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Dropshipping from China 1688 Taobao

Black Friday Best Seller Products for Shopify Dropshipping

Black Friday is no stranger to Amazon sellers, one of the most anticipated festivals of the year. It is no exaggeration to say that on the occasion of Amazon’s Black Friday, sales of a good product can reach several times the previous sales. Sellers are now preparing for the battle and looking forward to its arrival. For Shopify sellers it is also the best selling season of the year. In this article 86Deal would like to share with you some trending products in 2020, as well as the most popular products and recommendations.

Let’s take USA for example, the most popular five categories with excellent product sales are Home (home furnishing), Wireless&Electronics (electronic products), Auto (auto parts), Pet products (pet products), and Home Improvement (home improvement). According to the above summary, in fact, the best-selling categories are all around people’s daily life, that is, mobile phone cases, tempered film, and mobile phone data cables under Wireless&Electronics (electronic products). Strap series, Bluetooth series, earphone series, mobile phone holder series, wireless charging line series. The above categories are basically monopolized by leading sellers in the industry. Most of these categories require relevant qualifications. Some Shopify beginners are more difficult to do. If you are interested, you can also try to find some niche product to sell.

Trending products for dropshipping


Sweeping robot

Consumer concerns: smart cleaning methods, whether it is convenient to disassemble and clean, battery life, cleaning area, suction, low noise, whether to support smart home

Suggestions to sellers: sweeping robots have high requirements for product technology, such as no manual intervention, autonomous navigation systems and memory systems, and the price range is very large.

Compliance requirements: To meet the certifications of UL in the United States, CE in Europe, and PSE in Japan, please consult Amazon Seller Central for details.

It is a hot-selling product throughout the year, with a price range of US$150-600.

Hand-held vacuum cleaner

Because most of the foreign residences are apartments and villas with a large area, it takes longer to clean by yourself.

Consumer concerns: suction power, weight, ease of cleaning, battery life, low noise

Recommendations to sellers: The weight of the product should not be too heavy when choosing the product, it will become sour after a long time, which will cause a bad experience for buyers, and it is easy to get bad reviews. The garbage storage space should be large enough, which is also one of the important selling points for the cleaning power of pet hair. Most people keep pets abroad. At the same time, the multi-purpose intelligent electric mop with one machine is on the rise, and sellers can consider the development of the product selection direction to broaden the category.

It is a hot-selling product throughout the year, with a price range of US$40-400.

Bedding textiles (gravity thermal blanket)

Hot products: quilts, blankets, pillows, pillowcases

Consumer concerns: superfine fiber, machine washable, anti-static, good breathability

Its hot selling month lasts from September to March of the following year, with a price range of 20-200 US dollars.

Wireless&Electronics dropshipping

mobile power

Consumers’ concerns: milliampere hours, number of supported key devices, charging speed and duration, examples of sad charging devices, examples of application scenarios, list of products in the package, overcharge/discharge and high temperature power failure protection, product size, shell material, Portability

Advice for sellers: Because the market is chaotic, the safety and capacity of the selection is very important.

It is a hot-selling product throughout the year, with a price range of $10-50.

Wireless charger

The demand for wireless chargers is on the rise in 2020, and this trend will continue to rise, and the market prospects are good.

It is a hot-selling product throughout the year, with a price range of US$10-50.

Tripod head

What self-media people love, as short videos enter people’s lives, everyone likes to record vlogs, and the demand is great. Many people go out to play and take selfies.

Main product features that consumers pay attention to: camera pixels, anti-shake performance, lightness, image quality, adaptability, maximum shooting angle, waterproof, battery life, remote control, and related accessories.

Suggestions for sellers: Understand the corresponding technical thresholds and difficulties according to the needs of buyers, and prepare for new products to compete with well-known brands.

It is a hot product throughout the year, with a price range of US$100-200.

Headphones/in-ear headphones

Main product features that consumers pay attention to: size, weight, applicable people, applicable environment, audio connection method, sound transmission/noise reduction technology, audio quality, maximum use time, charging method and time, standby time, waterproof rating and wading Environment, ergonomics, comfort, etc.

It is a hot product throughout the year, with a price range of US$20-100.

Bluetooth Speaker

Main product features that consumers pay attention to: size, weight, applicable people, audio connection method, sound transmission/noise reduction technology, audio quality, maximum use time, charging method and time, standby time, waterproof level and wading environment.

It is a hot-selling product throughout the year, with a price range of US$40-150.

Auto accessories dropshipping

The auto accessories dropshipping mainly focus on light weight products like key chains, hanging ornaments, tire pressure detectors, car tools etc.

Pet products dropshipping

People like to keep pets such as kittens and puppies. Because they are not at home during the day, they will use a monitor to see what they are doing and whether they are safe. In order to prevent emergencies, it is to protect the pets themselves.

