How to use Facebook ads promote Shopify store

How to use Facebook ads promote Shopify store

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In the current Internet society, traffic is really lacking for eCommerce business. So no matter how good our shopify store design is, how good the product is, we don’t promote it, and people can’t see us, therefore, active marketing becomes necessary. If you are doing Shopify cross-border e-commerce, Facebook is a hurdle that can’t be circumvented. Here we will share some tips how to use Facebook ads to promote Shopify store.

Follow Facebook advertising rules

You must follow FB’s advertising rules. Facebook launched page rating function. If your page rating is very low, then you can not pass to ads check. Therefore, it has been found that low page rating Shopify stores are difficult to survive on FB in the future.

All Facebook advertising content is being checked before published. Don’t waste time and money on content that people won’t accept. Generally speaking, the review time is 24 hours, but in many cases it will not be 24 hours…

Here are some ads that Facebook won’t accept:

Before xx, after xx pictures

For example, I am selling diet pills. I send some photos of customers before losing weight and after losing weight. This is not allowed.

Ads contains financial information

Ads contains time restriction information

For example, I want to maintain the heat of my own post for a while, so I deliberately create a suspense, and then say, after a few days, check my label to see the answer, this will not pass the ads check.



Typo, too many grammatical errors

Adult supplies/services

Weapons, arms and explosive things

Sensitive or misleading information

If a user complains about your ad, even if it is in the early stages of the ad, it will be re-examined or even removed. I suggest that you carefully review their advertising policies before doing Facebook ads.

Use Facebook ads to tell a story

Even a short ad can tell a little story. Everyone loves to listen to stories regardless of their age, and the story can help us remember things. So, telling a story around a product can deepen people’s impression of this product.

One of the best stories to tell how to overcome a variety of difficulties in order to succeed. Many movies and TV shows are actually such subjects, but people who watch them are happy. Therefore, Facebook advertising can also be used in this way. If a product is promoted, it can be said that the hero is successful in relying on this product.

Of course, advertising will have exaggerated elements, but don’t be too exaggerated. Let’s take a look at the excellent representative of shopify in our industry, phonebibi Address:

Maybe after you open the address, you will be shocked by the price above, how can the goods price be so high? The important point here is that many of the descriptions on this website really seem to be writing stories. I like it a lot. Through the story, it is very sensational, so users are easily attracted. And this kind of story is really in line with many scenes that users usually encounter. So telling a story is really necessary.

Facebook ads content should be attractive

Many people do Facebook ads very simply, put the product in a background, take a video, or take a photo, but the result is that the advertising costs have been spent, but did not attract much attention . To draw more attention, it is necessary to create drama.

Provide coupon on Facebook ads

Yes, if you offer discount for clients to save money. The user will not likely to miss it. If your product is better, and there are discounts, others will stop to see your ads, and even the chances of entering your store will increase greatly.

Establish authority via Facebook ads

Facebook prefers reviews and interaction rates, and in fact the comment area is a great place to build authority and credibility. If a user asks a question, answer it. Remember, to be professional, after all, is our own product, must be authoritative. When we interact with these users, we are also building our own brand image.

Of course, negative comments are certainly there, and negative comments are not necessarily bad. Just like when we are visiting Amazon, if you see a store, all the reviews are praises and no bad reviews, or even a middle review, I always feel less credible. Because it is really impossible, what products are good for everyone? There must be people who have opinions. Of course, the bad reviews we want to leave are more pertinent, but like those without brains, the direct delete them.

Try Facebook video ads

The Facebook algorithm is actually friendly to the video content, relative to the text content. And not only is the Facebook platform more like video, but Facebook users also like it.

The data shows that more than half of the users watch videos on Facebook every day. So the chances that they will stop watching the video will be correspondingly larger.

Create a Facebook page to post ads

To create a Facebook fan community, we’ll take the time to create a Facebook page and post.

And the content doesn’t have to be long, we can share something that others have written, and in short, what you think your audience might like. In addition to the article, we can also share some videos, meme, photos and so on.

Ad Facebook contest

On Facebook, it’s still necessary to engage in activities.

Whether it is our store or a specific product, it is a good idea to start a competition. We can set a game to win, you can give a free product, which can stimulate user participation. We offer them free prizes, they give me free exposure, no matter which social platform, Facebook or Instagram, this is a very good marketing method.

Facebook ads should maintain relevance

We distribute Facebook to be relevant to our audience. because:

If the ad is relevant to the audience, the return on investment will be relatively higher.

Advertisements will receive fewer complaints

Can be approved (Facebook advertising policy: all content contained in the ad, including text, images, or other media, must be relevant to the audience)

Landing page is consistent with Facebook ads

The landing page we link to must be consistent with the content of the ad. In fact, this is not just this. I have said it in many places before. In any case, the landing page must be related to the previous content.

