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China 1688 Pick and Pack Order Fulfillment Procedure for Shopify Dropshipping

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In order to provide better user experience as well as improve order fulfillment efficiency and lower down order fulfillment cost, more and more Shopify sellers outsource the order processing works to Chinese pick and pack fulfillment company to pack and ship orders from China to clients directly. Let’s explain the procedure of the pick and pack fulfillment service and its advantages for the Shopify dropshipping business.

Pick and Pack fulfillment procedure

Shopify integration

Once Shopify seller choose 86Deal pick and pack fulfillment service, the seller need to invite us create an admin account to authorize us login Shopify dashboard to check the orders integrate Shopify with our warehousing system to update Shopify orders day by day for order fulfillment.

The integration is very simple and it doesnt need to modify anything on the dashboard, it is very safe, we just need the authorization to install an Shopify ERP app to update the daily orders to prepare order fulfillment.

Shopify orders

The shopify orders here indicate that orders paid by clients, due to Shopify has some interface issue on certain payment gateway, some clients paid orders still showing suspending status or unpaid status will be not shown in our warehouse system, thus we also need the shopify seller to check daily paid orders and update us manually those paid order but shown as suspending or unpaid in case we delayed the order fulfillment.


In addition to the suppliers provided by shopify seller, we also provide sourcing service to new products at high quality with affordable price. Once we started sourcing, we will help Shopify seller confirm the supplier credits, product price, stock, color and size as well as other product details, and source 3 to 4 alternative suppliers with similar price to compare, and give suggestions to help Shopify sellers make decision.


When the Shopify store list new product on Facebook ads, we usually inquire different suppliers and if the suppliers are located in Guangzhou or near Guangzhou, such as Foshan or Dongguan city, we usually contact the supplier and make an appointment to visit the factory then confirm the goods wholesale price with supplier and confirm stock as well as goods delivery time before order them.

If the suppliers are far away from us or we do not know the supplier well, we will suggest Shopify seller to make sample at the beginning, once the product arrived our warehouse we will take photos and videos on each part of the products to confirm with Shopify seller. After that we will order products in bulk based on the Shopify store orders.

Quality inspect

86Deal warehouse receive many packages from different suppliers in China, the warehouse people will match the tracking with each Shopify store order then check the goods quality such as product packaging, damages, flaws, stain, color, size, quantity etc. Sometimes we will need to measure the clothes size match EU or USA size or not.

In the quality inspect step we will also need to help Shopify sellers to remove labels, remove Chinese words and supplier advertising booklet, replace packaging if necessary. After that 86Deal warehouse will repack the products.

However, Quality inspect doesnt equal test service, for example, some Shopify sellers sale earphone, Bluetooth speaker as well as other 3C digit goods, once they arrived our warehouse, we can only check the packaging and its surface, thus we do not know if all of them work normally or not.

The quality inspect is very important for shopify dropshipping business, many shopify sellers chose order fulfillment service instead of Aliexpress due to it could greatly improve customer experience and lower down the after sale argument due to the quality issue and branding purpose.

Return exchange

If the products we received has any brokens, flaws, stains we cannot remove, or in wrong color size we will notice the Shopify seller and contact the supplier with photos or videos to show them the spot to negotiate the return or exchange procedure, get the product returning information and pack the goods to ship to the suppliers and upload tracking to 1688 Taobao platform. Although the goods returning procedure usually takes more than 1 week, it saves trouble after clients received them.


Once the warehouse staff checked the goods if they are in good quality condition, they will repack them (use branding or blank packaging) and stick labels to put them on the shelf ready to ship.

Currently 86Deal warehouse offers 180 days free warehousing service, we will show Shopify seller the product ID and stock in our warehouse, after 180 days we will notice them, if shopify seller do not need them anymore we will help them donate or destroy the abandoned products.

Order printing

After warehouse staff upload the products on the shelf and scan the product label, the related product quantity size and color will be uploaded to warehouse system as product stock, then warehouse people in charge of the order printing will check orders and stock respectively and print the orders for shipping.

Pick and Pack

Warehouse staff pick up the products on the shelf base on the printing orders, after the product label being scanned, the product stock will be deducted automatically.

The next step is consolidate packing. One of the biggest advantage to apply an order fulfillment agent is the consolidate services for orders from different suppliers, if you dropship from aliexpress you can hardly launch the cross promotion in the Shopify store as people need to receive many packages in one order, which will not only waste time and shipping but also affect the user experience.

86Deal consolidate packing service allows Shopify sellers launch cross promotion during holidays to increase store sales, the warehouse will pick up different products from different suppliers and pack them in one package(packaging and label also can be customized) to ship to the clients.

International shipping

Currently mostly dropshipping business use ePacket shipping from China to overseas countries. However, ePacket only supports 37 countries and regions shipping from China, it mainly covers Southeast Asia, Middle East, EU and North America countries.

You can check ePacket shipping rates and its restrictions. In order to facilitate dropshippers overseas, 86Deal also cooperated with native courier companies for general goods small packages shipping from China directly to USA, UK, Germany as well as other countries, we can also help Shopify sellers dropship cosmetics, built-in battery, cream products from China, please inquire if you are interested.

Tracking upload

After our warehouse printed orders, each order will be assign a China post ePacket tracking number, once the warehouse finished packing, we will click shipping and upload the tracking to Shopify store, then the orders will be marked as fulfilled. Usually the second day the package can be tracked.

The Shopify order fulfillment ended here, but did 86Deal after sale service end here? Of course no, we will need to continually track the package status if the clients haven’t receive in long time. Meanwhile, we also help Shopify sellers handle the package return works.

Package return

Since Shopify usually do not need clients fill in phone number and ePacket usually leave phone as an optional option, thus most orders do not have phone contact, during the package delivery the courier may not reach the clients on time, thus they will return the package to our warehouse.

Another situation is the clients do not satisfy the products they ordered, they want to return them and refund. In this case Shopify seller could tell them 86Deal warehouse address in English format and ask them to mail back, please be sure

not to declare the goods actual value as they may have tax in China customs, for example, a client ordered $100 product and he wants to return and refund, be sure to confirm with him the declare value should be under $30,else we may receive tax bill from China customs and we maybe forced to abandon the packages;

not to forget to ship all the items in the order. Some people ask for refund all money while they only ship part of them, so Shopify seller need to confirm what item they want to refund and negotiate with them for the best result for both of them.

After we received the package returned from clients, we will recheck the product and pack to upload to shelf for shipping.

That’s 86Deal dropshipping order fulfillment procedure for shopify sellers, in addition to the services mentioned above, we also provide some add on services to help Shopify sellers improve the order fulfillment efficiency and
focus on store marketing.

86Deal Shopify Pick and Pack Fulfillment FAQ

How long time is the processing time and delivery time shipping from China to USA and EU countries?

86Deal warehouse order fulfillment processing usually takes 24 hours once the goods received from suppliers. During holidays it may delay 1 day. If the products being checked there has flaws, stains, broken or incorrect size color, it may delay around one week to return and exchange.

As for delivery time, usually the package can be tracked the 2nd day after we shipped, ePacket usually takes 5 to 12 days to EU countries, 7 to 20 days from China to USA, please inquire if you need ePacket alternatives for small packages shipping from China.