Home Improvement

LED strip

American residents like to decorate homes, parties and the like, so decorative light strips are indispensable, and the demand is relatively large.

Recommended products for Shopify dropshipping

Indoor sports (aerobic exercise, anaerobic/stretching exercise, home sportswear)

For example, spinning bikes, treadmills, skipping ropes, fitness mats, yoga mats, fitness poles, tension bands, sports pants, sports tops, T-shirts, yoga pants, knitted pants.

Consumer concerns: whether the sports equipment is easy to install, weight, length, adjustable, waterproof and non-slip, product quality, easy to store and store, material, washing method, size, and functionality as the entry point.

DIY handmade (sewing supplies, handmade design, handmade tailoring, drawing and painting)

Sewing supplies: sewing machine, previous report, plant, woven bag

Consumer concerns: sewing machines are easy to install and operate, size, quality and weight, thread material, color diversity, pattern diversity, and whether to match small accessories.

Manual cutting: cutting machine, cutting equipment

Consumers’ concerns: materials that can be cut, cut sizes, cut patterns, matching tools, and intelligence.

Painting and painting: paintbrush, drawing board, drawing paper, paint, art pen, marker, chalk

Consumers’ concerns: product quality, feel, finished product effect, and cost-effectiveness.

Courtyard home: hammock

Consumer concerns: fabric material, comfort, maximum bearable weight (lbs), hammock size (inches), degree of stretch, stability and safety.

Suggestions to sellers: There must be detailed usage scenarios and installation instructions to avoid unavailability or security risks after shopping.

Candles, aroma products

Consumer concerns: taste, duration, combustion efficiency, packaging, cost performance

Home storage: Shelf

Consumer concerns: easy disassembly, complete assembly tools/accessories and installation instructions, sturdiness, material and appearance.

Household disposable tableware

Consumer concerns: When disposable products are degradable, whether there is a combination option (for parties), whether the material of non-disposable products is stainless steel.

The above product selection recommended for dropshipping is based on the Amazon Black Friday big data sales analysis. Many categories are more suitable for shopify dropshippers too. Choose to do some category extensions or Peripherals, such as home smart sweeping robots, small sellers with no supply can make some cleaning appliances, floor cleaners, polishes, cleaning sponges and other supplies, because they are just needed supplies and the demand is large. As long as the product selection is done well, you can expect big sales in the end of 2020 for your dropshipping business.

2020 Autumn Winter trending men’s women’s fashion apperal selection for Shopify dropshipping

It is estimated that by 2025, the global overall apparel consumer market revenue will reach US$2.3014 billion, with a compound annual growth rate of 5.3%. Among them, the overall consumer market revenue for women’s clothing will reach US$1.1791 billion, accounting for 51%; the overall consumer market revenue for men’s clothing will reach US$757.4 billion, accounting for 33%. For Shopify fashion apperal sellers it is very big market to make profits.

Global Women’s Clothing Consumer Market Overview

The top five subcategories of market share ranking from high to low are: women’s pants; women’s sweaters/knitwear/pullovers; women’s skirts (dresses/skirts); women’s accessories and others; women’s sportswear and swimwear .

Global Menswear Consumer Market Overview

The top five categories with a compound growth rate of 2020-2025, from high to low, are: men’s sportswear and swimwear; men’s T-shirts; men’s pajamas/housewear/underwear; men’s accessories and others; men’s jackets and jackets.

Portraits of online consumers in fashion-country differences between USA and Germany

Gender/income segment is similar: the ratio of male to female consumers, high, middle and low income groups all love online fashion shopping.

Age groups are different: the largest proportion in the United States is 25-34 years old, and in Germany it is 45-54 years old.

For different target markets, it is necessary to study the characteristics of consumer portraits in their respective markets, and then design and develop different products according to their different characteristics.

2020 Autumn Winter women’s clothing trends

Customer Portrait Analysis of Women’s Clothing

Gen Z 18-25 years old

1) High school, college students, women who are new to the workplace

2) Rapid growth in consumption capacity

3) Emphasize self and pursue fun

4) Compared with others, they shop online twice as often

Millennials (Gen Y) 26-44 years old

1) Working women, usually with families, children and pets

2) Main consumer group of women’s clothing

3) The consumption concept is cautious, emphasizing lifestyle and taste

Gen X 45-54 years old

1) Focus on high quality and high consumption capacity

2) The generation of women with the highest brand loyalty

3) Email marketing is the preferred channel of Gen X-generation

With the gradual spread of the COVID-19 epidemic in countries around the world, working from home has become a mainstream global trend, and some companies have even decided to allow some employees to work from home permanently. This has also given birth to a strong demand for home sports categories. This change in pursuit of a healthy lifestyle will not disappear with the easing of the epidemic, but will make people pay more attention to exercise.

