34 useful tips for Shopify dropshipping beginner

34 useful tips for Shopify dropshipping beginner

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There are lots of beginners who want to do shopify dropshipping business have no idea where to start, and there are various different dropshipping questions on the forum and quora, here we collected 34 useful tips for Shopify dropshipping beginner as a reference.

Choose a popular and reliable niche for dropshipping

It is the first step and key to your success on dropshipping business. It is risky to start a store with best selling products. First of all, most people find a trend in the peak, so your sales may not rise. Second, it’s hard to know if something is hot now, or if it will always be hot.

When you want to choose the right model for Shopify dropshipping, be sure to consider continuity. If you have a product that is currently hot, add it to your store as a product line to promote sales, but don’t build the entire store on a short-term basis. Focus on niche that can stand the test of time, such as fashion, fitness, pets, phone accessories, beauty or jewelry. Stick to a popular, stable niche market, and your business is more likely to survive in the first, second and fifth years.

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Find a good competitor to imitate

It is important to look for quality competitors at the beginning. For example, if you want to be a customer-centric company, you can imitate Disney. If you want to master the brand art, you can imitate the Dollar Shave Club. If you want to create a large platform, you can imitate Amazon. Instead of copying their niche or style, just find the specific pattern you like and apply it to your own website. As for how to find a competitor, we will explain in the future blog.

Website visual design should be attractive

It is very important the entire site should be very visually appealing. The product page should have multiple product images showing different angles and uses. The home page should have a compelling banner image that allows customers to bring themselves into the product. Even your blog post should be very beautiful. There should be a few images in each post, GIF or even video to separate the text body.

Product catalogs should be accurate

If there are only 15 products in the early stage of the dropshipping business, all products can be classified into one large category. However, as the store develops, it needs to be more specific in the product category. Product categories such as female, male, and children don’t make much sense for search engine optimization purposes, but these categories are common on many websites. Even worse, some websites use female on all women’s fashions, and there are no subcategories at all. Most people don’t like to browse the entire store and find that they don’t have the dress they want in their store. Take a look at how Amazon classifies products so that customers can easily find very specific items.

Make product videos

Good product video can help increase conversion rates and increase store sales. There are two ways to use product video. First, you can add product videos to the product page to show different product perspectives or demonstrate how to use the product. Second, you can use product video as a marketing tool. Facebook’s video ads show a high level of engagement, clicks, and purchases. While creating video content can be time consuming, it will ultimately help you effectively increase sales. This also gives your brand a competitive advantage because many brands don’t have a lot of video content.

Encourage product review

Product reviews add trust to the dropshipping brand. When you get the first few sales, you should contact your customers or use the Shopify app, such as Product Reviews Addon, to automatically send messages to customers. Encourage customers to leave photo comments on the product page. If customers share your product on social media, they can leave a comment on your site and attach their photo. The more people who show products to potential customers, the more customers they can build. Knowing that someone else buys from your store and loves your product can help new customers convention rates.

Optimize store niche product keywords

Most Shopify sellers focus on short-term money-making strategies, such as Facebook or Google advertising or online marketing. However, the most important thing they ignored is the search engine optimization strategy. If you plan to run your website for a long time, then search engine optimization can help bring organic traffic. Don’t rely on a platform. You need to make sure that even if your advertising account is locked for a day, you can still make money in other ways. A search engine optimization strategy, if executed correctly, can help drive a lot of free traffic to the store.

Recover expired shopping cart

Try different APP and email formats. Although it is not possible to recover all abandoned shopping carts. However, even with a 1-5% success rate, it is good enough. According to Baymard, the average shopping cart abandon rate is between 60-80%. Although this probability is normal, you should do everything possible to generate conversions. Sending the first email within six hours of the customer abandoning the shopping cart can help with the conversion and then send at least 3 more emails. Additional discounts can be provided in the email to help with the conversion. Starting with a 10% discount, if the customer has not resumed the shopping cart, they will continue to offer a 15% discount.

Optimize navigation bar

The navigation bar on the top of the store is a menu where you can list product categories such as home, fashion, jewelry, accessories, special discounts. The first and last item in the top navigation bar is the most clicked. While most people put home in the first place, adding a product category is actually more strategic. Customers like to browse discounted items, so it’s also good to put it in the end. No matter which product line or page you want to attract more attention, you should be in the first and last position.

Make sure customers can find relevant information

When you officially launched the store, you need to make sure that customers have access to everything they need to purchase a product. Contains shipping and return information so customers can understand these policies before purchasing. Make sure you have a contact page so that customers can easily reach them when they have problems or questions.

If you are doing cross border dropshipping business, you may also note the customs tax, shipping terms, delivery time etc.