If you need more faster and stable shipping please check the China usa direct line and EU direct line on 86deal.

How much you charge for dropshipping order fulfillment service?

86Deal offers one stop dropshipping order fulfillment service include sourcing, sample/purchasing, quality inspecting, warehousing, order printing, pick and pack, ship and tracking upload services as well as other add on services, unlike other order fulfillment companies charge fees on each services the order applied, 86Deal charge one time fee per package include all the services, which could greatly decrease the order fulfillment cost for Shopify sellers.

Due to different dropshippers have different service requirements, our service fee is different based on the product category, sku quantities, service requirements as well as add on services like private label, gift cards, customized packaging etc.

We do not have MOQ order quantities for small business dropshippers, just the order fulfillment service fee would be higher as our warehouse and human cost cannot be decreased. We would like to help small business grow bigger and bigger. Once the order quantity grows, our service fee will be decreased gradually. For example, if you have 5 orders or below per day, the service fee would be higher, if you have 10 orders daily, 50 orders daily, 100 orders daily or more the service fee will be more and more cheaper.

Can you suggest the best selling product of your clients?

Sorry we can’t. We respect each clients business we served, the best selling product belongs to their secret. However, we can give you suggestions when sourcing the product niche and tell you the best selling product in your niche on 1688 wholesale platform.

What goods is the best to dropship from China 1688?

We suggest you find trending goods via different platforms like amazon, Aliexpress and google trend. Once you decided the goods niche then we can help you source the products on 1688 via the following rules:

Light weight and volume. It means less international shipping cost via ePacket, no matter you offer free shipping service or user pay for shipping, free or less shipping fee means higher conversion rates in your Shopify store.

Lower wholesale price with good profit margin. Once you decide the goods niche, you can check the wholesale price on 1688, check the product price on different platform to calculate cost then select the one with good profit margin.

With your order fulfillment service can I customize private label or packaging for my business?

Of course you can customize the label and packaging. You just need to send us the label and packaging design file for us to inquire the printing factory, then pay for the printing fee and shipping fee to our warehouse. We charge fees to stick the label, it depends on how much time we spent to replace the label.

In addition to Shopify which platforms you also supported for pick and pack order fulfillment?

Besides Shopify, we can also help dropshippers fulfill orders on eBay, Amazon, Woocommerce, Magento, Lazada, Shopee etc. We just need you authorize us login the platform dashboard to check and update daily orders, please inquire 86Deal for more details.

How to start to apply 86Deal order fulfillment service dropshipping from China?

There are basically two ways for order fulfillment. CSV order files and Shopify integration.

To start fulfill orders for Shopify store, we will need admin access to login Shopify Dashboard to authorize app update daily orders from Shopify to start the dropshipping order fulfillment work. Which is very simple, fast, accurate for the order fulfillment. If your daily orders above 30, we strongly suggest you integrate with our system for us to update daily orders to ensure order fulfillment efficiency and accuracy.

However, if you are worry about the security, you can also export orders from your store to send us via email, we will the goods photos on each order and the shipping information so that we can start fulfill orders and return tracking number. If you choose the second method, be sure to inquire am order fulfillment xls files from 86Deal with all the information in details.

What platforms you support for order fulfillment from China in addition to Shopify?

In addition to Shopify, 86Deal also could fulfill orders from Woocommerce, eBay, Amazon, Lazada, Magento, Shopee, Shopyy as well as other platforms, you are welcome to send email inquiry.

How to dropship streetwear from Taobao and 1688

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Streetwear is always leading the fashion in worldwide countries, no matter boys, girls, men and women who love to wear the trendy fashion clothes and accessories to be the one attract eyeballs on the street. Thus streetwear is a profitable niche for dropshipping business as it has very large of target clients and relatively higher profit margin.

Why choose streetwear for Shopify dropshipping?

Based on our experience, there are many reasons for you to choose streetwear for Shopify dropshipping business.

1>Higher quality. When you dropshipping clothes the quality issue will not only affect your user experience but also take lots of time and money as well as human resource to deal with the after sale jobs, while streetwear usually have higher quality than general fashion clothes no matter men and women streetwear, it has far more less after sale issues;

2>Higher profits. Compared to general fashion clothes, the streetwear is more personalized and attractive, thus it usually has higher profits than general apparel;

3>More precise clients. Compared to the fashion clothes facebook ads, the streetwear might have higher conversation rates for the Reddit, Ins, Facebook and Youtube influencers, and streetwear is easily to spread on clients social networks;

4> No IP Infringement issue. Compared to brands streetwear like Anti Social, Palace, Champion, FOG, Vlone, Vetements, CDG etc. the streetwear has no famous brands thus it doesnt have infringement risks in the customs.

after the 4 main reasons, you may wonder how to find streetwear dropshipping suppliers, actually there are many of the streetwear dropshipping suppliers on Taobao and 1688 with high quality and original streetwear design.

Taobao 1688 streetwear dropshipping supplier

To help you easily dropshipping streetwear from China Taobao and 1688, 86Deal listed some streetwear dropshipping suppliers for you as a reference:

In addition to the Taobao streetwear dropshipping suppliers, you can also try to find streetwear dropshipping suppliers on 1688, however, what’s the difference between them? The streetwear on Taobao is more personalized and higher quality, thus the price is a little high, and many streetwear suppliers on Taobao has original design which is more attractive when you walking on the street. The streetwear suppliers on 1688 usually for wholesale, thus it is cheaper and the streetwear accessories is better to dropship via 1688. The following are the streetwear dropshipping suppliers on 1688 for you as a reference:

You can also search the streetwear dropshipping suppliers on Taobao and 1688 yourself, there are many dropshipping suppliers available for the streetwear clothing, necklace, rings, sneakers, socks, scarf, caps etc.

86Deal provides one step streetwear dropshipping service to help you order and ship from China to clients overseas, our dropshipping service include:



Quality inspection(return/exchange)

Chinese label and promotional cards removing


Label and packaging customization

Pick and pack

Shipping label printing

Tracking upload

You are welcome to inquire streetwear dropshipping from Taobao and 1688, we can help you source and filter the best streetwear dropshipping suppliers for your business.

How to dropship Cosplay products from 1688 and Taobao

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Cosplay is short for Costume Play in English, Japanese Cosplay. It refers to the use of costumes, accessories, props, and makeup to play characters in animation works and games. People who play COSPLAY are generally called cosplay. The earliest Chinese translation of cosplay is from Taiwan, which means role play. Its form and content generally refers to using clothing, trinkets, props, and makeup to play agg (anime, comic, The character in the game) or some Japanese visual bands and some characters in the movie, the spider man that everyone known is cosplay.

Why I dropship cosplay products? Basically everyone who knows how to access the Internet knows that there are three major diffusers in Japan, Naruto, One Piece, and Death, the United States has Marvel, Captain America, Spider-Man, Iron Man, and X-Men. These works, from film and television to surroundings, are all over the world. As for the profession of coser, there are not many professional cosers in the world, most of them are amateurs, and the fan base is large, so this group is also very large. In addition, European and American countries have festivals like “Halloween” and various masquerades. Because of cultural relations, they like playing movie and animation characters very much. Therefore, the market for cosplay clothing is very considerable.Thus Cosplay is a good niche for cross border dropshipping, futhermore, the cosplay niche products usually sell high price for higher profits.

