13 marketing tips to increase Shopify store sales

13 marketing tips to increase Shopify store sales

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This article is suitable for Shopify store within 2 years, including the transformation from Amazon to shopify, dropshipping and private label sellers. Before we start, let’s take a look how to small business operate Shopify store:

Step1. Find someone to build a Shopify site;

Step2. Upload product information and photos via Shopify apps;

Step3. Run Facebook ads;

Step4. Check sales data;

Step5. Optimize ads.

Continue cycling the steps of 3, 4, 5…

If you pay attention you will find that the nature of the business that these Shopify sellers are doing is: earning the difference in traffic, not the e-commerce in the true sense. Once the cost of ads is rapidly rising, they will be difficult to maintain, and they will not be able to build a sustainable Shopify business, which is doomed from the beginning. And now the ads cost is already raising.

The following are 13 marketing tips to help you to open up the solid operational thinking and help you to successfully build Shopify store with increasing sales avenue.

Optimize Shopify ads with A/B Test

If you’re advertising on Facebook, don’t neglect to use A/B Test to test your ad performance. Using A/B Test can help you optimize your ad presentation and your advertising budget.

Find the best creatives by testing the different creatives in the same ad group and PK based on the data. Thereby achieving the effect of increased sales obtained under a fixed budget.

Enrich product review in Shopify store

Imagine if you enter an e-commerce website and find that the product has no review, will you buy it? You may be worried that I am the first person to buy this product. If the product is not good, wouldn’t I become a white mouse? Therefore, it is very important to add review to the product.

Fortunately, Shopify app plugin is very smart, we can update it by importing Etsy, Aliexpress and other platforms, so that our product review is more rich.

Optimize Shopify shopping cart abandonment rate

Customers who generally add goods to their shopping carts are potential customers. But when we carefully analyze the website data, we will find that the abandonment rate is not low. If we don’t optimize for these user groups, then we will be in vain and wasted the advertising costs we spent before. If you can optimize this abandonment rate, it will greatly increase the Shopify store sales.

Let’s take a look at the possibility of Shopify shopping cart abandonment rate:

a. Can’t find coupon

b. There is no logistics method he wants

c. Very poor user experience billing page

b. Considering the security of payment

e. Need to create a new account

f. Unexpectedly high cost (tax, fee, shipping)

g. Can’t see the settlement amount until the check out page

h. Return policy does not meet the needs of sellers

i. Not enough payment methods

j. Delivery time is too long

k. The website has a technical error

l. Credit card is rejected

According to the above question, what we need to do is to optimize the payment process (technology, payment diversification, SSL certificate, etc.), and then set up a group for users who have joined the shopping cart but have not successfully paid, and do remarketing advertisement or EDM. Advertising, by giving coupons, etc., let these customers return to purchase.

Create user loyalty rules

The user loyalty is actually a rule that needs to be cultivated. If there is no rule, it is difficult to form loyalty. The rule is actually very simple. The user is rewarded for the following behaviors.

a. Repeated purchase customers

b. Share your product content on social media

c. Recommend friends to grow up to register (requires affiliate system)

d. Create a product review for your website

You can reward your clients with different credits or coupons based on the above behaviors. Over time, these customers will become your loyal users and bring you a steady stream of free new customers.

Build user model in Shopify store

How much do you know about your users? I believe that most of the sellers did not group different buyers in the background, and did not do segmentation.

It’s easy to do data grouping. We can use GA to set goals and Segement. We can distinguish between different factors such as buyers with repurchase rate and buyers with low complaint rate. This makes it easy for us to have different depths for different user behaviors.

When you do a good job of data analysis and distinguish between quality buyers and inferior buyers, your promotion and target audience will have a clearer direction.

And based on the data, you can also get an idea of what the user portrait of a quality buyer looks like.

Tips: We can also import quality user data to Facebook and do look like audience ads to target more similar quality buyers.

Building Shopify content marketing system

If you continue to use advertising traffic to get customers, then your traffic is not precipitated, and now more and more Shopify sellers uses content marketing to get customers, which is a low-cost way and you are able to precipitate clients in your Shopify store.

