Dropshipping from China 1688 Taobao with E-ems ETK

The international E-ems is also named ETK in China, it is a high-end logistics product designed by China Post Express Logistics to meet the needs of cross-border e-commerce delivery. It has higher requirements in terms of internal processing, customs clearance, landing distribution, tracking and inquiries, and dimensional specifications and integrates the postal express logistics network resources and courier products launched with major e-commerce platforms.  It is an important service brand that enhances the delivery efficiency of cross-border sellers especially for faster delivery and better customer experience, and assists shops to increase their praise and increase traffic.

Similar to ePacket the e-ems processing is basically the same, it adopts the traditional 500g as first weight, then 500g as continuous weight, adjusted to the 50g as first weight, then 50g as continue weight. In line with the characteristics of e-commerce products, E-ems could effectively reduce the seller’s logistics costs and improve product market competitiveness.

Shipping countries and shipping rates of E-ems

CountryFirst weight 50g (Yuan)Continue weight 50g (Yuan)Delivery time
United States5035-7 days
India8037 -10 days
South Africa10037-10 days
Brazil11547-10 days
Russia6047-10 days
Taiwan1612 - 4 days
Hong Kong480.57-10 days
Australia6935 - 7 days
Japan3522 - 4 days
South Korea3522 - 4 days
Singapore7022 - 4 days
UK7025- 7 days
France10525- 7 days
Spain8535- 7 days
Netherlands9125- 7 days
Canada10535- 7 days
Ukraine12037- 10 days
Belarus12037- 10 days

Weight volume restrictions for E-ems

CountryWeight restriction (kg)Length restriction (m)Length+horizontal perimeter
United States501.53
South Africa301.53
Hong Kong301.53
South Korea301.53

In addition, e-ems also has minimum volume restriction, the goods packaging length  no less than 21.5 cm, width no less than 13 cm, cylinder packaging length no less than 30 cm, diameter no less than 6 cm.

Volume weight calculation: length*width*height/6000.

Tracking and compensation standard of E-ems

(1) E-ems package can be tracked and it provides real-time tracking inquiry information such as receiving and sending, export sealing, import receiving and delivery signing;

(2)When the package is lost or the internal parts are completely damaged, the compensation shall be based on the actual loss, but the maximum amount of each item shall not exceed (2* first weight+2 yuan/50g), and the postage paid by the sender shall be refunded. After the compensation is paid, when the mail that was originally thought to have been lost is found again, the sender should be notified to return the compensation and collect the mail;

(3)50% of postage compensation due to delay.

E-ems is an ideal courier for goods dropshipping from China to United States, Canada and other countries above.

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