Because cosplay involves a variety of content, it can also do a lot of platforms and related content when doing promotion. On the website, you can put some articles related to information and skills, and then promote it to increase the site’s exposure. The content can be: how to DIY good-looking COS costumes, how to modify pictures, ps skills, posing skills, background selection skills, etc. You can even write the contents of the ball, such as how to use cosplay to surprise her husband Information soft articles such as children’s surprises can be published.

What are the best seller cosplay products for dropshipping?

Based on the hottest anime works we listed the following:

1> Naruto

2> Final Fantasy

3> Kingdom Hearts

4> Vocaloid

5> One Piece

6> Gintama

7> Fairy Tail

8> Code Geass

9> Black Butler

10> The Prince of Tennis

Also there are many other kinds of cosplay products, for example, clown,pumpkin, halloween style, witch,skull etc.

How to select cosplay products for dropshipping?

From the data of the big platform, we can see the age stratification of netizens who often use website shopping. For example, from the perspective of wish, people aged 90 ~ 00 are more than 60% of the age. Young people in this age are familiar with smart electronic products. It is the highest. In the game industry, people in this age group also account for the most. Therefore, when choosing products, cross-border e-commerce can also consider the game and animation peripheral product market.

In mobile games, gaming games generally have more male players, most of them are over 25 years old. Therefore, when promoting, these users can be selected for targeted promotion and marketing. In the product details of the website, you can also write instructions for players of this age. Game games are more commonly used in APPs in countries such as the United States, Italy, and the United Kingdom. In fact, customers over 25 years of age will do better business. Most of this customer base is already in a stable state of economy, and they can pay more for entertainment products. In addition to game games, there are similarly strategy games.

Female players focus on virtual games, such as growing up, treasure hunting games, and so on. Also choose products with an age range of 25 or above. For women of this age group, you can also pay attention to the surroundings of mother and baby products and children’s games and anime, because people above this age are mostly married and have children, and the average age in developed countries is higher. Some peripheral products can be bundled for sale, or special projects can be done independently. Looking for children’s animation periphery can refer to foreign animation ratings and other data, or download viewing rankings, you can also find many product categories.

Cosplay Wig

Cosplay Wig is divided into plastic brushed (this is the cheapest) and animal hair. Cosplay Wig is divided into a variety of types: Good: Cass and Malunsi are of good quality, feel smooth and easy to comb, and there will be no strong flashes. The former has thinner hair with a flying feel, while the latter has thicker hair and dangles. Poor: Hair that has been in poor contact is Korean silk, also known as pp silk or K silk. This kind of silk is not smooth, easy to knot, and the same length of wig. The price of Korean silk is almost one-half to one-third of that of card silk. There are Japanese silk, domestic silk, mixed silk, etc. Quality is somewhere in between.

Cosplay gadget kit

Especially refers to the uncolored model kit, which requires players to polish, assemble, and color a series of complicated craftsmanship, and it is more difficult than ordinary model making. The main material is resin.

Cosplay costume

For cosplay, the most important thing is not how the coser looks, but the production of the costume. Generally speaking, there are four ways to get cosplay costumes: they are sent by others, bought at specialty stores, do-it-yourself, or tailor-made.

Cosplay props

The coser use of props, accessories and costumes to play animated characters in cartoons, comics or games. Thus there are many popular props available.

How to dropship Cosplay products from 1688 and Taobao

Taobao and 1688 are the best platform for cosplay products dropshipping as there has anything you want to dropship at affordable price. How to dropship cosplay products from 1688 and Taobao? It is easy with google translate if you dont know Chinese well.

1> If you do not know products and supplier well, just search keywords cosplay on the search bar, you will see hundreds of thousands cosplay products, then you can take your time to select and compare;

2>If you want to dropship certain cosplay costume or props, use google translate into Chinese then search on taobao and 1688. For example, Halloween costume, you can google translate and search 万圣节服装 on taobao and 1688;

3> Next steps would be order and ship from Taobao and 1688, if you cannot pay directly or worry about the quality, you can find a Chinese dropshipping agent like 86Deal, we offer one step dropshipping order fulfillment service to help you ship the products to clients directly.

IP Infringement for cosplay dropshipping

Due to the strict restrictions on copyright in USA and EU countries, it is best to ask about copyright when choosing the source of supply. You can choose a more secure distribution, or you can purchase directly from copyrighted manufacturers. With copyright, a lot of disputes are avoided and it is more convenient for promotion. Of course, there is really no way to find a copyrighted manufacturer, and you can also make some related products, such as cosplay small objects, let customers DIY themselves, you can avoid copyright problems.

Because cosplay involves a variety of content, it can also do a lot of platforms and related content when doing promotion. On the website, you can put some articles related to information and skills, and then promote it to increase the store traffics. The content can be: how to DIY good-looking COS costumes, how to modify pictures, ps skills, posing skills, background selection skills, etc. You can even write the contents of the ball, such as how to use cosplay to surprise her husband Information soft articles such as children’s surprises can be published.

In addition to the release of store content and copywriting, the necessary paid promotion is sure. The early stage of external chain promotion is relatively hard. After an order is issued, you can try EDM email marketing or auction promotion. As a single type of product mall, the effect of paid promotion is definitely more direct than that of external chain promotion. Of course, the premise of paid promotion is best if the product has no copyright disputes.

In addition, due to cosplay restricted to certain people, you can also find Cosplay influencers on Ins or YouTube as well as Facebook group to promote your store.

What kind of products are the best for private label dropshipping on Shopify?

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Private label is very hot between the Shopify sellers in 2019, we got many inquiries about how to private label products and dropshipping business, how to brand the packaging then ship from China to clients directly. Although private label and dropshipping are totally different mode, along with the crossborder eCommerce developed fastly, more and more Shopify seller starts to find the possibilities of private label dropshipping. Honestly, private label and brand packaging have lots benefits in the long term marketing operation on the Shopify store but they are doesnt suitable for all kinds of products dropshipping from China.

Advantages and disadvantages of private label dropshipping

As a Shopify seller we should know the pros and cons based on our own Shopify ecommerce business instead of follow other stores.

Pros of private label

The private labeled products usually have a higher profit margin than similar none brands products on Shopify stores;

Shopify sellers can control the pricing and inventories based on store sales;

Brands could bring free traffics in the long term running and better for store marketing;

Quality control and brand label packaging as well as short time delivery on Shopify provides better user experience;

Cons of private label

Designing your own logo and packaging can be difficult and expensive, if you do not have stable sales on Shopify store it can be risky;

Highly depended on manufacturers in terms of the quality as well as production, if they are located in different countries, it takes time and efforts;

It will take time to create the brand name and brand awareness on Shopify;

Compared to traditional dropshipping, the private label startups cost more on Shopify which will occupy the money and has potential stock risk;

From the pros and cons of private label eCommerce as a Shopify seller we should evaluate firstly is that my Shopify store is suitable for private label or not currently because you will need to consider fully risks when you private label the Shopify store products. Based on our opinion as an order fulfillment agent when you planning to private label products on Shopify your Shopify store should at least consider the following aspects.