Women’s hot selling sub-categories in 2020

Women’s sportswear

The Shopify sellers can create small and beautiful brands with moderate prices and complete functions. Fujian is the industrial belt of China’s sportswear. Among them, Shishi has complete upstream and downstream enterprises of sportswear, and Shishi Clothing City also has a large number of styles.

In addition, Hangzhou, Yiwu, Guangzhou, Dongguan, Xiamen and other places are also the main industrial belts of sportswear. Shopify sellers need to pay attention to the brand effect of mature and new brands in sportswear, avoid competition with super brands, and find breakthroughs in terms of price, style, and specificity. You can find all kinds of women sportswear dropshipping supplier on 1688.

1688 women sportswear dropshipping supplier

Women’s sportswear selection dropshipping tutorial-United States (Hot season: all year, Q4 is slightly higher)

Consumer behavior characteristics

1) Consumers pay more attention to quality and can accept high prices for high quality

2) Functionality for different sports is the core requirement

3) They tend to choose high-quality fabrics, strong tailoring, and hope to withstand high-intensity activities and weather conditions (rain, snow, heat, wind)

4) Versatility, a multi-purpose, also has great appeal

Women’s Sportswear Selection dropshipping tutorial -Europe (Hot Season: All Year)

European women hope that sportswear can have both sports and fashion concepts, and can seamlessly switch to other daily life scenes after sports. Therefore, they hope that the design of sportswear can be easily matched with other daily clothing styles.

Legging: Design with invisible pockets or side pockets, plastic effect of abdomen and buttocks, high waist style

Sports tops: summer sports underwear, tank tops and T-shirts, long-sleeved functional tops (yoga clothes) with waist exposed in autumn and winter, warm hooded sweaters

Material: nylon, polyester fiber, Lycra, elastic fiber, cotton, functional fabric

Shopify seller recommendations

landing pages and selling points:

1) Pay attention to the fashion elements, such as animal patterns, including leopard, snake, zebra, etc., but be careful not to pile up too many elements

2) Functional support effect, detachable chest pad, comfortable and softness, perspiration and breathability, stretchability, light and easy to carry jackets, etc.

Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day/April spring promotion in the first half of the year, Coupon summer in June; the second half of the year starts from Prime Day; autumn and winter: the second half of the back to school season, Q4 holiday as the main promotional node.

Women’s Underwear Selection Guide-Europe

Recommended categories: shaping underwear, invisible bra. Hot season: all year, May-August (bra)

Product selection suggestions

1) No steel ring, no chest pad, invisibility is quite popular

2) In recent years, outer wear and large-size underwear have gradually become a popular trend. Appropriate attention can be given to styles

Mainly divided into: shorts style> one-piece style> vest style> corset style

Underwear Material

Body shaping underwear: 80%-90% nylon + 10%-20% elastic material; invisible bra: nylon + silicone

Body sculpting underwear is mainly black and flesh-colored, focusing on breathability and support performance, and washing is also a selling point. The invisible bra is washable, non-degumming, and perfect fit is the main selling point. In product pictures, use product detail drawings (such as hook design), size drawings, and plastic effect drawings

In the first half of the year, Spring Sale, Coupon Summer, and Prime Day will have sales opportunities in the second half of Q4. It is recommended to continue to plan for the whole year. China is a big country producing underwear, and its industrial belts include Guangdong Shantou, Nanhai, Shenzhen, Zhongshan, Fujian Jinjiang, Zhejiang Yiwu, etc. which you can source the dropshipping supplier on 1688 easily.

Women’s Underwear Selection Guide-Japan

Japanese consumers have high requirements for the quality of skin-friendly textile clothing, and the comfort of underwear and pajamas is the primary motivation for buying styles.

Underwear: without steel ring>with steel ring.

Pajamas: Split> Siamese.

Invisible underwear: bra without steel ring, comfortable material.

Shaping underwear: lace, gathering function, etc.

Underwear: cotton, silk;

Pajamas: Modal, silk, coral fleece

Mainly single color, the best-selling colors are white, flesh color, pink, red, blue, gray and black. New life theme in April, Mother’s Day in May, Prime Day in July and Black Friday and Cyber Monday on 11/12.

Women’s Fashion Trends for Fall Winter 2020

2020 popular color keywords

Neo-Mint New Mint Green, Purist Blue Clear Water Blue, Cassis Black Currant Purple, Cantaloupe Melon Orange, Mellow Yellow Ancient Golden.

Popular elements/prints and materials/styles

70’s wallpaper printing, thousand birds pattern, check pattern, Disco Collar wide retro collar, puff sleeves, large shoulder pads.


