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Check product packaging, flaws and remove supplier tags ads then repack products to help you reduce dispute and return rates caused by product quality.

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Customize private label, card, letter, sticker, envelope, packaging, free gifts to build store brand and increase user loyalty for secondary purchase and free traffics.

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Print order list and shipping label, pick products from warehouse and consolidate pack them together, then stick shipping label, upload tracking to fulfill orders.

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With ePacket, direct lines, DHL and other ways 86Deal could help you optimize delivery time and cost for packages ship from China to USA and EU countries.

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86Deal will not only return and exchange once we received flaws or damaged goods, but also accept packages returned by unsatisfied clients or failed to deliver.

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7 ways to select best seller products for Shopify dropshipping

Best seller products means profits to each dropshippers, but how to select the best seller products for Shopify dropshipping? It is troublesome for most new shopify sellers. In this article we listed some useful Shopify product selection strategy including product selection tools, how to find best seller products in Shopify store and some hot products experience. The article will share with you how to select the best-selling products for Shopify store, what are the successful Shopify stores on the market and their product selection strategy, crowd positioning as well as product characteristics.

What is Shopify product selection
How to choose products for Shopify store
Keyword selection strategy
Crowd selection strategy
Advertising product selection strategy
What are the product selection tools
Product selection should focused on distribution or boutique
What is the best seller product on Shopify store
What are Shopify’s hottest items

What is Shopify product selection and how to select products for Shopify dropshipping

Generally, whether it is a Amazon store or shopify store, the first thing you faced is what to sell, which is the product selection. At present, there are mainly the following operating modes on Shopify:

  • Mass shop mode, that is, grocery shop, this is the most typical shopify shop with the largest base.
  • Vertical boutique B2C model
  • The brand Shopify store is more suitable for maker teams with their own product research and development capabilities or business transformation factories.
  • Drop shipping mode, also called “drop shipping mode”, does not need to make stock inventory and mainly focus on traffics.

Regardless of the model, Shopify product selection is the most critical issue.

  1. Study Amazon and Aliexpress Best Seller category products, and also look at new arrivals;
  2. Research the products with a total sales volume of at least 200 on AliExpress and a score above 4.6;
  3. Research the sales of oberlo sub-categories in the climbing period, and the score is also good;
  4. The new products on tiktok, there are many new and unique things on it that can give you inspiration;
  5. Observe the Facebook feed, you can swipe it every day, and you will see many dropshipping seller advertisements in the feed;
  6. Observe the Instagram feed, the principle and operation are the same as Facebook. Through these methods, we can find more promising products.

Keyword method of Shopify product selection strategy

Shopify product selection can be carried out by targeting keywords. The core logic is to find core keywords with high search volume but low competition, and then enter the market to make this product. It must be said that this strategy is the most difficult, because I believe that 80% of the keywords are already a sea of blood. Since it is very, very difficult to find the remaining blue ocean market, it can be found only through reasonable means and methods.

Before researching product keywords, the first thing to be clear is that all keyword tools need a keyword reference. For example, you can give these tools a website and let them tell you what keywords the website has. You can also give these keyword tools a core word and let it tell you what are the derived keywords for this core word.

Firstly, you need a SEMRush account. The free version should also be able to use the keyword tool, but there are restrictions. So you can try a paid account.

Open SEMRush’s keyword tool Organic Research, then enter Amazon.com as your keyword source. You can use other languages such as Amazon.de, but I think the data from the US station is sufficient. Why enter Amazon’s official website? Because Amazon has a lot of keyword traffic in Google. Most of these keywords are product products, and they span major industry categories, making them a very good keyword benchmark.

After having this keyword benchmark, set the keyword difficulty KD to be less than 40 and the search volume to be greater than 1000. I do not object to you setting a higher search volume and lower keyword difficulty. But now that the Internet has reached the age of maturity, we need to be more rational and realistic. Almost no keywords have a competitive difficulty lower than 40. Then you will come up with a series of keywords. These keywords are potential blue ocean product words. The blue ocean commodity terms mentioned here are only relative comparisons. To describe it more rigorously, it refers to words with a degree of competition of less than 40 and a monthly search volume of more than 1,000.