But this point, really many people have not noticed, thinking that to be a Facebook ad, just do the material well, I do not know the current fb will also review your ad landing page.

For example, if your advertisement sells women’s clothes, but the landing page of your link becomes a real estate page, that’s totally waste money.

User reviews can be facebook ads

If your shopify store has a lot of praise, you can fully display the praise of these users as the text information of the advertisement.

If there is really no comment, then make a fake comment (LOL)

Everyone likes to see the feelings and recommendations of other users, not just how good a business is when you say your product.

But what if you are promoting new products? What if there is no comment? We can send other people’s products and let others evaluate them. That is to measure, many brands are doing this now, whether it is a big brand or a small brand.

Share content other than sales

Not all ads are always saying “Come on! Come to buy!”

That’s why we are going to vomit when heard some advertisement now.

But now in this society, such advertisements with too much purpose are really tired. Therefore, we can occasionally send content that is not so strong in advertising. Can promote an event, or share some brand stories and so on.

From short ads to long ads remarketing

Facebook generally does not lengthen ads, only short ads. Most of the ads are within 15-30 seconds. Therefore, if there is too much text information in a picture, the review will not pass. Although Facebook can’t directly advertise, but you can put a link, we can put a long advertisement link from Facebook to the ad page.

We just send a short ad on Facebook, then add a “See more” at the end to learn more links.

This page, everyone is best not to make a hard and wide, made soft and wide. Then add a call-to-action button, so as long as the user believes us, you can click on the purchase. So, if the product you are doing needs to be explained, or if you need to provide more information, but this information can not be fully put into Facebook ads, you can choose this method. Moreover, the landing page of this link does not have to be text information, but can also be presented in video form.

Interruption ads

It’s the same as the advertisement when we watched TV. We watched TV well and suddenly there was an advertisement. This is an interrupted advertisement.

This is also the way Facebook ads use it. That is, it is possible that a user is watching his friend’s post, but our ad will suddenly appear in front of him. It was to interrupt him and to attract him under the premise of interrupting him. But this kind of interruption without warning requires us to guide him step by step by our products, so it is very important to guide him to visit our store.

In other words, in this case, our advertising is not to be a shopping guide, our advertising needs to be more affable and more convincing. The best way to do this is to provide a solution to the problem. For example, “I always forget to bring a key?…”

If an ad doesn’t have a call-to-action button, it doesn’t matter how good the content is. This call-to-action button can be either “Learn more” or “shop now”. In short, the simpler the road that the user buys, the simpler the steps that can be simplified. Because every step of the step, the possibility of losing customers is a little bigger.

If the call-to-action button for our ads is for users to go to Google for our store, there will be some users who choose to give up, yes, it’s so lazy. So these call-to-action buttons are to get straight to the point and go directly to our advertising page or our website.

Design a muting ad video

Many users are actually muted when using Facebook, such as me. So our video should let them understand the content even when it is muted, and even add subtitles.

For example, in our video, two people stood in a clear dialogue, no other scenes, and no subtitles. What if the other person is muted? (Do not design such a boring video) Sound and dialogue can really add a lot to the video, but even without sound, our video is good. Data shows that 85% of Facebook users are silent to watch videos.

Ads track users who have visited our site

Many people doing Facebook ads may directly track some new users, people who have not covered them before. This is really important, you are doing it right. However, it is more efficient to track directly those users who have been in contact with us before, because they have already had an impression of our brand, and even many of them have already seen our products, so they are likely to buy them.

So how do we set this up?

Step 1. Enter the Facebook Advertising Management Center

Step 2. Select settings, Pixels

Step 3, select Create Custom Audience

Step 4, Select All website visitors

Record Facebook ads data

Advertising must not only be done with the eyes closed, we have to monitor these data regularly. The monitoring data is in the Facebook Advertising Management Center I just talked above.

Step 1, Select create custom conversions

Step 2, Choose what you want to track in the category

There are many types here, as well as drop-downs, including entering payment information in our store, or adding a shopping cart, adding a wishlist, etc. can be recorded. This part is the function of Facebook remarketing. This function will play a particularly important role in the conversion of our website if we can use it.

You have to build a funnel in the re-marketing stage, sometimes don’t make money from a product. This kind of play is done by many people, directly introduced to the landing page, and then the user enters the LP, or Buy page etc.

This style of Facebook ads is still very basic. You have to build a funnel and sell it with other products. No matter whether the user clicks to buy or not sell, no matter what button he clicks (except for exit), you can benefit from it.

The above are some tips about how to use Facebook ads promote Shopify store, you will be succeeded in Shopify dropshipping business once you know how to take advantage of Facebook ads to attract target customers.

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