Colored leather, Suede suede/faux suede, faux fur, feather elements, wool coat, classic trench coat, loose suit.

Fashion trend information source

Well-known fashion bloggers: Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian West, Kendall Jenner, Khloe Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian, Chiara Ferragni, Noha Style Icon, Olivia Palermo, Aimee Song, Alexa Chung.

Recommended sub-categories of men’s clothing

The overall market share of menswear has been steadily increasing year by year. The penetration rate of Chinese sellers is moderate, and there is a large market development space.

Men’s clothing consumers pay more attention to quality, and can accept high prices for high quality; high quality and functionality are the core requirements, while paying attention to style and aesthetics; the return rate is lower than that of women’s clothing.

Shopify sellers can innovate differentiated product design from the dimensions of the combination of quality and price, new fabrics, new functions, and new technologies, and enter the market in combination with brand building and appropriate marketing skills.

Popular sub-categories of menswear


Hot selling site: US station

Short-sleeved sports tops, sports pants, sports shorts, sports vests, sports suits, sports jumpers, training pants

Underwear and pajamas

Hot-selling countries: USA EU

Boxer briefs, undershirts, thongs, pajamas, bathrobes, pajamas


Hot-selling countries: US, Europe, Japan

Casual jackets, leather jackets, down jackets, coats, sweaters, vests, jackets


Knitted tops, shirts, casual ribbed tops, sweatshirts, sweaters, T-shirts, Polo shirts, hoodies, sweaters, bottoming shirts


Hats, belts, ties, gloves, small leather products, suspenders, squares, snoods, scarves.

Men’s Sportswear Selection Guide-United States (Hot Season: October-December)

The consumer groups of men’s sportswear can be classified according to sports items, which are mainly divided into the indoor fitness family and the outdoor family. Indoor fitness can cover yoga, running, equipment, etc., and outdoor can be divided into mountaineering, camping, cycling, boating, rock climbing, and sailing. Consumers pay more attention to quality, in order to be able to accept the price of high quality, functionality is the core demand; but style and aesthetics should not be ignored, high-quality materials, strong tailoring, can withstand intense weather conditions (rain, snow, hot wind) , Versatility, multi functional.

Short-sleeved sports tops, sports pants, sports shorts, sports vests, sports suits, sports pullovers, training pants.

Mainly made of polyester fiber, emphasizing breathability, quick-drying, mesh material, seamless technology, and good elasticity and ductility.

Men’s sportswear selection guide-Europe

The best-selling season is concentrated in Q4, reaching the highest annual sales peak in December, The market target population is concentrated between 25-35 years old. European consumers pay more attention to comfort, function (warmth, windproof, perspiration), simplicity and convenience in the choice of men’s jackets.

Hot styles: Jackets, winter jackets, mid-length down jackets

Material: Poly fiber, cotton, nylon, etc.

The colors of the best-selling models are mainly dark and other basic colors. The design of zippers, pockets and hats may become selling points. Emphasize the waterproof and windproof performance and heat preservation function of the product. Machine washability is also a selling point for consumers.

Men’s Sportswear Selection Guide-Japan

Hot season: concentrated from September to February, reaching the highest peak of annual sales. The market target population is concentrated between 25-35 years old. In the choice of autumn and winter jackets, the pursuit of simplicity, convenience and functionality. The consumer change from the pursuit of high-end brands to the pursuit of cost performance and functionality. The style design is also inclined to European and American styles, and no longer insists on a formal sense of rigidity. But emphasizes warmth, leisure, fitness.

Subdivided categories include down jackets, coats, jackets, vests

Down jacket: The style is mainly fit, and the basic requirement is to keep warm;

Coat: simple style, mainly for business occasions with suits, pursuit of texture, slim style;

Jacket: The main color is plain, which constitutes a casual style that matches the windbreaker and sweater, and the overall simple/slim design. Vest: V-neck sweater vest with shirt suit, electric heating vest.

Down jacket: polyester; coat: wool/polyester/nylon/cotton: jacket: polyester, cotton nylon, polyester, polar fleece; vest: polyester, wool, cotton.

In 2020, the outdoor sportswear market will reach 43.5 billion U.S. dollars, of which: the United States will reach 21.7 billion U.S. dollars; Europe will reach 18.45 billion U.S. dollars; and Japan will reach 3.34 billion U.S. dollars.

The compound annual growth rate for 2020-2024 is expected: the United States will reach 8.6%; Europe will reach 6.2%; Japan will reach 5.4%.

As a Shopify seller, when you dropship men’s and women’s sportwear you need to think about the consumer demand for sportswear to select the sub-categories for dropshipping business.

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