This is a way to find products with less competitive pressure and good search volume. By finding the core keywords, and then choosing this category of products to build a Shopify store. Then advertise or target SEO for Google.

Audience Group Selection Strategy

There are three main issues to be solved when choosing products for Shopify store: Who chooses for? What to choose? How to choose?

For whom? This is mainly to consider the audience of the product, that is, who will buy it and who needs it?

What to choose? When choosing products, you must pay attention to the seasons. For example, in the big winter, if you buy short sleeves and electric fans, the public will not be able to buy your order. Be sure to appear in front of customers when they need it, so that the probability of closing a transaction is high. You also need to consider inventory pressure, whether there are enough goods to support you on sale. Homogenization refers to whether it has been launched on the platform before, and the popularity of the previous compaign.

How to choose? When selecting products, you need to grasp industry information and understand the current hot sales. Also consider whether the price of the cost of goods can set a profitable price. Consider the product selling point, whether your product can attract the crowd you choose. Finally, the quality of goods is directly related to the return rates.

So no matter what customer group it is, they have some brands or products they like. This group must have certain characteristics. If you are a business person and know a lot of white-collar workers in suits and leather collars, then you need to think about a question about what they usually have in common. Then from these common points, find the product with the lowest competition and the highest profit, and complete the task of product selection.

Suppose you have accumulated a group of drone players through various channels, it may be a youtube channel, or it may be a Facebook chat group. So how do you choose products now and find the most suitable profitable products to promote to these people?

So we chose the dronefly Shopify store as a reference, they cover a lot of drone products and related accessories, and we just want to use them as a benchmark for selection, a starting point for thinking. Next, let’s take a look at the low-competition and relevant product keywords on the store.

Then through the Organic Reasearch tool of SEMRush, the domain name is dronefly, the guaranteed search volume is 1k, and the competition cannot exceed 60. Finally got the following keywords.

What attracted me the most was the dji mavic mini accessories. Since it is the accessory series of mavic mini, is the cpc high? Only 0.33. Then this keyword can also be regarded as a product selection, or it can be said to be a product selection clue. Some people will consider choosing to dig deeper, for example, it is very clear which mavic mini accessories it is. While some people have sufficient supply chain and funds, they will consider directly making multiple products.

This product selection strategy is not “whatever the competition is good, I will sell “, but “I know this group of people and what they are interested in. Then in this range, I am positioning a product with relatively low competitive pressure , Cut into the market and realize profitability.” One thing to know is that if you have very strong customer relationships and fan retention, you don’t necessarily have to sell products with the least competitive pressure. However, products with less competitive pressure have fewer sellers, and generally speaking, profits will be much higher than other products.

Advertising methodology

Advertising can also help select products, this model is not unfamiliar at all. It is nothing more than finding inspiration for selection in popular advertisements. So how can you find attractive product advertisements? It must be said that the best way is to check facebook, youtube and instagram more. Because these three traffic channels are indeed very, very many advertisements.

When choosing products through advertising, you will often choose unique products in the blood sea category. In other words, it is more about micro-innovative products than brand new fields. These products are often very eye-catching and have a very high advertising click rate, which is more suitable for the combined operation mode of shopify and facebook.

Another important thing about selecting products through advertising is to pay attention to the like rate and number of reviews. Many people will ignore this. Don’t blindly choose a product because it’s cool. Sometimes these ads are just special effects ads, but in reality there is no such product. This is very common in COD mode. Another thing to consider is your own supply. Not all products can be found on 1688 or Alibaba. So if your expectations for the product are too high and the supply resources cannot keep up, it is useless.