Sales quantity. Before private labeling products your Shopify stores should have stable sales quantity each day or each month, it supports the profits for private label products and reduces the stock risks; If you are focus on the right product niche, the daily or monthly sale quantity do not have to be big, daily 10 to 20 orders or monthly 300 to 500 orders on the Shopify store would be a great foundation for you to private label products;

Average order value. When you planning to private label Shopify store products, you should check the average order value in the past, if the order value is less than $15 in the store then it is not suitable for private label as the private labels, thank you card, packaging cost extra money and they will reduce the profits, in another way the lower price products the more competitors which the clients are hardly to pay extra money while there are plenty products at lower price. Based on recently research, the average order value on Shopify store in the USA and EU countries are between 30 USD to 60 USD, products in this price range have enough profits deduct the private labels and packagings cost etc.

User experience. It is the most important factors when clients pay on your Shopify store. In addition to store design and other store factors, the product quality, delivery time, after sale policy, packaging design all affect the user experience for the private label products. Once you start to plan private label, the user experience on your store should be concerned firstly;

Store marketing. One of the most important role the private label made is to assist the store marketing to viral spread the brand Shopify store. If you do not have a complete store marketing strategy or plan and a marketing execution team then hurry into private label products will be not good enough for your currently Shopify business.

Of course there might be other factors you will also need to consider based on your real situation, after that it comes to the topics what kind of products are the best for private label dropshipping on Shopify.

Product category best for private label

If you are not sure if your products category suitable for private label or not, we suggest you came to the kickstart sites to take a look the products there you will have general ideas. The following are some product categories for private label for you as a reference.

Fashion apperal

The fashion clothing is the most popular product category for private label on Shopify, no matter men clothing, women clothing or children clothing.

Bags and backpack

Water bottles

Phone accessories

Yoga Accessories

Beauty products

Electronic products

for example, the juicer and blender, those small electronic products are good for private label. There are also many other eletronic products like blue tooth speaker, USB LED lights etc.

Children toys


No matter which kind of products you choose to private label on Shopify, they need to be light weight and the price should be arrange from $20 to $100. And there are many private label dropshipping suppliers on 1688 to serve cross border eCommerce business.

How to private label dropshipping on Shopify

Based on our experience it usually takes 5 steps to start private label dropshipping business on Shopify.

Register a brand domain

When you start Shopify business, an unique domain will make your business outstanding and easily have an impression for the first time visit.

Test products and marketing

As we said above you need to have stable sales on your store before private label the products, that’s less risky for mostly Shopify sellers. The 2nd step is to doing the product research and select product for testing with your marketing skills. Influencers, facebook & Instagram ads, no matter which you choose, you can fasterly test best seller products and get stable sales on daily and monthly basis.

Private label products

Once you have 2 to 3 best seller products in your Shopify store and the daily sales exceed 10 orders and monthly orders between 300 to 400, then you can think about private label.

You can talk to the supplier to negotiate MOQ for the best seller products on Shopify.

New private label marketing strategy

Before you plan the private label on Shopify store, you should start on its marketing stategy to max its functions. If you plan the strategy and execute it well, the private label products could bring you hundreds orders per day in the future, else it might cause lots of stock pressure.

Focus on product selection and marketing

As a Shopify seller we have very restricted time and resources operate the Shopify store, thus we need to focus on the product selection and store marketing to improve user experience and sales after we private label the store products. The order fulfillment jobs can be outsourced to order fulfillment companies like 86Deal in China as they can help you improve the order fulfillment efficiency while lower down the human resource cost.

86Deal private label dropshipping service

86Deal provides one step order fulfillment service for private label Shopify sellers, our service and order fulillment procedure listed below

You are welcome to inquiry 86Deal if you want to private label dropshipping from China 1688 via Shopify.

Aliexpress Top10 women clothing brands dropshipping wholesale suppliers on 1688

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The clothing quality is very important when you select women clothing for dropshipping business as it will affect the after sale works, dispute rates, refund rates as well as the store reviews. The most frequent after sale issue would be clothes quality, size, difference between the real clothes with photos if you are dropshipping women clothes from China. Thus mostly women clothes Shopify dropshipper are willing to dropship women clothing brands on Aliexpress as they usually has higher quality and the size fit more for the USA and EU clients, however, those women clothing brands are expensive which has very few profits for Shopify sellers. Where to find quality women clothes dropshipping wholesale supplier at cheaper cost? We’ve being asked the same questions by hundreds of Shopify women clothing sellers. Here we list Aliexpress top10 women clothing brands dropshipping wholesale suppliers on 1688 for you as a reference.

Aliexpress Top women clothing brands



Ever pretty


Bella philosophy





Let’s see the 1688 dropshipping wholesale supplier for the top10 Aliexpress women clothing brands.

Simplee dropshipping wholesale supplier on 1688

Those 1688 dropshipping wholesale factories update Simplee best seller women clothes on weekly basis, and nearly all of them have above 50% secondary purchase rates.

Shein dropshipping wholesale supplier on 1688

Those 1688 women clothing dropshipping suppliers update Shein best seller dresses regularly at much cheaper price. You can check those suppliers if you are dropship Shein style women clothing.

Ever pretty dropshipping wholesale supplier on 1688

Ever pretty focuses on evening dress and wedding dress which also has official store on 1688 for dropshipping and wholesale, other dropshipping supplier on 1688 also provide similar ever pretty style dress and other versatile dresses for EU and USA women.

Sisjuly dropshipping wholesale supplier on 1688

There are many sisjuly women style dropshipping suppliers on 1688, however, mostly are small factories or traders, thus we only listed the above 4 dropshipping wholesale suppliers.

Bella philosophy dropshipping wholesale supplier on 1688

There aren’t many Bell philosophy dropshipping wholesale suppliers on 1688, thus we collected some similar EU and USA women clothing factories for similar styles.

Toyouth dropshipping wholesale supplier on 1688

Toyouth has many stores distribute in different cities in China, thus there are many dropshipping suppliers on 1688, when you dropship from 1688 supplier be sure to confirm the size before placing the order.

Colrovie dropshipping wholesale supplier on 1688

There are many 1688 women clothing suppliers for the colrovie style and design and the price varies, once you filter dropshipping supplier on 1688 you may need to pay more attention to choose the right supplier for Shopify dropshipping.

Glamaker dropshipping wholesale supplier on 1688

The Glamaker women clothing style are quite different with other women clothing brands thus the dropshipping wholesale suppliers are relatively small factories, you may need pay attention on the quality and manual work.

Vadim dropshipping wholesale supplier on 1688

The above 1688 women clothing dropshipping suppliers are for you as a reference especially you are looking for Aliexpress women clothing brands suppliers and we will continually update the supplier list based on our dropshipping experience.

86Deal provides one step women clothing dropshipping service from 1688:

Sourcing service. 86Deal provides sourcing service to help you find the best women clothing supplier on 1688 with good price and quality;

Purchasing service. Once we confirmed the sample from supplier, 86deal could help you confirm stock and order from 1688 supplier;

Quality control. 86deal QC service helps you confirm the quality, size, color and quantity from 1688 supplier, if there has stains of flaws, we will help you return for exchange;

Repacking. 86Deal will help you remove supplier information like packaging, promotional cards, coupon code etc. and repack them;

In addition to the services above, 86Deal also provide private label dropshipping service to help you brand and marketing Shopify store.