Add Flash sale

A sense of urgency can help increase sales. One of the easiest ways to do this is to add a time-limited snap to your site. All products should have a countdown timer. The added product should be rotated once a week, so that there are always new product options to attract more customers. Add a time-limited panning area in the top navigation bar so people can easily find your limited time snapped up items. Place it in the last category of the top navigation because the first and last categories get the most clicks.

Store automation

Simplify your work with e-commerce automation tools. For example, Buffer help you automatically post to social media. Kit could automate marketing. Shoelace can automatically retarget ads. The more automated the business, the more time it will focus on creating sales or a free and flexible dropshipping lifestyle. Be a boss, not an employee. Don’t be a business person because it will consume your time. Be a person who has his own business, makes money, and lives in his own way.

Marketing is the most important thing for dropshipping

Marketing and advertising bring money for your store, so don’t waste your time optimizing the store day by day. Actively post on social media every day, at least once a few days to post. Next, contact the magazines and blogs similar to your product features. In addition, you can create Facebook or Instagram ads for the products. Regularly writing blog content can help improve your store ranking.

Test ads

To really get the successful operation of the dropshipping business, you need to do a lot of experiments. You need to create different ads for different products. Test different copies, formats, and images. A large number of ads are used to test different advertising dimensions, which ultimately leads to customers and orders. Once you’ve earned money through advertising, you can start improving your site. Many people have focused on improving the website in the early stage. But if you don’t know the customer’s reaction to the website and the product, it is no good to improve the website through your own obscenity. Don’t be self-righteous to speculate on your customers’ ideas. Without seeing the data coming back, it is impossible to know where things need improvement.

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Start social networking when you running your store

Once you’ve purchased your store domain, you can start building your audience. You can start with posts on social media to increase your fan base so that when you launch your product, you already have a target customer. After the website is online, it is time to start collecting email addresses and start building external links. Doing this from the beginning will expand your customer base faster. By focusing on building social media, email lists and links, it seems to reduce investment in advertising in the long run. In the end, you can also promote your products to your audience through your own social channels.

Keep in touch with influencers

It takes a few months to find the most influential people to promote the product, and even then there is no guarantee that the promotion will be effective. Finding a better influencer is actually very difficult. Sometimes they give a high price, but the conversion rate is very low. You can take advantage of Famebit to distinguish the influencers.

Try multiple social networks

When it comes to social media, many stores make the same mistake: there is only one social platform. For example, some people may only post on Instagram and focus their customers on ins through Influencer marketing. Still others are completely marketing on Facebook because they find Facebook ads more effective. While using a combination of platforms can be a bit time consuming, it gives you a competitive advantage. About 3-4 social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter Youtube are the best. Don’t rely on one platform, because one day the platform may disappear and you have nothing left.

Marketing strategy in addition to ads

Advertising is very likely to be the most profitable way for your store. But you don’t want to limit marketing channels just by Facebook, Instagram or Google. Spend time optimizing traffic for the store through search engine optimization, popping products to blogs and popular magazines, content marketing, active posting on social media, email marketing, and more.

Marketing is more than just creating ads. Increase your organic traffic by optimizing your keywords, create a blog list related to your niche, contact them to mine your products, and more. Engage potential customers on social media by using hashtags, post multiple times a day and share valuable and interesting content. Create an email list and send promotional messages to customers on a regular basis. Establish a loyalty program to offer special discounts to loyal customers.

Retargeting ads have to run all the time

Publish a lot of content on your blog and show it in the web. When influencer shares content with its fans, the store’s traffic will increase dramatically. Use retargeting ads to show the most popular products to customers. In the early days of operating a store, there will be a lot of abandoned shopping carts, and by repositioning add to cards, you can try to win back lost customers. This method is much better than using an abandoned shopping cart app to send emails. Retargeting ads are usually less expensive and help promote conversions for customers who haven’t purchased for the first time.

Publish product to discount websites

For many online shoppers, product prices are important. They use tools and applications to find discount codes, saving more money. Give your product a high enough price so you can give customers a discount without losing money. Hire people on Fiver to submit your discount code to the most popular websites. Some stores include a discount page with a discount code for the store in their top navigation bar or footer. You can also use a discount code on social media such as “FB10” or “INSTA15”. There are specific discount websites, you can google yourself.

Build external links

To increase sales revenue while reducing ads cost, it is important to establish external backlinks. Do this by promoting your product on a related blog or magazine or writing a guest post on a blog. The more such traffic sources, the less you spend on advertising. For example, even if you write a guest post on another blog, you may not mention a particular product, but you may get a click on your site. Once someone clicks on your store, they can re-locate them with the best-selling products, which is much cheaper than trying to find new customers. After the store has been open for a long time, you can use this method to get some orders.