If you think that the ad selection is just watching ads on social media, then you are very wrong. Many medium and large websites will make regular reports, such as Shopify official, Big Commerce official, etc., and also make market research reports. You know, these reports are actually advertisements of their companies, which are used to promote to the public, which products have opportunities, and then encourage more e-commerce players to join their base camps to open stores and start businesses. These market research reports are nothing more than advertisements presented in the form of a report description. And we can get very useful information from these reports.

Shopify product selection tool

Adspy. Shopify selection can be achieved by monitoring advertisements on various channels.

Poweradspy. Advertising data helps to select products.

Semrush. Keyword data assists in finding the blue ocean product market.

Ahrefs. Keyword data and external chain data mining market opportunities.

Shopify News. Subscribe to Shopify’s newspaper to get official Shopify news, which often has new niche market product recommendations.

Some Shopify selection tools will encounter a problem that cannot solve the supply chain, so you must proceed according to your own situation, and then choose the appropriate tool for product development. Some selection tools are just a source of information, a channel for obtaining leads. As a product developer, you need to understand that product leads are just the beginning. You need to pay a lot of extra effort for this product selection.

86Deal provides one step Shopify dropshipping order fulfillment service to help you solve the supply chain issue so you only need to focus on product selection and marketing.

Product selection should focused on distribution or boutique

Another question about product selection is whether to focus on distribution or boutique? I don’t think this is a problem, it is a foregone conclusion. Standing in the current trend, the living space of the distribution mode is getting smaller and smaller, and it is not suitable for new Shopify sellers. Not to mention the number of SKUs and advertising plans that need to be managed in the distribution model. Most people cannot do it well. I think the most important thing to do shopify and independent stations is to choose a suitable branch, a sufficiently clear niche market.

What is the Shopify best seller product

Shopify best seller products are product styles with high conversion rates. Many sellers spend their best efforts to select products just to develop a best seller product. In the Shopify store, several obvious characteristics of hot sale products are as follows:

Product ads have a high click-through rate.

Product landing page conversion rate is high.

The purchase payment rate is high.

The return rate is low.


Can be shipped to most countries in small packages.

The product supply chain is stable.

What are the best seller products on Shopify

One of the more straightforward strategies to find Shopify best seller products is to find them in the Shopify stores of your competitors.

Here is a little trick, you only need to enter /collections/all?sort_by=best-selling in the domain name of any Shopify store

You can get the best-selling products in this shop and rank first.

For example, now you are interested in a competitor Shopify store, the domain name is “alrugaibfurniture.com”, an Shopify store for household goods.

Want to know what his Shopify’s hot items are, and which products are the main force?

You only need to enter https://alrugaibfurniture.com/collections/all?sort_by=best-selling in the navigation bar. The top selling products are all the best seller products on this store.

In short, The product selection is the foundation and soul of a store. Whether it’s a Shopify or a WordPress store, you need a core product. Shopify product selection is a comprehensive consideration of style, audience, supply chain procurement, keyword search and advertising costs. Therefore, the selection of products must be careful and considerate.

1688 Taobao Private Label Clothing Dropshipping Service

Along with more and more private label clothing brands on Shopify and Amazon as well as eBay successfully making good profits, the private label clothing brand are more and more attractive to online ecommerce sellers no matter beginners or experienced dropshippers. The clothing market is one of the biggest in all the online platform thus there are lots of segments for you to explore with private label brand. For example, children clothing, men’s clothing, women’s clothing are very big category, we can choose baby clothing 0 to 36 months, XL size or trainning clothing, underwear for women clothing category, or streetwear especially focus on the youth hip pop people, golf clothing for leasure life people.

However, when we planning to start private label dropshipping business which doesnt mean we can run immediately unless you professional dropshipping experience with enough funds at the beginning. Thus it is very important to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of private label clothing dropshipping business.

Pros and cons of private label clothing dropshipping

When you customize clothing from Chinese clothing dropshipping suppliers and then put your logo on them before you sell, you have a private label. Doing business this way can lower product unit costs and lead to higher profit margins.