15 ways to select winning products for Shopify dropshipping

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The sales of Shopify sellers are not always smooth, including internationals shipping, rising prices, etc. To be a successful Shopify seller, there are still many obstacles to overcome. One of the main issues, especially for new Shopify sellers, is to select the winning products to sell. If you are lucky, you will at least have an idea of where your niche market is, but for others, the idea of finding products and niche markets can be daunting and time consuming. Many Shopify sellers found that when they analyzed a product, they found that the market was saturated, or the profit margin was prohibitively high. The following are the 15 ways to help you select winning products for Shopify dropshipping.


Kickstarter is primarily a crowdfunding site that allows people to raise money for personal projects and philanthropy, and it is also a useful tool to help private brands achieve product ideas. Kickstarter has many search options, and users can search by category or genre. In addition, its features are very beneficial for Amazon sellers, it has a very convenient “everything section” section, users can browse all current products.

In addition to important sources of choice and niche creativity, some Shopify sellers have also partnered with Kickstarter fundraisers to give them exclusive rights to sell fundraiser products.


Like Kickstarter, Indiegogo is a crowdfunding site that has started many entrepreneurial careers at the time of its creation (founded in 2007). The site is initiated by a fundraiser and public or corporate members can contribute to it to help start the project.

Users can easily browse websites by category, or use the “explore section” section to see which items are currently in progress and how much money has been raised so far.

Global Deals

eBay has many features that are ideal for Shopify sellers looking for a private brand.

eBay’s Global Deals is tailored for Amazon and Shopify sellers. Global deals provides real-time transactions, including headsets and homes. This means that there are always thousands of products available for you to browse, so this is a list worthy of collection.

Watched Item

Watched Item is another invaluable asset for Shopify sellers because it is packed with product ideas. Users can choose to search by country or region to see what is currently popular. The site uses eBay’s “watch” feature, which potential buyers can use to specify the products they are interested in.

Watched Item allows users to search by popularity to see which products are being viewed, and the number of people they view, to understand what consumers are looking for.

Trend Hunter

Trend Hunter is the place to look for cutting-edge and quirky products and niche ideas. Its mission is “innovation” and “trend hotspots” to provide valuable ideas and insights to Amazon sellers who want to sell differentiated products.


Angel offers users an overview of new and popular startups and products and services in the world. The range offered is a wealth of ideas for Shopify sellers looking for new products.

YouTube Trending

Like eBay, you’ve certainly heard of YouTube, but may not realize the potential it offers to Shopify sellers. Its Trending section is a source of inspiration for Shopify sellers, giving them access to thousands of new products and services.

One of the great advantages of YouTube Trending is that it offers a lot of ideas, usually seen in a 2 minute to 3 minute video clip.


Although Pinterest has a lot of fantastic locations and amazing selfies, it’s also a great tool for those looking for products or niche inspiration. Users can search through various sections to find new and eccentric products.

Google Trends

The Google Trends feature allows inspiration seekers to search for the latest trends by country.

Google Trends takes a little time to adapt because it not only provides product information, but also provides breaking news from politics, finance and other fields. Still, it’s worth a try, because once you master the trick, there are plenty of products and niche ideas to choose from.


Oberlo is a one-stop shop for Shopify sellers, serving people who research specific products or just look for some private label product ideas.

Users can search for specific products or simply browse, and the site also includes a wealth of useful articles, tips and guides for all sellers from beginners to experts.

Amazon Best Seller list

If you are looking for inspiration from Amazon sellers, who is better than Amazon itself? There are many very useful features on Amazon’s website, and the Best Seller list should be on the list of sellers for each private brand.

As the name implies, BSR offers a list of the best-selling products on Amazon, along with rankings, sales information and product details. Users can search by rank or category to quickly see what the savvy consumer is looking for in real time.

This is especially useful for Shopify sellers looking for inspiration, as the results are often surprising. Of course, we can all guess that the latest Apple Watches will be sold, but you will often encounter unexpected product ideas that are moving a lot of products.

Amazon New Releases list

Amazon’s new product list is for Shopify sellers to find the beginning of the product life to maximize sales. Amazon’s new products can be searched by type and category to quickly and easily view all of the products that are just on the shelves.

Amazon Movers and Shakers list

The Movers and Shakers list refers to Amazon’s products that have achieved the highest rankings on the sales charts in the past 24 hours. The list is updated hourly, which is a good tool for identifying new trends.

Amazon Most Wished For list

When shopping on Amazon, users can list items that they are not ready to buy but are interested in on the wish list. The Most Wished For list lists the products that platform users want to buy, which is a great source of inspiration for sellers.

Alixpress weekly best selling

Among the many ways, the most common one is probably using the platform to find winning product, which can quickly find the right target. Go to the AliExpress homepage and click on Bestselling on the AliExpress home page to see the interface below. You can choose Hot product or Weekly Bestselling to view the products that are selling well on the platform.

If you have Aliexpress account you can also view the product data by using the Shujuzhongheng tool. Click on the hot sale products, choose the main industry of the store, choose the country and time, and analyze which categories of the current industry have more market advantages.

If you need to find best selling products from China, 1688 cross border eCommerce market is also a very good way for you to find the winning product, there you can see the hot sale and trending products for each product category.

Product selection is the first step for Shopify dropshipping business but it is very important step especially for new shopify sellers. There are many ways and research works you need to pay attention during the product selection period, you are welcome to inquiry 86Deal if you are interested in dropshipping from China.

How to dig best seller baby products for Shopify dropshipping

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Parents all want to give the best to their babies, thus the baby products include baby clothes, toys, feeding, health and security etc. are very big niche market for dropshipping. When it comes to baby products product selection for Shopify dropshipping, in addition to some essentials (such as cribs), there are some durable baby products that should not be missed. These products need to withstand the rigorous treatment of babies and need to be easy to clean.

In 1688 cross border eCommerce market we listed the top baby products suppliers for dropshipping and wholesale, 1688 cross border suppliers trending products for dropshipping and wholesale , there listed the best seller baby products suppliers for you as a reference.

Below are top9 baby products recommended by foreign parenting experts on Amazon and its e-commerce platform, each of them can be sourced on 1688 at cheaper cost.

Owl Towel

Hudson Baby animal towels are made from 100% woven cotton and are available in a variety of cute animal styles. This hooded towel measures 33 feet by 33 inches and wraps the baby from head to toe after a baby shower or swim. This affordable hooded towel is perfect for infants or toddlers.

In addition to the owl towel, there are many other types of animel towels available on the 1688 baby product channel .

Personalized Sports Bib

The personalized sports bib measures 14 feet by 11 inches and can be personalized, with a 100% cotton bib embroidered team logo and baby’s name. The bib’s neck is well designed and made from soft, comfortable stretch cotton.

In addition the the cutton bib, you can also find silica bib, plastic bib etc on 1688 baby product market.