Create a blog to earn money

Open a blog for your shopify store can help you find new customers, increase customer loyalty and trust, and make more money for the store. With SEO and social media, your blog content will bring more traffic to the store. You can use retargeting ads to make money and let viewers see your products because they bring high quality traffic. Next, bring the best products to your blog as a gift for special occasions and holidays. You can also make money by embedding related product links in your blog.

Constantly update content to attract customers

When running a new store, publish content at a fixed time so that customers know when to come back. For example, if you add a new product every week, you should do it on the same day of the week so that customers can return to your site to view relevant content on a fixed day of the week. If you insist on updating your blog content, you should post the content on the same day. Once there is no fixed time, customer loyalty will be lost.

Spend more time on content marketing

It is impossible to increase the conversion rate by writing basic information such as products name. By writing a short paragraph detailing how the product benefits the customer, mentioning the feature, and explaining how to use the product, it would be better to convince the customer to make the purchase. For example, if you are selling a dress, you can mention how good the customer will look when wearing this dress for the next party, mentioning how the fabrics show their figure and recommending the shoe color or jewelry style to add points to the dress.

Make your content attractive

If you are doing Shopify dropshipping, you need to find a way to stand out from the competition. The easiest way is to create unique content. Publishing blog posts several times a week is a great way to build an audience and keep your site fresh and active. You can also upload videos to build your own brand. Luxy Hair has achieved great success by producing distinctive YouTube videos. Today, their YouTube channel has more than 2.9 million subscribers. Good content can bring huge profits.

Join Facebook group to get assistance and advice by other dropshippers

For dropshipping beginners, it’s best to join some e-commerce Facebook groups. Ask for feedback about your new store, tips on how to get sales, and share new tips you’ve learned. Become a member of the community, follow the trend, and build relationships with other sellers to become a more competitive seller. For example, Shopify Entrepreneurs, Ecommerce Entrepreneurs, and many other similar groups, please search for yourself.

Be kind to your clients

If you treat your customers in the right way, they will repeat purchase and introduce you clients. Be sure to keep in touch with your customers! Tell them you are very grateful to them! You can hold a “Customer Appreciation Campaign” to post new products and distribute VIP code during the event. Think of ways to do it, make them happy, and strengthen your connection with them.

Keep in touch with customers and understand their needs

Building relationships with customers is very time consuming but very important. Manually email each customer and ask them what they think about the product they are buying. If the customer wants our store to have any other type of product and suggests adding the blog content they want to see, you can provide a VIP in the email. Code thanks for their feedback as an additional reward for providing this information. Not everyone will respond, but once a customer responds, it will help us better understand our customers’ needs.

Loyalty plan

It is very important to build customer loyalty to your dropshipping brand to improve the Repurchase rate. You can offer multiple ways via discounts or gifts etc. to encourage old customers repeat purchase on your store and share with their friends.

Add upsell promotion

By upselling, you can not only increase the average order value, but also earn more profits per order, making your advertising spending cheaper. One tip: offer similar products as upsells, and if they buy now, they can give away gifts for free.

Share product reviews

When you getting the first few sales, ask the customer to take a photo with your product with their reviews. If you sell clothing or other accessories, collecting as many photos as possible from people using or wearing your products can help you get the customer’s favor. What the customer wants to see is the appearance of the actual product received, not the polished image. Contact your customers and let them share their photos with you on social media. If you pay the Reds to buy their photos, you can use them in your ad. Don’t run ads with customer-reported photos, but you can share them on your social platform as well as on your website. Remember to tag your customers when sharing photos.

Offer free shipping service

It is very important to test the different effects of free mail VS paid mailing. However, when you open a new store, it is best to provide free shipping to stimulate purchases. People are tired of placing orders in stores they don’t trust, so providing free mail will make customers feel less risky and willing to buy. About 50% of websites offer free shipping, which is where your store is better than other competitors. For example, AliExpress, many suppliers offer free shipping or ePacket, which is a low-cost courier service that does not have much impact on profits.

Dropshipping via ePacket

Too much shipping costs will scare away customers. If the price is too high, they may not buy it. If the waiting time is long, they may ask for a refund. These two issues can be solved by using ePacket distribution. This is one of the fastest shipping services in China and one of the lowest cost. Most products can be shipped for a few dollars.

Outsource order fulfillment jobs

When it comes to dropshipping business, there are things you can do better than others. Some things cannot be done better than others. Whether it’s a good product description, accounting, or marketing, you need to make sure you’re doing what you do best. Outsource the work you are least good at. If you have 20 to 30 order per day, it may took too much time for order fulfillment each day, then you can outsource the order fulfillment to save more time for store marketing.

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