Another great upside of using a clothing dropshipping supplier or factory is that you can determine the quality and exact specifications of your clothing style. In some ways, this control leads to unmatched exclusivity. If you want to separate your clothing store from your competitors, creating a private label is one of the easiest ways to do so.

Assuming everything goes right with your clothing label, you can also build a strong customer base.

People become dedicated to clothing brands that provide the products they love. As long as you make the clothing store with helpful products that have sound quality, chances are customers will grow attached to your brand and repeat purchase in your store instead of your competitors.

Undoubtedly, one of the largest drawbacks of private labeling clothing is the moq clothing order quantities and quality as the dropshipping supplier will not help you private label the clothing for few quantities due to the cost concern, also if you do not have stable sales or didnt have good marketing strategy, there will be lots of stock inventory. You need to be sure that your clothing have stable sales daily or monthly and find a reliable clothing dropshipping factory or supplier to help you achieve your goals.

A lot of businesses trip up when the clothing dropshipping supplier becomes unreliable or fails to produce clothing meet your quality specs. Thus it is very important to find a trustworthy private label dropshipping agent when you dropshipping from China.

Private label clothing material list

When you decide to launch a private label clothing dropshipping business, it is necessory to know the material list, it not only includes label, size tag, hanging rope, logo tag, but also include packaging bags, logo sticker, coupon card as well as thank you card etc.

When you plan to do the private label clothing dropshipping you may need a full set of marketing design on the label, tag, packaging, sticker and thank you card to serve your marketing purpose, since they are all customized, the printing factory all has MOQ, you may not necessary to customize them all, just based on your budget to design them, determine the size for each of them for quote.

How to find Chinese private label clothing dropshipping supplier

How to find Chinese private label clothing dropshipping supplier might be a big headache for currently Aliexpress dropshippers. For one thing, Aliexpress sellers usually do not offer private label service, for another thing the clothing dropshipping suppliers all have high MOQ on private label clothing. Furthermore, private label clothing cost higher at the beginning. What should you do if you want to do the private label clothing dropshipping business from China? Find a fashion clothing dropshipping agent instead. After years of clothing dropshipping experience in biggest fashion clothing city Guangzhou, 86Deal served hundreds of clothing dropshippers and accumulated reliable clothing factories resources, 86Deal released private label clothing dropshipping service to help clothing dropshippers easily dropship private label clothing from China 1688 Taobao.

86Deal 1688 Taobao Private Label Clothing Dropshipping Service

Set up the private label clothing dropshipping service is easy but it is very hard to find reliable clothing factory with exactly the same design, material, size and quality with reasonable price to help you get enough profit margin. 86Deal private label clothing dropshipping service include sourcing, purchasing, quality check, labeling, repacking, barcode, inventory warehousing, order printing, pick pack, international shipping and tracking upload as well as package tracking aftersale. If you have best seller clothing products, we can help you contact factory to customize private label clothing to meet your material quality, size and price requirements.

Store integration. To start our private label service, we will need admin access to integrate your store to update orders. Currently our ERP system supports Shopify, e

Sourcing. We mainly source and filter the clothing dropshipping supplier from 1688 Taobao based on your orders, and sourcing the printing factory for the label, tag, packaging, card for cheapest price and minimum MOQ;

Purchasing/Sample. Once we confirmed the clothing material, color, size and stock or delivery time with 1688 Taobao dropshipping suppliers, we will order them. If you have best seller clothing, then we will need to order sample before bulk wholesale orders;

Quality inspection. When the warehouse received the clothes, we will need to check the clothing material, workmanship, color, size, quantities to reduce aftersale issue and improve user experience. If the clothing from new supplier, the warehouse we need to measure the size to match the clothing size on your store. The clothing has flaws or stains cannot be removed will be returned for exchange or refund;

Stain remove service

Labeling. If the 1688 Taobao clothing supplier do not help you label before ship to warehouse due to too less order quantities, 86Deal warehouse could help you label after QC.

clothing sewing machine

Repacking. After sewing label 86Deal warehouse will help you repack with your packaging bags and stick size label.