Zutano Baby Booties

Zutano baby boots have a unique buckle design, which means that the boots are not easy to fall off and will always wear on the baby’s feet. These booties have an ultra-soft fleece lining that wraps the baby’s feet and keeps the inside and outside comfortable. Designed for durability, these booties retain their shape and feel after prolonged cleaning and wear. Available in a variety of colors and styles.

Of course, there are thousands boots with personalized and dorable design for babies available on 1688 cross border eCommerce market.

Jellycat Cordy Roy Fox

Founded in London in 1999, the Jellycat brand is dedicated to providing innovative, innovative plush toys for users of all ages. Jellycat offers cute, luxurious fabrics and soft plush toys. Jellycat plush toys are available in a variety of sizes, featuring a variety of collections and themes, and children’s room decorations for boys and girls. This plush toy has corduroy corrugated fabric and is only partially clean.

You can also check the best seller plush toy on 1688.

Burt’s Bees Baby Bodysuits

This baby tights is 100% organic cotton certified, and organic cotton makes the tights comfortable and softer. This set comes in five different colors or patterns, and buyers can also buy matching bathrobes. This tights feature a nickel-free strong buckle that is reinforced with adhesive to ensure comfort and bond strength.

1688 best seller Baby bodysuits dropshipping supplier

Pottery Barn Kids Sherpa Baby Blanket

This machine washable baby blanket is fluffy and warm. It comes in three colors and can be customized by the buyer using a name or a combination of letters. This soft baby blanket is perfect for kids and moms on the go or on the go. Made from 100% polyester (poester boa), the polyester is extremely durable and retains its shape even after years of wear. The fabric of this baby blanket is wrinkle resistant and easy to care for. Baby blanket size: 30 inches wide by 40 inches long. Machine washable, customizable details can be customized for an additional fee.

1688 best seller baby blanket dropshipping supplier

Hap Tim Diaper Bag Backpack

This diaper bag has a large capacity and can carry a lot of maternity products. The Hap Tim diaper bag has two separate compartments in front and rear that can hold many baby care essentials (such as diapers, food and extra clothing). It also has 17 pockets for iPads, wallets, cell phones, and more, including 3 thermos pockets. This diaper bag has high quality and high water resistance. The diaper bag is made of PU back coated nylon fabric (more sturdy, stronger, more wear resistant and better resistant to deformation than polyester) . The 3D breathable cushion back and shoulder straps keep the user comfortable.

1688 best seller diapar backpack dropshipping supplier

Aden + Anais Swaddle Blankets

Aden + Anais has become synonymous with baby tulle. There is a reason for this, they are light, easy to clean, and can withstand wear. This baby 襁褓 has a super durable quality, and the muslin has made a big contribution to the comfort of the baby, natural texture, soft and durable. The large size, versatile baby wipes provide enough space for the baby to be thin, breathable and safe, yet provide plenty of breathability.

If you are dropship baby blankets you can check the best seller baby blankets dropshipping suppliers on 1688 via the links above.

Reversible Play Mat

This versatile double-sided game pad is made of a soft material that can be rolled up for storage in a car or playroom. Buyers can flip the mat from the color print surface to the neutral gray surface as needed. Flexible materials ensure safety, comfort and reversibility so buyers can match any decoration. Made of non-toxic materials that are easy to clean, suitable for newborns over the age of 0.

The baby play mat is one of the more hot selling baby products in 2019, you can take a look at the best seller baby play mat dropshipping supplier on 1688.

When you research on the best seller baby products online for Shopify dropshipping, 1688 is absolutely a good place for you to choose baby product and dropshipping supplier.

Christmas product selection|2019 Top10 toys and games for Shopify dropshipping

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2019 Christmas comes soon, there are many Shopify sellers already worried about the product selection so that they won’t miss the chance for the golden holiday. Actually we can take advantage of the Amazon product selling data as a reference for Christmas product selection in 2019. According to Amazon, the British generally set off for Christmas on December 4th, but the celebration started early in the Northeast in the month before Christmas. On average, consumers buy 17 gifts and spend 558 minutes browsing the shopping list. 27% of Britons plan ahead to buy something, and 5.3 million Britons will not finish holiday shopping until Christmas Eve. In Amazon’s Christmas Guide, you’ll find a wide variety of gift choices and unique innovations that will help make Christmas more memorable. With the advice of Amazon experts, Alexa and experienced sellers, we list the Top10 toys and games that will be popular this Christmas shopping season. ”

Amazon 2019 Christmas Guide – Top 10 Toys and Games

L.O.L. Surprise!

L.O.L Surprise! Surprise the split-in two-in-one luxury fashion camping set, out of the box to experience more than 55 surprises, including bunk beds, illuminated pools and slides, stylish runways, barbecue terraces and DJ booths. Fully furnished, 360 degree event with lighting and sound effects.

Monopoly Voice

Electronic family monopoly board game with lighting and sound effects for children over 8 years old.

LEGO Hidden Side

Lego Haunted High School theme. With 1,474 components, it is suitable for children over 9 years old.

Owleez Flying Baby Owl

A flying little owl interactive toy with lights and sounds with over 100 sounds and movements. Suitable for children 6 years and older.

Treasure X Kings

A puzzle game for treasures. Suitable for 6 years and older.

Fisher-Price baby doll

Interactive sloth toy with lighting and music features for children over 9 months.

Paw Patrol Super PAWs

The two-in-one transforms the powerful jet command center with music and lighting.

Pictionary Air Family

Family painting guessing game. Just download the Pictionary Air app to your smartphone or tablet and get started.

L.O.L. Surprise!

Exclusive L.O.L. Surprise, winter disco series.

Nerf Fortnite Blaster

Detachable dart gun, tested and approved for performance and quality, and made of soft, hollow foam. Suitable for children over 8 years old.

The Amazon top10 toys and games are only for you as a reference to help you select the right products to earn money in the Christmas season. In addition to the product selection for Shopify store, you can take some positive steps to prepare for this season, including optimizing your mobile website and streamlining your checkout process.

Focus on customer data

The first step is to track customer shopping behavior by browsing data and history, so you can take advantage of the potential opportunities offered by customer data and personalization.

Regardless of the size of your business, identifying three key audiences can help you improve your communication skills and invest more wisely in advertising, so you can boost holiday sales and enter the Christmas shopping season.

Personalize your store

You can use customer data to improve your customer experience and increase their engagement. This requires you to lock the right customer with the right product or message.

It’s like you don’t email a long-term customer about your brand, nor do you give a personalized product recommendation to a potential customer who has never visited your website. If you are tracking browsing history and shopping transactions, you can very accurately understand what customers are looking for.

For example, a customer of a toy shop, he has a history of purchases, including every kinds of 1 to 3 years old toys. What else products she/he may also interested?

Before the Christmas holiday season, it is recommended to divide your Shopify store visitors into three main audiences, so that you can target your target audience more accurately and effectively to select the toy and game products.

How to find 1688 private label suppliers for cross border dropshipping and wholesale

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Private label is a business model widely spread on the online shopping platforms like Amazon, eBay and Shopify, where the online sellers source products from supplier who manufactures with their own materials and formulations but then labels the products with the seller brands. For online sellers there are at least 4 advantages of private label for dropshipping.

