use most often. First of all, we must dig out all the relevant keywords, and select keywords that are directly related to the store itself, and determine the target keywords by analyzing the selected keywords’ heat and competitiveness. Generally, we analyze and determine the target keywords through keyword analysis tools, search engine guide words, search engine related searches, weight index, and analysis of keywords of competitors.

Commonly used keyword analysis tools:

(Free) MozBar: https://moz.com

(Paid) SimilarWeb: https://www.similarweb.com/

Link anchor text

What is the anchor text? A keyword, with a link, is a link anchor text. The key word with the link is the anchor text. The anchor text plays a fundamental role in the SEO process. Simply put, SEO is constantly making anchor text. The page pointed to by the anchor text link is not only the best way to guide the user to visit the website, but also to tell the search engine that who is this page.

Insite anchor text

Publishing the text in the store is conducive to the spider quickly crawling the webpage, increasing the weight, increasing the user experience, reducing the jump out, and facilitating the search engine to judge the original content. The more effective links you have on the entire site, the higher your ranking.

External links

What is an external link? The external link in SEO is also called import link, referred to as outer chain and reverse chain. Is a link to your website by other websites. How do I know how many external links a Shopify store has?

1.Google Search Console



How do I post external links for Shopify store? You can publish external links through friendship links, self-built blogs, press release articles, forums, and Q&A platforms. Here are a few things to note:

A url corresponds to a keyword;

The external chain website is related to itself, such as fishing rods and baits, wigs and wig care solutions, but it is best to not compete;

Find more quality websites, big portals (like New York Times, BBC, WDN News);

Content diversity, a post should not be repeated;

The frequency is natural, two or three articles a week can be;

Don’t cheat, you can’t use the hidden link, two-way link, etc. to release the outer chain;

Don’t send out the chain for the outer chain, the “good” content can really retain the customer.

ALT label

Edit the ALT tag in the product or image management. When the user searches for the relevant image, you will see the image source and image description. This will increase the keyword density of your website and thus increase the weight of your store.

Page update status

If the store updates the content frequently, it will speed up the inclusion of this page. In addition, you can add some “latest articles” section and message function on the website. Don’t just sell products for selling products, which can increase the user’s stickiness on the one hand, and speed up the collection speed of the website on the other hand.

Search bounce rate

The higher the bounce rate, the more search engines will think you are a junk website. There are two reasons for the high bounce rate. The user experience is poor and the advertising effect is poor. The user experience is generally improved by the following five aspects:

Optimize website opening speed

The content of the website is neat and tidy.

The material attracts the eye

Guided function is perfect

The search logic is normal and the product classification is clear.

The poor performance of advertising generally improves through these two aspects. The first one is real propaganda, to ensure that your product is real, don’t hang the sheep and sell dog meat. The second is to accurately target the audience. If your product is good, push it to someone you don’t need, and he won’t go to buy your product, so the bounce rate will definitely be high.

Pay attention to the following points when doing SEO for Shopify store:

Do not delete the product, unless the product is a problem, the previously released product has been included in Google. If the product is deleted, the corresponding search weight will disappear.

Festive marketing static page production It is recommended that holiday marketing be done on the same page. Whether it is black 5 or net one, all activities are done on the same page, which is beneficial to improve the search weight of this page.

Page deletion and redirection, no matter what the activity, you can modify the relevant chain and activities in the background of the website, so even if it is a new activity, his search weight will be higher.

Review. the review of the website is equivalent to the inner chain. If your comments are updated frequently, users will search for related products and your comments will appear, which will increase the search volume of your store.

The above are the methods of how to obtain free traffics for Shopify stores. When you are planning to run a Shopify store, you must first deploy free traffics, lay the foundation of the website through free traffic, and then introduce accurate traffic through paid advertising. In this way, it isn’t hard to make money for your Shopify dropshipping business.

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