The benefits of content marketing on Shopify store:

a. Can help us bring potential buyers

b. Good article, readers will volunteer to share with you

c. Can help us bring free search engine traffic

d. Be able to wake up potential users with low demand and let them know that they need these products.

Build Shopify KOL marketing system

It is also a step to obtain customers, but if you work with KOL, the content is precipitated.

We have found hundreds of Youtube influencers who have worked together to do the product review project. Later, we found that even if we stop the KOL channel, YouTube will continue to bring traffic to our Shopify store, because the content has always existed.

I have also encountered some Shopify stores relying on the KOL road to make the brand, and now even if you do not advertise, there will be a steady stream of orders.

For more details you can take a look How to apply influencer marketing for Shopify dropshipping in 2019 .

Do Shopify EDM marketing

After the ad traffic comes in, if you don’t make them your subscribers, you may need to spend the same advertising costs next time to attract them, so your traffic costs are very high.

Encourage them to be your subscribers, and then differentiate users according to the user’s performance behavior according to the user model. This will help us to do precise marketing, activate user purchases again, and increase traffic usage.

Provide subscription product service

Product repurchase rates are highly likely, but consumer purchases may be low-frequency, and consumer loyalty is not high, he may choose to buy products in different places.

There is a model that is very popular online: subscription services.

The Shopify sellers encourage consumers to subscribe to their monthly products, and then send a batch of products to consumers every month, such as:

Case 1: Dogs’ toys, they send a box every month, and there are different toy product combinations in the box.

Case 2: Regularly send different men to match the clothes to the customer, without the user to consider wearing troubles.

Through subscription services, we will greatly increase the repurchase rate of our products. And subscription-based customers allow us to maximize traffic, and we can also feed back benefits to our customers to achieve a virtuous circle, such as Amazon’s subscribe service. (suitable for products with high repurchase rates: such as clothes, accessories, pet toys, daily necessities, etc.)

Guest blog for Shopify store

The Guest Post here is not a Guest Post that we understand in SEO. Its purpose is not how to get an external link, but how to bring us a lot of exposure and traffic through submission.

Find a large site for your target audience, reach out to the writer and discuss how to write an article and successfully publish it to these sites, which will bring us effective and long-term traffic.

Generally check the traffic, we will use similarweb, ahrefs and other tools, which can help us judge the traffic of the website.

Shopify store SEO and improve keyword rankings

Shopify store SEO can help us bring accurate search traffic and increase user trust.

Especially trust, the ranking of brand words is particularly important. If a buyer can’t search for your brand name on Google, his trust in your website will be greatly reduced.

The trust of the Shopify store itself will be weaker than that of the third-party platform, so we need to always pay attention to gaining more user trust in the details.

What we need to do is to optimize the architecture of the site, the content of the copy, and the construction of the external links. This can infiltrate the concept of SEO in daily operations, and does not need to deliberately set up a team to do this because the formation team is doing SEO, the return on investment is definitely a loss.

Planning Giveaway event in Shopify store

A successful giveaway event can help us bring a lot of exposure to Shopify store, which will increase brand awareness and trust.

You can create a giveaway activity through facebook or ins or Youtube, increase the exposure through ad placement, and let more people participate. Since the participation condition requires hashtag his friend, the event will be seen on the friend’s timeline.

Of course, we can also do giveaway by cooperating with the influencers (I personally prefer this), so that you can cultivate a group of influencer fans to grow, and maintain long-term cooperation, which can help you reduce marketing costs.

Manage reputation of the Shopify store

When a user sees your Shopify store, many people will try to search for your brand name on google first. If the review is bad feedback, do you think they will buy your product?

You may lose this potential customer forever, because people tend to be “stereotyped” about new things. Once he thinks your brand is not good, you are very difficult to convince him to go to your store to buy, the cost will be very high, so It is also very important to make a good reputation for the brand.

You can search for the brand words +review on google to see if there are bad comments on the major reviews sites.

If there is, just find someone to help you with the outsourcing method, and remove negative comments.

The above 13 Shopify marketing tips can be explained by the AARRR traffic funnel model.

Through the AARRR traffic model, we can clearly understand how to optimize the Shopify store in each step to create a powerful brands for Shopify independent store to make profits. Are you ready now?

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