Once we started dropshipping business, Aliexpress is no doubt the first choice to start with, however, when you plan to private label the products Aliexpress isnt the best choice due to the cost is too high which will cut the profit margin for the dropshipping business, then 1688 the biggest Chinese B2B website is the best platform for private label suppliers include nearly all products suitable for dropshipping business.

How to find best seller products for private label dropshipping

When you plan the private label dropshipping business, the real challenge is not to find a product that you can label privately, but to find a product that can make money for you. Consumer demand, competition and costs play a role in the profitable program for private labels. Such product research is your first step and how you can begin.

How to choose right dropshipping private label products? When you doing the private label product research, you can filter the trending products on Amazon, Aliexpress platform then check the product keywords trending on google trends. Find the best seller products in sub-category of Kitchen, electronics, sports, cosmetics and skin care, tools, clothing and fashion accessories, bags, shoes, toys, car accessories.

How to find private label suppliers on 1688

Alibaba is one of the most largest wholesales platform, in Alibaba, you can find many different kinds of private label drop ship products. But for Alibaba, you need to contact manufacturer or private label products suppliers.  1688 is Alibaba Chinese platform which is a very good platform for private label suppliers at small orders although it is in Chinese, it reduces your stock risks.

Let’s take women fashion clothes for example. You want to private label a women dress, if you are good at Chinese you can search keywords 女装连衣裙贴牌 on 1688 directly, if you are not good at Chinese then you can use google translator or find a 1688 order fulfillment agent to help you inquire.

Since there are millions of women dress styles with hundreds of thousands suppliers on 1688, you may use photo search to find out suppliers produce the same style dress then you can filter 1688 suppliers with your private label requirements.

The next step is quotes and sample private label products.

After you found the 1688 suppliers for the private label products, it is time to request quotes and samples. These four things should be covered with quotes:

Private label prices for MOQ
Private labeling or packing charges
Shipping fees to your Chinese order fulfillment warehouse
Delivery time and payment terms

After the above things confirmed with 1688 supplier, then you need to provide them logo brand design, label and packaging design files in CDR/PSD/AI format, they will help you contact printing factory to produce them. The private label packaging can range from simple labels to paper sleeves, hanging cards or boxes, which depends on your supplier’s abilities and what your brand wants as well as your budget. Since this is an important element in the process of private labels, it should be part of your initial discussion with the 1688 suppliers.

Once you confirmed the sample of the private label products, the supplier will produce the private label products, meanwhile you can talk to your Chinese agent whether fulfill orders in China warehouse or ship to overseas warehouse which close to clients.

Although we take private label women dress for example, you can also find 1688 cross border suppliers trending products for dropshipping and wholesale , you may also find different product category suppliers which offers private label service at small order volume.

If you are not good at Chinese and not have enough time when communicate with 1688 suppliers you may find a 1688 agent to help you source and communicate with suppliers. Moreover, 86deal also offer private label dropshipping service for small quantity orders at cost effective service fee.

5 tips for private label dropshipping on 1688

If you contact 1688 private label supplier personally for more detailed information about the products and suppliers instead of applying 1688 dropshipping agent, there are a few tips for private label dropshipping on 1688.

Tip 1. work with reliable 1688 suppliers

How to find reliable private label suppliers on 1688? If you are new to 1688 you can follow the following index to judge them, years of experience, qualifications, business license which you can see on the home page and contact page, then product sales, user reviews, respond rates, re-purchase rates which you can check on the product page. Then you can communicate with them with your requirements and questions, a reliable supplier is key to the success of your business.

Tip 2. Sample order before bulk wholesale

No matter how good quality and service the supplier promised, start with samples from 2 to 3 similar suppliers and filter suppliers based their quality and price. Then you can bulk wholesale private label products to reduce the after sale trouble which will not only hurt user experience but also your brands.

Tip 3. Private label logo as well as packaging design by your team

You should design the private label logo package yourself, if you are not good at it then outsource to professional design team, make sure the design simple, clean and impressive. Then send to the private label supplier with PSD/AI/CDR format with label and packaging material.

Tip 4. Payment terms

Since it is the first time you work with 1688 private label supplier, you should negotiate with them about the payment terms after checked sample. Try not to bank transfer directly in case anything wrong could make you loss money.

Tip 5. International shipping

Mostly 1688 suppliers do not ship via international courier, you may need to find shipping agent to help you ship the products in two ways. One is find a fulfillment agent to help you ship products to clients directly, another is to ship via air, sea or train from China to your destination country in one shipment, you can calculate the shipping cost then choose the right shipping agent for international shipping.

Private label products could help you get higher profit margin, and you can launch exclusive promotion in the holidays to build brands loyalty. on 1688, you can easily find private label suppliers at small orders for dropshipping and wholesale business, you are welcome to inquire 86Deal private label dropshipping service if you are planning to dropship and wholesale from China 1688.

How to find trending products for shopify dropshipping via Google Trends

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At 10:00 am local time on September 10, Apple held an autumn product launch conference at the US headquarters in California. The new iPhone finally unveiled in the rumors of boiling, causing global apple fans attention. So how do you know which country’s Apple fans is most concerned about the new iPhone? Or, when the new product is released, how does the seller know that his product is in the US? What is the reaction of each area to the new product at each time? Google Trends is a very helpful tool for ecommerce sellers and product developers, as you get timely access to popular content, including seasonal trends. For example, the keyword “Christmas gift for mom” is on the rise in US searches in November and December. So how do you use such a free and professional tool?

How to search product keyword via Google Trends?

Firstly, go to and type in the search term you want to view on the Google Trends homepage.

Secondly, identify your search terms. If your company or product has a wide or ambiguous name (such as Apple), be sure to specify “Apple Technology” instead of the “Apple” in the fruit category. Then Google Trends will generate a series of charts based on your search terms.

How to customize the Google Trend product search related data chart?

To customize the data for Google Trends Search, first search for product eywords or topics. Here is an example of “Apple”

If you want to customize the “Interests over time” chart for a search term, use the four drop-down menus to see more specific areas, time periods, categories, and search types (including webpages, images, news, Google Shopping, and YouTube searches).

In this example, suppose you want to see how often Apple has been searched across Google for the past 30 days. Custom charts change every time you choose a different variant.

The above picture shows that the search term peaked on August 18. It can be speculated that this is because Apple CEO Cook and President Trump met during the period to discuss the tariff map.

Below the “Interests of Interest vs. Time” chart is a “Dividing Interest by Sub-Region” chart where you can find out which country (or metropolis, city or subdivision) the search term is most popular.

How to interpret the meaning of each chart in Google Trends?

After you search for a product keyword or topic and customize the relevant chart, you may be confused by the peak of its search (shown as 100 on the graph) and the stagnation period. The explanation given by Google is:

• The total search volume for each data point/the geographical location and time range it represents gives its relative popularity for comparison. Otherwise, the places with the most searches are always ranked highest.

• Based on the proportion of a topic’s search for all topics, the numerical results will be scaled from 0 to 100.

• The search volume is not necessarily the same for different areas where the same search interest index is displayed for a search term.

For Apple’s example above, this means that on August 18th, for American users searching on Google News, “Apple” is one of the most popular search terms compared to other topics.

