Top 16 free and paid apps for Shopify dropshipping 2019

Top 16 free and paid apps for Shopify dropshipping 2019

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We know that using shopify to open a store is now a very straightforward process especially for dropshipping business. However, the shopify store itself has limited functionality, so we sometimes need to add some plugins or apps for more features to facilitate the store marketing purpose to increase sales. Here we list the Top 16 free and paid apps for Shopify dropshipping in 2019 to help you increase customer experience and sales, all of them can be easily found at the Shopify apps store.

Bundle Upsell

$47/month, one week free trial period. (a little expensive)

Bundle Upsell is mainly to recommend some products related to the products in the customer’s shopping cart. For example, if you have a pair of running shoes in your shopping cart, I will recommend sportswear for you, recommend sports headphones and so on. In this way, customers are encouraged to spend more at one time.

Beeketing Checkout Boost

$20 per month, 15 days free trial period. This plugin can add some buttons for social sharing on the billing page, as well as some gifts, discounts, and a countdown to make the customer settle.

Plug in SEO

It has free and paid version. 7 days free trail. Plug in SEO can monitor Shopify store traffic in real time, as well as some problems with the store, and regularly report website SEO performance. All SEO optimization factors are continuously detected, including page name, title, meta description, website loading speed, blog structure, content freshness, and more. It could help you increase free traffics in long terms.

Sumo List Builder

This plugin is mainly to help us collect the user’s mailbox information. I have said before that the importance of email marketing is no longer repeated. The app could help you capture the visitor emails in the most delightful way and increase order value with discounts or coupons.

Yotpo Reviews

Yotpo allows us to show more user-generated content, which is the user reviews. If a product in the store has a lot of reviews, it can directly increase the trustworthiness of this product; if these evaluations are better, you can even increase sales directly. Let’s take a look at the features of this plugin:

Send tracking email to customer, request evaluation

Show reviews in a small section

Fully autonomously controllable

Helping to drain from Facebook and Twitter

Show product reviews at Google shopping

And the above mentioned are just the features provided by the free version,

A praise can increase sales by 10%.

Therefore, this plugin I recommend everyone to use when designing the store.

MacAfee Secure

Free, paid versions are available. This plugin is mainly used to protect our customer information. After installing this plugin, a safely certified banner will appear on our website, increasing the trust of our customers in our store. Of course, this is definitely not just for good looks, the role is also real, MacAfee Secure can check our website for viruses, to ensure the security of the site.

Product Recommendations

$9.99 a month, one week trial period. It is true that a store with product recommendation is much better than a store without any recommendations. Because there are product recommendations, customers will stay longer in the store and browse more products, so they are more likely to buy. And my favorite thing about this plugin is that it’s very flexible. We can choose to recommend products by type, or you can choose to recommend them by hot sale. The products that users have recently viewed, new products, or similar products are similar to the products they are looking at. In short, everyone chooses the most useful for themselves.

Persistent Cart

$3.99 a month, with a one-month trial period. I don’t know if you have those kind of shopping experience. When you shopping for a longer time and all the shopping carts in front are gone. That’s really annoyed and it will definitely lose a lot of orders. This plugin is to allow our store to avoid this situation. It automatically associates the customer’s shopping cart with his account to prevent customers losing their shopping cart, so there is no chance that the shopping cart will disappear.

One Click Social Login

$4.99 a month, half-month trial period. With this plugin, users can log in to our website directly with a social account without having to re-register, completely simplifying the user registration process. Social accounts that can be logged in include:

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Amazon, Google+, Instagram,, Outlook and Yahoo.

This is not only convenient for users to register, but also convenient for us to record user information.

Audience Push to Facebook

Facebook ad redirects, especially tracking those users who have visited our store but eventually abandoned the purchase. The benefit of this plugin is that it can be used to redirect ads to customers who have visited our store for a long time, thus establishing a long-term relationship with customers. We can also choose which objects to send ads to, including those who have registered for our website, have entered the checkout interface, shopped once or more times.

Edit Order by Cleverific

$19 a month, 14-day trial period. When we usually shopping online, did you find that you have filled in the wrong address just after placing an order, or the color is wrong, and you have chosen one more and so many wrong mistakes? So in order not to let our own customers encounter such things, it is necessary to modify the order. This plugin, as long as it has not been shipped, can be modified directly through this plugin. This is for the user experience, but also can reduce the return rate.

WishList Plus

It has both free and paid version. Two-week free trial period. Many users sometimes come to browse our stores, but just look at it and don’t really want to buy it. Maybe it’s because there is no money, or there is no need. But if I like it, I still want it. So this plugin is to allow this type of customer to add a wish list, and users can even add a wish list without even logging in, so we know which products are more popular. And we can also sync this wish list to different devices, and even give these users occasionally emails to remind them that they have not bought anything they like.


Cross-border dropshipping have one of the biggest concerns, and sometimes the biggest trouble – logistics. Sometimes the freight is too high, which will cause the customer to abandon the purchase or directly cause us to lose profits. Easyship is a plug-in for shipping that I personally like, which gives us discounts on shipping rates for over 100 logistics companies (including FedEx and UPS). And he even calculated the tariffs along with other fees to be charged, so there would be no expenses that we didn’t know, and it would cause losses. There are a lot of automatic functions, we can set the rules ourselves, such as UPS with less than one kilogram of goods, or choose the lowest price every time.

Pre-Order Now

$14.99 a month, two weeks free trial period. Sometimes when a hot item being sold out, but there are still many customers who want it, and the result is the item can’t be bought, so they will choose other brands and we will lose some customers. In this situation, the customers are lost, and this part of the customer will basically not come back. So how to avoid this embarrassing situation? With Pre-Order Now, you can directly pre-sell the product, even if it is not available yet, or is currently sold out, no stock, you can directly pre-sale.

Tidio Live Chat

Both free and paid versions are available. In general online shopping, the real time customer service will increase user experience, and any problems can be solved immediately. This plugin is an automatic customer service plugin I like very much, and it has many useful features:

See who is browsing our website, you can go straight to say hello;

The problem will be automatically answered within 10 seconds;

Support mobile terminal;

Support for multiple languages.

Product Compare

$5/month, one week free trial period. Sometimes you encounter two products are very similar and don’t know which one to choose. The role of this plugin comes. You can compare two products together to help customers make decisions. The clients could share the compare list to friends and ask for help before ordering.

Ok, the above are the Top 16 free and paid apps for Shopify dropshipping 2019,Here I would like to remind everyone don’t put all the plugins installed, pick the ones that you think are useful for your dropshipping business. You can uninstall the apps without any practical meaning. Installing so many plugins will definitely affect the speed of the website.

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