Barcode. 86Deal warehouse will print and stick barcode for each repacked clothing based on the SKU in shopify store, thus make sure each clothing style has unique SKU.

Inventory stock. During the barcode step, 86Deal ERP system will add inventory for each clothing based on SKU above. After that we will put them on the warehouse shelf and mark shelf ID in the ERP system and update clothing inventory info. We can also help you create an account to check the real time inventory in our ERP system, you can easily check the items stock quantities, one the way to warehouse and out of stock.

Pick Pack. Once the warehouse people update the inventory information, the ERP system will show the orders complete for shipping, then warehouse people will pick up the orders complete, print order ID and receipt name as well as the order list, confirm barcode via PDA, take photos as evidence. During packing step if you ship sweater or coat which has big volume, we also could help you compress the volume to save shipping cost.

pack pack service

Consolidate service. After warehouse picked the orders and confirmed the SKU color, size and quantities in the order, then it will be consolidate packed to measure package weight and volume.

In order to provide faster and more stable service shipping from China to EU and USA, 86Deal mainly ship via 4PX, Yunexpress and Yanwen for the small packages, usually 5 to 14 days during COVID19, stable and cost effective, we also offer courier service FedEx, DHL and UPS for 3 to 5 days delivery.

Tracking upload. In the pick pack step our ERP system will generate tracking number and print shipping label to stick on the package, then click fulfill to return tracking number to Shopify and other shoppingcart system.

You can also check 86Deal dropshipping service procedure for more details.

How much does 86Deal charge for private label clothing dropshipping service and how long time it takes to fulfill?

Unlike other Chinese order fulfillment agent, 86Deal charge 25 yuan service fee per order which including nearly all the service listed above, then we charge 3 yuan/pcs label service fee, if you need to compress the package you will need to pay extra 1 yuan per bag for compression bags, and we have minimum 150 to 200 orders per month requirements due to the cost concern.

Thus if you want to start private label clothing dropshipping business, the total cost includes clothing price+domestic shipping from supplier to warehouse+label packaging material cost+service fee+label service fee+international shipping cost. please feel free to contact 86Deal if you interested, we can help you estimate the total cost.

Since the whole private label clothing dropshipping service procedure has more than 10 steps, we usually take 1 to 2 days to fulfill orders once the clothing arrived our warehouse.

Does beginner qualified for private label clothing dropshipping business?

86Deal nearly received new Shopify clothing dropshipping inquiry every week with private label service requirements, frankly speaking we do not suggest beginners to try private label clothing unless they have stable sales and complete private label marketing strategy. Here we list 2 mainly conditions for you as a reference.

Firstly, although we could help you start private label dropshipping with 150 to 200 orders per month, you should at least have 10 to 20 orders per day or 400 to 600 orders per month, stable sales help you reduce the potencial stock inventory risk;

Secondly, the clothing in your store should be at least 25 usd or above or your avarage order value should be exceed 40 usd as the private label clothing cost is definitely more expensive than you dropship from Aliexpress at the beginning. You should have enough profit margin to private label the clothing. Currently 86Deal private label clothing clients average order value exceed 70 usd, some already exceed 150 usd thus they have very big space to private label clothing and get enough profits for their business.

Thirdly, for beginners no need to do private label clothing dropshipping only because other clothing brands make big money, we should make it as a target and divide into small targets move forward step by step, until you accumulated enough experience and clients with stable sales, you can plan the private label clothing brand with your own marketing strategy to maximize the private label clothing function on your store.

After the 3 steps you are welcome to inquire 86Deal private label clothing dropshipping service, we can not only help you dropshipping from 1688 Taobao, but also help you customize best seller clothing from local clothing manufacturers to reduce the cost.

Are You Planning to dropship from China 1688 Taobao?

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions on how to dropship from China.