In addition, a value of “0” does not mean that there is no search volume, but the number of searchers is small compared to the peak value.

How to compare search terms on Google Trends?

To compare search terms, click on “Compare” and enter your keyword or topic.

Following Apple’s example, we compare Apple to Facebook and Samsung and add these search terms one by one by clicking the “+” icon.

This will generate a series of charts, which you can then customize based on time range, category, region, and search type.

After comparing the search volume of Apple, Facebook and Samsung in all categories of Google News in the US in the past 30 days, you can see that Facebook has won the overall search frequency and quantity.

How do I use “related queries” on Google Trends?

At the bottom of the Google Trends search results is a box titled “Related queries,” where you can find popular search terms that often appear with a search term. For example, a person searching for “Apple” is also searching for “Apple card.”

In the Related Queries box, you can click on a related search term, such as “Apple card,” to see how popular the search term is and compare it to other search terms.

It is the same way for Shopify sellers take advantage of Google trends to find the product search volume trend then compare with related niche products to find a hot sale trending product from Shopify dropshipping.

1688 cross border suppliers trending products for dropshipping and wholesale

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The traditional hotsale season comes soon, professional Shopify sellers already worked on the hotsale season trending products and sourcing dropshipping suppliers to make big money in the next 3 months. Here we listed the trending products include clothing, accessories, bags, sports and outdoors, 3C digitals, children’s wear,toys, men’s clothing, shoes, cosmetics, home textile decoration, car accessories, stationary supplies, household appliances, home decor, pets supplies, hardware tools, baby products, Crafts&gifts as well as lighting dropshipping suppliers on 1688 cross border eCommerce market.

Before that you can take a look Tutorials how to dropship wholesale from China 1688 cross border market if you are new to 1688 dropshipping and wholesale. 86Deal provides one step 1688 dropshipping order fulfillment service to help you dropshipping from China to overseas countries.

1688 Trending women clothes dropshipping supplier

Women dress

Women shirts

Women dress& shirts

women shirts

Women dress & shirts

Women t shirts

Women dress

Women shirts

Women jacket

Women dress

Women cheongsam

Women shirts

Women shirts

Wome shirts and coat

Women shirts and dress

Women coat and sweater

Women dress and pants

Women jeans and shorts

Women jeans

Women jeans and shorts

Women jeans and shorts

women underwear

women dress and pants

long sleeve shirts

women jackets and hoodie

women shirts jacket and coat

women coat and PU leather clothing

Women hoodie and PU leather clothing

Women coat and jacket

Women leather jacket

Women suit

Women jacket and suit

Women evening dress

Women evening dress

women wedding dress

Women cheongsam

Women sweater

Women sweater

Women sweater

Women windbreaker

Women windbreaker

1688 Trending accessories dropshipping supplier

Jelwery accessories





Buddha beads jewelry

1688 Trending sunglasses dropshipping supplier

1688 Trending sports&outdoors product dropshipping supplier




Sports knee pads





Life jacket

Fishing sets

Fish finder

Fish finder


Yoga fitness

fitness clothing

Sports wear

Yoga and sports wear

Sports wear

Outdoor jacket

Diving suit

Sports wear

Sports kneepad

Sports kneepad



1688 Trending 3C electronics product dropshipping supplier

Bluetooth earphone


Mobile phone holder


Gaming keyboard

wireless keyboard

Notebook bracket

bluetooth speaker wireless charger


type c to USB




game controller

gaming suit

phone case

wireless charger

data line


1688 Trending children clothes dropshipping supplier

girl 3 to 6 years old

girl party dress

Boy shirts

girl party dress

girl coat and dress

Baby jeans

Party dress

Baby Onesies

Baby clothes

Baby clothes

Baby clothes

children jacket

Girl dress T shirt

down jacket

down jacket




Parent child





1688 Trending consumer products dropshipping supplier

Silicone lunch box

Stainless steel straw


Storage bag

Insulated bag



Fresh cover

Baken tools

Kichen supplies

1688 Trending underwear dropshipping supplier

Erotic underwear

Lace underwear

Mens underwear

Sports underwear

fitting lace underwear

Silk pajamas



Invisible bra


Dancing dress

Body shaping underwear

Shaping underwear

Fitting underwear

Streetwear socks

Cotton socks

Candy socks

Long leg socks

Men’s shaping underwear

Abdominal belt

Abdominal belt

1688 Trending toys dropshipping supplier

Decompression toy

Fingertip gyro

Fishing toys

Plastic toys

Early learning toys

Jumping ball

Bubble toy

Water toys

early learning toys

Blocks and balance bike

Chess card

Game card

board game

Board game



Transformer car

Remote control car & drone

Anime toys

Electric doll

Electric doll & blocks

Electric pet

Electric pet & car

Toy model

Simulation toy

baby toys

Teether toys


Play mat

early learning toys

Wind chimes



Cloth book

Cloth book

cloth book

Hanging bell

hanging bell

Deciduous teeth box

wooden toys

Rocking cradles

Rocking cradles

Play mat

Montessori toys

Music mat

Musical toys

baby doll

baby doll

Plush doll

Plush doll

Plush toy

Block puzzles

Montessori wooden toy


Intelligence maze

wooden toys

Beaded beads

Rainbow circle



Graffiti board

wooden block

Lego blocks

Blocks building

1688 Trending bags wallets dropshipping supplier


notebook backpack

Crossbody bag


Photography bag

Musical instrument bag

Sports waist pack


Cards wallet

Business leather bag

Leather bag

Men’s bag

Casual business bag

Canvas bag

Shoe bag

Travel bag

Phone bag

Anti-theft backpack

Men & Women wallets

Key case

Women bag

Women bag

Jelwerly bag

Mami bag

Mami bag

Cosmetics bag

School bag

Trolley bag

Anti-lost bag

Children cartoon bag

1688 Trending men’s clothing dropshipping supplier

Men’s Suit

Streetwear jeans

Men’s Jeans Jacket

Ment’s trousers

Ment’s pants

Casual pants

Men’s Jacket

Men’s windbreaker

Men’s downjacket

Men’s hoodie

Beach Shorts

Men’s Suit

Men’s vest

Polo T shirts

Sports suit

Men’s sweater

Outdoor vest

Men’s suit vest

Streetwear hoodie T shirts

Coat jackets

Leather clothing

Couple costume

Men’s shirts

Men’s T shirts

Men’s T shirts

Men’s Jacket

1688 Trending shoes dropshipping supplier


Winter slippers

Winter slippers

summer slippers

Warm slippers


Boots & slippers


PU slippers

Linen slippers

Snow boots

Cotton shoes

Rain boots

Rain boots

High heels

Women sandals

Women sandals

Women’s leather boots

Martin boots

Dorky dad shoes

Long shoes

Women’s sneakers

women’s sneakers

Women slippers

Women slippers

Canvas shoes

women canvas shoes

Mum shoes

Mum shoes

High heels

Women high heels

children shoes

Children boots

Light shoes

Children shoes

Men’s shoes

Men’s leather shoes

Men’s shoes

Sports shoes

Men’s boots

Leather shoes

Men’s canvas shoes

Men’s canvas shoes

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