How to get massive free and paid traffics from Reddit to Shopify store

How to get massive free and paid traffics from Reddit to Shopify store

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Traffics means money to dropshipping business, lots of Shopify sellers distressed for how to attract traffics to the store especially new sellers. In this article we will introduce how to get massive free and paid taffics from Reddit to Shopify store.

Reddit is a social platform which is very popular among people in the world. We all know that reddit currently hundreds of millions of visitors per month, global website ranks 21st, and US website ranks 13th,
Ranked 6th in the social platform, such high traffic means business opportunities to the Shopify dropshipping business.

Basic knowledge on Reddit

Reddit registration and interface, the current reddit registration is very simple, just enter the mailbox and user name as well as the password would be okay to register a Reddit account. We need to know the three basic terminology concepts of Reddit, Upvote, Downvote and Karma.

Upvote: Like feature, you can like a good post, and others can also like your post.

Downvote: If you don’t like a post you can click on it.

Karma: It represents your level at Reddit. The more posts and comments like you got, the higher the karma value.

How to get taffics from Reddit to Shopify store

For example, if you are selling pet product on Shopify, search for “pet” in the search box, you can see a lot of very hot posts.

Then I just found a group here, there are more than 20 million team members, online 35,000 people.

Then you can join the group to post, comment and interact with others in the group, later you may get target traffics from the Reddit group.

There has also another way for you to find target product group or post in Reddit. You can google site: product keywords, you will find lots of search results for you to find those kind of product groups, it is very practical and have very high convention rates if you post or comment high quality content related to the products.

After you joined the Reddit group, you can create post, there are three types of posts currently : Post, image&video, Link.

Post: Here you can write a title and text description, then add a picture or video to attract visitors.

Image&Video: Write the title directly, then upload the image or video

Link: Write the title, then enter the URL, note that many external links are not allowed to be published.

In general, we use more posts, insert pictures or videos, and when I insert the link, it prompts, the link must be the URL of the following websites, basically video websites or pictures. Then this is actually very simple, you just need to make a youtube product video, then insert your video URL here, you can do content marketing in the video to guide visitors into your website.

We have seen that this group section supports imgur url. Imgur is also a very large traffic website. We can also put the product link on this website. Let’s take a look at the specific operations.

Imgur website can upload pictures without uploading, upload pictures, and then add the title and description of the picture. Of course, your product link can be placed in the description, you can automatically generate the image URL, so you can upload this website to reddit, when the user clicks on the link to see the picture, you can see the description of the picture and our product link.

Imgur itself is not a place that is very suitable for e-commerce website drainage, because it is basically all funny, spoof-like pictures, we just use its generated URL.

Of course, this group section supports the url in these websites. There are many groups that don’t support it. I suggest that new Shopify sellers just enter the group and don’t just post advertisements casually, but observe, you can quickly look at this group first. Check how other people post link in the group, and then see how they get traffics from Reddit.

Like many very popular groups, it generally allows members with high karma points to send a post with a URL. Karma points are a system of points created by the reddit platform. The higher the score, the more active you are. The more time you spent on Reddit. At present, if your post got a lot of people likes, then you will get more karma points, and you can answer other people’s questions, and then get more karma points.

It should be noted here that the rules of different group sections are different. It is recommended that Shopify sellers first study the rules of the group section.

It’s not recommended to publish some casual product images, etc., because many popular sections have a lot of people submitting posts every minute. If your post is not attractive enough, it will quickly disappear into the ranking. Instead, you need To post high-quality posts, enough to attract others to interact, a high-quality post is worth 100 general posts, so the secret of Reddit marketing is here, ordinary posts can be sent, but high quality The post must be worked hard to be able to have it.

Reddit traffics are generally good and have higher convention rates, but it may be difficult for newcomers in the early stage, but in fact every social platform is like this. There is no such thing as just starting to drain, and a lot of traffic comes in, each The social platform has its own rules, and the existence is reasonable.

How to ad on Reddit

Reddit’s advertising URL:

The types of Reddit ads are: brand display ads (charged by thousand impressions), traffic (pay per click), conversion (pay per click), video viewing (according to per view), app download (pay per click).

Audience positioning, you can locate in detail the small section of each subdivision, you can locate the country, the type of device (computer or mobile).

The bid for cpc can be controlled by itself. It is usually set to start at $0.1, and the ad will appear at the top of the interest section you are running.

Reddit ads VS Facebook ads

Stability: certainly reddit is more stable, facebook personal accounts are generally difficult to survive.

Advertising effect: In fact, the competition level of reddit advertisement is much smaller than facebook, the effect may not be as good as facebook, because reddit’s advertisement can’t deliver post type, can’t form share forwarding, etc., thus forming a viral spread, but not saying All the products are not as good as facebook advertisements. The advantage of reddit advertisements is that it is easier to locate the audience. You can directly locate the interest section. The advertisements will only appear when the user enters the interest section, so the user will The click-through rate of an ad will be higher than that of facebook. If your product is more profitable and it is easier to find a section of interest on reddit, then you can go to it.Competition: reddit competition is obviously much smaller, because many people do not know.

Reddit Marketing Tools for Shopify

This Google Chrome plugin is highly recommended: Reddit Enhancement Suite. You can use the plugin to log in to multiple accounts directly, track the posts you are interested in, color-code the users you are interested in, and view the specific values of clicks or dislikes that you can’t see at the front end. More than 2 million, the evaluation is also 5 stars praise, if you want to get reddit traffics, you can install to have a try.

The whole process of Reddit’s promotion and marketing are listed above. Whether it is free or paid traffics, you can just have a try, because the cost is not high. Of course, I have to do it well. I still have to take care of it. Many people always It’s too naive to think of relying on one post or picture to get traffics. It’s just a simple matter, and everyone doesn’t have to work hard. If you word hard on high quality content post on Reddit, it is a very good way to help get stable and massive traffics to your Shopify store.

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